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schestowitz 31 00:01
phIRCe-localTitle: Huffington Post Echoes Our BanksterUSA "Wonderful" Campaign against Big Banks | Center for Media and Democracy .::. Size~: 22.6 KBDec 31 00:01
cubezzzit just seems that some popular web sites do a crappy job of implementing thingsDec 31 00:03
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Mandy's new outfit. Emperor with suitable clothes... 31 00:05
phIRCe-localTitle: Pirate Party UK - All your internet are belong to us .::. Size~: 11.56 KBDec 31 00:05
schestowitz"Either way, at least one of those images was apparently edited, and Citrano's still waiting for that apology and retraction..." 31 00:06
phIRCe-localTitle: W Korea Uses Demi Moore Photo... With A Different Hip -- So Which One Is Edited? | Techdirt .::. Size~: 42.98 KBDec 31 00:06
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schestowitz 31 00:26
phIRCe-localTitle: Living Firefox for those who have not seen it before. | GHABUNTU .::. Size~: 90.05 KBDec 31 00:26
schestowitzSee the comments here: 31 00:32
phIRCe-localTitle: Microsoft Brings Silverlight 2 to Linux | - Free Software News .::. Size~: 38.2 KBDec 31 00:32
schestowitz 31 00:36
phIRCe-localTitle: Slashdot Idle Story | USPTO Awards LOL Patent To IBM .::. Size~: 117.48 KBDec 31 00:36
schestowitz"Shame on you, Shame on you, Shame on you..."Dec 31 00:36
MinceRwow, there's a non-obvious patentDec 31 00:38
MinceR</sarcasm>Dec 31 00:38
oiaohmSomeone at IBM just won the 10 000 bonus for regesting the best joke patent of the year.Dec 31 00:38
MinceR:>Dec 31 00:39
cubezzzsilverblight :)Dec 31 00:43
cubezzzanother cool thing about FC1, no mono :)Dec 31 00:43
schestowitz 31 00:45
phIRCe-localTitle: How to Hack Password of any Operating System | Hacking Truths .::. Size~: 77.49 KBDec 31 00:45
*jono (n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono) has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 00:45
schestowitzWow will later crow about its number of patentsDec 31 00:45
schestowitzKappos and his puppets are part of this fiasco known as USPTODec 31 00:46
schestowitzRight, jono? :-)Dec 31 00:46
jonohey schestowitzDec 31 00:46
jonoschestowitz eh?Dec 31 00:47
schestowitz 31 00:47
phIRCe-localTitle: The abrupt merging of Nouveau [] .::. Size~: 118.15 KBDec 31 00:47
schestowitzjono: was jokingDec 31 00:47
schestowitzAbout IBM's latest patentDec 31 00:47
jonohang on a secDec 31 00:47
jonobrbDec 31 00:47
schestowitz 31 00:47
phIRCe-localTitle: Slashdot Idle Story | USPTO Awards LOL Patent To IBM .::. Size~: 118.24 KBDec 31 00:47
schestowitzSee? Canonical should come up with such "innovations" too...Dec 31 00:47
schestowitzI can sense Microsoft shaking its fear like an LOLcat over this mighty IBM monopolyDec 31 00:48
schestowitz /its/with/Dec 31 00:48
cubezzzwhich computer company makes the most money?Dec 31 00:50
jonoaha!Dec 31 00:50
jonosorry, I am busy hackng on Acire at the momentDec 31 00:50
schestowitzcubezzz: probably the Asian giantsDec 31 00:53
schestowitzThey actually MAKE computersDec 31 00:53
oiaohmNouveau merged puts Nvidia in a interesting location.Dec 31 00:53
oiaohmNouveau could be activeate by some kernel by default so blocking there closed source driver from loading.Dec 31 00:54
schestowitz revenue: $78.8 billion USD Dec 31 00:54
phIRCe-localTitle: Foxconn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 67.21 KBDec 31 00:54
cubezzzwhoaDec 31 00:54
cubezzzthat's bigDec 31 00:54
schestowitz 31 00:54
schestowitz"9 million bicycles in Bejing..."Dec 31 00:57
schestowitz*beijDec 31 00:57
cubezzzincome is much smaller than Microsoft thoughDec 31 00:58
oiaohmThink that is the biggest hardware maker.Dec 31 01:00
amarsh04schestowitz, the reference to "A Trip to the Moon" came in handy in a reply I just posted in #sflcDec 31 01:00
oiaohmThere is something wrong with MS income.Dec 31 01:00
schestowitzcubezzz: that's what Microsoft saysDec 31 01:01
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Is Intel already unleashing drones to belittle its crimes that it was found guilty for in several continents? 31 01:01
phIRCe-localTitle: Intel FTC Case 'Overblown,' Says Analyst - .::. Size~: 145.72 KBDec 31 01:01
schestowitzMicrosoft also borrows more moneyDec 31 01:01
schestowitz!google microsoft is lying denmarkDec 31 01:01
phIRCe-local[1] - DK: Chair of Denmark's standards committee: 'Microsoft is lying' — | 31 01:01
phIRCe-local[2] - Denmark — | 31 01:01
phIRCe-local[3] - EIF Scrutinised, ODF Evolves, and Microsoft's OOXML “Lies” Lead to ... | 31 01:01
phIRCe-local[4] - Denmark Gets Help with ODF Adoption - comp.os.linux.advocacy ... | 31 01:01
cubezzzIBM's revenue is higher than foxconn'sDec 31 01:02
schestowitz[00:58] <amarsh04> it would be good to start a Gutenberg project of early Australian literature and print musicDec 31 01:02
schestowitzWhere is the reference though?Dec 31 01:02
cubezzz<cubezzz> Méliès had intended to release the film in the United States to profit from it. Thomas Edison's film technicians, however, secretly made copies of it and distributed it throughout the country. Méliès never profited from it, and he eventually went broke.Dec 31 01:04
amarsh04sorry, being obtuse... the Australian detective novell author was duped into selling his copyright cheaply to the uk publisher who sold 500,000 copies of the bookDec 31 01:04
amarsh04the Australian author ended up not getting much considering how popular his book wasDec 31 01:05
cubezzz 31 01:05
phIRCe-localTitle: A Trip to the Moon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 75.96 KBDec 31 01:05
schestowitzthis one looks good. 31 01:06
amarsh04reminds me of spyglass getting a percentage of internet explorer salesDec 31 01:06
phIRCe-localTitle: My GNU/Linux » ArchLinux + modular KDE 4 + Tools = Chakra (Alpha 4) .::. Size~: 22.82 KBDec 31 01:06
schestowitzmeta-industries get a lot of moneyDec 31 01:07
schestowitzWhen someone like mysql founder sells it to Sun, you can bet most money goes to the VCsDec 31 01:07
schestowitzI.e. just some rich people who get even richer, not the founders/devsDec 31 01:07
amarsh04indeedDec 31 01:08
cubezzzthe devs must get something Dec 31 01:08
amarsh04more money in sales and marketing than in productionDec 31 01:09
amarsh04or, more money in perception than realityDec 31 01:10
schestowitz 31 01:10
amarsh04back in a while...Dec 31 01:10
schestowitz[01:10] <amarsh04> or, more money in perception than realityDec 31 01:11
schestowitzYupDec 31 01:11
schestowitzApple is a good example of thisDec 31 01:11
schestowitzMore so than Microsoft, IMHODec 31 01:11
schestowitzThey even police how people show Apple productsDec 31 01:11
schestowitzI can't just grab a photo of a grubby ipod and put it as a reference sales photoDec 31 01:11
schestowitzKawasaki and those folks are all about selling dreams (hallucinations) as matter of strategy, Microsoft tooDec 31 01:12
phIRCe-localKawasaki and those folks are all about selling dreams (hallucinations) as matter of strategy, Microsoft tooDec 31 01:12
schestowitzOracle......Dec 31 01:12
schestowitz"Nobody gets fired for buying IBM....."Dec 31 01:12
schestowitz"Too big to fail" (AIG, Citi...)Dec 31 01:13
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tessierToo big to fail means they should be broken up.Dec 31 01:13
schestowitzThere's a PDF from AIG that blew things up a bit, showing that they knew (and planned) to create systemic dependency such that they cannot be ever left to rotDec 31 01:14
schestowitzMicrosoft is like that too, wrapping its tentacles around things like healthcare and government so that it would be bailed out if bankruptcy was declared.Dec 31 01:15
*oiaohm has quit (Remote closed the connection)Dec 31 01:17
cubezzz"Microsoft marketing adopted Windows 95 as the product name for Chicago when it was released on August 24, 1995. Microsoft had a double gain from its release: first it made it impossible for consumers to run Windows 95 on a cheaper, non-Microsoft DOS"Dec 31 01:20
cubezzzthe pattern is clear: squeeze others out Dec 31 01:20
cubezzzand they were very successful doing thisDec 31 01:22
cubezzzbut the KO punch is to replace the whole OSDec 31 01:22
schestowitzAnd vapourware announcementsDec 31 01:22
cubezzzonly by completely removal of all microsoft software ends the dangerDec 31 01:23
schestowitz 31 01:23
phIRCe-localTitle:  No Firefox for New Year's  .::. Size~: 37.09 KBDec 31 01:23
schestowitzcubezzz: there are other evils that took lessons from RedmondDec 31 01:23
schestowitzIt's better to say yes to "Free software"Dec 31 01:24
schestowitzNot a "no" to the convicted criminalDec 31 01:24
schestowitzThe FSF mastered this messageDec 31 01:24
schestowitzSolution as cure, not just punishment. I very strongly doubt Bill & Steve will ever be locked upDec 31 01:24
schestowitzSame with Otellini... they cover up their tracksDec 31 01:25
cubezzzGates is very smartDec 31 01:25
cubezzzit's not good to under-estimate himDec 31 01:25
cubezzzI give the devil his dueDec 31 01:25
schestowitzOh, Nightshade is just a Stellarium forkDec 31 01:26
schestowitzTurns out... 31 01:26
phIRCe-localTitle:  Nightshade Forks From Stellarium, Designs Open Source Software for Planetariums  .::. Size~: 32.66 KBDec 31 01:26
schestowitzcubezzz: you mean, shrewd... like a foxDec 31 01:27
schestowitzDon't forget he had a family to slate and groom him to become a monopolistDec 31 01:28
cubezzzyes. it's hard to imagine it otherwiseDec 31 01:28
cubezzzis SAT score was very highDec 31 01:29
cubezzzhisDec 31 01:29
cubezzzsomeone had to pull some serious stringsDec 31 01:30
cubezzzreally if anyone "defeated" Gates, you have to say it was the Stallman/Linus comboDec 31 01:31
cubezzznot Lotus, not WP, not DRIDec 31 01:31
cubezzzI could add a ton of nots Dec 31 01:31
schestowitzRMS got 1600 in his SATsDec 31 01:32
cubezzzit's amazing that Stallman did what he did thoughDec 31 01:33
cubezzzschestowitz, did you know my ISP is pulling out BSD and installing Linux?Dec 31 01:33
cubezzzStallman was really thinking aheadDec 31 01:34
cubezzzbut too much pie in the sky thinking :)Dec 31 01:34
cubezzzBeOS was the same thingDec 31 01:34
cubezzzDRI had a chance, but only a small oneDec 31 01:35
cubezzzthey had GEMDec 31 01:35
schestowitz 31 01:35
phIRCe-localTitle: Maddow: Conservatives using sick torture fantasies to politicize terror plot |  Raw Story .::. Size~: 42.58 KBDec 31 01:35
schestowitzcubezzz: Bell?Dec 31 01:36
cubezzzschestowitz, Toronto Freenet, but they use Bell equipment so yeahDec 31 01:36
cubezzz3rd party Dec 31 01:36
cubezzzBell uses everythingDec 31 01:36
cubezzzI'm not on great terms with Bell Dec 31 01:37
schestowitz"Russian scientists will soon meet in secret to work on a plan for saving Earth from a possible catastrophic collision with a giant asteroid in 26 years, the head of Russia's space agency said Wednesday."Dec 31 01:37
schestowitzcubezzz: the B in BS stands for BellDec 31 01:37
schestowitz 31 01:38
schestowitz"In my “Trolls, Zealots and Other *#@&^#%+s folder,” I noticed a few e-mails (mostly from Mac users, for some reason) advising me to go back and sit in my rocker and leave tech punditry to the younger generation."Dec 31 01:38
schestowitzYeah, she get a lot of abuse from Mac users she told me.....Dec 31 01:38
cubezzzI was told if I had any probs to complain to the CRTCDec 31 01:38
schestowitzMaybe she should stop supporting a criminal companyDec 31 01:39
schestowitzShe should not be surprise that she's unpopular for itDec 31 01:39
cubezzzlol, I didn't think you were that oldDec 31 01:39
schestowitzIt I supported some serial criminal, would I expect to be loved?Dec 31 01:39
cubezzzone of the DSLAM cards stopped working and Bell wouldn't fix it Dec 31 01:40
cubezzzbut now I know who to talk to at leastDec 31 01:40
*jono has quit ("Ex-Chat")Dec 31 01:41
schestowitz 31 01:41
phIRCe-localTitle: Hackintosher's new line: Linux and T-shirts • The Register .::. Size~: 32.62 KBDec 31 01:41
schestowitzcubezzz: give them a bellDec 31 01:41
schestowitz*LOL* poor taste. 31 01:42
phIRCe-localTitle: Kate Winslet sports top celeb bod • The Register .::. Size~: 24.41 KBDec 31 01:42
cubezzzthere's a lot of people switching to LinuxDec 31 01:42
schestowitz"Lily Allen - 4 " *LMAO*Dec 31 01:42
schestowitzcubezzz: not in CADec 31 01:43
schestowitzLook at this photo of Murdoch. OMG OMG11! :-) 31 01:43
phIRCe-localTitle: They said what? Quotes of the Year • The Register .::. Size~: 25.01 KBDec 31 01:43
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] @davidgerard the Reg takes the piss out again: 31 01:46
phIRCe-localTitle: They said what? Quotes of the Year • The Register .::. Size~: 25.01 KBDec 31 01:46
schestowitz"Pricing and contract details on Google's anticipated Nexus One phone have surfaced."Dec 31 01:49
schestowitzGoogle is extremely secretiveDec 31 01:49
schestowitzThey must be craving the days before blogsDec 31 01:49
schestowitzThey could control what the media publishedDec 31 01:50
schestowitzEven embargoDec 31 01:50
schestowitzBury before it spreads like fire through blogsDec 31 01:50
schestowitz 31 02:01
phIRCe-localTitle:   Poor review with heartwarming community response | proyvinds ra(n)thole .::. Size~: 24.77 KBDec 31 02:01
schestowitzWell done to Mandriva!Dec 31 02:01
*yuhong_ ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 02:01
yuhong_your_friend thinks that ACLs are flawed, what do you think?Dec 31 02:02
schestowitz 31 02:03
schestowitzRMS "the "war on drugs" gives the US an excuse/opportunity to militarize Latin America. "Dec 31 02:03
schestowitzWell, he quotes the article basicallyDec 31 02:03
schestowitzyuhong_: ask him, why me? :-DDec 31 02:03
yuhong_Do you know also there is a Linux Unified Kernel that merges the Windows and Linux kernels?Dec 31 02:04
yuhong_ 31 02:04
phIRCe-localTitle: Linux Unified Kernel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 52.11 KBDec 31 02:04
yuhong_Pretty funny, IMO.Dec 31 02:04
*yuhong_ has quit (Client Quit)Dec 31 02:05
MinceRi know and i think it's pointlessDec 31 02:05
MinceRalso, yuhong does drive-by trolling, as usualDec 31 02:05
schestowitzRMS: "Historic protest at CIA HQ against murderous drone bombers. " 31 02:05
schestowitzThe US fights with a lot of imprecise robotsDec 31 02:05
schestowitzTreating innocent bystanders like objects of no significanceDec 31 02:05
schestowitzShame.Dec 31 02:06
schestowitzyuhoung: LUK hardly seems to moveDec 31 02:06
schestowitzMinceR: he doesn't troll much anymoreDec 31 02:06
MinceRto them, innocent bystanders _are_ objects of no significance... as long as they can avoid/avert the PR backlash.Dec 31 02:06
schestowitzHe sort of did in 2008 when he came here to praise MicrosoftDec 31 02:07
schestowitzNow he dual-boots and I think he genuinely wants changeDec 31 02:07
schestowitzMinceR: yes, I was subtleDec 31 02:07
MinceRso why does he pop in, ask some questions, make some ill-specified references, and pop out?Dec 31 02:07
schestowitzOr as long as you can restrain the pressDec 31 02:07
schestowitzIf people don't know it happened, it never didDec 31 02:07
schestowitzPeasants don't run the press, they rely on foreign journalists to "exist"Dec 31 02:08
schestowitzMinceR: hit and runDec 31 02:08
schestowitzHe comes to make a quick pointDec 31 02:08
schestowitzI think instead of commentingDec 31 02:08
schestowitzThat's OKDec 31 02:08
MinceRhe comes to fail to make a quick pointDec 31 02:08
MinceRLUK doesn't merge the Linux kernel and the winblows kernel, it merges the Linux kernel and the ReactOS kernel.Dec 31 02:09
MinceRstill, it's pointless bloat.Dec 31 02:09
schestowitzLove the headline: 31 02:10
phIRCe-localTitle: One Day We’ll All Be Terrorists | .::. Size~: 339.33 KBDec 31 02:10
schestowitz"One day we'll all be free"Dec 31 02:10
schestowitzDoesn't agree with us="terror~1"Dec 31 02:10
MinceRthinking for yourself == "turrism"Dec 31 02:10
schestowitz"Either you're with us or you're with the terrorist" --War Criminal (Bush)Dec 31 02:10
schestowitzWatch out for the drone :-DDec 31 02:11
schestowitzThey need to recompile $drone with module compassionDec 31 02:12
MinceRno need to worry until they find out where this country is :>Dec 31 02:12
schestowitzRight now they are rogue machines that just drop bombs in places like YemenDec 31 02:12
MinceRso they do the same thing their human predecessors did? :>Dec 31 02:12
schestowitzAnd they always have buzzwords for the media like "Smart bombs"Dec 31 02:12
schestowitzIt leads people to thinking you can really aim missiles at individual people from 10k feet up in the skyDec 31 02:13
schestowitzAnother big lieDec 31 02:13
MinceRmight be true, except it takes out everything in a large radius along with that individual :>Dec 31 02:14
schestowitzBodycount only apply to "ours" (always), so the idea that you bomb from above and not risk ground troops simply means that fewer "people" ("real" people, _our_ people) dieDec 31 02:14
schestowitzNotice ow Iraq body count in US press is almost always US troopsDec 31 02:14
schestowitz2 orders of magnitude below the real numberDec 31 02:14
schestowitzMinceR: yes, like his daughterDec 31 02:15
schestowitzShe committed the 'crime' of standing next to daddyDec 31 02:15
MinceRi have no issue with such weapons, only who they're aimed atDec 31 02:15
schestowitzSometimes just people who speakDec 31 02:15
schestowitzRemember all the ectivists like Marton Luther who were assassinatedDec 31 02:16
schestowitzGandhi too got assassinatedDec 31 02:16
schestowitz*MartinDec 31 02:16
MinceRscientists got executed tooDec 31 02:16
schestowitz*activistsDec 31 02:16
schestowitzYesDec 31 02:16
schestowitzAnd abortionaistsDec 31 02:16
schestowitz*abortionists, for controlling  population sizeDec 31 02:16
schestowitzIdiots du jour: 31 02:17
phIRCe-localTitle: Abortions delay Messiah's arrival, Israel's chief rabbis say  - Telegraph .::. Size~: 60.34 KBDec 31 02:17
schestowitzFound this in glynmoody@twitterDec 31 02:17
MinceRlolDec 31 02:18
MinceRwell, it's their problemDec 31 02:18
schestowitzWe should produce less chicken and eggs thenDec 31 02:18
MinceRi don't care about the arrival of their so-called messiahDec 31 02:18
schestowitzWe mus ensure all chicken eggs hatchDec 31 02:18
schestowitzAnd then feed the chicken till they dueDec 31 02:18
schestowitzFamine for us, god for the chickenDec 31 02:19
schestowitz*/god/good/Dec 31 02:19
schestowitzI can't believe I just did thisDec 31 02:19
schestowitz*/god/gould!/Dec 31 02:19
MinceRat least he didn't call for some sort of action outside his cultDec 31 02:19
MinceRgoa'uldDec 31 02:19
schestowitzYuckDec 31 02:19
MinceRfalse god ;)Dec 31 02:19
schestowitzThat Microsoft shill is goneDec 31 02:20
schestowitzNot written in agesDec 31 02:20
schestowitzHe submits to /, as "AlexGr"Dec 31 02:20
MinceRthen again, i don't know how much does israel do separation of church and stateDec 31 02:20
MinceRi'd guess not a lotDec 31 02:20
schestowitz"separation of church and state" is a catch phraseDec 31 02:22
schestowitzBut I recently saw some bios about people who worked to separate those tooDec 31 02:22
schestowitzRegimental corruption used to come a lot from church lobbiesDec 31 02:22
schestowitzIn the UK it still doesDec 31 02:23
schestowitzNordic societies are some of the most secularDec 31 02:23
schestowitzI think that to them, church is just something you put on the CD cover of a death metal albumDec 31 02:23
MinceRit isn't just a catch phraseDec 31 02:23
schestowitzLook at BamaDec 31 02:23
MinceRit's something important to do, so long as you want freedom of religion, among other thingsDec 31 02:23
MinceRi know, they only speak about it in JesuslandDec 31 02:23
schestowitzBama added a religious phrase to his oathDec 31 02:23
schestowitzSomething like "may God help me"Dec 31 02:24
schestowitzPeople in the US were mostly happy, not so much for those who believe in well, truth...Dec 31 02:24
schestowitzTyson said we should rename "Science" Truth"Dec 31 02:24
MinceRyeah, truth hurtsDec 31 02:24
schestowitzThis way people will stop calling these things "theories" or "classes"Dec 31 02:24
MinceRi think that would be at odds with the scientific methodDec 31 02:25
schestowitzLike bible lesson at school, then biology and scienceDec 31 02:25
