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The European Patent Office (EPO) has been granting software patents in Europe despite the law explicitly forbidding it. The profit motive ultimately compromised quality. There are even more mischievous practices going on, especially after the EPO's former head, Alison Brimelow, got replaced by a megalomaniac called Benoît Battistelli, who drove away anything or anyone who threatens his undemocratic ambition of total power. Techrights wrote about the EPO in the following posts, organised chronologically, with addition of the following colour coding:

Scope Repression Labour Above the law Credibility
Software (abstract) patents Institutional abuse Staff suicides Ignoring court orders or due process Budgetary issues
Patents on life Censorship/Gagging Crushing protests Crushing oversight or other branches Reputation issues (EU)
Patent maximalism/UPC DDOS Union-busting Character assassination/Defamation Favouritism/Nepotism
Patent trolls Legal bullying Abolishing workers' rights Propaganda/Misinformation/Paying the media Conflict of interest/Dubious connections
Systemic synthesis Illegal surveillance State within a state Alleged bribery Organisational crisis



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