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employee assigned to GO Corp

To: jk, st, ce From: rcarr Date: MAr 16, 1989 1:16 PM Cc: kd

We've received back a signed agreement from Microsoft in which they've agreed to assign at least a 1/2 time employee to joint project definition with us to explore potential applications for our machine ...


soak up GO tech ..

Should GO license sys s/w to other HW vendors?

Key soft concern is that any apps they write will run on all NB platforms

Next Steps

1) LF to spend more days @ GO to soak up GO tech -> evaluate what it means to write up app for GOOSE (in comparison other potential pen based environment) ...


MS/GO meeting attendees ..

Initial Microsoft - GO joint project meeting May 3, 1989

Microsoft: Kathleen Schoenfelder, Lloyd Frink

GO: Robert Carr, VP Software, Jerry Kaplan, President ...


Lloyd Frink

.. worked at Microsoft where he started the group that created products eventually evolving into the Tablet PC and Pocket PC.. :


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