schestowitzI just don't get itDec 31 02:25
schestowitzThey call it halthy mixDec 31 02:25
MinceRwe don't really know what is truth, we build models of itDec 31 02:25
MinceRscientific models are based on observation and thought and they're usefulDec 31 02:25
MinceRreligious models are useless drivelDec 31 02:25
schestowitzBut it's a bit like saying that we shoudl study both theories of flatland and world is round, then "decide"Dec 31 02:25
schestowitzTime is preciousDec 31 02:25
schestowitzNeurons are limited in capacityDec 31 02:25
schestowitzSo we should concentrate on embedded truths, not fictionDec 31 02:26
schestowitzTeach people about people of relevance like their MEP, not some names of footballs and celebs they sleep with or fancyDec 31 02:26
MinceRwe need to decide anyway, just not in the way the cultists believe it worksDec 31 02:26
schestowitzLots of dross in many people's minds sadly.... it's like filling us their brain capacity with many 000000000000... very compressibleDec 31 02:27
MinceRperhaps they should build "technology" and a society on their "theories" if they're so sure of themDec 31 02:27
MinceRsee how their "theories" work for medicine, sanitation and transportationDec 31 02:27
schestowitzBut it would not workDec 31 02:27
MinceRof courseDec 31 02:27
schestowitzNeuton pioneered callculusDec 31 02:27
MinceRthat's the point ;)Dec 31 02:28
schestowitzIn some awayDec 31 02:28
schestowitzThat's preceded by theismDec 31 02:28
schestowitzAnd then there are those who  makde experimental frameworksDec 31 02:28
schestowitzEither in Egypt (the scholars) BC or some time after the Middle Ages, depending in definitionDec 31 02:28
schestowitzThe standards by which you learnDec 31 02:28
schestowitzHypothesis->method+data->conclusionDec 31 02:29
schestowitzNot fetching of books or papyrus from ancient cavesDec 31 02:29
schestowitzThen flawed translations from AramaicDec 31 02:29
schestowitz /scllculus/calculus/Dec 31 02:29
schestowitzThere's this Nte loon George something who tries to create formal defnition of God=L_uvDec 31 02:30
schestowitzVery nuttyDec 31 02:30
schestowitzThen contacts some academic who mostly ignore himDec 31 02:31
MinceRthey're like children trying to imitate adultsDec 31 02:31
schestowitzHe attacked me after I had mocked  hisDec 31 02:31
schestowitzHe attacked me after I had mocked  himDec 31 02:31
schestowitzFor standing in his way, he argues, of using calculus to prove GodDec 31 02:31
schestowitzHe would spray his nonsense by cross-posting inn USENETDec 31 02:31
cubezzzthere's some interesting people on usenetDec 31 02:32
schestowitzLee XaDec 31 02:32
schestowitzHehe.Dec 31 02:32
cubezzzanyone remember ludwig plutonium?Dec 31 02:32
schestowitzThey get reputation for itDec 31 02:32
cubezzz 31 02:33
phIRCe-localTitle: Error processing the URL: HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden .::. Size~: 0 KBDec 31 02:33
schestowitzGeorge Hammond was the nameDec 31 02:33
cubezzzlooks like he didn't quite make the crackpot listDec 31 02:34
schestowitz*LOL*Dec 31 02:35
cubezzzI remember real mathematicians talking to LudwigDec 31 02:35
schestowitz"American mathematician who taught for many years at Iowa State University who became an Internet legend for his incessant and frequently bizarre posts to various Usenet newsgroups. In particular, he gained international notoriety for his claims that blowing up the Moon would solve virtually every problem of human existence, "Dec 31 02:36
schestowitzThat and stopping abortions...Dec 31 02:36
schestowitzTo bring teh juses backDec 31 02:36
schestowitzHaha... "MI5Victim "Dec 31 02:36
schestowitzHe's SOOOOOOOO annoyingDec 31 02:36
cubezzzThat Russian math guy was pretty odd tooDec 31 02:37
cubezzzwell, no moon no tidesDec 31 02:37
cubezzznot sure that is good or not :)Dec 31 02:37
cubezzz"Another famous eccentric was renowned theoretical physicist Albert Einstein; his eccentricities included picking up discarded cigarette butts off the street in order to circumvent his doctor's ban on buying tobacco for his pipe, piloting his sailboat on windless days ("for the challenge"), and lecturing his 8-year-old nephew on physics"Dec 31 02:38
MinceRprobably badDec 31 02:39
MinceRa lot of living organisms depend on the tides in some wayDec 31 02:39
schestowitzRemember Apple's  [sic] baby shaker? 31 02:39
MinceRi've read about itDec 31 02:39
MinceRfor some reason, it brings the phrase "Shake it baby!" to mind right now :>Dec 31 02:40
schestowitz "This is sick you know and I swear to god whoever made up this crap and I find them I will kill them with my own bare hands. This is not funny for me as a gymnast who one of my role models is shawn johnson. And if you think it is funny you have definatly got a mental problem."Dec 31 02:45
schestowitzBullseye: 31 02:51
schestowitzSome of the recent ones are really good.... 31 02:54
*MinceR calls the waaaahmbulance for the fan :>Dec 31 02:56
MinceRlolDec 31 02:56
MinceR"we considered her to be part of the family"Dec 31 02:57
MinceR"it was just a quick shot to the back of the head"Dec 31 02:58
MinceR"sometimes your child will even respond to you" :DDec 31 03:01
schestowitzIt's sick and some viewers didn't know it was fake.Dec 31 03:12
schestowitzSee 31 03:12
MinceR:DDec 31 03:16
MinceR"next up -- a new cure for crying children: smothering."Dec 31 03:17
MinceRtoo bad the game itself is TrashDec 31 03:24
MinceRit loads for ages and then shows off exactly how little those idiots at adobe know about programmingDec 31 03:25
schestowitzThis weird set of pages linking to BN: 31 03:25
phIRCe-localTitle: THE END OF SOUTHWEST AIRLINES: 2009: The Year EVERYONE Figured Out That FAA I.T. "Head" David M. Bowen Was An Idiot-Reject From The Failed Health-Care Insurance Industry .::. Size~: 138.22 KBDec 31 03:25
schestowitzSome kind of defamation siteDec 31 03:25
schestowitz4 of them in factDec 31 03:25
schestowitz 31 03:25
phIRCe-localTitle: WE HIT THE BOBBY STURGELL "EJECT" BUTTON: 2009: The Year EVERYONE Figured Out That FAA I.T. "Head" David M. Bowen Was An Idiot-Reject From The Failed Health-Care Insurance Industry .::. Size~: 131.82 KBDec 31 03:25
schestowitz 31 03:25
phIRCe-localTitle: THE CASE FOR EX-FAA HEAD STURGELL'S INDICTMENT: 2009: The Year EVERYONE Figured Out That FAA I.T. "Head" David M. Bowen Was An Idiot-Reject From The Failed Health-Care Insurance Industry .::. Size~: 133.44 KBDec 31 03:25
schestowitzand so on..Dec 31 03:26
MinceRweirdDec 31 03:27
schestowitzNot reallyDec 31 03:28
schestowitzI can see what would cause itDec 31 03:28
schestowitzFAA fiascosDec 31 03:28
schestowitzAlmost crashesDec 31 03:28
MinceRthe page itself has a weird structure, thoughDec 31 03:29
schestowitzReal dangerousDec 31 03:29
schestowitzMore so than the cults of Microsoft and AppleDec 31 03:29
schestowitzWhat makes Novell more dangerous is that it masquerades as a friend and hands over a string (Moonlight) to hang yourself withDec 31 03:29
schestowitzMinceR: well, crazed individuals make crazed pages, I guessDec 31 03:30
schestowitzl8Dec 31 03:31
MinceRfuck, lenovo knows even less about how to make keyboards that don't suck than dell doesDec 31 03:39
Diablo-D3noDec 31 03:39
Diablo-D3laptop keyboards just suckDec 31 03:39
MinceRat least i could put the key back on the dell properlyDec 31 03:40
MinceRfuck these fucking chinese assholesDec 31 03:56
MinceRnobody fucking knows how to put this shit togetherDec 31 03:58
MinceRdoneDec 31 04:03
MinceRplain rubber-dome keyboards look better every minuteDec 31 04:04
*trmanco (n=trmanco@unaffiliated/trmanco) has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 04:04
MinceRalso, i hate intel powertopDec 31 04:04
MinceR"we'll just enable usb autosuspend and it will be oh so great. never mind that we'll "suspend" your usb hub and the external keyboard. who needs that, right?"Dec 31 04:04
MinceRand the stupid intel wireless driver that decides it will just eat the cpu for lunchDec 31 04:05
MinceRi hate the IT industryDec 31 04:06
MinceRand htop doesn't even show it when kernel modules eat the cpuDec 31 04:08
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cubezzz:-0Dec 31 05:19
cubezzzBSD was not really open source in the late 70'sDec 31 05:48
cubezzzthe schools had to sign an NDADec 31 05:49
cubezzzthey could modify things and even share with others (as long as the others also signed the NDA)Dec 31 05:49
cubezzzbut back then no one would have had the hardware to run it, except in universitiesDec 31 05:50
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[omar_s_hafez] #Sabili 9.10 released. 31 05:57
phIRCe-localTitle: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD. .::. Size~: 108.92 KBDec 31 05:57
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[omar_s_hafez] #Sabily 9.10 released. 31 05:58
phIRCe-localTitle: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD. .::. Size~: 108.96 KBDec 31 05:58
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-BNc/#boycottnovell-[omar_s_hafez] Trying out the new real-time search capabilities in #Google.Dec 31 07:06
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-BNc/#boycottnovell-[omar_s_hafez] Wow! Impressive! :DDec 31 07:08
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[omar_s_hafez] Very nice! xDDec 31 07:09
fewa_ 31 07:14
phIRCe-localTitle: The New York Times > Log In .::. Size~: 9.86 KBDec 31 07:14
fewa_an article praising the Mississippi prison system for its for-profit approach to incarceration.Dec 31 07:15
*amarsh04 still uses a Honeywell keyboard that was manufactured in MexicoDec 31 07:25
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-BNc/#boycottnovell-[anivar] RT @sankarshan: The number of patents around Indic and OCR are staggeringly high given that implementations are disastrous #fbDec 31 08:17
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-BNc/#boycottnovell-[ml2mst] I am curently installing Kubuntu 9.10 on my laptop (singelboot).Dec 31 08:35
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DaemonFC 31 09:16
phIRCe-localTitle: AFP: AT&T wants out of landline business .::. Size~: 9.85 KBDec 31 09:16
DaemonFC"The business model for legacy phone services is in a death spiral," AT&T said. "With an outdated product, falling revenues, and rising costs, the plain-old telephone service (POTS) business is unsustainable for the long run."Dec 31 09:17
DaemonFCWonder when they noticedDec 31 09:17
amarsh04if telco's sold landlines with guaranteed DSL speeds and guaranteed access to a variety of DSLAM providers, landlines would be more popularDec 31 09:32
amarsh04I get 12Mbit/s down 1 Mbit/s up and have 4 different companies with DSLAMs at my local exchange (or central office in Bellcore terminology)Dec 31 09:33
amarsh04getting Telstra to fix the line quality took a fair amount of persistenceDec 31 09:34
DaemonFCI think AT&T will pull out and Comcast will be even more expensiveDec 31 09:35
DaemonFC 31 09:35
phIRCe-localTitle: FDA Warns About Scam Artists Posing As Federal Agents - Denver News Story - KMGH Denver .::. Size~: 54.24 KBDec 31 09:36
DaemonFClulzDec 31 09:36
DaemonFCWhy would you "wire $31,000 to the Dominican Republic" to settle a supposed fine with the US government?Dec 31 09:36
DaemonFCpeople are retardedDec 31 09:36
DaemonFCDon't people even understand that a federal agent can't levy a fine on you anyway?Dec 31 09:38
amarsh04separation of powers is not understood well enough on all sidesDec 31 09:38
DaemonFCthat's kind of sort of implied in the Bill of RightsDec 31 09:38
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[thistleweb] Director general Thompson defends BBC top salaries | The BBC shouldn't BE competing at all, it's a PBS 31 09:39
phIRCe-localTitle: BBC News - Director general Thompson defends BBC top salaries .::. Size~: 47.58 KBDec 31 09:39
DaemonFCthat you won't be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of lawDec 31 09:39
DaemonFCmeaning court orderDec 31 09:39
amarsh04ie police aren't courts aren't governmentDec 31 09:39
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[thistleweb] Spinvox bought by Nuance for £64m - new name, same privacy concerns? 31 09:40
phIRCe-localTitle: BBC News - Spinvox bought by Nuance for £64m .::. Size~: 47.73 KBDec 31 09:40
DaemonFCan FBI agent can't directly impose a fine or send you to jail any more than they can issue you a death sentenceDec 31 09:40
amarsh04although arizona's sheriff joe seems to think otherwiseDec 31 09:40
*kecskebak ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 09:40
amarsh04hi keckskebakDec 31 09:40
DaemonFCamarsh04: 287g programs should be expandedDec 31 09:40
DaemonFCthey won't because liberals are in charge thoughDec 31 09:41
*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 09:41
DaemonFCThere's nothing wrong with pulling someone over cause their tail light is out, asking for ID, and finding out it's fake and arresting themDec 31 09:41
amarsh04sorry, I don't understand what 287g programs are? Educating the public on their rights and responsibilities?Dec 31 09:41
DaemonFCamarsh04: 287g programs train local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration lawDec 31 09:42
DaemonFCIt is not unconstitutional as the officer found it out while he had probable cause to ID youDec 31 09:42
DaemonFCamarsh04: Say I'm a cop and you have a tail light out or were speeding or something, and I pull you overDec 31 09:43
amarsh04oh... I'm happier having just state and federal police rather than "local" policeDec 31 09:43
DaemonFCIn the course of pulling you over I ask for ID, you either give me a fake driver's license or noneDec 31 09:43
DaemonFCeither way I arrest youDec 31 09:43
amarsh04well, here one doesn't have to carry their driver's licence on them when drivingDec 31 09:43
DaemonFCwhile you're in custody, I can check out your immigration status and turn you over to ICE if I want toDec 31 09:43
DaemonFCamarsh04: In Indiana, it has to be on your person while you are operating a motor vehicleDec 31 09:44
DaemonFCif a cop pulls you over and your driver's license is in the other seat or the glove box, that's driving without a licenseDec 31 09:45
amarsh04local police have been careful to explain that they weren't singling me out when I've been stopped by themDec 31 09:45
DaemonFCamarsh04: That law is not really enforcedDec 31 09:45
DaemonFCas long as you can hand it to the officer, you're fineDec 31 09:45
amarsh04the problem starts as soon as there is abitrary enforcementDec 31 09:46
DaemonFCbut if you can't, that's when you're going to have a problemDec 31 09:46
DaemonFCamarsh04: If you were breaking the law, they had the legal responsibility to pull you overDec 31 09:46
DaemonFCif you were speeding or had a tail light out, it's not profilingDec 31 09:47
oiaohmOk so you are not like here if you are on you opens here you can take you driver licence in the next day and still be classed as driving with a licence.  DaemonFCDec 31 09:47
DaemonFCoiaohm: You have to give it to the officer while you're pulled over, or you're not going anywhereDec 31 09:48
DaemonFChe'll charge you with driving without a license, and either arrest you and have your car towedDec 31 09:48
DaemonFCor issue you a summons to appear and let you have a licensed driver drive you homeDec 31 09:48
amarsh04by that argument DaemonFC the police would be stuck breath-testing every passing driver passing byDec 31 09:48
DaemonFCimpound lot runs about $500 a day while you clear that up :)Dec 31 09:49
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[thistleweb] US talk show host Rush Limbaugh in hospital in Hawaii - It was a matter of when the hatred affected his health 31 09:49
phIRCe-localTitle: BBC News - US talk show host Rush Limbaugh in hospital in Hawaii .::. Size~: 48.78 KBDec 31 09:49
DaemonFCamarsh04: Not really, there's some signs of impairmentDec 31 09:49
DaemonFCweaving, driving recklessly....Dec 31 09:49
DaemonFCthat's probable causeDec 31 09:49
amarsh04if you show signs of impairment by all meansDec 31 09:49
oiaohmSo way different to here DaemonFCDec 31 09:49
DaemonFCprobable cause says they had good reason to suspect you might be intoxicatedDec 31 09:49
amarsh04but going heavy on enforcement in one way or allowing other problems to flourish (e.g. gambling addiction) just pushes problems elsewhereDec 31 09:50
DaemonFCthey pulled me over one day cause I swerved to avoid a dead animal and the cop up ahead didn't see the animal, he just saw me swerveDec 31 09:51
DaemonFCpulled me over to ask why I did itDec 31 09:51
amarsh04we're told not to swerve (much) to avoid an animal, living or dead, brakes yes, but swerving can end up being fatal for the driver or othersDec 31 09:52
DaemonFCamarsh04: If they pull you over for drunk driving or cause your seatbelt isn't on, or you had a tail light out, and they find 100 kilos of crack cocaine in the carDec 31 09:52
DaemonFCshould they just issue the citation for the traffic infraction?Dec 31 09:52
DaemonFCSame thing with illegal immigrantsDec 31 09:52
DaemonFCLots of people want police to turn a blind eye to someone that they know is breaking the lawDec 31 09:53
DaemonFCif we let illegal immigrants go, we might as well stop enforcing laws about trafficking crack cocainDec 31 09:53
DaemonFC*cocaineDec 31 09:53
amarsh04I'm happy for the police to be reasonable checking on things, but not to be arbitarily harrass people that wayDec 31 09:54
DaemonFCI don't agree with arbitrary stops "profiling" just to find outDec 31 09:54
DaemonFCbut if you have them on one thing and notice they're breaking more laws as well, you get them for every law they're breakingDec 31 09:54
amarsh0461 drug labs raided in our state this year, last one was in a high class suburbDec 31 09:54
DaemonFCyeah, must be a small stateDec 31 09:55
DaemonFCI think there were over 700 meth labs busted in Indiana in 2008Dec 31 09:55
DaemonFCand that's jsut methDec 31 09:55
DaemonFCamarsh04: Dan Burton, our district's US Congressman's son was found growing and selling tons of marijuana and in illegal possession of a sawed off shotgunDec 31 09:56
DaemonFCGuess what they did for him?Dec 31 09:56
DaemonFCAll charges droppedDec 31 09:56
amarsh04sometimes it's better to give the driver the opportunity to fix the vehicle without a fine rather than punish firstDec 31 09:56
amarsh04government pardons?Dec 31 09:57
DaemonFCno, he just leaned on the judgeDec 31 09:57
DaemonFChad all the charges droppedDec 31 09:57
DaemonFCjust the amount of marijuana he had would have given him 10 years mandatory minimumDec 31 09:57
DaemonFCthe shotgun would have been 20Dec 31 09:57
amarsh04the SCO versus the world trials have caused some debate about Senator Orrin Hatch and his son Brent Hatch who represents SCODec 31 09:58
DaemonFCso he got out of 30 years or more in prison cause daddy is a US CongressmanDec 31 09:58
amarsh04there was a worse case recently reported in India which had gone on for between 10 and 20 yearsDec 31 09:58
DaemonFCSo basically, if you're politically well connected, the laws don't apply to youDec 31 09:59
DaemonFCeven in the United StatesDec 31 09:59
amarsh04judicial independence and due process are essential for a good democracyDec 31 09:59
DaemonFCOur county's Superior Court judge gets pulled over for drunk driving all the timeDec 31 10:00
DaemonFCthey just let him go once they find out it's himDec 31 10:00
DaemonFCnext day, back on the bench with a bottle of aspirinDec 31 10:01
amarsh04my local state mp recently had some fun when he was told that certain documents he had requested under Freedom Of Information had never existed. He actually already had copies of some of the documentsDec 31 10:01
DaemonFCsentencing people for DWIsDec 31 10:01
DaemonFCyeah, there's a lot of corruption at every level of governmentDec 31 10:02
DaemonFCI actually admire the Chinese in some waysDec 31 10:02
oiaohmI have seen funny cases here were the  judge got let off by the police office then the police office was in court here.Dec 31 10:02
DaemonFCexecuting drug dealersDec 31 10:02
DaemonFCthey didn't take that crap "letter from mommy" from the UK for that British drug dealer they executed yesterdayDec 31 10:03
DaemonFCthey have a pair :)Dec 31 10:03
