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Windows Naming Strategy ..

From: Paul Maritz To: Bill Gates; Mike Maples; Steve Ballmer Subject: FW: Windows 95 Date: Wednesday, May 04 1994 8:56 AM

Attached is a document written by Bradc, recommending that we name Chicago "Windows 95" ..

We should adopt the 95 version numbering/naming strategy ..

  • If we make this commitment, the 95 naming strategy is the right choice

because it communicates to customers whether the "model year" they own is current. This helps us increase our Upgrade rates ..

comes v Microsoft

potential DLL hell issues ..

From: Heikki Kanerva Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 1:06PM To: Billgates; Steve Ballmer; Biull Veighte: Bob Herbold; Brian Arbogast; Brian Deen; Brian Valentine; Chris Jones; David Cole; David Vaskevitch; Dennis Schnabel; Eirc Lockard; Erik Rudder; Frank Artale; J Allard; Jim Alchin; John Ludwig; Jonathan Kauffman; Mark Ledsome; Michael Halcoussis; Moshe Duine; Nathan Myhrvold; Partica Friel; Paul Gross; Paul MAitz; Pate Higgins; Thomas Reardon; Yaron Goland; Youval Neeman; Joe Belfiore; Bob Muglia; Rich Tong; Jeff Teper; Peggy Knudson; Paul Flessner Subject: Office 2000 -- January PDL

.. Potential DLL hell issues caused by the several shared components shipped by Office 2000 where a new version of the component wil lbe available after Office 2000 ships ...

comes v Microsoft

not using internal APIs ..

From: Dave Probert Sent: Thursay, December 05, 2001 12:11 PM To: Doug Miller, Vinod Anantharaman; Stephen Wall Cc: UNIX Migration Plan, Bill Veghte; S Somasegar; Erik Rudder; Rob Short Subject: Producing a Win32/UNIX hybrid platform

We have long had a strict policy of not using internal APIs except for components that ship as part of the platform. This is because the internal APIs are subject to frequent change, and separately shipped components may encounter compatibility issues if they rely on them ..

I don't question the value of making it easier to move UNIX applications onto Win32. But I don't know how we intend to do that without creating an alternative Win32/UNIX hybrid platform that could easly become the target for ISVs rather then Win32 alone ...

comes v Microsoft

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