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* '''[ Free Software Foundation India]'''
* '''[ Free Software Foundation India]'''
* fsforce, which really needs to update its blog/website now that the coup is exposed
* * '''[ Free Software Force]''', which really needs to update its blog/website now that the coup is exposed
'''Related pages''':
'''Related pages''':

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Summary: The Free Software movement in the wild



  • Trend: Netflix will be the next President of the United States
  • Because screw customers, that's why
  • Mitigating: at least people are complaining


  • Trend: suspense
  • Mitigating: coup exposed


  • Trend: dangerous
  • Even Google claims to be worried
  • Mitigating: various bans on face-recognition

Organisational Co-opting

GNU/Linux Co-opting

  • Trend: being fought
  • GNU structure being established

Other Free Software Co-opting

  • Trend: pretty dangerous
  • Github, GSoC, EME, Flatpak, Python
  • Mitigating: at least they asked

GPL / Copyleft

  • Trend: slight increase in awareness
  • Right idea, wrong reasons
  • Mitigating: AGPL is doing alright


  • Trend: steady increase
  • It doesn't exist, but GAFAM is all over it
  • Mitigating: a trend towards poverty?

Code of Conduct

  • Trend: minor improvements in awareness
  • People know that others are being censored over nonsense
  • Mitigating: not a lot

Bigotry, hate, discrimination

  • Trend: anybody's guess
  • Who would you trust to monitor the status of this?
  • Mitigating: see Trend

Away From Keyboard

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