amarsh04we've had heads of wine companies convicted of duiDec 31 10:03
oiaohmThe British were morons.  They got there person killed.Dec 31 10:03
oiaohmUnder Chinese law someone had to take resonablity.Dec 31 10:04
DaemonFCoiaohm: He was going to be executed either wayDec 31 10:04
DaemonFCthey just made asses out of themselvesDec 31 10:04
oiaohmNo there was a way out DaemonFCDec 31 10:04
DaemonFCWhat? Get someone else to claim responsibility?Dec 31 10:04
oiaohmAn Australian mentally ill 5 years before got off drug trafficing in china.Dec 31 10:04
DaemonFCI don't see that happening for some reason. ;)Dec 31 10:04
oiaohmby china laws the mentally ill should not be walking around on the streets.Dec 31 10:05
DaemonFCso the UK and Australia just pull out the "He's nuts" defense when one of their nationals is on death row in China?Dec 31 10:05
DaemonFCcool!Dec 31 10:05
DaemonFC"You can't kill him, he's nuts!"Dec 31 10:05
oiaohmSo all the goverment of the UK had to do was admit they have fail to protect him from the general public.Dec 31 10:06
oiaohmThen put in in a mental hospital for the rest of his days DaemonFCDec 31 10:06
-kloeri-[Global Notice] Hi everybody. #freenode-newyears is now open for all your new years celebrations. Happy new years from PDPC and the freenode volunteers and thank you for another great year.Dec 31 10:06
DaemonFCsounds comfyDec 31 10:06
oiaohmie Execution was avoidable.Dec 31 10:06
oiaohmNow of he can be proven not to be menteally ill he still would have been killed.Dec 31 10:07
DaemonFCoiaohm: I'd prefer execution to spending the next 60 years or so of my life in Richmond or Terre Haute, Indiana in their state mental hostpitalsDec 31 10:07
oiaohmThe china system someone has to take responsablity for something.Dec 31 10:07
DaemonFCthey abuse patients in all kinds of waysDec 31 10:07
oiaohmIe either for him being on the street in the first place or the crime.Dec 31 10:08
DaemonFCthey use antipsychotics as chemical restraints for patients who are minor-to-moderateDec 31 10:08
DaemonFCjust to shut them upDec 31 10:08
DaemonFCthe orderlies sexually abuse womenDec 31 10:08
oiaohmYou could opt to stay in the china ones if you were caught there since the USA ones were incompent and too likely to let you excape.Dec 31 10:09
oiaohmNow I don't think being in china's one would be better.Dec 31 10:09
DaemonFCI'm sure the ones in China are worseDec 31 10:09
oiaohmreally sadly enough China mental ill treatment could be better.Dec 31 10:11
oiaohmBecause there is a responiblity thing is there.Dec 31 10:11
oiaohmMost countries are getting the stupidity make up a execuse then no one has to be responible.Dec 31 10:12
oiaohmBasically the britsh killed there own cit because no one would execpt resoniblity for failing to care for him or something.Dec 31 10:14
kecskebakamarsh04: Sorry, I didn't say hello - I missed it!Dec 31 10:14
kecskebakI wasn't being rude, honestDec 31 10:15
oiaohmAustralia currently has a business man if he loses in china will go on death row as well.  He is going to be a lot harder to get back. DaemonFCDec 31 10:15
amarsh04no worries kecskebak (-:Dec 31 10:16
kecskebakJust been blogging about WineDec 31 10:16
DaemonFCoiaohm: I just wouldn't go to any country I reasonably expected to arrest me on bogus chargesDec 31 10:16
amarsh04the package, or vino? (-:Dec 31 10:16
kecskebakThe package - I very, very rarely drinkDec 31 10:17
kecskebakOnly a bit of Tokaji on Christmas and BirthdaysDec 31 10:17
DaemonFCoiaohm: Chine's legal system is that you're guilty when the state accuses you, you get a show trial (usually) where you must prove your innocenceDec 31 10:17
*Omar87 (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 10:17
oiaohmDaemonFC:  the charges are not exactly bogus.  China has different business rules to Australia.  What he did would have been purely legal.Dec 31 10:17
DaemonFCMuch harder to win a criminal court case in China than most Western countriesDec 31 10:17
oiaohmHere.Dec 31 10:17
DaemonFC*Chaina'sDec 31 10:17
DaemonFC*China's evenDec 31 10:18
DaemonFC:PDec 31 10:18
oiaohmChina either you must prove crime did not happen or that someone else was responsable.Dec 31 10:18
oiaohmAnd a list of who could possiuable be responsable must be provied.Dec 31 10:18
oiaohmIts a lot stricter legal system DaemonFCDec 31 10:18
DaemonFCthe US system says you're presumed innocent, you can't be compelled to talk to the police or testify against yourself, and that the state has to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt in front of a juryDec 31 10:19
DaemonFCit's a lot different in ChinaDec 31 10:19
DaemonFCI'd like to see how many people are found innocent in ChinaDec 31 10:19
DaemonFC1-2% maybe?Dec 31 10:19
oiaohmMore are found innocent in china than the USA DaemonFCDec 31 10:20
oiaohmMostly due to incompetent repesntation in the USA.Dec 31 10:20
DaemonFCin China, I don't even think they have to get a warrant or have probable causeDec 31 10:20
DaemonFCthe police want to search, they'll break in and searchDec 31 10:20
DaemonFCand you better not get in their wayDec 31 10:20
oiaohmyet if the police break anything they are responsablite to replace it.  DaemonFCDec 31 10:21
DaemonFCtheir Constitutional right that they do have, were added in the last 20 years, largely modeled after the US constitutionDec 31 10:21
DaemonFCand are not enforcedDec 31 10:21
oiaohmChina is a responsablity based system.Dec 31 10:22
DaemonFCI'd visit or live on Taiwan, but I wouldn't set foot in the Chinese mainlandDec 31 10:22
DaemonFCI know how easy it is to get in trouble on trumped up charges thereDec 31 10:22
oiaohmSame happens in the USA DaemonFCDec 31 10:23
oiaohmNow if you get off in china the person who pushed charages against you has to take responsablity.Dec 31 10:23
DaemonFCChina is far more corrupt, they censor everything, they have one party in control, they outlawed all other partiesDec 31 10:23
oiaohmBasically no matter what happens in china someone will be paying.Dec 31 10:23
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Convicted Abuser #Microsoft Finally Working to Make #GNU #Linux Popular 31 10:24
phIRCe-localTitle: Microsoft Cracks Down On Windows Piracy In China... So Pirating Group Offers Up Ubuntu That Looks Like XP | Techdirt .::. Size~: 106.33 KBDec 31 10:24
DaemonFCwhen the party wants anything, they get itDec 31 10:24
DaemonFCthere are no protections of even basic human rightsDec 31 10:24
oiaohmReally that has changed a little with the downturn.Dec 31 10:24
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Microsoft Drone Complains That #GNU #Linux is Treated Better Than Windows for #Flash 31 10:25
DaemonFCiron fistDec 31 10:25
oiaohmIron fist has not been used against protestors over not getting paid and the like.Dec 31 10:25
DaemonFCyou really have to feel sorry for the people that have to live with that and be brainwashed every dayDec 31 10:25
DaemonFCwho have no standard of livingDec 31 10:25
oiaohmThe old responsablity based system of china is slowly becoming more dominate there.Dec 31 10:26
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Graphics Stack in #Linux Getting a Lot Easier, Freer 31 10:26
phIRCe-localTitle: The abrupt merging of Nouveau [] .::. Size~: 120.28 KBDec 31 10:26
DaemonFCoiaohm: China is not a communist system, it reminds me a lot of the United States before labor unions formedDec 31 10:26
oiaohmIe someone does not pay they should expect protests to get money.  ie they were not responable so brought problem on self.Dec 31 10:26
DaemonFCdemanding worker protection lawsDec 31 10:26
DaemonFCChina is free market capitalism, a few very wealthy "barons" and a bunch of peasantsDec 31 10:26
oiaohmThe worker protection laws in china are all based on responsablity.Dec 31 10:27
DaemonFCthey are a shamDec 31 10:27
DaemonFCthere's no laws that really guarantee minimum wage, worker compensation, there's no really "OSHA" type agencyDec 31 10:27
DaemonFCno laws to protect the environmentDec 31 10:28
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Relatively Obscure #Slax #GNU #Linux Downloaded Over 2 Million Times 31 10:28
phIRCe-localTitle: 10+ free, fast-booting Linux distros that aren't Chrome OS .::. Size~: 95.25 KBDec 31 10:28
oiaohmNo minimum wage correct.Dec 31 10:28
oiaohmBut there is if you promise to pay something you must DaemonFCDec 31 10:28
DaemonFCthe Chinese have a minimum wage that's roughly 25 cents and hour (US) and most are paid less than thatDec 31 10:28
oiaohmIe responsablity based.  No execuses.Dec 31 10:28
DaemonFCas little as half of that or lessDec 31 10:28
DaemonFC*anDec 31 10:28
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Review of Great #KDE4 -based Distribution, #Chakra 31 10:29
phIRCe-localTitle: My GNU/Linux » ArchLinux + modular KDE 4 + Tools = Chakra (Alpha 4) .::. Size~: 22.82 KBDec 31 10:29
oiaohmNote not by law DaemonFC by goverment recommendation the min wage is 25 cents per hour DaemonFCDec 31 10:29
DaemonFCoiaohm: They pay it, but they take out for rotten food in the plant cafeteriaDec 31 10:29
oiaohmLot of farming places in china don't use moeny.Dec 31 10:29
DaemonFCand deductions to live in a packed dormitoryDec 31 10:29
DaemonFCyou get virtually nothing more than thatDec 31 10:29
DaemonFCgoogle ipod cityDec 31 10:30
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #LinuxMint 8 Gets Very God #Review 31 10:31
phIRCe-localTitle: Distro Review: Linux Mint 8 | Adventures In Open Source .::. Size~: 59.93 KBDec 31 10:31
oiaohmYou see the same kind of things happing to backpackers in places in the USA DaemonFCDec 31 10:31
oiaohmYou are making out the worse parts of china are bad.  There are bad parts in every country.Dec 31 10:32
DaemonFCyeah, I'm saying I'd be too afraid to even set foot thereDec 31 10:32
DaemonFCnot as afraid as I would be in Somalia, but I'm still not going :PDec 31 10:32
oiaohmChina is one of the few places that if someone asks for a bribe and you pay it you can end up in jail.Dec 31 10:33
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Stellarium Flies Ahead Under #Nightshade 31 10:34
phIRCe-localTitle:  Nightshade Forks From Stellarium, Designs Open Source Software for Planetariums  .::. Size~: 33.33 KBDec 31 10:34
DaemonFCI'm sure their elected officials get bribed anywayDec 31 10:34
oiaohmThe anti bribe law comes from hong kong Dec 31 10:35
oiaohmTo prevent elected Officials getting bribed.Dec 31 10:35
oiaohmMind you the elected Official is legally allowed to keep the money if they turn you who decide to pay the bribe in.Dec 31 10:36
oiaohmOne of the best anti bribe laws I have ever seen invented.Dec 31 10:36
DaemonFCso if I bribe him with $1 million and he turns me in, he keeps it?Dec 31 10:38
oiaohmYep DaemonFCDec 31 10:38
DaemonFCheh, I'd take a bribe like that and turn someone inDec 31 10:39
oiaohmSo basically its normal to be asked for bribes over there and for no one to pay.Dec 31 10:39
oiaohmSince giving the bribe you can almost 100 percent bet you are screwed.Dec 31 10:39
oiaohmBest way to stop bribes is to make it advantage to one party in the bribe giving to double cross.Dec 31 10:40
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[anivar] RT @sebinaj: RD @glynmoody: What Lies at the Heart of "Avatar"? - #avatarDec 31 10:41
phIRCe-localTitle: open...: What Lies at the Heart of "Avatar"? .::. Size~: 96.42 KBDec 31 10:41
oiaohmBasically china is not as corrupted as lot of USA are lead to believe.  Some of there laws cutting the problems work very well.Dec 31 10:41
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[anivar] RT @kushaldas: RT @kamalx: /me just saw an autorickshaw in Mumbai that had this written on it -> "CAPACITY: 3 IDIOTS." >DDec 31 10:42
oiaohmOf course before going there it pays to understand the laws you are walking into DaemonFC.Dec 31 10:42
oiaohmYes funny enough over in china asking for a bribe is not illegal.  Paying the bribe is.Dec 31 10:43
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #FreeBSD Promotes Itself Under "Unknown Giant" Banner 31 10:44
oiaohmAlso providing what the bribe was for is also illegal.  So you bribe to get something threw the system quicky it must be rejected.Dec 31 10:44
phIRCe-localTitle: FreeBSD Foundation end-of-year newsletter (2009) | FreeBSD - the unknown Giant .::. Size~: 26.17 KBDec 31 10:44
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Censorship on the Web Spreads to More Countries, Innocent Sites 31 10:47
phIRCe-localTitle: Canadian Government Shuts Down Yet Another Yes Men Parody... Takes Down 4,500 Innocent Sites | Techdirt .::. Size~: 48.63 KBDec 31 10:47
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #DRM on the #Swindle Costs a Fortune and Digitally Burns Books #kindle #failDec 31 10:48
phIRCe-localTitle: Kindle Total Cost of Ownership: Calculating the DRM Tax | Unicom Systems Development .::. Size~: 54.14 KBDec 31 10:48
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #IntellectualMonopolists -- Murdoch Included -- Attack Reporting 31 10:50
phIRCe-localTitle: Experts: Comcast's Acquisition of NBC May End Free TV | Center for Media and Democracy .::. Size~: 22.46 KBDec 31 10:50
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Old Business Model Around "Premium" Data is Crumbling 31 10:51
phIRCe-localTitle: Christopher Bryant Works To Gain New Fans By Opening For Himself - hypebot .::. Size~: 41.56 KBDec 31 10:51
oiaohmOk few only free tv in the USA.  Nothing to worry about for me.  We are getting more free tv channels here.  Currently its funny we have almost equal numbers of free and pay.Dec 31 10:51
phIRCe-localTitle: The New York Times > Log In .::. Size~: 9.81 KBDec 31 10:51
phIRCe-localTitle: SoundExchange Claims To Open Up, But Somehow Its List Of Unpaid Musicians Has Disappeared | Techdirt .::. Size~: 49.65 KBDec 31 10:51
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Viacom Employees May Have 'Planted' Evidence to Shut Down Web Video 31 10:53
phIRCe-localTitle: MediaPost Publications Google Lawyer Claims Viacom Request Undermines Its Charge Of Copyright Infringement 12/30/2009 .::. Size~: 67.81 KBDec 31 10:53
phIRCe-localTitle: Among The Clips That Viacom Sued Google Over, About 100 Were Uploaded By Viacom Itself | Techdirt .::. Size~: 62.87 KBDec 31 10:53
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #IBM Makes a Farce of Itself and the #USPTO #monopolies #evilDec 31 10:54
phIRCe-localTitle: Slashdot Idle Story | USPTO Awards LOL Patent To IBM .::. Size~: 127.86 KBDec 31 10:54
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #ACTA is Killing Poor People #whitecollarcrime #diplomatsDec 31 10:55
phIRCe-localTitle: Kenya: Anti-Counterfeit Act Violates Right to Health, Say Patients .::. Size~: 43.78 KBDec 31 10:55
phIRCe-localTitle: Kenya's Anti-Counterfeiting Act Challenged As Violating The Right To Health | Techdirt .::. Size~: 43.31 KBDec 31 10:55
*DaemonFC_ ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 11:10
DaemonFC_oiaohm: 31 11:10
phIRCe-localTitle: Ubuntu Forums - View Single Post - [ubuntu] Need suggestions for USB wifi adapters .::. Size~: 7.76 KBDec 31 11:10
DaemonFC_What the hell is that cradle for?Dec 31 11:10
schestowitzHehe: 31 11:10
DaemonFC_I found one refurbished but it says there's no cradleDec 31 11:10
DaemonFC_this Netgear thing just bombed out on meDec 31 11:11
DaemonFC_I have a PCI wifi adapter but I don't have any PCI portsDec 31 11:11
oiaohmThe cradle has a sticky back on it DaemonFC_Dec 31 11:13
oiaohmSo you can glue it to hold it at a good angle for single.Dec 31 11:13
DaemonFC_well, it has another USB plug thereDec 31 11:13
DaemonFC_is that some kind of crossover then?Dec 31 11:13
DaemonFC_don't really need it?Dec 31 11:13
DaemonFC_put it to you this way, it's all of about $8 and it's linux compatible without dicking aroundDec 31 11:14
oiaohmThe last one I had was just a fancy USB cable.Dec 31 11:14
DaemonFC_I'd love to buy it if I don't need the dockDec 31 11:14
oiaohmIe the dock one fancy USB cable.Dec 31 11:14
DaemonFC_so it's fine without it?Dec 31 11:14
oiaohmWith a stick to item block at 90 degree to plug.Dec 31 11:15
oiaohmYep.Dec 31 11:15
DaemonFC_I wonder if it works with Windows 7Dec 31 11:15
DaemonFC_it was dc'd a while backDec 31 11:15
oiaohmMost likely.Dec 31 11:15
DaemonFC_maybe there's a Vista driver floating around that I can repurposeDec 31 11:15
*kecskebak has quit (Remote closed the connection)Dec 31 11:15
oiaohmIt does have a vista driver.Dec 31 11:15
oiaohmAnd windows 7 did not touch the networking stack so it should work.Dec 31 11:15
DaemonFC_NDIS hasn't changed a whole lot, and 7 supports it all the way back to Windows XP driversDec 31 11:16
oiaohmNot exactly true.Dec 31 11:16
DaemonFC_so if I reeeeeealllly had to....Dec 31 11:16
oiaohma few NDIS drivers did not live because of the network stack change between XP and Vista.Dec 31 11:16
oiaohmNDIS from NT4 to XP was stable.Dec 31 11:16
DaemonFC_I was gonna say, I've used XP network drivers on Vista beforeDec 31 11:16
*DaemonFC has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Dec 31 11:17
DaemonFC_manufacturers like to phase out driver support, and leave you with a nice brick Dec 31 11:17
oiaohmJust be aware if you have strange network things happen and you have a Xp driver installed in vista or latter remove it.Dec 31 11:17
DaemonFC_I'm actually questioning more whether this will work on WindowsDec 31 11:17
DaemonFC_:PDec 31 11:17
oiaohmMost fun was acting as a packet repeater.Dec 31 11:17
oiaohmYes a 1 Gb network card mirroing back every packet it got.Dec 31 11:18
oiaohmFrom a XP driver in Vista.Dec 31 11:18
DaemonFC_so NDIS was stable between Vista and 7 though right?Dec 31 11:18
oiaohmAnd for some reason the Vista machine could not connect.  Problem was quite overse.Dec 31 11:18
DaemonFC_so if you have a Vista driver, you're good?Dec 31 11:18
oiaohmVista 2008 and Windows 7 are basically the same network stack.Dec 31 11:19
oiaohm2010 server should also be the same network stack.Dec 31 11:19
oiaohmWindows 7 did change some locks.Dec 31 11:19
oiaohmOdds are with you that a vista driver will work.Dec 31 11:19
DaemonFC_unless you know a better model that will work between Windows 7 and LinuxDec 31 11:22
DaemonFC_without horrible ndiswrapper this, and mysteriously stops working later thatDec 31 11:22
DaemonFC_this Netgear thing is horridDec 31 11:23
DaemonFC_it blue screens Windows and Linux just doesn't know what in the hell it isDec 31 11:23
oiaohmThat is something I have found as well with them.Dec 31 11:24
oiaohmIf Linux kernel don't support a wireless card run.  Because the company is not interested in supporting there device.Dec 31 11:25
DaemonFC_ 31 11:26
phIRCe-localTitle: - BELKIN F5D7050 IEEE 802.11g USB 2.0 Wireless G Network Adapter Up to 54Mbps Wireless Data Rates WPA, WPA2, 64-bit/128-bit encryption - Wireless Adapters .::. Size~: 112.3 KBDec 31 11:26
DaemonFC_What about this?Dec 31 11:26
DaemonFC_some chatter on Ubuntu Forums leads me to believe it may workDec 31 11:27
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Context for previous tweet: #ACTA Murders 31 11:28
phIRCe-localTitle: ACTA Murders | Boycott Novell .::. Size~: 112.28 KBDec 31 11:28
DaemonFC_hmmmmDec 31 11:28
DaemonFC_oiaohm: Walmart says they have it in stock at the local supercenterDec 31 11:29
DaemonFC_it's $28.62, and I happen to have a $20 gift card from ChristmasDec 31 11:29
DaemonFC_:)Dec 31 11:29
DaemonFC_I was thinking of the XBOX 360 sale as an excuse to just go back to nothing Microsoft in my homeDec 31 11:30
DaemonFC_it's just difficult when someone else insists on using software that only works on Windows and if you switch, it'll breakDec 31 11:31
DaemonFC_I suppose I could just compromise and keep my laptop running XP since it's stuck there anywayDec 31 11:31
DaemonFC_hmmm, also found an $11 no name that's supportedDec 31 11:47
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #DavidKappos Can Reprimand #IBM for Mocking the #USPTO ’s Intelligence 31 11:49
phIRCe-localTitle: David Kappos Can Reprimand IBM for Mocking the USPTOs Intelligence | Boycott Novell .::. Size~: 113.13 KBDec 31 11:49
*mikey (i=5acce552@gateway/web/freenode/x-ijkaeuonqplylrum) has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 11:52
