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Novell: MS refused to fix bugs ..

Novell Confidential No 6665

Product and Price Change Notification

Attached a copy of the standard business and financial plans.

Originator: John Bodine Ext: 2.7082 Mailstop: ORM D-167

Type of change

X Other Patch Disk

FCS Date 7/10/95


Patch Disk for WordPerfect and PerfectOffice

The Windowes Product Marketing team, in conjunction with developement has decided to produce a and distribute a "patch" disk for both PerfectOffice and WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows. To reiterate, the reason we have decided to produce a patch is to address two main concerns:

1) Win95 compatibility

2) High priority bugs

It should be noted that these bugs, for the most part, are not problems with our software (the Win95 bugs are problems we addressed with Microsoft which they refused to fix). In both cases, the patch will be limited to one diskette.

These patch disks provide updates to WordPerfect 6.1, Presentations 3.0, and the PerfectOffice 3.0 Desktop Application Director (in the PexfectFit directory). The patch disks address key complaints that technical services and large accounts are currently receiving, such as memory leaks, Support of DOS in a network environment (DuPont, 100,000 users), ODMA problems, temp files eating up hard disk space, problems with styles, DDE link problems, and printing problems with Presentations.

In addition some known problems with running PerfectOffice 3.0 on Windows 95 have been addressed such as prompting for network ID when opened, bad title bar display, Show Me problems with Coaches, and Grammatik GPF’s.

The time line for completion of the patch disks are as follows:

6/27 - Gold master candidate released to testing-testing continues throughout weekend

7/5 - First Article candidate released to MFG.

7/6 - Manufacturing to begin duplicating disks

The disks will be available for download off our Novell home page and over our electronic bulletin board services. The disk will also be available directly, via our 800 numbers. The disks are sent out free of charge.


Tota cost for this project: $11,500.00

court documents in the case of Comes v. Microsoft.



win95 Logo program requirements and Novell ..

from: Mark Calkins To:, Date: 3/6/95 11:26 am Subject: Windows 95 Logo Program Requirements

Dear Brad Silverberg and Brad Chase,

The Novell Applications Group requests that Microsoft drop the requirement to provide compatibility with Windows NT to particpate in the Windows 95 logo program.

We make this request based on the technical differences between Windows 95 and Windows NT. Listed below, we have outlined the problems an ISV will encounter attempting to develop a single application to run under bothoperating systems.


court documents in the case of Comes v. Microsoft.

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