Display alien Dos message function

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display alien Dos message function

Full code and explanation is here.

below are snippets and more context.

Snippet and context

if(!Verify_DOS() DisplayAlienDosMessage();


near DisplayAlienDosMessage(void)
print(9,TAB,"WARNING: Microsoft QuickPascal has been tested for use");
print(lO,TAB,"only with the MS-DOS and PC-DOS operating systems.");
print(12,TAB,"Your use of this product with another operating system");
print(13,TAB,"may void valuable warranty protection provided by");
print(14,TAB,"Microsoft on QuickPascal.");
print(16,TAB,"...Press any key to continue");

feel uncomfortable using DR-DOS

To: davidcol
Subject: RE: message
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 92 08:51:10 PST
what the guy is supposed to do is feel uncomfortable, and when he has bugs, suspect that the problem is dr-dos and then go out and buy ms-dos, or decide not to take the risk for the other machines he has to buy for in the office.


From bradsi; Mon Feb 10 10:50:05 1992
To: steveb
Subject: Re: the message
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 92 10:50:05 PST
i am saying that we should either:
b) put a kind gentle message in setup. like an incompatible tsr message, but not everytime the user starts windows .. the most sensible thing from a development standpoint is to continue to build dependencies on msdos into windows.

aard: how to explain the encrypted code ..

From: darbyw
To: Bradsi
Cc: darbyw
Subject: FW: DOS Practices
Date: Wednedsday, September 01, 1993 8:55 AM
Thanks,Brad, I don't think this addresses the issue of our encrypting the code .. how do I explain that. I've got everything else programmed in my response.


From: bradsi


.. we do not test on other systems nor can we verify the stability of windows running on anything other than msdos ..


'You never sent me a response on what things an app would do that would make it run with MS-DOS and not run with DR-DOS'
"the approach that ralph and I have discussed is to use a vxd to 'extend' dos by patching it .. We would not patch unknown OSs"



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