mikeyhey roy, you ok?Dec 31 11:52
*schestowitz has quit ( 31 12:18
*MinceR has quit ( 31 12:18
*logger_bot has quit ( 31 12:18
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Another #Microsoft General Manager Quits the Company, Microsoft Refuses to Say Why 31 12:19
phIRCe-localTitle: Another Microsoft General Manager Quits the Company, Microsoft Refuses to Say Why | Boycott Novell .::. Size~: 117.56 KBDec 31 12:19
*schestowitz () has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 12:19
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*logger_bot (n=roy@ has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 12:19
*kecskebak ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 12:42
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #BillGates Puts in a Million to Ratify His Role as Education Minister 31 12:43
schestowitzHey, mikeyDec 31 12:43
phIRCe-localTitle: Bill Gates Puts in a Million to Ratify His Role as Education Minister | Boycott Novell .::. Size~: 113.89 KBDec 31 12:43
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[thistleweb] Slashdot Idle Story | USPTO Awards LOL Patent To IBM #outlawstory 31 12:45
phIRCe-localTitle: Slashdot Idle Story | USPTO Awards LOL Patent To IBM .::. Size~: 129.88 KBDec 31 12:45
DaemonFC_these people that call into CSPAN scare meDec 31 12:46
*Omar87 has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Dec 31 12:53
schestowitz 31 12:59
phIRCe-localTitle: Slashdot Science Story | Russia Plans To Divert Asteroid .::. Size~: 147.15 KBDec 31 12:59
schestowitzDaemonFC_: check it out. 31 13:00
phIRCe-localTitle: BBC NEWS | News Front Page .::. Size~: 83.9 KBDec 31 13:00
schestowitzYour nation spreads the luvDec 31 13:00
schestowitzWhy pay high wages?Dec 31 13:00
DaemonFC_Yeah, let them come here and send all the money back homeDec 31 13:01
DaemonFC_is more like what they're doingDec 31 13:01
DaemonFC_you can't be a success for too long before all the little piranha fish start nibbling away at you Dec 31 13:03
*DaemonFC ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 13:05
DaemonFCthe world goes and buys from whoever is cheapest apparentlyDec 31 13:05
DaemonFCquality and service don't even factor inDec 31 13:05
DaemonFCwho knew?Dec 31 13:05
DaemonFCYou just know that all those XBOX 360 failures were caused by cheap cut-rate Chinese componentsDec 31 13:06
DaemonFCthat's also ho you get spaghetti BIOS code with a lot of vestigial crap that doesn't even do anything but wait around to cause troubleDec 31 13:07
DaemonFCThere's a lot of programmers in China, but not a lot of good onesDec 31 13:08
oiaohmfoxconn was the maker.  DaemonFCDec 31 13:08
DaemonFCslap you together something that only crashes for no reason "sometimes"Dec 31 13:08
oiaohmThey are not known for building great stuff unless the ordering company provide Quality control.Dec 31 13:08
DaemonFCyeah, Foxconn is scaryDec 31 13:08
DaemonFClook at how they did up their websiteDec 31 13:09
DaemonFCand I shouldn't need to tell you anymore past thatDec 31 13:09
oiaohmFoxconn can make good things.Dec 31 13:09
oiaohmSolid dependable things.Dec 31 13:09
DaemonFCyou mean if you buy something they made themselves, it might explodeDec 31 13:09
DaemonFCbut if a company that cares about their reputation looks it over first, it may notDec 31 13:09
oiaohmBut if they are left to there own devices they take the cheepest and scary item on earth.Dec 31 13:09
DaemonFC*made for themselvesDec 31 13:10
DaemonFCFoxconn makes everything from ipods to XBOX 360sDec 31 13:10
oiaohmThink about this PS3 and Wii were made by Foxconn as well.Dec 31 13:10
DaemonFCthey also make PS3s and Wiis, but the Wii only has a 2% failure rateDec 31 13:10
oiaohmSony  and Netendo was not stupid they did there own quality control.Dec 31 13:11
DaemonFCso you figure that Microsoft was content with cutting corners and Foxconn didDec 31 13:11
DaemonFCand thats wh ythe 360 is crapDec 31 13:11
oiaohmBy what foxconn can build and it work.  It says exactly that.Dec 31 13:11
oiaohmSomething foxconn is good at is finding the cheapest way to make items.Dec 31 13:13
oiaohmUnforntarly quality and price are linked and sometimes something is too cheap.Dec 31 13:13
oiaohmDefecting to that a china based company that can make good products when you do QA is basically a MS way of getting out of there responsablity for problem.Dec 31 13:16
*Diablo-D3 ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 13:19
*DaemonFC_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Dec 31 13:23
-BNi/#boycottnovell-[diablod3/@diablod3] ♺ @remin: Cleaning Lady Attack Possible on !Debian and !Ubuntu Desktop 31 13:29
phIRCe-localTitle: PING Labs  » Blog Archive   » Cleaning Lady Attack Possible on Debian and Ubuntu Desktop .::. Size~: 8.7 KBDec 31 13:29
*mikey has quit ("Page closed")Dec 31 13:30
*DaemonFC has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))Dec 31 13:31
schestowitzjust got this:Dec 31 13:55
schestowitz> BTW yesterday evening I went into town for the first time since wellDec 31 13:55
schestowitz> before Christmas.  In the big shopping centers, they were all sold outDec 31 13:55
schestowitz> of Wii's and mostly sold out of Wii accessories.  Only a handful of PS3sDec 31 13:55
schestowitz> were left.  The Wii games were mostly sold out.  The PS3 games wereDec 31 13:55
schestowitz> nearly sold out.  The PS2 games were mostly sold out.  The Xbox andDec 31 13:55
schestowitz> related materials looked like they hadn't been touched since delivery.Dec 31 13:55
schestowitz> So I was going to warn about a tsunami of articles plugging Xbox, whichDec 31 13:55
schestowitz> rides last after Wii, PS2 and PS3.  I should have sent the message lastDec 31 13:55
schestowitz> night because the flood has started.  The ergonomics of the xbox isDec 31 13:55
schestowitz> clunky, the power supply is infamous for setting houses and apartmentsDec 31 13:55
schestowitz> on fire, and the rest of the hardware is known to destroy game disks orDec 31 13:55
schestowitz> freeze with the red ring o death.  The last time I saw a "running" xboxDec 31 13:55
schestowitz> on display was also the last time I saw red ring o death.  For years, ifDec 31 13:56
schestowitz> there is a ps2 or ps3, the kids will stand in line to use it rather thanDec 31 13:56
schestowitz> go to the unoccupied xbox.Dec 31 13:56
schestowitzbblDec 31 13:56
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[anivar] RT @glynmoody: 2009: A breakthrough year for mobile Linux - excellent review of Linux-based mobiles, e-readers, tabletsDec 31 14:01
phIRCe-localTitle: 2009: A breakthrough year for mobile Linux - News - Linux for Devices .::. Size~: 75.35 KBDec 31 14:01
kecskebakGlyn also blogged about GNU/Linux being used for the Smurfs remake today as wellDec 31 14:22
kecskebakEven using GNU/Linux, they couldn't get the beard right for Father Abraham...Dec 31 14:22
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[thistleweb] Heavens to Helen Murgatroyd, exit, stage left even! 31 14:30
phIRCe-localTitle: BBC News - Stockport law firm closed over dishonesty probe .::. Size~: 49.05 KBDec 31 14:30
*oiaohm has quit (Remote closed the connection)Dec 31 14:39
kecskebakSwine Flu? Swine bollocks. 31 15:10
phIRCe-localTitle: European Parliament to Investigate WHO and “Pandemic” Scandal .::. Size~: 47.14 KBDec 31 15:10
*kecskebak has quit ("Ex-Chat")Dec 31 15:13
*DaemonFC ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 15:18
DaemonFCBetween Windows and Comcast, I really am surprised I'm able to remain online as much as I manageDec 31 15:18
DaemonFCthat one was Comcast saying good morning with a two hour outageDec 31 15:18
DaemonFCor as I like to put it "Reminding me why I pay them"Dec 31 15:19
DaemonFCso I go to the gas station to get a pop to drink while I waitDec 31 15:20
DaemonFCand I can't pay for it because their credit card processing system goes over a Comcast internet connectionDec 31 15:20
DaemonFCbut I got a free 44 ounce diet mountain dew out of it because they didn't warn me their credit card processor didn't workDec 31 15:21
DaemonFCschestowitz: That should tell you how much of a monopoly Comcast has hereDec 31 15:22
DaemonFCthat they're able to screw everyone over this badly this often and people still pay themDec 31 15:22
DaemonFCit's worse than Microsoft, because instead of not realizing they have alternatives, there is no alternativeDec 31 15:23
DaemonFCif there was a rating scale for evil monopolies 1-10, Microsoft would probably be a 7 and Comcast would be a 9Dec 31 15:24
DaemonFCComcast and AT&T are acting as a cartel to provide bad service and high pricesDec 31 15:25
*ThistleWeb (n=gordon@unaffiliated/thistleweb) has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 15:27
MinceRlolDec 31 15:31
DaemonFCMinceR: lol?Dec 31 15:31
DaemonFCwhat are you lol-ing about?Dec 31 15:32
DaemonFCI called and cussed them out is what I didDec 31 15:32
MinceRabout the credit card issue and the slight compensationDec 31 15:32
DaemonFCthey wanted to set up the service appointment for 3-5 PM SUNDAYDec 31 15:32
MinceRyou get screwed at home by comcast, and then go out and get screwed anywayDec 31 15:32
DaemonFCMinceR: Yeah, wasn't all bad thoughDec 31 15:32
DaemonFCgave me an excuse to go to WalmartDec 31 15:33
MinceRlolDec 31 15:33
DaemonFCbuy the New Super Mario BrosDec 31 15:33
MinceRoh.Dec 31 15:33
MinceRi wondered what's so great about going to walmartDec 31 15:33
DaemonFCthe fact that I had a $20 giftcard to squander on something from ChristmasDec 31 15:33
MinceRicDec 31 15:33
DaemonFCpaid for like, some, of that game :DDec 31 15:33
DaemonFCthat was the only game I wanted on my list that I couldn't really save anything on onlineDec 31 15:34
DaemonFCI managed to get Metroid Trilogy for $35 and Madworld for $12, both newDec 31 15:35
DaemonFCthat's $50 and $20 at the storeDec 31 15:35
MinceRso you don't get to choose between internet access media (cable, dsl, cell phone, whatever) or they're all covered by comcast?Dec 31 15:35
DaemonFCI've always wondered how they get away with charging $50 for a video game, as I was pulling out my debit card to pay $50 for the video gameDec 31 15:36
MinceRthen again, almost all the DSL services here are practically provided by Deutsche Telekom regardless of which ISP you chooseDec 31 15:36
DaemonFCMinceR: Comcast or AT&TDec 31 15:36
DaemonFCit's the same price, the same bad serviceDec 31 15:36
MinceRbut there's only one of comcast and at&t in any given area?Dec 31 15:36
MinceRor they're just the sameDec 31 15:36
MinceRhere we only get one cable tv provider per areaDec 31 15:37
DaemonFCMinceR: Whose corporate logo do you want on your outrageous bill for your crappy service.Dec 31 15:37
DaemonFCThat's the choiceDec 31 15:37
MinceRicDec 31 15:37
DaemonFCMinceR: What they do is they make it so their price for one thing goes up if you don't buy everything else from themDec 31 15:37
DaemonFCso like my internet would be $57 a monthDec 31 15:38
MinceRicDec 31 15:38
DaemonFCbut if I buy their TV, it goes down to $42 a month for internetDec 31 15:38
MinceRlast time i checked they tend to simply force another "service" on you if you want internet accessDec 31 15:38
MinceRhereDec 31 15:38
DaemonFCso if I go buy TV from a satellite company, I don't get the "discount" for internet from ComcastDec 31 15:38
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[thistleweb] The measure of a truely bad movie, is one you won't even download p2p for a one off showing, your time and bandwidth are not worth itDec 31 15:39
DaemonFCMinceR: Comcast's VOIP is badly overpriced even with the "discount" for having TV and internetDec 31 15:39
DaemonFCyou'll pay half as much through SkypeDec 31 15:39
DaemonFCthat's why I don't have all of themDec 31 15:40
DaemonFCthe only thing they give you as an incentive to have Comcast phone service is a bill credit for one free On Demand movie each monthDec 31 15:40
DaemonFCwhich isn't worth itDec 31 15:41
DaemonFCcause the On Demand movies cost three times as much as going to the video storeDec 31 15:41
DaemonFCso they'll tell you it's a $6 a month value when it only costs $2 to rent a movie overnight on DVDDec 31 15:41
DaemonFCor sometimes not more than $15 to own the DVD outrightDec 31 15:42
DaemonFCyou get a deal good enough online, you can grab the DVD used for as much as it takes to rent it on ComcastDec 31 15:43
DaemonFCso people with Comcast phone get screwed even worse than other Comcast customersDec 31 15:43
DaemonFCMy mom was talking to them and they threatened to raise her other stuff if she ditched Comcast phone, so I talked to them and got them to get rid of it and lower her bill by how much they were charging for the phone serviceDec 31 15:44
*zer0c00l (n=user@ has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 15:44
DaemonFCI asked her why the hell she was paying them $40 a month for the phone part of the bill when she has a cell phoneDec 31 15:44
DaemonFCComcast will cheat you blind every time they think that you're not looking or are stupid enough to believe themDec 31 15:45
DaemonFCthey have high pressure salespeople that they transfer you to who will lie to you if you ask to cut off part of your serviceDec 31 15:46
DaemonFCMinceR: Cheat, Steal, Lie, Negotiate in that order is how I think Comcast's retention agents do thingsDec 31 15:48
MinceRi get the pictureDec 31 15:48
DaemonFCif they cheat you and you call to complain, they'll try to offer you a deal with lets them take more from you, if you call them on that, they lie, and if their lies don't work, they negotiate "discounts"Dec 31 15:49
-BNi/#boycottnovell-[sagarun/@sagarun] Happy new year folks :-)Dec 31 15:49
DaemonFC*which lets themDec 31 15:49
*gargoyle-grin (n=randerso@gentoo/contributor/gargoyle-grin) has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 15:51
-BNi/#boycottnovell-[sagarun/@sagarun] After several days reading my tweets and dents got airtel 95rs internet :-)Dec 31 15:54
*zer0c00l` (n=user@ has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 16:09
*Omar87 (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 16:09
Omar87hiDec 31 16:09
*Ender2070 ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 16:12
*zer0c00l has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Dec 31 16:14
*zer0c00l` is now known as zer0c00lDec 31 16:14
DaemonFC"Games for little girls" was one of Google's search suggestionsDec 31 16:30
DaemonFCwonder if it would have come up with Halo 2 on the topDec 31 16:31
MinceR:)Dec 31 16:32
DaemonFCjust hit buttons, you'll win eventuallyDec 31 16:32
DaemonFCHalo 2 reminded me of those crane games for kids where nobody losesDec 31 16:32
MinceRsounds like a beat-em-upDec 31 16:33
DaemonFCMinceR: Halo 2's aiming system "compensated"Dec 31 16:33
DaemonFCso if you missed someone with like, a sniper rifle, it would treat it as a headshotDec 31 16:33
DaemonFCeven if you missed by a foot or soDec 31 16:34
DaemonFCthe targeting system made everybody good at Halo 2 :)Dec 31 16:34
MinceRlolDec 31 16:35
DaemonFCthe targeting system in HALO was alright, but they would put Banshees on the map that didn't get destroyed if you crashed them into the groundDec 31 16:35
MinceRwell, it's for idiots who think you can adequately control an FPS with a gamepadDec 31 16:35
DaemonFCso people would just start flying around ramming peopleDec 31 16:35
DaemonFCand would fly off if you managed to start hitting them and damaging their shieldDec 31 16:35
DaemonFCthen they released HALO 3 which was like 3 hours longDec 31 16:36
DaemonFC:)Dec 31 16:36
DaemonFCI don't remember quite how long it took me to beat HALO but it was a lot longer than HALO 3Dec 31 16:37
schestowitzShould BN state its goals more clearly?Dec 31 16:37
DaemonFCand the battle at the end was more satisfyingDec 31 16:37
schestowitzI was thinking about it, some people are wrongly assume we're some kind of an 'extension' of FSF philosophyDec 31 16:37
zer0c00lschestowitz: hiDec 31 16:38
zer0c00lschestowitz: If people thinks that way thats good right?Dec 31 16:38
DaemonFCMinceR: The Mac version of Halo was actually the best of the threeDec 31 16:38
DaemonFCI'm sure Microsoft will never admit thatDec 31 16:38
zer0c00lschestowitz: Happy new nearDec 31 16:38
zer0c00l*yearDec 31 16:38
schestowitzBut personally, I am mostly against criminals who belong in a jail cell going out there and destroying good products. Secondary is of course technology people control, to prevent criminals from owning this market.Dec 31 16:38
schestowitzzer0c00l: you too, for use there's 7.5 hours leftDec 31 16:39
schestowitz /use/us/Dec 31 16:39
zer0c00lheheheDec 31 16:39
zer0c00lokDec 31 16:39
DaemonFCschestowitz: Would you expect a company to do anything less than what Microsoft is doing to undermine their competitors?Dec 31 16:39
MinceRDaemonFC: does the xbox version support keyboard+mouse? :)Dec 31 16:39
schestowitzNot sure about the significance of this arbitrary thing thoughDec 31 16:39
DaemonFCMinceR: NopeDec 31 16:39
schestowitzWhat is "new year"Dec 31 16:39
DaemonFCMinceR: The Mac version, for me, ran the smoothest of all of themDec 31 16:40
zer0c00lschestowitz: Jan 1Dec 31 16:40
zer0c00l:PDec 31 16:40
MinceRschestowitz: a counter is incremented :>Dec 31 16:40
schestowitzEarth reaching roughly -- just roughly -- same position in orbit around the star called "Sun", since we started keeping trackDec 31 16:40
DaemonFCI think the framerate was set  higherDec 31 16:40
schestowitzBut not same absolute position in spaceDec 31 16:40
schestowitzWe keep drifting further and further away from the centre of the galaxy, so we're not even ending up in the same positionDec 31 16:40
DaemonFCThe XBOX version had no Live support and ran at 640 x 480, obviouslyDec 31 16:40
MinceRDaemonFC: they need a GNU/Linux port, like the predecessor (Marathon) hadDec 31 16:41
schestowitzOur entire milky way and Solar System drift away in relative harmonyDec 31 16:41
schestowitzRussia is already planning some good use of those nasty nukesDec 31 16:41
schestowitzSome asteroid they want to deflectDec 31 16:41
DaemonFCMinceR: Bungie is too contaminated by Microsoft nowDec 31 16:41
DaemonFCWindows is all they're ever going to release forDec 31 16:41
schestowitzSend all the plutonium there.. good riddanceDec 31 16:41
schestowitzNuclear power is unsafe and has byproducts anywayDec 31 16:42
DaemonFCschestowitz You mean Apophis, which has a 1 in 250,000 chance of hitting us, 26 years from now?Dec 31 16:42
schestowitzDaemonFC: other companies didn't do like MicrosoftDec 31 16:42
schestowitzApple may be doing it in some markets and IBM as wellDec 31 16:42
DaemonFCI thought Bruce Willis was going to take care of that Dec 31 16:42
DaemonFCB-)Dec 31 16:42
schestowitzBut they rely on secret s/w to do thisDec 31 16:42
schestowitzSoftware is not propertyDec 31 16:42
schestowitzNo more than I own 1+@Dec 31 16:42
MinceRDaemonFC: i knowDec 31 16:43
DaemonFCschestowitz: If you wrote it, you have the copyright on itDec 31 16:43
MinceRDaemonFC: maybe they'll kill bungie like they killed ensembleDec 31 16:43
schestowitzOops. StrudelDec 31 16:43
schestowitzWell...Dec 31 16:43
MinceRmaybe they'll also buy and kill epicDec 31 16:43
schestowitzOne plus strudel is just a thoughtDec 31 16:43
schestowitzI can't own itDec 31 16:43
schestowitzOwning atoms of the planet is odd tooDec 31 16:43
DaemonFCschestowitz: If I wrote software and did not include a license specifying what you can do with it, I can still sue youDec 31 16:43
schestowitzBut that can at least be justified because they are scarceDec 31 16:43
schestowitzDaemonFC: Bruce will have died by thenDec 31 16:44
DaemonFCall rights to the software you write stay with you unless you specify what the user can and cannot doDec 31 16:44
schestowitzProbably one of those ecstasy parties they have in HollywoodDec 31 16:44
DaemonFClike, I can include a license with the software stating I release it directly into the public domainDec 31 16:44
DaemonFCthat gives the entire public the right to do what they want with itDec 31 16:45
DaemonFCschestowitz: All software, even GPL'd would go into the public domain eventuallyDec 31 16:46
