Undocumentated API functions found in WINDOWS.H

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From: markwa Thu Jan 25 12:08:05 1990
To: winbug
Cc: davidw; greglo
Subject: missing constants WEP_ in windows.h
Date: Mon Nov 04 15:44:06 PDT 1991

Two constants need to be defined in Windows.h

WEP_SYSTEMEXIT (system shutdown in progress) WEP_FREE_DLL (DLL use count is zero)

I don't know what the numerics valuse are; DavidW should know.

These two constants are already documented in the Guide to Programming chapter on DLLs.

From: bobgu Thu Jan 25 13:15:31 1990
To: markwa
Cc: jimgr; t-jeffbo
Subject: Re: Undocumentated API functions found in WINDOWS.H

> From narkwa Thu JAn 25 13:06:29 1990

The above is nice work!

Please keep in mind, however, that we still have not dealt with making public the intrnal functions being used by Apps.

I am about 95% complate on this task as well. The current tally indicates

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