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winning against Linux in FY 03 ..


  • win Against Linux ..
  • Winning against Linux: governement, education, enterprise, embedded
  • SRPJF: OEMs hiding our innovations; Work to deliver, & comply
  • Emerging markets plan - Linux, other OSs, and piracy: ideas welcome
  • Piracy: How to make progress (and yet balance with Linux)

comes v Microsoft

Microsoft: Linux is good for business

From: Peter Houston Sent: Thursday, November 07, 2002 10:09 AM To: Kevin Johnson Subject: RE: Please review RE Linux Compete

I can have the MSFT name removed from the report. I remain concerned that it will get out that we sponsered so I don't know how much advantage we wil lget out of removing the name.


IS there an equivalent report from Gartner on TCO of win vs Linux?

[Peter Houston] No, We have been unable to get any major firm (then IDC) to do a study ..


Linux is good for business, you know. IDC, In contrast seems to relish the thought of defending their study publically.

comes v microsoft

strategic threat of Linux in enterprise space ..

Strategic Threat

From: Gary Schare Sent: Fridasy, January 18, 2002 5:45 PM To: Bob Muglia; Chris Phillips Cc: Bret O'Rourke; Joe Powell; Troy Batterberry; Rob Green Subject: eCDNs and storage

If Microsoft does not address the enterprise needs for content delivery networks, it will:

  • See large scale deployment of Linux-based caching appliances and

servers that will also pull through or attach to Linux/Solaris-based content management, storage and Oracle database solutions.

  • Risk losing our 69% Windows Media usage share in the enterprise to

MPEG-4 CDN product vendors who now pay a royalty to Microsoft to license the Windows Media protocol on non-Windows platforms (our only revenue in the value chain.)

  • Leave a significant portion of the eCDN value chain to other software

vendors. Even if all eCDN vendors move to Windows today, it is the management/distribution application layer that commands the premium in the overall cost solution. Microsoft is not on a path to participate in the portion of the value chain ..

comes v Microsoft

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