schestowitzWhat would happen if all nations put together their nuclear arsenal and sent it to explode on Mars?Dec 31 16:46
DaemonFCit may be your grandchildren that see it happen thoughDec 31 16:46
schestowitzRadiation will pass after many years and maybe the debris can transform the climate there?Dec 31 16:46
DaemonFCschestowitz: The nuclear warheads are more valuable hereDec 31 16:46
schestowitzThe issue there is too cold at night and hot at day, how can oxygen be bred?Dec 31 16:46
DaemonFCif there was a global disarmament agreement, they'd most likely use the warheads as fuel for nuclear power plantsDec 31 16:47
schestowitzMars is far away, there's little to lose by tryingDec 31 16:47
schestowitzDaemonFC: what does the material turn to when it's waste?Dec 31 16:48
schestowitzI'm not a nuclear scientist and it's hard to get access to this information for obvious reasonsDec 31 16:48
DaemonFCschestowitz: The number of warheads that are deployed has dropped from like 30,000 in my lifetime, to I think like 7,000 or so nowDec 31 16:48
schestowitzLinus Pauling was sort of warned when he shared the composition required for something when the Cold War was ragingDec 31 16:48
DaemonFCschestowitzIt's already enriched, we might as well do something useful with itDec 31 16:48
schestowitzDaemonFC: the rest are buried somewhere ready to be retrievedDec 31 16:49
schestowitzAlso, the bombs became a lot more powerful since thenDec 31 16:49
DaemonFCI like the idea of all the power plants operating for 15 years off of it more than I like the idea that there's something out there that could kill everyone on the planet in less than 30 minutesDec 31 16:49
schestowitzSO basically, you don't know eitherDec 31 16:50
schestowitzI don't want to find out by googling itDec 31 16:50
schestowitzI don't want to get flagged by the neo-StatsiDec 31 16:50
DaemonFCschestowitz: I think I saw something a while back that said 15% of nuclear power in the US comes from scrapped Russian warheadsDec 31 16:50
schestowitzThey'd assume anybody who searches for "Bomb" is a raving terror~1 and anyone looking for "games for wii" is a pedophile or somethingDec 31 16:50
DaemonFCschestowitz: Search google for Bomberman for WiiDec 31 16:51
DaemonFC:DDec 31 16:51
schestowitzI actually don't like this idea of self-censorship and self-restraint caused by surveillance on the Web cause I can't look up information on nuclear energy without it being permanently logged in some USian DCDec 31 16:51
DaemonFCA pervert who wants to blow people up on the way to molest childrenDec 31 16:52
DaemonFC?Dec 31 16:52
DaemonFCheheDec 31 16:52
schestowitzDaemonFC: they work on patternsDec 31 16:52
schestowitzSame in E-mailDec 31 16:52
schestowitzSome friends from University used to mess about with secret services by making funny sigs with lots of keywords, also in USENETDec 31 16:52
DaemonFCschestowitz: That's the problem with constitutions in countries that are hundreds of years oldDec 31 16:53
schestowitzMaking false flags to make the point that surveillance harms libertyDec 31 16:53
schestowitzLook at nmap banDec 31 16:53
DaemonFCthere gets to be new technology that it wasn't planned forDec 31 16:53
schestowitzSecurity researchers are not assumed to be crackersDec 31 16:53
schestowitzSo to avoid being wroingDec 31 16:53
DaemonFCthere's new questions with that about what the government can doDec 31 16:53
schestowitzSo to avoid being wrongly banned they stay way from s/wDec 31 16:53
schestowitzDaemonFC: yours can do anythingDec 31 16:54
DaemonFCschestowitz: Microsoft removing raw sockets in XP SP2Dec 31 16:54
schestowitzThe guy you shilled for extended and enhances marshal lawDec 31 16:54
schestowitzReduce-level marshalDec 31 16:54
-BNi/#boycottnovell-[sagarun/@sagarun] I started it with iconct09 in mepco, yet another conference website powered by drupal :D #mepcoDec 31 16:54
schestowitzP-AT-RIOTDec 31 16:54
phIRCe-localTitle: Welcome to Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi .::. Size~: 11.23 KBDec 31 16:54
schestowitzThey also have a private armyDec 31 16:54
schestowitzNot the mercenary, the home troops with guns and no bulletsDec 31 16:54
DaemonFCyeah, the USA PATRIOT ACT was essentially an attempt to nullify the constitution by statuteDec 31 16:54
schestowitzArmy in costumes, to keep people frightenedDec 31 16:55
schestowitzPeople are taught not to interact with strangers, eitherDec 31 16:55
schestowitzNoami Wolf have given some talks about the ramificationaDec 31 16:55
DaemonFCthey can't use the military to police, so they turn the police into a military forceDec 31 16:55
schestowitzThey put her on 'the List' for itDec 31 16:55
schestowitzThey have toys nowDec 31 16:56
schestowitzTasersDec 31 16:56
DaemonFCthe difference between a police officer and an army soldier can be as little as the vest saying "Police" or "US Army"Dec 31 16:56
schestowitzIt's like gunsDec 31 16:56
schestowitzThat you can play with at willDec 31 16:56
schestowitzIt fries people without puncturing themDec 31 16:56
schestowitzFun for the sadistic policemen/school dropout and a repressent for usDec 31 16:56
schestowitzDaemonFC: here in the UK there are civil guardsDec 31 16:57
schestowitzAnd contracted stuffDec 31 16:57
schestowitzAnd contracted staffDec 31 16:57
schestowitzThey wear almost the same uniform as policeDec 31 16:57
DaemonFCso soldiers in police uniforms?Dec 31 16:57
DaemonFCsame as here?Dec 31 16:57
schestowitzThey have none of the same powers or authoritiesDec 31 16:57
schestowitzBut people are not taught how to distingishDec 31 16:57
schestowitzI even see inspectors doing parking tickets looking just like copsDec 31 16:57
DaemonFCoh, so it's like pretend police officers paid to walk around and scare people?Dec 31 16:58
schestowitzThey hardly speak English some of them....Dec 31 16:58
DaemonFCI get what you were saying now thenDec 31 16:58
schestowitzYesDec 31 16:58
schestowitzThe police are seemingly everywhere this wayDec 31 16:58
DaemonFCso what *can* they do?Dec 31 16:58
DaemonFCthey can't arrest you right?Dec 31 16:58
schestowitzConstraining and calling the /REAL/ police for backup if required to do soDec 31 16:58
DaemonFCohDec 31 16:59
schestowitzDaemonFC: it's not about arrestDec 31 16:59
schestowitzIt's about authorityDec 31 16:59
schestowitzTHe consumesDec 31 16:59
DaemonFCso basically they can sit on you until the cops gt there?Dec 31 16:59
schestowitzPolice are seen as masculineDec 31 16:59
schestowitzThe fire-fighter costume has some connnotation with other things nowDec 31 16:59
schestowitzVillage People didn't help :-)Dec 31 17:00
DaemonFCschestowitz: They do something similar hereDec 31 17:00
schestowitzFirefighters are seen as gentle and benevolentDec 31 17:00
schestowitzThey never arrest peopleDec 31 17:00
DaemonFCThey'll prop up a cardboard cutout that looks like a sheriff's deputy on the top of buildings, like Walmart or whateverDec 31 17:00
schestowitzThey never pin you to the ground and taser youDec 31 17:00
DaemonFCholding binoculars and staring down at youDec 31 17:00
schestowitzCCTV is probably not common in IndianaDec 31 17:01
schestowitzIt's the ideas that all citizens are tracked all the time in the streetsDec 31 17:01
DaemonFCschestowitz: Only in stores and suchDec 31 17:01
*ThistleWeb has quit ("Lost terminal")Dec 31 17:02
DaemonFCschestowitz: They don't go to any trouble to hide the cameras there I suppose?Dec 31 17:02
DaemonFCthe point is for you to see themDec 31 17:02
schestowitzSo if someone was to suspect I am connected with Bin Laden, they'll find footage with 1 year ago of me walking past a Muslim gathering... as in matching wrong hypothesis to some sightingDec 31 17:02
schestowitzLots of information and sightings enable fabricating thingsDec 31 17:02
schestowitzFit to required outcomeDec 31 17:03
schestowitzThat's what many people don't understandDec 31 17:03
*jono (n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono) has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 17:03
DaemonFCyeah, then they could turn the public against youDec 31 17:03
schestowitzThey think ythe police don't frame people to give the public a "we got the criminals!" storyDec 31 17:03
DaemonFCplaying it on the news over and overDec 31 17:03
schestowitzThey do it to celebs hereDec 31 17:03
schestowitzWatch how they turn against people if they say the wrong thingDec 31 17:04
schestowitzOr if the public wants to see them fail for a feelgoodDec 31 17:04
DaemonFCyeah, you should probably watch what you say to the policeDec 31 17:04
DaemonFCdon't want to give them some excuse to bother you more than they are going toDec 31 17:04
schestowitzThen they find some drug incident from the person's distant past or some made up "scandal" and use the Murdoch machine to defameDec 31 17:04
schestowitzThe tabloids do thisDec 31 17:05
schestowitzWatch what La-Toya Jackson (From Indiana IIRC) did to her brother and fatherDec 31 17:05
DaemonFCRupert Murdoch reminds me of that James Bond movie, Tomorrow Never DiesDec 31 17:05
DaemonFC:PDec 31 17:05
schestowitzHe never died, does he?Dec 31 17:05
schestowitzThe neo-cons need to regain power againDec 31 17:06
schestowitzHe'll buy a new heart to ensure they regain in 2012 and bankrupt the nation *and* the dollarDec 31 17:06
schestowitzThen he can go back to chasing dingos :-)Dec 31 17:06
DaemonFCschestowitz: I meant the villain in Tomorrow Never DiesDec 31 17:06
schestowitzOh, thatDec 31 17:06
DaemonFCrunning a news organization where he makes everything upDec 31 17:06
schestowitzI saw this movie so long ago that I can't remember the guyDec 31 17:06
*wallc_ (i=44e6566b@gateway/web/freenode/x-jmeirbhfavonqtnf) has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 17:07
schestowitzHe doesn't make upDec 31 17:07
schestowitzThey bring k00ksDec 31 17:07
schestowitzDid you see what happened when they brought in this loud person who said Obama was a communist Maxist?Dec 31 17:07
DaemonFCHe has this big stealth bot out in the South China SeaDec 31 17:07
schestowitz*MarxistDec 31 17:07
schestowitzHannity was having a field day noddingDec 31 17:08
DaemonFChe provokes the British and Chinese to a standoffDec 31 17:08
schestowitzJust like he brought her to proxify for his smears.... very Fox-yDec 31 17:08
DaemonFCthen fires on the Chinese to make it look like the British did itDec 31 17:08
schestowitzChinese is cmeared here nowDec 31 17:08
DaemonFChe wants to start a shooting war between them so he has exclusives for his news network and the Chinese government will let him expand into China or somethingDec 31 17:09
schestowitzSome doper executed ui ChinaDec 31 17:09
schestowitzI say, "big deal"Dec 31 17:09
schestowitzHe did commit the crime and this is one person amogn 1.2 bnDec 31 17:09
DaemonFCnobody is going to go past trading words over that, schestowitzDec 31 17:09
*wallc_ has quit (Client Quit)Dec 31 17:09
schestowitzThey dramatis/glamourise stories in the press to create incitation vs CHinaDec 31 17:09
DaemonFCyour government doesn't really care, it's all PRDec 31 17:09
schestowitzChina kicks our arse, we get itDec 31 17:10
DaemonFCimagine how pissed people would be if your government did nothingDec 31 17:10
schestowitzThey close the coal mines up northDec 31 17:10
schestowitzSo what's left is marketing and import here, fineDec 31 17:10
schestowitzAnd selling imaginary things like "Stocks" down in London skyscraperDec 31 17:10
DaemonFCthat's really where it's at nowDec 31 17:10
schestowitzpaper-pushing labourDec 31 17:10
schestowitzDaemonFC: he did commit a crimeDec 31 17:10
schestowitzAnd in ChinaDec 31 17:11
schestowitzIMHO, he should have known betterDec 31 17:11
schestowitzI call it, Darwin AwardDec 31 17:11
DaemonFCyeah, the EU has something against giving criminals the death sentenceDec 31 17:11
DaemonFCmakes them squirmDec 31 17:11
schestowitzBut the press in the West, which I didn't follow on this, made it seem like case of the decadeDec 31 17:11
schestowitzNo reason, IMHODec 31 17:11
schestowitzVirginia shoooting.... how about covering the atrocities of China earthquakesDec 31 17:11
DaemonFCpersonally, I think it's funnyDec 31 17:11
schestowitz /Far/  more deaths thereDec 31 17:11
DaemonFCthe UK is a police state with major objections to the death sentenceDec 31 17:12
DaemonFCkind of funny when you say it that wayDec 31 17:12
schestowitzDaemonFC: you know why it's like this in EU?Dec 31 17:12
DaemonFCliberalsDec 31 17:12
schestowitzMaybe they worry for themselvesDec 31 17:12
schestowitzCriminals don't want to punish criminals too severelyDec 31 17:12
DaemonFCnah, people over there won't start an uprisingDec 31 17:12
DaemonFCthey aren't armed even if they wanted toDec 31 17:12
DaemonFCjust their handlers that took the civilians weaponryDec 31 17:13
schestowitzSo if they are brought to tribunals like Milosevich, they can then go tom the cushy jail they helped create ADec 31 17:13
schestowitzA la MadoffDec 31 17:13
DaemonFCschestowitz: 2nd Amendment may well be the reason we don't have those kinds of in your face abuses hereDec 31 17:13
schestowitzImagine, what if Blair had war crime rules applied to him...Dec 31 17:13
DaemonFCI don't think we'd tolerate thatDec 31 17:13
schestowitzOr Bush...Dec 31 17:13
schestowitzBush actually ordered or endorsed TX executionDec 31 17:14
DaemonFCschestowitz: Governors cannot order an executionDec 31 17:14
schestowitzUnder his buddy' (Arnie's) watch it was the same in CADec 31 17:14
DaemonFCThey have the ability to pardon or commuteDec 31 17:14
schestowitzDaemonFC: I think they can veto itDec 31 17:14
DaemonFCschestowitz: So like if I was a governor and you get the death sentence, I could pardon youDec 31 17:15
schestowitzEither way, critics exist who say that Bush is partly repsonsibleDec 31 17:15
DaemonFCor if I think you are guilty but the court went way too far, I could commute the sentenceDec 31 17:15
schestowitzBut it's nowhere like the execution of innocent civilians for Big Oil companiesDec 31 17:15
DaemonFCsay "No, he gets life in prison" or "20 years" insteadDec 31 17:15
schestowitzYesDec 31 17:15
schestowitzBush doesn't think like this thoughDec 31 17:16
DaemonFCa governor has the ability to shorten or forgive a sentence already imposedDec 31 17:16
schestowitzIt's complicated to himDec 31 17:16
schestowitzHe's a Stalin-like character, with blacks and whitesDec 31 17:16
schestowitzStalin saw people as good or badDec 31 17:16
schestowitzBinaryDec 31 17:16
schestowitzAnd if he thought you, his friend, was a a dominant risk, he'd have you eliminatedDec 31 17:16
schestowitzTwo deathDec 31 17:16
schestowitzTwo deathsDec 31 17:16
schestowitzFirst the physical deathDec 31 17:17
schestowitzThen removal or records and brushing off photosDec 31 17:17
DaemonFCschestowitz: I don't know what I'd do as governor, I'd probably let the execution proceed if I thought they really did itDec 31 17:17
DaemonFCpardon and commutation are there to correct for malfunctions in the legal systemDec 31 17:17
schestowitzBush takes the approach that (and I quote) "either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists"Dec 31 17:17
DaemonFCnot to let the governor take on the role of judgeDec 31 17:18
schestowitzIf you say this to to people in South America, it's all reversedDec 31 17:18
schestowitzBecause to them, the country which committed terror against them decades ago was the USDec 31 17:18
DaemonFCschestowitz: I have a feeling if the governor started pardoning people right and left, he would be impeachedDec 31 17:18
DaemonFCfor abusing his powerDec 31 17:18
schestowitzYesDec 31 17:18
DaemonFCfederal pardons are typically doled out en masse by a second term president who is on his way out anywayDec 31 17:19
schestowitz 31 17:19
phIRCe-localTitle: Tobacco biofuel to solve energy/environment crisis? • The Register .::. Size~: 27.24 KBDec 31 17:19
schestowitzCigarettes to save the planet! :-)Dec 31 17:19
schestowitzGovernors don't know the cases thoughDec 31 17:20
DaemonFCschestowitz: Indiana has only executed 2 people in 10 yearsDec 31 17:20
schestowitzThey can be lobbied and serves sob stories from mothersDec 31 17:20
schestowitzLike  Ted Bundy's momDec 31 17:20
schestowitzNow it's McKinnonDec 31 17:20
DaemonFC3 if you count the feds executing Timothy McVeigh hereDec 31 17:20
schestowitzBut he's just a playful hacker, not a murdererDec 31 17:20
schestowitzThe FBI just needs a scapegoatDec 31 17:20
DaemonFCschestowitz: Indiana tends to reserve the death penalty for the worst of the worstDec 31 17:21
DaemonFCTexas just goes for it for every crime that has it as a possibilityDec 31 17:21
schestowitzNot just TexasDec 31 17:21
DaemonFCthey execute at least 20-30 people for every 1 that we doDec 31 17:21
schestowitzI've heard stories form friendDec 31 17:22
schestowitz*from aDec 31 17:22
schestowitzSloppy driving can get you death sentenceDec 31 17:22
DaemonFCit cannotDec 31 17:22
DaemonFCvehicular manslaughter maxes out at life in prisonDec 31 17:22
DaemonFCyou usually get 20 yearsDec 31 17:22
DaemonFCIn Indiana, you'd probably get 20, serve 10Dec 31 17:22
DaemonFChave 10 years suspendedDec 31 17:23
schestowitz 31 17:23
phIRCe-localTitle: Lithuania hits off switch on nuclear plant • The Register .::. Size~: 22.1 KBDec 31 17:23
DaemonFCIndiana has a policy that you only serve half of whatever you were sentenced to if you're on good behavior, schestowitzDec 31 17:23
DaemonFCso if I get sentenced to 12 months for a Class A Misdemeanor, I'd only do 6Dec 31 17:24
DaemonFCif I gave alcohol to a 18 year old, that's a D Misdemeanor with 30 days maximumDec 31 17:24
DaemonFCso I'd get 15 daysDec 31 17:24
schestowitz 31 17:25
schestowitzSome kids here try thisDec 31 17:25
schestowitzI always decline of course, but they probably find another victimDec 31 17:25
DaemonFCschestowitzNebraska still has a death penalty but they also don'tDec 31 17:26
schestowitzKids trying to get booze by asking people should be giving a day's detention with slight caning or somethingDec 31 17:26
DaemonFCthe only legal way to kill them was with the electric chairDec 31 17:26
schestowitzThey play innocent and then end up putting people in prison with an arrest recordDec 31 17:26
DaemonFCthat was determined to be against their constitutionDec 31 17:26
DaemonFCschestowitz Texas has executed 405 since 1976 with 370 on death rowDec 31 17:27
schestowitz 31 17:27
DaemonFCIndiana has executed 19 with 14 on death rowDec 31 17:27
DaemonFCCalifornia has executed 13 with 669 on death rowDec 31 17:28
DaemonFClulzDec 31 17:28
schestowitzWhat's with death row?Dec 31 17:28
DaemonFCactivist judges ftwDec 31 17:28
schestowitzIf they're sentence to be executed, why the wait?Dec 31 17:28
DaemonFCwell, appeals for oneDec 31 17:28
schestowitzSo 669 in CA await appeals?Dec 31 17:29
DaemonFCliberals suing the stateDec 31 17:29
schestowitzSounds more like loophole in a wayDec 31 17:29
DaemonFCputs the whole system on holdDec 31 17:29
-BNi/#boycottnovell-[sagarun/@sagarun] Reading "2 states" by chetan bhagat. Hope i complete it within 3 days of holidays :)Dec 31 17:29
schestowitzDo they labour?Dec 31 17:29
DaemonFCsometimesDec 31 17:29
DaemonFCdepends on the stateDec 31 17:29
schestowitzThe 'success' rate with crime there is juts constructing more prison facilitiesDec 31 17:29
schestowitzIt's no successDec 31 17:29
schestowitzReforming people is successDec 31 17:30
schestowitzNot putting them in cellsDec 31 17:30
DaemonFCschestowitz: The system brands you when you get out so you can't go find a jobDec 31 17:30
schestowitzExecution is just elimination of people that went rotten for whatever reasonDec 31 17:30
schestowitzSystem/family/education to blameDec 31 17:30
DaemonFCthen they act all surprised when the only way you can make a living is selling more drigsDec 31 17:30
DaemonFC:PDec 31 17:30
schestowitzOr they go back to prisonDec 31 17:30
schestowitzMilitary has correlation with jailingDec 31 17:31
DaemonFCyeah, over 90% of drug offenders go backDec 31 17:31
schestowitzQuestion is, does one lead to another?Dec 31 17:31
schestowitzLike post-war traumaDec 31 17:31
schestowitzOr rather the oppositeDec 31 17:31
DaemonFCyeah, sometimes you can join the military instead of going to prisonDec 31 17:31
