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Consider reading this old summary to learn why Mono is bad or this newer primer with instructions on how to remove Mono.

Mononono is an advised solution to prevent Mono from cropping up in a system. If you are using Gentoo, just add the line dev-lang/mono to the file /etc/portage/package.mask and add "-mono" to your USE flags in /etc/make.conf.

According to Wikipedia, the following are those programs which need to be replaced:

Software developed with Mono

The following are programs that use the Mono application programming interface|API and C#.

Mono intrusion vector Recommended replacements or solution
MonoDevelop Replace with Anjuta, KDevelop, Eclipse, Java, QtCreator, Parrot, PHP, etc.
Muine Replace with Rhythmbox (GTK/GNOME), Amarok (Qt/KDE), Exaile (GTK/GNOME), XMMS, etc.


API Domination

Moonsoon is a bittorrent client which uses monotorrent library. Mono people can try to include Moonsoon as part of a default GNOME installation. Mono promoter; OpenSUSE already includes monsoon and Banshee in its GNOME installations.

Bad Licence

Moonsoon and monotorrent use the MIT/X11 licence. It's not good for GNU/Linux to promote permissive licences; instead use GNU GPLv3 or copyleft licenses. And MIT/X11 is not good for protecting projects against software patents.

Replace with Deluge (GTK/GNOME), KTorrent (Qt/KDE), etc.
Unity Replace with (Panda3D)

Criticism: The sad thing is that Tomboy included by default in a lot of GNU/Linux distributions. Gtk-sharp has a lot of packages, while other bindings have nothing. This causes API Domination controlled mainly by an abusive monopolist, Microsoft.

Replace with Gnote (GTK/GNOME), zim, knotes (Qt/KDE), etc.

libsecondlife Replace with Cobalt
KeePass 2 Replace with Password Gorilla.
iFolder 3 solution
F-Spot Replace with gThumb (GTK/GNOME), digiKam (Qt/KDE), Gwenview, etc.
GNOME Do Replace with Launchy, Katapult (Qt/KDE), Deskbar etc.
Diva . Replace with Avidemux, Kino.
Blam! Replace with Liferea (GTK/GNOME), Akregator (Qt/KDE), Thunderbird, RSSOwl, etc.
Beagle Replace with Strigi, Tracker, Recoll,Pinot, etc.

License: MIT/X11

Criticism: Although it is a good player, it is sponsored by Novell and because this Banshee uses a very permissive licence -- not sufficient to protect multimedia contents and not good to protect the project against patents.

Replace with Rhythmbox (GTK/GNOME), Amarok (Qt/KDE), Totem (GTK/GNOME), Exaile (GTK/GNOME), etc.

Criticism: Altough it's free GNU software, it promotes C# development.

Replace with Quassel IRC (Qt/KDE), XChat (GTK/GNOME)
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