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From: jimgr Mon Jan 16 14:30:16 1989
To: markwa; russw
Subject: Re: Breakdown of new api calls
Date: Thu Nov 07 15:18:11 PDT 1991

It turns out I inadvertantly left off two categories from my list:

String functions (lstrcat, IsCharUpper, etc.) File i/o functions (_lclose, etc)

This brings the total to 59.

Please note that when I use the term "new APIs." I am also referring to previously "hidden" functions which will now be documentated. They are new insofar as they will be added to the documenation although they already exist.

> From russw Mon Jan 16 13:38:12 1989
To: markwa
Subject: Breakdown of new api calls
Cc: jimgr
Date: Mon Jan 16 13:36:27 1989

I count them up and get 42 not 60



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