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* [[Software Patents in New Zealand]]
* [[Software Patents in New Zealand]]
* [[Software Patents Around the World]]
* [[Software Patents Around the World]]
* [[Richard Stallman]]
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* [[Brazil]]
* [[Brazil]]
* [[Open Source Initiative]]
* [[Open Source Initiative]]
* [[Richard Stallman]]

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Welcome to the Techrights Main Page
Returning visitors are advised to check out the news.

This page presents a starting point to new readers of Techrights. For TechBytes episodes, start here. To find one of our 13,000+ blog posts, use this archives page

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If you are not new to this Web site, go directly to the latest stories and consider subscribing to the main RSS feed.


Techrights, part of Bytes Media, is a progressive site which supports software freedom and advocates digital diversity through standardisation (naturally, it is against monopoly). The different sections address multiple areas or companies, e.g. Novell which can be found further down on this page. One way to organise tens of thousands of pages is this archive, but another way is as follows.


Filing for Justice


Free Software Advocacy

Elimination/Limitation of Software Monopolies


Inside Apple


Microsoft Monitor


Boycott Novell

Translations: Deutsch | Francais | Romana | Arabic | Hebrew | Hindi | Tamil | Hrvatski | Nederlands | Svenska | Espanol | Portugues | Magyar

This is the main initiative of this Web site, which is also conducted in an IRC channel.


Boycott Novell is an initiative that was conceived (see history) after Novell had signed a patent deal with Microsoft, an abusive monopoly. This deal was sought after by Novell and it has initiated:

In this Web site, we strive to address these issues, mostly by informing. The following sets of pages organise the information we have accumulated so far. It is permanently under construction and by creating an account you can help us edit and expand.

More Information

Index of Portals

Miscellaneous Pages

  • Drones list :: List of people who are serving Microsoft's business agenda
  • Articles index :: A broad list of topics that are listed cohesively

Got anything to share? Come and join us at the IRC channel.

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