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* A Systemd-free GNU distribution, Void is developed on Github.
* A Systemd-free GNU distribution, Void is developed on Github.
===Ubuntu (GNU/Linux)===
===Ubuntu (GNU/Linux)===

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Under previous owners, Sourceforge was at one point including malware in some of its downloads. This malicious installer was added by Sourceforge, not by the creators of the individual repos.

Given this precedent, along with Microsoft's ongoing behaviour against free software and their penchant for adding telemetry features, it is understandable that some people have decided to #deletegithub repos they control, and even avoid software hosted on Github.

This list will mostly include common software that Github hosts. It may or may not be possible or desirable to boycott all projects that continue to develop and host with Github-- this list is for people who want to take Microsoft's control of repos into consideration when choosing what software to rely on.


Apache Server

  • Apache httpd uses Github.


  • Awesome is a window manager. It would be more awesome if they moved away from Github.

Bodhi (GNU/Linux)

  • Bodhi is a GNU/Linux distribution featuring the Enlightenment desktop environment.


  • Cinnamon is a desktop environment that is developed on Github.


  • The Python programming language has several implementations in several languages. The primary (reference) implementation, and the most common implementation is CPython, which uses Github.


  • Docker uses Github to maintain its container software.

Elive (GNU/Linux)

  • Elive is a GNU/Linux distribution developed on Github.

EndlessOS (GNU/Linux)


  • LXQt's replacement for Leafpad is also on Github. Unlike Leafpad, which does not use them, Featherpad offers tabs.


  • Flatpak is is a universal package design, developed on Github.


  • FreeNAS is a network attached storage platform maintained on Github.


  • A very popular, reasonably lightweight yet somewhat powerful GTK editor with tabs, Geany is unfortunately developed on Github.

Funtoo (GNU/) Linux

  • Funtoo is a GNU/Linux distribution that uses Github for development.

Gentoo (GNU/) Linux

  • Gentoo is a GNU/Linux distribution that uses Github for development.


  • GoboLinux is a GNU/Linux distribution that uses Github for development.


  • Godot is a popular engine for game development.


  • IceWM would make a great alternative to JWM, if it weren't on Github. Dating back to 1998, IceWM hasn't changed much and that's one of the nice things about it. You can find older versions of IceWM on Sourceforge. If you know of a distro that uses a version that isn't from Github, please let some people know about it.

  • (also known as is maintained on Github.


  • ImageMagick is hosted on Github.
  • Alternatives to ImageMagick include a fork called GraphicsMagick hosted on Sourceforge, as well as mtPaint which (like ImageMagick) has many features that can be accessed from the command line.

  • Invidious is an online frontend for Youtube.


  • This lightweight window manager from Joe Wing provides part of the standard GUI experience in Puppy Linux, including the taskbar, application menu and window decorations.
  • While the traditional, de facto standard WM in most versions of Puppy for more than a decade, not every version requires JWM or uses it by default.

Kali (GNU/) Linux

  • Kali is a GNU distribution centred around pentesting. It uses Github for its ARM build scripts, if not more.


  • One of the nicest and simplest editors, Leafpad lets you pipe text to a window (or simply use it like a regular GTK text editor.) Until 2009 it was hosted on GNU Savannah; more recent versions are on Github.

LineageOS (GNU/Linux)

  • LineageOS is a GNU/Linux distribution developed on Github.

Linux (GNU) Mint

  • "Linux Mint" is a GNU distribution developed on Github.


  • LXDE is one of the most popular, relatively lightweight desktop environments-- and uses Github.


  • LXQt split off from LXDE's Github organisation, to create a different Github organisation.


  • Mastodon is a federated, censorship-prone social network platform developed on Github.


  • Maemo is an operating system designed for mobile platforms, developed on Github.


  • OpenBSD is a mainstream flavour of BSD that uses Github for development.

OpenSUSE (GNU/Linux)

  • OpenSUSE is a GNU/Linux distribution that uses Github for development.

Pentoo (GNU/Linux)

  • Pentoo is a GNU/Linux distribution that uses Github for development.

Puppy (GNU/) Linux

  • Created by Barry Kauler in 2003, today Puppy is a broad collection of community-maintained distributions that are notable for being lightweight and easy to remix. It is particular unfortunate that Puppy relies on Github, when it does such a great job of removing Github-hosted Systemd from various distributions (including Debian and Ubuntu.)
  • Many versions of Puppy, including the official community versions and Kauler's new distro project EasyOS are hosted on Github, while many more are directly based on versions that are. The Puppy community is not entirely content with this state of affairs, though most have accepted it for now. Traditionally, Puppy is a haven for people looking to escape the clutches of Microsoft and especially Windows; hopefully, in the future the Puppy community will gradually move away from Microsoft for its infrastructure.


  • Pylint is a Python code-checking tool developed on Github.

Raspberry Pi

  • Raspberry Pi Foundation uses Github to maintain their Pi-compatible Linux kernel, firmware, documentation and other software.


  • ReactOS is a GPL-licensed, binary-compatible replacement for Windows including the NTKernel. It is developed on Github.


  • Redshift makes adjustments to your RGB settings based on the time of day.


  • QEMU is a virtual computer, it allows you to run other operating systems in a window from your "host" operating system. For example, if you are developing your own distro you can try the latest iso in a window before you're ready to take the time to dd it to a device or to media.


  • Mozilla maintains this programming language on Github.


  • ScummVM is a platform/emulator for several games, including "Beneath a Steel Sky".

Slitaz (GNU/Linux)

  • Slitaz moved to Github in September of this year, the same week as Stallman's resignation-- after suffering months of DDOS attacks. This is tragic on many levels.
  • Prior to this, Slitaz had a Github account which it appears to have used sparingly, not for most of its distro development. Hopefully (as with so many of these projects) they will find a better server for their code soon.


  • Controlled by IBM, Hosted on servers owned by Microsoft and protested by many GNU/Linux users for at least half a decade, this "init system" / creeping replacement for the GNU operating system arguably puts more control of your computing back in the hands of monopolies. Though since it is freely licensed, you could at least theoretically fork it or parts of it. Elogind is one example of such a fork.


  • This machine-learning tool is hosted on Github.

Void (GNU/) Linux

  • A Systemd-free GNU distribution, Void is developed on Github.

Ubuntu (GNU/Linux)

  • Despite having their own alterantives, Canonical and Ubuntu use Github for some of their development tasks.

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