schestowitzI.e. improper people go to militaryDec 31 17:31
schestowitzVeterans IIRC are making militias thereDec 31 17:31
DaemonFCno, it sends the right kind thereDec 31 17:31
DaemonFCmindless sadistic killersDec 31 17:32
DaemonFC:)Dec 31 17:32
schestowitzYes, I knowDec 31 17:32
DaemonFCthe courtroom as a recruitment officeDec 31 17:32
schestowitzSujugationDec 31 17:32
schestowitzsome people still join the army voluntarilyDec 31 17:32
DaemonFCyeah, when it's that or starve and go homelessDec 31 17:32
schestowitzDaemonFC: to some it's like execution with 'natural causes'Dec 31 17:32
DaemonFCthe military takes in mostly, criminals, the poor, and illegal aliensDec 31 17:33
schestowitzThey go to the battlefront\Dec 31 17:33
DaemonFCschestowitz: The US volunteer military is more like the French Foreign LegionDec 31 17:33
DaemonFCpack it with people you don't give a shit aboutDec 31 17:33
DaemonFCsend them off to dieDec 31 17:33
DaemonFCpeople go there when they can't get a job anywhere elseDec 31 17:34
schestowitzLike Hitler?Dec 31 17:34
DaemonFCI doubt even half of them are there because they had options and chose the armyDec 31 17:34
schestowitzThe story of his younger life until WW1Dec 31 17:34
schestowitzAs I remember it, Hitler was trying to be a painter but he sucked and he could paint people, just scnaryDec 31 17:35
DaemonFCworld would be a different place if he succeeded as a painterDec 31 17:35
schestowitzHe was rejected in the schools in Austria, blamed it on "Jews" and then joined the army to fight in WW1 and survive many battles with no special role there, then getting some medalDec 31 17:35
schestowitzBut basicallyDec 31 17:35
DaemonFCpeople might even think of him fondly nowDec 31 17:35
schestowitzHe was a flunkieDec 31 17:36
schestowitzSomeone who just couldn't do anything rightDec 31 17:36
schestowitzFrom art to artillery (heh. How apt)Dec 31 17:36
DaemonFCWell, he got bitter and blamed his failings on the JewsDec 31 17:36
DaemonFCused his position later to "punish" them allDec 31 17:36
schestowitzHe is said to be a quarter Jewish himselfDec 31 17:37
DaemonFCmake them pay for what they did to himDec 31 17:37
schestowitzSo they suspectDec 31 17:37
schestowitzHe didn't like his noseDec 31 17:37
schestowitzAnd one of the people closest to him, his niece IIRC, was to marry a guy in AustriaDec 31 17:37
DaemonFCThe only really good thing he did was stop paying war reparations for WW1Dec 31 17:38
DaemonFCit's what was bankrupting GermanyDec 31 17:38
schestowitzHe was so furious that the guy was Jewish that the stories say he had her assassinated shortly afterwards... his closest family member almostDec 31 17:38
schestowitzThe decline of the currency is another issueDec 31 17:38
schestowitzBut anyway, the US goes in the wrong direction tooDec 31 17:38
schestowitzAnd it build a form of private armies and surveillanceDec 31 17:38
schestowitzGoogle gets a lot of flak from the nutter who think it's a front for the governmentDec 31 17:39
schestowitz*nuttersDec 31 17:39
schestowitzCHina is less of a risk to the world, IMHODec 31 17:39
schestowitzCHina only /starts/ to learn how to be an empireDec 31 17:40
schestowitzIt's having those escapades in AfricaDec 31 17:40
schestowitzFor resourcesDec 31 17:40
schestowitzMaybe it's learning from the neighbours across the PacificDec 31 17:40
schestowitzLike the US learned from the UK Dec 31 17:40
schestowitzBefore the UK retreated and focused on the homeland rather than suppressive empires it eventually abandonedDec 31 17:41
schestowitzNo colonies anymore, except virtual onesDec 31 17:41
schestowitzThere is one country with military bases all over the world and it's not from EuropeDec 31 17:41
schestowitzLook what happened to Rome, Portugal, Ottoman, Darius, Alexander etc when they had too many faraway outpostsDec 31 17:42
schestowitzThey bankrupted their home nations or just couldn't sustain the empireDec 31 17:43
schestowitzAnd sadly, the current empires are crumbling too... sadly cause Singapore, China, Taiwan, Japan and HK are very bad when it comes to human rightsDec 31 17:43
schestowitzThey have already built the world's most modern and advanced cities to run important matters fromDec 31 17:44
*DaemonFC juggles a few 2 Euro coinsDec 31 17:44
schestowitz 31 17:45
phIRCe-localTitle: Open Source 2010: New Year's predictions. | Sirius Corporation plc .::. Size~: 29.79 KBDec 31 17:45
DaemonFCschestowitz: Do you figure there's anything to that North American Union crap?Dec 31 17:45
DaemonFCI really just don't see Americans or Canadians as having any of itDec 31 17:45
MinceRcanadians aren't american now?Dec 31 17:46
DaemonFCMinceR: Technically noDec 31 17:46
MinceRstrangeDec 31 17:46
MinceRso which continent is canada on now?Dec 31 17:46
DaemonFCwell, if you want to talk in the sense of continents :PDec 31 17:47
DaemonFCThey're on the North American continentDec 31 17:47
DaemonFCso many people joke about Canada being "America Jr." that I figured you were being sarcasticDec 31 17:47
schestowitzDaemonFC: NAFTADec 31 17:47
schestowitzit's already happeningDec 31 17:47
schestowitzAnd EUnionDec 31 17:47
schestowitzBut it's not denied eitherDec 31 17:47
schestowitzpeople were denounced for saying it a decade ago, now it's in the mainstream mediaDec 31 17:48
DaemonFCschestowitz: So why do you think the EU plowed through so many formerly sovereign countries so easily?Dec 31 17:48
schestowitzACTA will be mightyDec 31 17:48
schestowitzIntl' lawsDec 31 17:48
DaemonFCand why hasn't the same happened here so far?Dec 31 17:48
schestowitzBribing the victims to accept them too... bribing just their diplomatsDec 31 17:48
schestowitzACTA is for intl' IPR lawsDec 31 17:49
DaemonFCso you figure that they just had an easier time over there and were using it as a dry run for later?Dec 31 17:49
schestowitzMinceR: I think Canada is like MX and US combined in land sizeDec 31 17:49
schestowitzBiggest nation in AmericaDec 31 17:49
DaemonFCschestowitz: Canada has about the same land area as the USDec 31 17:49
MinceRbiggest country, that isDec 31 17:49
DaemonFCiircDec 31 17:49
schestowitz[17:47] <DaemonFC> so many people joke about Canada being "America Jr." that I figured you were being sarcasticDec 31 17:50
schestowitzHeh.Dec 31 17:50
MinceRi, too remember reading that canada has a larger land area than usaDec 31 17:50
schestowitzUS used to the New EnglandDec 31 17:50
schestowitzEngland Jr.Dec 31 17:50
DaemonFC3,854,085 sq mi CanadaDec 31 17:50
DaemonFC3,794,101 sq mi USDec 31 17:50
MinceRbut that might have been an illusion originating from one of the projections used to make mapsDec 31 17:50
DaemonFCso not much bigger landwise than USDec 31 17:50
MinceRicDec 31 17:50
DaemonFCthey only have about 10% the population thoughDec 31 17:50
schestowitzDaemonFC: in winter?Dec 31 17:51
DaemonFCI think it was like 38 million people in Canada compared to 306 million in the USDec 31 17:51
DaemonFCsomething like thatDec 31 17:51
DaemonFCway less people thereDec 31 17:51
DaemonFCdrives the population density way downDec 31 17:51
DaemonFCmust make Canada seem biggerDec 31 17:52
DaemonFC:)Dec 31 17:52
schestowitzCanada gets more land in winter if you count iceDec 31 17:52
MinceR:)Dec 31 17:52
schestowitzDaemonFC: it's quality, not quantityDec 31 17:52
schestowitz[17:51] <DaemonFC> I think it was like 38 million people in Canada compared to 306 million in the USDec 31 17:52
DaemonFCthe cities of Los Angeles and New York represent about half Canada's populationDec 31 17:52
DaemonFC:)Dec 31 17:52
schestowitzBut most of CA is uninhabitable, even with modern lifestyleDec 31 17:53
DaemonFCmany third world countries could easily defeat Canada militarilyDec 31 17:53
schestowitzLike Russia's SiberiaDec 31 17:53
DaemonFCI wouldn't put it past Mexico's abilityDec 31 17:53
schestowitzMaybe the northern American union will deport people to north (formerly) CA as punishment :-)Dec 31 17:54
schestowitzNo need for death sentence anywayDec 31 17:54
schestowitzDaemonFC: don't think in terms of miliatryDec 31 17:54
schestowitzIt doesn't rock that way anymoreDec 31 17:54
*zer0c00l has quit ("H4PPY N3W Y34R")Dec 31 17:55
schestowitzThe world is more connected, with UN, IMF, IB>.Dec 31 17:55
MinceRhe can't help it, he's usian :>Dec 31 17:55
DaemonFCthe scariest thing about Canada is that the buying power of the Canadian Dollar and US Dollar about match since we've inflated the holy living hell out of our moneyDec 31 17:55
schestowitzThe Mint is printing too muchDec 31 17:55
schestowitzIt should start printing food stampsDec 31 17:56
DaemonFCthey don't print thoseDec 31 17:56
schestowitzI've read from a friend in Michigan that hunger becomes an issue and reserves depletedDec 31 17:56
DaemonFCthink they stopped doing that in 1998 :)Dec 31 17:56
schestowitzNot if you're middle class, but still...Dec 31 17:56
DaemonFCthey're on a card nowDec 31 17:56
DaemonFCthey pay banks to administer themDec 31 17:56
schestowitzNot that's there much middle class left anyway.Dec 31 17:56
DaemonFCschestowitz: There's people that were saying (years ago) "It would be nice if Mexico was more like the United States"Dec 31 17:57
DaemonFCbut the rich people said "It would be nice if the United States was more like Mexico"Dec 31 17:57
DaemonFCand therich got their wayDec 31 17:57
DaemonFCthe Mexican sytem has always had most of the wealth in the hands of a few peopleDec 31 17:58
DaemonFCthat's what NAFTA was designed to do to AmericansDec 31 17:58
DaemonFCdestroy the middle class, disempower the people, send all the wealth straight to the top 10%Dec 31 17:59
DaemonFCit succeededDec 31 17:59
DaemonFCit's still succeeding tooDec 31 18:00
DaemonFCevery year people don't get a raise, but inflation still goes up is another win for the banks and the billionairesDec 31 18:00
DaemonFClook at purchasing power from 2000-2010 (close to 2010 anyway) and look where wages areDec 31 18:01
DaemonFCeveryone has dropped a few notches except the Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Rupert Murdoch typesDec 31 18:01
DaemonFCthe ones who were engineering this crap all alongDec 31 18:01
DaemonFCthe minimum wage didn't even go up between 1996 I think, and 2007 (in stages leading to this year)Dec 31 18:03
DaemonFCby the time they got raises, the lowest income people in the US were still years behind where they were in buying power in 1996Dec 31 18:04
DaemonFCschestowitz: Every time there's a call to put in a law that ties minimum wage to inflation every year, the Republicans kill itDec 31 18:05
DaemonFCthe last thing they want is a minimum wage that adapts itself to all the malicious crap they want to inflict on poor peopleDec 31 18:06
schestowitzOmar87: !Dec 31 18:09
phIRCe-localTitle: Queen Rania using Drupal | Dries Buytaert .::. Size~: 12.72 KBDec 31 18:09
schestowitzDaemonFC: the rich people in Mexico are filthy richDec 31 18:10
schestowitzNot just SlimDec 31 18:10
DaemonFCexactlyDec 31 18:10
schestowitzThey like in fortresses with peepholes for those controlling the GatesDec 31 18:10
schestowitz*gatesDec 31 18:10
schestowitzHehe. Slip.Dec 31 18:10
schestowitzLike fuedalism in a senseDec 31 18:10
schestowitzMany live in atrocious conditions and they have Mexico City populated like nothing else,  not even LondonDec 31 18:11
schestowitz[17:58] <DaemonFC> the Mexican sytem has always had most of the wealth in the hands of a few peopleDec 31 18:11
schestowitzOh, I'm catching upDec 31 18:11
schestowitzYou've already said what I haveDec 31 18:11
DaemonFCI'm saying that NAFTA was designed to model the US more like MexicoDec 31 18:12
DaemonFCthe only benefit of NAFTA is to the richDec 31 18:12
DaemonFCthe obscenely richDec 31 18:12
schestowitzYes, wages for the top people increased 600%Dec 31 18:12
schestowitzI can't recall then time range for thatDec 31 18:12
schestowitzBut it's top 0.01%Dec 31 18:12
schestowitzWhich is still a lot of peopleDec 31 18:12
schestowitzGuess whose wages they got to grow them six-fold (these were obscenely high numbers to start off with)Dec 31 18:13
DaemonFCschestowitz: I'd like to see them tie minimum wage to the Consumer Price Index and remove the cap on the tax brackets so that they continue indefinitelyDec 31 18:13
schestowitzMaybe they'll buy (/already bought) a condo in Malaysia to run away to when the people come to their home/s with torchesDec 31 18:13
DaemonFCand remove the $104,500 income cap on social security and fica taxDec 31 18:13
schestowitzPoor people's wages come at a costDec 31 18:14
DaemonFCschestowitz: Do you know how much money they could raise if they did that?Dec 31 18:14
schestowitzThat cost is defictDec 31 18:14
schestowitzNational debt skyrocketedDec 31 18:14
DaemonFCThe US debt would be paid off in 10 yearsDec 31 18:14
schestowitzBut the rich people don't mindDec 31 18:14
*amarsh04 has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Dec 31 18:14
schestowitzThey have no debt/interest and little liability if anywayDec 31 18:14
DaemonFCthere's this fictional argument that rich people always come up withDec 31 18:15
schestowitzThe debts are to be paid like the bailoutDec 31 18:15
DaemonFC"If you tax us, you hurt everyone"Dec 31 18:15
schestowitzJust more punishment imposed on people in the middle... sanwichedDec 31 18:15
schestowitz*ndwDec 31 18:15
schestowitzDaemonFC: can it be repaid in 10 yearsDec 31 18:15
schestowitz?Dec 31 18:15
DaemonFCif they did what I just said, yesDec 31 18:16
DaemonFCpaid in fullDec 31 18:16
schestowitzYou'd need to make the excess of $1.4 TRILLION per yearDec 31 18:16
DaemonFCand they could pay back the Social Security "trust fund" in 2 years past thatDec 31 18:16
schestowitzTHat would require living and dying like farmers for future generations... donkeysDec 31 18:16
DaemonFCby removing the tax caps on billionaires?Dec 31 18:16
schestowitzThe lobbies won't alow thisDec 31 18:17
DaemonFCI think the top % of tax you can pay is only like 17%Dec 31 18:17
schestowitz*allowDec 31 18:17
schestowitzRemember who pays the lobbiesDec 31 18:17
schestowitzSee my post from this morning abut GatesDec 31 18:17
DaemonFCcould you imagine if Gates or Ballmer had to pay 40% income tax? lolDec 31 18:17
schestowitzThey have many shill orgsDec 31 18:17
schestowitzThey feed them with money to pervert the systemDec 31 18:17
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[popey] Interesting way to reduce your dependance on web 2.0 / social networking..Dec 31 18:18
phIRCe-localTitle: Web 2.0 Suicide Machine - Meet your Real Neighbours again! - Sign out forever! .::. Size~: 12.06 KBDec 31 18:18
schestowitzAverage USians with blogs don't have the power of a group of 10 shills working full time to brainwash the public and the feds in suitsDec 31 18:18
*Omar87 has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))Dec 31 18:18
DaemonFCschestowitz: Obama was co-opted months before he was electedDec 31 18:18
DaemonFCat least monthsDec 31 18:18
schestowitzNot a year?Dec 31 18:18
schestowitzHe was funded by the banking indurty more than McBushDec 31 18:19
schestowitzIt helped him winDec 31 18:19
DaemonFCwhen he stopped bashing the bastards who deserve to be in prisonDec 31 18:19
DaemonFCand started passing laws for themDec 31 18:19
schestowitzThe laws make no differenceDec 31 18:19
schestowitzNothing prevent another derivative scandalDec 31 18:19
*Omar87 (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 18:19
DaemonFCyeah, they wanted him to go easy on them or give more handoutsDec 31 18:19
DaemonFCnot enact tough new regulationsDec 31 18:19
schestowitzBut that was not himDec 31 18:19
schestowitzNot entirely himDec 31 18:20
DaemonFCso they just pumped money into his campaign to buy himDec 31 18:20
schestowitzDon't blame the democrats onlyDec 31 18:20
schestowitzThe Bush regime was going to do thisDec 31 18:20
schestowitzThey put him in a hard situationDec 31 18:20
schestowitzAlas, he did itDec 31 18:20
DaemonFCthe whole thing started with ClintonDec 31 18:20
schestowitzHe's not strong enough to make a gutsy decision to cut off the 'Big' banksDec 31 18:20
DaemonFCas "discrimination" against minorities for home loansDec 31 18:20
schestowitzHe'd be assassinated or soemthing if he hadDec 31 18:20
DaemonFCand it ballooned over the years into what happened in 2008Dec 31 18:21
schestowitzClinton had some of the same crooks handle financesDec 31 18:21
schestowitzIncluding Rubin IIRCDec 31 18:21
schestowitzOne of these 'zombie' people that never leave no matter how much trouble and crime they bring aboutDec 31 18:21
DaemonFCschestowitz: Well, banks were finding out that for whatever reasons, minorities had less income and worse credit ratingsDec 31 18:22
schestowitzLike Rumsfeld and KissingerDec 31 18:22
DaemonFCso when they started denying them home loans based on no money and bad credit, they started playing the race cardDec 31 18:22
*amarsh04 ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 18:22
schestowitzRace to the Botttom(R)Dec 31 18:22
DaemonFCso Clinton's guys told them they had to set aside a quota for bad risk minorities to get home loansDec 31 18:22
schestowitz"No child left behind"Dec 31 18:23
schestowitz->"No race left behind"Dec 31 18:23
DaemonFCthen the banks got the idea of expanding these bad loans and putting in a time delay bomb in the contract so that the interest wouldn't really blow up in your face for a year or threeDec 31 18:23
DaemonFCthen they started issuing them to customers who did qualify for better loansDec 31 18:23
DaemonFCto the point that millions had loans like thisDec 31 18:23
schestowitz 31 18:24
phIRCe-localTitle: Firefox 4 slips to 2011 | TG Daily - Technology, Science, Entertainment, and Business News .::. Size~: 25.11 KBDec 31 18:24
DaemonFCthen the banks that made the loans went and grouped the bad loans and sold them as securitiesDec 31 18:24
schestowitzThe fox took a 'backfiring'Dec 31 18:24
schestowitzcore dumpDec 31 18:24
DaemonFCso they could end up in people's retirement portfolios, investors hands, etc.Dec 31 18:24
DaemonFCthen they all took a bath while the banks made a shitload of moneyDec 31 18:24
schestowitzThey still doDec 31 18:25
schestowitzMake a load of moneyDec 31 18:25
schestowitzCause they bet against the rubbish assetsDec 31 18:25
schestowitzSold shortDec 31 18:25
schestowitz 31 18:25
schestowitz 31 18:25
phIRCe-localTitle: Wall Street Crime Blockbuster: Goldman's Lucrative Bets Against America - New York News - Runnin' Scared .::. Size~: 74.33 KBDec 31 18:25
phIRCe-localTitle: Sell Junk, Short The Same Junk, Laugh Your Way To The Bank: Ethical? (MS, GS, DB) | .::. Size~: 80.35 KBDec 31 18:25
DaemonFCit all started with some minorities with no income and bad credit playing the race card cause they couldn't get a loanDec 31 18:25
schestowitz 31 18:25
schestowitz 31 18:25
DaemonFCand snowballed into thisDec 31 18:25
phIRCe-localTitle: Goldman Sachs: Following God or the Devil? -- Seeking Alpha .::. Size~: 111.53 KBDec 31 18:25
phIRCe-localTitle: Goldman Sachs Should Have Known Its Gun Was Loaded, And It Owes The Public Reparations .::. Size~: 119.41 KBDec 31 18:25
schestowitz 31 18:26
phIRCe-localTitle:   How Goldman Sachs Made Tens Of Billions Of Dollars From The Economic Collapse Of America : Truth is Contagious .::. Size~: 17.24 KBDec 31 18:26
*gargoyle-grin (n=randerso@gentoo/contributor/gargoyle-grin) has left #boycottnovellDec 31 18:28
schestowitzhess euphoria as usual: 31 18:30
phIRCe-localTitle: Will Linux Survive the Global Economic Meltdown? - Linux Servers and Apache News Story .::. Size~: 46.06 KBDec 31 18:30
*Omar87_ (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 18:39
schestowitzOmar87: pingDec 31 18:43
schestowitz 31 18:44
phIRCe-localTitle: Rush Limbaugh rushed to hospital with chest pains |  Raw Story .::. Size~: 40.01 KBDec 31 18:44
schestowitzPlease God.... make the man go to a 'better' place he believes inDec 31 18:44
schestowitzDownstairs...Dec 31 18:44
schestowitzChange Player SizeDec 31 18:45
schestowitzWatch this video in a new windowDec 31 18:45
schestowitzHannity and Hitchens - FalwellDec 31 18:45
schestowitz 31 18:45
schestowitz 31 18:49
phIRCe-localTitle: Free New Year Backgrounds and Wallpapers for MAC, PC and Linux | Daily World Buzz .::. Size~: 62.07 KBDec 31 18:49
