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Consider reading this old summary to learn why Mono is still bad or this newer primer with instructions on how to remove Mono.

Mononono is an advised solution to prevent Mono from cropping up in a system. If you are using Gentoo, just add the line dev-lang/mono to the file /etc/portage/package.mask and add "-mono" to your USE flags in /etc/make.conf.

For Arch Linux, add mono and libgdiplus to the IgnorePkg section of /etc/pacman.conf. You will get the following message when installing the group gnome-extra: "Do you want to skip the above package(s) for this upgrade?" Just say yes and anything depending on Mono won't be installed.

The following are vectors of Mono infection, according to Wikipedia, which attempt to replace legitimate applications and need to be removed:

egxsxufdisjhiut, Denver Car Rental, VZWYCwd.

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