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Consider reading this old summary to learn why Mono is bad or this newer primer with instructions on how to remove Mono.

To prevent Mono from cropping up in a system, Mononono is an advised solution. If you are using Gentoo, just add the line dev-lang/mono to the file /etc/portage/package.mask and add "-mono" to your USE flags in /etc/make.conf.

According to Wikipedia, the following are those programs which need to be replaced:

Software developed with Mono

The following are programs that use the Mono application programming interface|API and C#.

Mono intrusion vector Recommended replacements or solution
MonoDevelop Replace with Anjuta, KDevelop, Eclipse, Java, QtCreator, Parrot, PHP, etc.
Muine Replace with Rhythmbox (GTK/GNOME), Amarok (Qt/KDE), Exaile (GTK/GNOME), XMMS, etc.


API Domination

Moonsoon is a bittorrent client which uses monotorrent library. Mono people can try to include Moonsoon as part of a default GNOME installation. Mono promoter; OpenSUSE already includes monsoon and Banshee in its GNOME installations.

Bad Licence

Moonsoon and monotorrent use the MIT/X11 licence. It's not good for GNU/Linux to promote permissive licences; instead use GNU GPLv3 or copyleft licenses. And MIT/X11 is not good for protecting projects against software patents.

Replace with Deluge (GTK/GNOME), KTorrent (Qt/KDE), etc.
Unity Replace with (Panda3D)

Criticism: The sad thing is that Tomboy included by default in a lot of GNU/Linux distributions. Gtk-sharp has a lot of packages, while other bindings have nothing. This causes API Domination controlled mainly by an abusive monopolist, Microsoft.

Replace with Gnote (GTK/GNOME), zim, knotes (Qt/KDE), etc.

libsecondlife Replace with Cobalt
KeePass 2 Replace with Password Gorilla.
iFolder 3 solution
F-Spot Replace with gThumb (GTK/GNOME), digiKam (Qt/KDE), Gwenview, etc.
GNOME Do Replace with Launchy, Katapult (Qt/KDE), Deskbar etc.
Diva . Replace with Avidemux, Kino.
Blam! Replace with Liferea (GTK/GNOME), Akregator (Qt/KDE), Thunderbird, RSSOwl, etc.
Beagle Replace with Strigi, Tracker, Recoll,Pinot, etc.

License: MIT/X11

Criticism: Although it is a good player, it is sponsored by Novell and because this Banshee uses a very permissive licence -- not sufficient to protect multimedia contents and not good to protect the project against patents.

Replace with Rhythmbox (GTK/GNOME), Amarok (Qt/KDE), Totem (GTK/GNOME), Exaile (GTK/GNOME), etc.

Criticism: Altough it's free GNU software, it promotes C# development.

Replace with Quassel IRC (Qt/KDE), XChat (GTK/GNOME)
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