schestowitzWow. It works in more than one platform.... an array of pixelsDec 31 18:50
schestowitz"The patented technology facilitates the capability for UNIX and Linux..." 31 18:50
phIRCe-localTitle:  Centrify Awarded Patent in Identity Management of UNIX and Linux Systems -- SUNNYVALE, Calif., Dec. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- .::. Size~: 43.32 KBDec 31 18:50
schestowitzBragging about patentsDec 31 18:50
DaemonFC 31 18:53
DaemonFCschestowitz: When the police fondle an underage teen, it's a year in prison (serve six months)Dec 31 18:53
DaemonFCwhen anyone else does it, it's 3-5 yearsDec 31 18:54
*Omar87 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Dec 31 18:54
DaemonFCwatch all the other cops in town start harassing the girls family nowDec 31 18:54
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[thistleweb] just built a flat pack pc trolly, OMFG I am unfit. A simple trolly should not have needed shifts to finish, I see a NY resolution coming onDec 31 18:55
schestowitz "Dec 31 18:55
schestowitzIt is compatible with all major OSes except Linux it seems and it is cheaper than either buying two 1TB hard disk drives or a 2TB internal drive.Dec 31 18:55
phIRCe-localTitle: £115 Hitachi 2TB External Hard Drive - .::. Size~: 47.92 KBDec 31 18:55
schestowitzRead more: 31 18:55
schestowitz"Dec 31 18:55
phIRCe-localTitle: £115 Hitachi 2TB External Hard Drive - .::. Size~: 47.92 KBDec 31 18:55
schestowitzIs this a new way to say "Mac and WIndows'?Dec 31 18:56
schestowitz"...all major OSes except Linux"?Dec 31 18:56
DaemonFC 31 18:57
schestowitzDaemonFC: how old was the cop?Dec 31 18:57
schestowitzIf he was 18, that would be borderlineDec 31 18:57
DaemonFCin his 40s I thinkDec 31 18:57
schestowitzEwww.Dec 31 18:57
schestowitzThat's like molesting his daughterDec 31 18:58
schestowitzCause if a guy has a slightly younger girlfriend, then it's no big deal, IMHODec 31 18:58
schestowitzLike if it's a couple where both are under 18Dec 31 18:58
DaemonFCschestowitz: I think that since he did it while on duty and in uniform, he should be punished more severely than normalDec 31 18:58
amarsh04this is worse DaemonFC: 31 18:58
phIRCe-localTitle: AFP: India reels from sordid police sex assault case .::. Size~: 12.9 KBDec 31 18:58
DaemonFChe used his position to get her to go along with that, obviouslyDec 31 18:58
schestowitzThe funny thing is, a couple at 17 is sort of criminalised... if they dare to engage in anything, with exceptionsDec 31 18:59
DaemonFCschestowitz Not in IndianaDec 31 18:59
schestowitzHow so?Dec 31 18:59
DaemonFCyou can be up to 20 and not get in any trouble as long as the other one is at least 16Dec 31 18:59
schestowitzMany people had sex before 18, with a partner of the same agesDec 31 19:00
schestowitzMe included in case that mattersDec 31 19:00
DaemonFCyou both have to tell the cops you're in a dating relationshipDec 31 19:00
DaemonFCthey'll let you goDec 31 19:00
DaemonFClaw says they have toDec 31 19:00
schestowitzThe problem is when people start to criminalise couples where the girl is just under 18 and the guy just over 18Dec 31 19:00
MinceR"all major OSes except Linux" -- is the USB Mass Storage standard _really_ that hard to implement?Dec 31 19:00
schestowitzThere's a real ethical problem there with the lawDec 31 19:00
DaemonFCschestowitz: Not a crime in Indiana as long as you both say you're datingDec 31 19:00
DaemonFCyou don't have to be, you jsut say you areDec 31 19:01
schestowitzBut that's not the pointDec 31 19:01
DaemonFCschestowitz: How do I know? I was arrestedDec 31 19:01
schestowitzIt's an example where laws are not suitable for realityDec 31 19:01
schestowitzYou see, like patents....Dec 31 19:01
DaemonFCand they had to drop the charge and let me go home withing like 5 hoursDec 31 19:01
schestowitzLessign is amart about itDec 31 19:01
DaemonFC*withinDec 31 19:01
schestowitzHe said, if the law is stupid, don't ignore it, change itDec 31 19:02
schestowitzSo you could have them rewrite the lawDec 31 19:02
MinceRi can't change the lawDec 31 19:02
schestowitzThere's also all that sexting stuff in the news, where kids are being criminalised for swapping photos with othr kidsDec 31 19:02
schestowitzThis is widely criticised as frivilousDec 31 19:02
schestowitz*frivolousDec 31 19:02
schestowitzMinceR: many laws changedDec 31 19:03
schestowitzAs Ryan would know, gay people for example can now marry in many placesDec 31 19:03
DaemonFCMinceR: Some US states have a law about petitioning for a ballot measureDec 31 19:03
schestowitzDoesn't apply to most people, but for those in the gay community it's a sign of progressDec 31 19:03
DaemonFCschestowitz: 5 statesDec 31 19:03
DaemonFCthe religious are trying to undo thatDec 31 19:04
schestowitzI'm straight and I think they deserve the same rights to state supportDec 31 19:04
schestowitzDaemonFC: I knowDec 31 19:04
schestowitzBut it's going in that directionDec 31 19:04
schestowitzOnce it gets rolling, it's like DMCADec 31 19:04
DaemonFCyeah, until 2003 it was a crime for gays and lesbians to have sex in about half the statesDec 31 19:04
DaemonFCthat got overturned in Lawrence v. TexasDec 31 19:05
schestowitzAs MinceR says, "jesusland"Dec 31 19:05
schestowitzCrime for women to touch women, eh?Dec 31 19:05
DaemonFCIndiana repealed that in 1976, schestowitzDec 31 19:05
schestowitzI guess that rules out quite a lot of pr0nDec 31 19:05
DaemonFCschestowitz: Indiana had sodomy laws on the books ever since we inherited British Common LawDec 31 19:05
schestowitzDaemonFC: see? So they changed the law.Dec 31 19:05
DaemonFCthe sodomy law got thrown out with that back in the late 1800sDec 31 19:06
schestowitzNo need for civil disobedience when the role of religious institutions can be lessenedDec 31 19:06
DaemonFCwhen we converted to our own statutory codeDec 31 19:06
DaemonFCit got put back in thoughDec 31 19:06
DaemonFC:PDec 31 19:06
schestowitzDaemonFC: but Sodom is far awayDec 31 19:06
DaemonFCpenalties changed several timesDec 31 19:06
DaemonFCfinally was repealedDec 31 19:06
schestowitzAnd the books say there was massive "global warming" so it got washed offDec 31 19:06
schestowitzThis begs the question, are we descendants of Adam and Eve?Dec 31 19:07
DaemonFCschestowitz: Since we cloned British Common Law, the charge was "Capital Buggery"Dec 31 19:07
DaemonFCand the penalty was deathDec 31 19:07
schestowitzCause IIRC only Noah and his minions survivesDec 31 19:07
DaemonFClater reduced to 500 lashesDec 31 19:07
schestowitz*vedDec 31 19:07
schestowitzThe man upstairs killed many of the restDec 31 19:07
Diablo-D3yes, but Noah is a descendant of Adam and Eve.Dec 31 19:07
Diablo-D3ergo, we are.Dec 31 19:07
schestowitzI knoiwDec 31 19:07
DaemonFCthat was when we were a territory, though the British Common Law lasted for decades after Indiana became a stateDec 31 19:08
schestowitzAdam and Eve are monkeysDec 31 19:08
DaemonFCthere was some freaky shit in thereDec 31 19:08
DaemonFC:DDec 31 19:08
Diablo-D3and it was a localized effect anyhowDec 31 19:08
Diablo-D3only a specific location in the middle east floodedDec 31 19:08
Diablo-D3other parts of the world didn't see thisDec 31 19:08
schestowitzMaybe "World" is best translation of Aramaic Dec 31 19:08
DaemonFCschestowitz: By the time it was finally repealed, it was a B Misdemeanor with a max sentence of 6 months in jailDec 31 19:09
schestowitz /bes/bad/Dec 31 19:09
DaemonFCand it hadn't been enforced in yearsDec 31 19:09
Diablo-D3the world as they knew it at that time.Dec 31 19:09
schestowitzWho knew?Dec 31 19:09
schestowitzThe Incans knew differenytlyDec 31 19:09
Diablo-D3they as in the people of that areaDec 31 19:09
schestowitzThey overcame the laws of physicsDec 31 19:09
DaemonFCKentucky repealed their "sodomy law" after the US Supreme Court struck them all downDec 31 19:09
schestowitzThey live "before time"Dec 31 19:09
DaemonFClolDec 31 19:09
Diablo-D3aaaand now roy is trolling.Dec 31 19:10
schestowitzThe Inca existed on day -10000Dec 31 19:10
schestowitzThat's one 10007 before GOd took a restDec 31 19:10
schestowitzTired dude, no wonder....Dec 31 19:10
Diablo-D3the bible doesn't say the earth is 4000 years oldDec 31 19:10
schestowitz6500?Dec 31 19:11
Diablo-D3also, God never took 6 days.Dec 31 19:11
schestowitzDepends whose versionDec 31 19:11
Diablo-D3God took 6 _steps_.Dec 31 19:11
Diablo-D3schestowitz: theres only one versionDec 31 19:11
DaemonFCschestowitz: Every time something happens the Christians don't like, you see the televangelists saying the world is about to end cause we really pissed God off nowDec 31 19:11
schestowitzbad translation?Dec 31 19:11
DaemonFC:)Dec 31 19:11
Diablo-D3the original ancient hebrew, of which we only have fragments ofDec 31 19:11
schestowitzDiablo-D3: like  Falwell?Dec 31 19:11
schestowitz 31 19:11
schestowitzhe says you caused 9/11, DaemonFCDec 31 19:11
DaemonFCyepDec 31 19:12
DaemonFCit was meDec 31 19:12
schestowitzDamn you!Dec 31 19:12
DaemonFCI was the criminal mastermind at home eating oatmeal with bananas and drinking my coffeeDec 31 19:12
DaemonFCin my pajamasDec 31 19:12
schestowitzNo, not thatDec 31 19:12
DaemonFCI turned on the TV and thought they were playing a clip from some new movie for a minuteDec 31 19:13
schestowitzHe blamed gay people, IIRC. The sad thing is, enough fool would believe him. Word by wordDec 31 19:13
schestowitz /fool/fool/sDec 31 19:13
Diablo-D3gay people... did... 9/11.Dec 31 19:13
schestowitzMeh.  /fool/fools/Dec 31 19:13
Diablo-D3schestowitz: s/fool/fools/Dec 31 19:13
DaemonFC9/11 was caused by buttsecksDec 31 19:13
schestowitzI knowDec 31 19:13
DaemonFCit was in the 9/100 Commission ReportDec 31 19:13
Diablo-D3gay people did 9/11.Dec 31 19:13
schestowitzI don't do sed hereDec 31 19:13
Diablo-D3bwhahahahahahahahahahDec 31 19:13
DaemonFC*9/11Dec 31 19:13
Diablo-D3oh wowDec 31 19:13
Diablo-D3nextDec 31 19:14
Diablo-D3you'll have space hitler flying the planeDec 31 19:14
schestowitz9/11 was caused by planesDec 31 19:14
Diablo-D39/11 was caused by a systemic failure of societyDec 31 19:14
DaemonFCspace hitler flew the plane on the orders of gay Satan who was having buttsecks with Michael MooreDec 31 19:14
DaemonFCthat's 9/11Dec 31 19:14
schestowitzBut the guards in a nearby building evacuated itDec 31 19:14
DaemonFCschestowitz: 9/11 was caused by 300 pansies on the plane that didn't want to confront 3 hijackers armed with box cuttersDec 31 19:15
DaemonFCthat's what caused itDec 31 19:15
DaemonFCif there were three guys with Uzis or something, I'd have understood that part a little betterDec 31 19:16
DaemonFCSo say you have a box cutter, right? You get rushed by 10 people.Dec 31 19:17
DaemonFCYou are pwnedDec 31 19:17
DaemonFCthat's what I don't getDec 31 19:17
DaemonFCit's kind of hard to fatally injure someone with a box cutterDec 31 19:18
DaemonFCthe most he'd do before he went down would be a superficial cut on someoneDec 31 19:18
schestowitzNot the pointDec 31 19:21
schestowitzSeveral decades ago, IIRC it was an Ethiopian hijacked a planed, grounded it, all with a dining knife on a flight attendant's nckDec 31 19:22
schestowitzThe 'special forces' managed to distract him on the ground and pull her outDec 31 19:22
schestowitzMaybe I can find the videoDec 31 19:22
schestowitzI don't understand why planes are so fashionable for people with political agendasDec 31 19:23
tessierBecause they are large in the public's eyeDec 31 19:23
tessierThey get attention.Dec 31 19:23
tessierIt is an easy space in which to control people and easy to kill everyone on board by crashing/blowing up the plane.Dec 31 19:23
schestowitzI only found something else.: 31 19:24
schestowitztessier: yesDec 31 19:24
schestowitzThat's what I was about to sayDec 31 19:24
tessierDaemonFC: They were not pansies. They had been told forever to cooperate with the terrorists because in the past things have nearly always ended well.Dec 31 19:24
schestowitzWhich is exactly why by covering the stories about the Nigerian kid they serve himDec 31 19:24
schestowitzSchneier writes about the notion of attention and terrorDec 31 19:24
schestowitzBy terrorising they only let the terrorists winDec 31 19:25
schestowitzIn London they targeted the subwayDec 31 19:26
*Balrog ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 19:26
schestowitzWhich just comes to show the the obsession with plane security (TSA) still negelects like millions of commercial buildings and maybe billions of vehiclesDec 31 19:26
tessierTerrorists aren't attacking the commercial buildings/vehicles.Dec 31 19:27
schestowitzHere in the UK they now consider putting CCTV in people's HOMESDec 31 19:27
tessierThat wouldn't get them much attention.Dec 31 19:27
tessierThe first WTC attack blew over very quickly.Dec 31 19:27
tessierI don't even recall if it killed a single person.Dec 31 19:28
schestowitzOklahoma?Dec 31 19:28
schestowitzKilled many hundredsDec 31 19:28
schestowitzChildren tooDec 31 19:28
tessierYep. But that was an American. Not a scary foreigner.Dec 31 19:28
tessierNobody is concerned about that either.Dec 31 19:28
schestowitzI watched it on television, it was very dramatisedDec 31 19:28
tessierPlus we found and executed that guy. We won't find Bin Laden so easily, if ever.Dec 31 19:28
*Omar87_ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Dec 31 19:29
schestowitzThat would achieve nothingDec 31 19:29
schestowitzIt won't restore buildings and people... or civil rightsDec 31 19:29
tessierYep.Dec 31 19:30
tessierBut it placates the public and gets the terrorists little attention.Dec 31 19:30
tessierAnd placating the public means they are not terrorized.Dec 31 19:30
tessierBut there is nothing the govt can do about Al Qaeda type terrorists.Dec 31 19:31
tessierSo the people will demand more and more and give up more and more rights.Dec 31 19:31
tessierThinking that something could be done if we just try hard enough.Dec 31 19:31
schestowitzBy doing something about it, well... I believe it aggravatesDec 31 19:37
schestowitzThey only give more recruitment material for fanaticsDec 31 19:37
DaemonFCschestowitz: I was briefly proud of this state last yearDec 31 19:37
schestowitzObama?Dec 31 19:37
DaemonFCIndiana. It was put on the ballot whether we should fire all township tax assessors and destroy all the offices.Dec 31 19:38
schestowitzHere's your song, DaemonFC: 31 19:38
DaemonFCI voted yes.Dec 31 19:38
DaemonFCthe measure passed into law and 946 tax assessors were shitcannedDec 31 19:38
DaemonFCw00t!Dec 31 19:38
schestowitzWow.Dec 31 19:39
schestowitzThink of all the bureaucratic jobs lostDec 31 19:39
DaemonFCI know, it was quite satisfying to have my finger on that button, schestowitzDec 31 19:39
schestowitzMa and pa no longer to pay for school by hounding other families' ma and pa over taxDec 31 19:40
DaemonFCthe governor had threatened to veto it, so the legislature put it on the ballotDec 31 19:40
DaemonFCand the residents of Indiana passed it, yayDec 31 19:40
DaemonFCwe should do this more oftenDec 31 19:40
DaemonFCfire the governor while we're at itDec 31 19:40
schestowitz 31 19:41
phIRCe-localTitle: Now That's What I Call Windows XP Linux  - Katonda .::. Size~: 22.9 KBDec 31 19:41
schestowitzPut this in the libraruDec 31 19:41
DaemonFCschestowitz: I estimated at one point that the pay for those 946 township tax assessors was costing the state over $3.6 million dollarsDec 31 19:41
schestowitzBut who would replace the governor? You??Dec 31 19:41
DaemonFCballot measures :)Dec 31 19:42
schestowitzBallot affected by PRDec 31 19:42
DaemonFCnah, I know that would be impractical Dec 31 19:42
schestowitzSo the PR teams determine winnersDec 31 19:42
DaemonFCbut they plan to have another one in 2010, schestowitzDec 31 19:42
schestowitzThat with the biggest PR budget (i.e. most bribed) gets electedDec 31 19:42
schestowitzThat's the true reality of elections not being funded and run equally for allDec 31 19:43
DaemonFCThis time asking if we support replacing the 3 county commissioners in all 91 counties with one County Executive positionDec 31 19:43
DaemonFCI plan on voting yesDec 31 19:43
schestowitzThere were proposals for funding of it, in Canada I thinkDec 31 19:43
schestowitzUnbribeable candidate need not applyDec 31 19:43
DaemonFCfiring bureaucrats is funDec 31 19:43
DaemonFCI'll fire all of them they ask me aboutDec 31 19:43
DaemonFC:)Dec 31 19:44
schestowitzThey find another such jobDec 31 19:44
schestowitzYou just pass them aroundDec 31 19:44
schestowitzPosted an hour ago: 31 19:44
phIRCe-localTitle: Another Microsoft General Manager Quits the Company, Microsoft Refuses to Say Why | Boycott Novell .::. Size~: 126.84 KBDec 31 19:44
schestowitz"They don't quit, they metasticise.  Dean Lester is still out there and will end up stinking up someone else's yard.  It's just like other forms of gabarge.  You can only just move it around from place to place unless you find a way to process it into something not garbage.  "Dec 31 19:44
DaemonFCthe township assessor in Huntington (town I live in) sued the state trying to get her job backDec 31 19:44
DaemonFClost her lawsuitDec 31 19:44
schestowitz(that's a comment BTW)Dec 31 19:44
schestowitz"You get a very unusual type of person even considering working for M$.  They're not going to change their spots quickly, even if they want to."Dec 31 19:44
schestowitzSome jobs dieDec 31 19:45
schestowitzLike business modelsDec 31 19:45
schestowitzMAFIAA knowsDec 31 19:45
schestowitzSo it's busy changing the lawsDec 31 19:45
DaemonFCschestowitz: You just described state bureaucratsDec 31 19:45
schestowitzto share up a yucky business model based on printing 1s and 0s on plasticDec 31 19:45
DaemonFCThey don't quit, they metastasize . They're still out there and will end up stinking up someone else's yard. It's just like other forms of gabarge. You can only just move it around from place to place unless you find a way to process it into something not garbage. Dec 31 19:46
DaemonFClulzDec 31 19:46
DaemonFCschestowitz: RE: Microsoft pushing to stop "piracy" in ChinaDec 31 19:54
DaemonFCof course Chinese people would use Linux if they had to pay $200 for a Windows licenseDec 31 19:54
DaemonFCthat's probably about what a lot of them make in a yearDec 31 19:54
schestowitzYesDec 31 19:54
schestowitzMany doDec 31 19:54
schestowitzPreinstall rate for GNU/Linux is very high in ChinaDec 31 19:54
schestowitzI can't recall it it was something like 40%Dec 31 19:55
schestowitzMostly junk version to be replaced, but not allDec 31 19:55
schestowitzIn Brazil it's also a high numberDec 31 19:55
schestowitzFrom memory it's either 40% or 70%Dec 31 19:55
schestowitzMicrosoft wants to change that but it's CAN'TDec 31 19:55
schestowitzIn a way, it's better this way for MicrosoftDec 31 19:55
schestowitzBut ideal would be to 'kill' Linux (it can't!! :-) ) and forces ALL OEMs to use WIndowsDec 31 19:56
DaemonFCthe Windows Starter Edition is too crippled to useDec 31 19:56
schestowitzMac OS X is not an option, so.....Dec 31 19:56
schestowitzWindows revenue is now down 40%Dec 31 19:56
schestowitzForty percentDec 31 19:56
DaemonFCWhy don't they back off and just offer real copies of Windows priced for the prevailing local income?Dec 31 19:56
schestowitzDaemonFC: people would not buy starterDec 31 19:56
schestowitzThey would choose the Linux onsDec 31 19:56
schestowitzStarter would be replaced with illegal copiesDec 31 19:56
schestowitzSo Linux is still cheaperDec 31 19:56
schestowitzsame with NetbooksDec 31 19:57
schestowitzLinux still has a third of this market, which grows rapidlyDec 31 19:57
DaemonFCIf Microsoft priced Windows around what the street vendors charge for Windows on a DVD-R....Dec 31 19:57
schestowitzNot in the USDec 31 19:57
DaemonFCI mean, why wouldn't that work?Dec 31 19:57
schestowitzIn EU, Asia, Russia maybe......Dec 31 19:57
schestowitzRussia Federal anyti-monopoly agency launched investigations into Microsoft's abuse thereDec 31 19:58
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[thistleweb] perhaps #statusnet needs a minimum number of regular dents + membership time b4 being allowed to join any groups, then limited in 1st mnthDec 31 19:58
DaemonFCschestowitz: In the US, Linux on netbooks has been beaten beyond recognitionDec 31 19:58
