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(comes: MS Go Corp joint project)
(comes: employee assigned to GO Corp ..)
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== comes: employee assigned to GO Corp .. ==
== employee assigned to GO Corp ==
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== comes: soak up GO tech .. ==
== comes: soak up GO tech .. ==

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Microsoft working with GO

December 4, 1987

Mr. Robert Cart GO Corporation 1055 Lombard Street San Francisco, CA 94104

Dear Bob:

I am sending you a copy of PC Excel. It is significantly enhanced over the Mac version and I hope you get a chance to use it. I would value your feedback. It is too bad that you never got a chance to make Framework into the mainstream product it deserved to be. In the objects we are building for the object oriented versions of our languages we will have a concept very similar to your frame.

I had hoped it would work out for you to join Microsoft, and create a California development center for us. I think you are very talented and committed to doing great software , and I would have enjoyed working directly with you. Maybe next time.

In any case I am sure GO will be an exciting place. If there is anything Microsoft can do to support your efforts as an ISV, please let me know. I hope we get a chance to exchange ideas at one of the upcoming industry get togethers.


GO Corp and the confidential demo ..comes:

May 16, 1988


Dear Bill:


Which leads me to the topic of GO Corporation. We're preparing a proof-of-concept demonstration for early June. We're at a point in our planning and development where it's now clear to us that cooperation with Microsoft is both appropriate and of potential mutual interest.

Jerry and I would appreciate the opportunity to share our product plans and show you the demo in our labs on a confidential basis .. Both Jerry and I are very interested in your thoughts and comments on GO's plans.

Robert M. Carr V.P Software


"I guess I've made it very clear that we view an Intel investment in Go as an anti-Microsoft move", bg June 1993

http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9B05EEDC1430F937A15750C0A9629C8B63 http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0140257314/

Go Corp nondisclosure agreement ..


GO Corporation has disclosed or may disclose business or technical information ("GO Information") to you in connection with a proposed business relationship.

In consideration of any disclosure and any negotiations concerning the proposed business relationship you agree as follows:

1. You will hold in confidence and not use or disclose any GO Information except information you can document (a) is in the public domain, (b) was known to you prior to disclosure by GO or (c) was properly disclosed to you by another person without restriction.
2. Of you decide not to proceed with the proposed business relationship or if asked by GO, you will promptly return all GO Information and all copies.
3. You will promptly notify GO of any unauthorized release of GO Information.
4. You understand that this statement does not obligate GO to disclose any information or negotiate or enter any agreement or relationship.

Acknowledged and Agreed:

Name: William H. Gates By: William H. Gates Date: 7/8/88



MS Go Corp joint project

February 10, 1989

This letter documents a joint project between Microsoft Corporation of Redmond, WA and GO Corporation of Forest City, CA ..

To protect each party's Information each party agrees:

1. To use Information only for the purpose of furthering this joint effort.
2. To hold confidence and not use or disclose the other's Information ..
4. That no copies of Information are to be made without the express written consent of the other party ..


Robert Carr Jeff Raikes

Date 2/13/89


employee assigned to GO Corp

To: jk, st, ce From: rcarr Date: MAr 16, 1989 1:16 PM Cc: kd

We've received back a signed agreement from Microsoft in which they've agreed to assign at least a 1/2 time employee to joint project definition with us to explore potential applications for our machine ...


comes: soak up GO tech ..

Should GO license sys s/w to other HW vendors?

Key soft concern is that any apps they write will run on all NB platforms

Next Steps

1) LF to spend more days @ GO to soak up GO tech -> evaluate what it means to write up app for GOOSE (in comparison other potential pen based environment) ...


MS/GO meeting attendees ..

Initial Microsoft - GO joint project meeting May 3, 1989

Microsoft: Kathleen Schoenfelder, Lloyd Frink

GO: Robert Carr, VP Software, Jerry Kaplan, President ...


Lloyd Frink

.. worked at Microsoft where he started the group that created products eventually evolving into the Tablet PC and Pocket PC.. :


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