schestowitzMicrosoft walks on tight rope with those kickbacks and OREM briebryDec 31 19:58
schestowitz*OEM, not OREMDec 31 19:58
DaemonFCit's almost impossible to find a major brand of netbook with LinuxDec 31 19:58
Diablo-D3s/OR/O/Dec 31 19:58
Diablo-D3:DDec 31 19:58
schestowitzUS shops are maybe easier to bribe and people easier to foolDec 31 19:58
schestowitzBut the NPD numbers are bogus anywayDec 31 19:58
DaemonFCso how much is Microsoft charging OEMs for Windows 7 Home Premium?Dec 31 19:59
schestowitzLike Microsoft'sDec 31 19:59
schestowitzNPD sells figuresDec 31 19:59
DaemonFCI've seen it on some super cheap PCsDec 31 19:59
amarsh04if it is, it's not labelled as "Linux". I blame the intel gma550 graphics chipset that doesn't have open specificationsDec 31 19:59
schestowitzIt never invetigatesDec 31 19:59
Diablo-D3schestowitz: btw, you're looking at this wrongDec 31 19:59
schestowitzTheir business model is to smear a a client's rival or glorify a productDec 31 19:59
Diablo-D3microsoft wont get into regulatory problems with the bribes....Dec 31 19:59
Diablo-D3microsoft will run out of money to bribe withDec 31 19:59
DaemonFCIntel graphics are just sadDec 31 19:59
DaemonFCnot only not something to write home about, just "pathetic"Dec 31 20:00
Diablo-D3OEMs will just say "give us windows for free"Dec 31 20:00
schestowitzoiaohm says the bribes will leave Microsoff dryDec 31 20:00
DaemonFCDiablo-D3: I was under the impression they already got Starter for free or close to itDec 31 20:00
Diablo-D3hes rightDec 31 20:00
schestowitzBut if people buy Linux, then it also gets $0Dec 31 20:00
Diablo-D3linux gets cheaper and cheaperDec 31 20:00
schestowitzWorse-- people then don't buy ANY microsoft product like OfficeDec 31 20:00
Diablo-D3I mean, its already $0Dec 31 20:00
DaemonFClmaoDec 31 20:00
Diablo-D3shipping a linux product is becoming less than $0.Dec 31 20:00
schestowitzWHat would they buy then, ZUNE??? Ha.Dec 31 20:00
tessierDaemonFC: Indiana fired all of their tax assessors?Dec 31 20:00
Diablo-D3its a negative numberDec 31 20:00
DaemonFCtessier: All the township onesDec 31 20:01
Diablo-D3schestowitz: so, for microsoft to compete, they'll have to give windows away for free to OEMsDec 31 20:01
DaemonFCcounty ones absorbed the responsibilitiesDec 31 20:01
schestowitzWIndows is cheaper to makeDec 31 20:01
schestowitzIt's made in Asia nowDec 31 20:01
Diablo-D3schestowitz: erm, dudeDec 31 20:01
schestowitzAnd manufactured to disc in Costa Rica sweat shops and such placesDec 31 20:01
Diablo-D3it doesnt cost anything to makeDec 31 20:01
tessierDaemonFC: The townships have their own tax assessors?Dec 31 20:01
schestowitzI don't know what Microsoft still does in the US and UK.... maybe xbox gamesDec 31 20:01
DaemonFCtessier: they used to, not nowDec 31 20:01
Diablo-D3schestowitz: OEMs dont ship any microsoft sourced products besides the stickerDec 31 20:01
tessierDaemonFC: So...who assesses taxes?Dec 31 20:02
Diablo-D3OEMs bake their own discs if they make a disc at allDec 31 20:02
DaemonFCtessier: The county assessorDec 31 20:02
tessierDaemonFC: So who was it that they fired?Dec 31 20:02
schestowitzMicrosoft is trying to sell ads now.... has tried this for like 2 years in vainDec 31 20:02
Diablo-D3its not like, back when I got an OEM win95 pack, it had a thick book, a hologram, and a microsoft CDDec 31 20:02
DaemonFCthe township assessors were basically a redundant office from the 1800s, tessier Dec 31 20:02
schestowitzTo make a sustainable income when people look for free /anything/Dec 31 20:02
tessierDaemonFC: So the county assessors can do the whole job? Interesting.Dec 31 20:02
schestowitzMusic, office suite, E-mail, browsers........Dec 31 20:02
DaemonFCThe Democrats and Republicans love lots of local government offices, they view it as training grounds for new politiciansDec 31 20:03
schestowitzGood luck to Opera charging for the desktop browserDec 31 20:03
DaemonFCtessier: YesDec 31 20:03
Diablo-D3schestowitz: linux is basically the destruction of basic commercial softwareDec 31 20:03
schestowitzThey make mobile royaltiesDec 31 20:03
tessierWhat have the township assessors actually physically been doing to earn their pay?Dec 31 20:03
schestowitzThey tried ads in Opera and put people offfDec 31 20:03
schestowitzOOo never implemented those eitherDec 31 20:03
DaemonFCtessier: Little to nothingDec 31 20:03
schestowitzMicrosoft was gonna do that with Works, but Works is officially (As in Office) dead nowDec 31 20:03
*Ender2070 has quit ("Konversation terminated!")Dec 31 20:03
DaemonFCtessier: The county assessor has been assessing, sending the bills, and handling disputes for decadesDec 31 20:03
Diablo-D3microsoft is dumb Dec 31 20:04
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] NewsTechnica: James Blunt tops decade charts, pop declared dead 31 20:04
schestowitzI got Works with my Compaq in 1999Dec 31 20:04
phIRCe-localTitle: James Blunt tops decade charts, pop declared dead | NewsTechnica .::. Size~: 38.78 KBDec 31 20:04
Diablo-D3I'd buy windows if 7 had not sucked dickDec 31 20:04
Diablo-D3seriouslyDec 31 20:04
schestowitzIt's a drop-in freeware appetiser for OfficeDec 31 20:04
Diablo-D3if it was stable and secureDec 31 20:04
Diablo-D3I'd buy it.Dec 31 20:04
Diablo-D3microsoft loses sales.Dec 31 20:04
DaemonFCtessier: The township assessors were there because of a law that was nearly 200 years oldDec 31 20:04
schestowitzDiablo-D3: not commercial softwareDec 31 20:04
schestowitzProprietary with acquisition costDec 31 20:04
DaemonFCthe ballot initiative basically repealed itDec 31 20:04
Diablo-D3schestowitz: commercial as in "sold"Dec 31 20:05
schestowitzSo that leaves ads and support/servicesDec 31 20:05
schestowitzDiablo-D3: no, commercial typically means suitable for commerceDec 31 20:05
DaemonFCshows you the waste that old laws that are never rescinded can causeDec 31 20:05
schestowitzIt's used to confuse and smear LinuxDec 31 20:05
schestowitzPeople associated commercial with enterprise-gradeDec 31 20:05
Diablo-D3and thus I clarified.Dec 31 20:05
Diablo-D3[02:58:10] <Diablo-D3> and thus I clarified.Dec 31 20:05
schestowitzVIsta 7 won't make moneyDec 31 20:06
schestowitzUnless you're a hardware companyDec 31 20:06
schestowitzWhy?Dec 31 20:06
schestowitzCause only sales of it make moneyDec 31 20:06
schestowitzThe software aloneDec 31 20:06
schestowitzNot preinstallsDec 31 20:06
schestowitzAnd most people just get it with a PCDec 31 20:06
schestowitzExceoption: Microsoftm TEs and branwahsed 'fans' (Thinking that are fans... of Ballmer's wallet)Dec 31 20:06
Diablo-D3hey manDec 31 20:07
Diablo-D3Im a fan of his walletDec 31 20:07
schestowitzSo the income from WIndows can be almost flat  in OEM channel...slight rise upon releaseDec 31 20:07
Diablo-D3I wish I had a wallet that bigDec 31 20:07
schestowitz+fanboys who buy it in 1st qtr after releaseDec 31 20:07
Diablo-D3someone should start a facebook thing for balmer's walletDec 31 20:07
schestowitzMaybe he'll get a backache from sitting on that wallet... like CostanzaDec 31 20:08
Diablo-D3dudeDec 31 20:08
Diablo-D3he has likeDec 31 20:08
schestowitzBillionsDec 31 20:08
Diablo-D3a group of jews carry around his wallet in a 1:1 scale replica of the ark of the covenentDec 31 20:08
schestowitzClass if not a religion, but never mindDec 31 20:09
schestowitzYou paint a class as ethnicity, which is unrealistic. A lot of wealth is now in AsiaDec 31 20:09
schestowitzDistribution of wealth is another matter altogetherDec 31 20:09
schestowitzHow's the spread of wealth in CHina and India...? Let's check the WikiDec 31 20:10
schestowitz 31 20:10
phIRCe-localTitle: Distribution of wealth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 50.89 KBDec 31 20:10
schestowitzHere: 31 20:11
phIRCe-localTitle: World distribution of wealth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 136.69 KBDec 31 20:11
schestowitzThe data..Dec 31 20:11
schestowitz 31 20:11
phIRCe-localTitle: File:Distribution wealth population centralsouthamerica 2000.gif - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 21.3 KBDec 31 20:11
*ender2070 ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 20:11
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] RT @woosang Most expensive purchase from Abebooks 31 20:12
phIRCe-localTitle: Most Expensive Sales on AbeBooks for 2009 .::. Size~: 44.93 KBDec 31 20:12
schestowitz 31 20:12
phIRCe-localTitle: Error processing the URL: HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden .::. Size~: 0 KBDec 31 20:12
schestowitzThis one doesn't show classes apart thoughDec 31 20:13
schestowitzChanges in the Distribution of Wealth in the U.S., 1989-2001 [PDF} 31 20:13
phIRCe-localTitle: Not a web page! Aborting application/pdf type .::. Size~: 0 KBDec 31 20:14
schestowitzIt's from the Fed. Very reliable ..... ;-0Dec 31 20:14
schestowitzCould be cooked dsataDec 31 20:16
schestowitzFrom the summary, a contradiction with tuth:Dec 31 20:16
schestowitz"However, for the group of families in the center of the distribution, there was strong growth between 1989 and 2001."Dec 31 20:16
schestowitzSounds like utter bolloxDec 31 20:16
*wallc_ (i=44e6566b@gateway/web/freenode/x-adgkwyudpxopvcsk) has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 20:17
schestowitz"The SCF data are a very rich source of wealth data, and many more slices may be made of the data beyond the ones presented in this paper. At least two such cuts seem potentially"Dec 31 20:17
*ThistleWeb (n=gordon@unaffiliated/thistleweb) has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 20:18
*yuhong ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 20:19
yuhong"“Boycott Bing” Revisited, Google Makes It Obsolete Anyway"Dec 31 20:19
yuhongIf you hasn't noticed in the comments, I thought an article like this would mention Google Caffeine.Dec 31 20:20
schestowitzYeahDec 31 20:20
schestowitzBut why?Dec 31 20:20
schestowitzCaffeine means nothingDec 31 20:20
schestowitzIt's a changeset with a nameDec 31 20:20
yuhongBut the title made it sound like it would mention it.Dec 31 20:20
yuhongDo you get it now?Dec 31 20:23
*Tallken ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 20:26
Diablo-D3YayDec 31 20:26
Diablo-D3I now own orange box and the hl1 anthologyDec 31 20:26
schestowitzyuhong: yeahDec 31 20:26
schestowitzWaitDec 31 20:26
schestowitzI was on the phoneDec 31 20:26
schestowitzOK, I see what you mean now. So you want the title to say Caffeine -- whatever it does in the binary moss -- is Bong's [sic] Nemesis?Dec 31 20:27
schestowitzCaffeine is just PR hypeDec 31 20:27
schestowitzGoogle makes changes to its algos all the timeDec 31 20:27
schestowitzIt's its most precious productDec 31 20:27
schestowitzThey could call this update "Steve"... or "Mug"Dec 31 20:28
-BNi/#boycottnovell-[diablod3/@diablod3] Orange Box (HL2 + Ep1 + Ep2 + TF2 + Portal) is now $22.49 for a limited time #valve #wineDec 31 20:29
yuhongNope, it is just that the title imply that you would mention Caffeine.Dec 31 20:29
yuhong"“Boycott Bing” Revisited, Google Makes It Obsolete Anyway"Dec 31 20:30
schestowitzNot reallyDec 31 20:30
yuhongAdd the words "with Caffeine".Dec 31 20:30
schestowitzWhat In meant to say is, people may boycott the junk called MSN/Live/Bong [sic] but Google needn't rely on such a boycottDec 31 20:31
yuhongI could easily add the words "with Caffeine".Dec 31 20:31
schestowitzGoogle does fine with its existing code and DCsDec 31 20:31
schestowitzCaffeine is PR hypeDec 31 20:31
schestowitzI never gave that attention. It's just a wordDec 31 20:31
schestowitz 31 20:32
phIRCe-localTitle: Caffeine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 331.11 KBDec 31 20:32
schestowitz"Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid that is a psychoactive stimulant drug. "Dec 31 20:32
yuhongAnd Caffeine can only help.Dec 31 20:32
schestowitzBasically, Google is now naming its software after drugsDec 31 20:32
schestowitzWhat's next for Google? Crack?Dec 31 20:32
yuhongWell, various companies use various names for codenames, Intel often use cities, for examples.Dec 31 20:33
DaemonFCAMD has a few timesDec 31 20:34
DaemonFCI really do think AMD overall puts out better stuff than IntelDec 31 20:34
DaemonFCnot that they're always faster, but they're cheaper and the failure rates of their CPUs and boards seems lowerDec 31 20:35
DaemonFCIntel's codenames should be what you can expect their processor to doDec 31 20:35
yuhongA real disaster, BTW, was Carl Sagan, the codename for the Power Mac 7100.Dec 31 20:35
DaemonFCCodename: ShortoutDec 31 20:36
DaemonFCCodename: BurstintoflamesDec 31 20:36
DaemonFCthat would tell the buyer what they're gettingDec 31 20:36
DaemonFCCodename: Mortgage could be the i7Dec 31 20:36
yuhong 31 20:37
*wallc_ has quit ("Page closed")Dec 31 20:37
phIRCe-localTitle: Slashdot Comments | The Meaning Behind Intel Code Names? .::. Size~: 45.63 KBDec 31 20:37
yuhongOne of the changes in Caffeine, BTW, is GFS2.Dec 31 20:39
yuhong 31 20:39
phIRCe-localTitle: Google Caffeine, a new way to search | SEO, Social Media & eCommerce Talk @RTMLWise .::. Size~: 35.99 KBDec 31 20:39
yuhong 31 20:39
phIRCe-localTitle: Google's "Caffeine" includes a rewrite of the Google File System .::. Size~: 35.28 KBDec 31 20:40
schestowitzyuhong: just repliedDec 31 20:40
schestowitzIn the siteDec 31 20:40
yuhongThank you.Dec 31 20:41
schestowitzyuhong: GFS2 is not an algorithm changeDec 31 20:41
schestowitzIt's an infrastructural one, unless it's supported differently by the software side above the kernel spaceDec 31 20:42
yuhongIt isn't.Dec 31 20:42
schestowitzWhich I doubt it doewsDec 31 20:42
schestowitzMaybe it makes Google less glitch-proneDec 31 20:42
schestowitzOr faster at synching DCsDec 31 20:42
yuhongBut these changes probably are more rare than algorithm changes, so it may prove that the changes really deserve a name.Dec 31 20:43
*ThistleWeb has quit ("Lost terminal")Dec 31 20:43
schestowitzName for private code/Dec 31 20:43
schestowitz?Dec 31 20:43
schestowitzOnly Google runs itDec 31 20:44
schestowitzIt's not for sale of downloadDec 31 20:44
schestowitzThus, codenames are just hype and PRDec 31 20:44
schestowitz /of/or/Dec 31 20:44
yuhongYep, I know that it is private code.Dec 31 20:44
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] RT @wikisignpost Another piece from right-wing WorldNetDaily about Wikipedia A lengthy account of 2009 anti-WND vandalismDec 31 20:48
phIRCe-localTitle: Top encyclopedia: Farah is a 'twit, Jew-loving pig' .::. Size~: 40.35 KBDec 31 20:48
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DaemonFC_oh damn ComcastDec 31 20:53
DaemonFC_brbDec 31 20:53
*DaemonFC_ has quit (Client Quit)Dec 31 20:53
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*DaemonFC has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Dec 31 20:56
*DaemonFC_ is now known as DaemonFCDec 31 20:56
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*DaemonFC has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.7a1pre/20091230042231]")Dec 31 21:02
schestowitzDaemonFC: the Onion has just done a video on you :-) 31 21:05
schestowitzWatch that last remark -- at the end: 31 21:16
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[popey] Me, wifey, red wine, wii. Happy new year! #fbDec 31 21:20
*yuhong ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 21:22
yuhong"Do consider asking your national standards body to join the complaint of South Africa. "Dec 31 21:22
yuhongDid that succeed?Dec 31 21:23
yuhong 31 21:23
phIRCe-localTitle: OOXML Abuse Index | Boycott Novell .::. Size~: 94.08 KBDec 31 21:23
yuhong"Do consider asking your national standards body to join the complaint of South Africa. "Dec 31 21:26
yuhongDid that succeed?Dec 31 21:26
schestowitzThis one is _so_ funny: 31 21:27
schestowitzyuhong: some calledDec 31 21:27
schestowitz4 nations complainedDec 31 21:27
schestowitzISO ignored and is worth garbage nowDec 31 21:27
schestowitzSo ISO is basically corrupt, in the face of many formal complaintsDec 31 21:28
yuhongSo what about now?Dec 31 21:30
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-BNc/#boycottnovell-[popey] Ahhh, it's 31/12 but only 21:20 and already we have people sending mass text messages to our home phone. Nice robot voice reading them. #fbDec 31 21:34
*Balrog has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Dec 31 21:34
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[popey] Wifey is playing World of Goo for the very first time on the Wii. "It's very odd" #fbDec 31 21:46
*rip ( has joined #boycottnovellDec 31 21:48
ripso, i'm thinking about installing openSUSE.. as a user, how will i be impacted by Novell-Microsoft deal?Dec 31 21:49
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] at home with @arkadyrose and freda for NYE. older teen has bf over. younger is out w friends. i have beer. life is good!Dec 31 22:04
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Jeremy Allison is "Livin' La Vida [GNU] Linux" 31 22:05
phIRCe-localTitle: Still Livin' La Vida Linux | Tux Deluxe .::. Size~: 24.31 KBDec 31 22:05
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Vision of #GNU #Linux in 10 Years from Now 31 22:06
phIRCe-localTitle: Linux 2019 - Computerworld Blogs .::. Size~: 134.72 KBDec 31 22:06
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Business Week Covers #GNU #Linux on Board ( #HyperSpace ) 31 22:09
phIRCe-localTitle: Logging on at Warp Speed - BusinessWeek .::. Size~: 56.22 KBDec 31 22:09
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Free/Libre Game Engine #Ogre3D Produces Games for #GNU #Linux Games 31 22:11
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Call for #GNOME Desktop to Return to #GNU Roots #monoDec 31 22:12
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #GNU / #Linux Champions in Phones/Mobility in 2009 31 22:15
phIRCe-localTitle: 2009: A breakthrough year for mobile Linux - News - Linux for Devices .::. Size~: 75.33 KBDec 31 22:15
ripdoes boycott novell mean boycot openSUSE?Dec 31 22:22
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Predictions for #FreeSoftware Next Year 31 22:24
phIRCe-localTitle: Open Source 2010: New Year's predictions. | Sirius Corporation plc .::. Size~: 29.79 KBDec 31 22:24
phIRCe-localTitle: Open source in 2009 .::. Size~: 35.2 KBDec 31 22:24
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #eyeOS (GNU/Linux-based) Gets Support from #IBM Collaboration 31 22:25
phIRCe-localTitle: eyeOS and IBM  Working together | eyeOS Blog .::. Size~: 35.52 KBDec 31 22:25
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Queen of #Jordan Uses Free/Libre #CMS Software, GNU/Linux #drupalDec 31 22:28
phIRCe-localTitle: Queen Rania using Drupal | Dries Buytaert .::. Size~: 12.72 KBDec 31 22:28
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #Java Programming Still Tops Anything Else Of Its Kind #dotnot #developmentDec 31 22:30
phIRCe-localTitle: Java vs. .Net: Java programmers gain the edge  - SiliconIndia .::. Size~: 146.76 KBDec 31 22:30
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] #DRM on #Swindle Does Not Get Its Way; #IntellectualMonopolies Rejected by Many 31 22:32
phIRCe-localTitle: The secret behind the Kindle's best-selling e-books: They're not for sale | Digital Media - CNET News .::. Size~: 131.34 KBDec 31 22:32
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[thistleweb] @thistleweb By limits I meant Week 1 - 100 members, 0 groups. Week 2 - 200 members and 2 groups, building to unlimited by the month.Dec 31 22:33
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[schestowitz] Happy new year, everyone! Thanks to all who follow.Dec 31 22:34
-BNc/#boycottnovell-[davidgerard] RT @schestowitz #ACTA Murders 31 22:56
phIRCe-localTitle: ACTA Murders | Boycott Novell .::. Size~: 113 KBDec 31 22:56
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yuhongOn the new Google/YouTube patent, fortunately right now it is just an application.Dec 31 23:17
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-BNi/#boycottnovell-[diablod3/@diablod3] #Opera finally supports #Theora via #HTML5 video tag 31 23:54
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