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schestowitz 24 00:00 Not everyone who wants #privacy tries to build a bomb. People sometimes want to keep their love life private, esp. with Murdoch's snoopingAug 24 00:00
schestowitz"No, it's amazing that the government thinks it needs employees to spy on the people who elected them. If memory serves, the first words of the Constitution of the United States are "We The People" - not, "This All-Powerful Government"."Aug 24 00:00
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schestowitz 24 09:04 #Gnome Message Tray Gets A Major Facelift #gnuAug 24 09:04
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Gnome Message Tray Gets A Major Facelift - Muktware .::. Size~: 30.98 KBAug 24 09:04
schestowitz"As an unabashed KDE fanboy, I really must look at Gnome3 some time. I always hear people bitching about it, but I have to say the screenshots look purdy.."Aug 24 09:04
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qu1j0t3" Recently Published/Updated - Syria 101: A crash course on the conflict - 2 hours ago"Aug 24 14:54
schestowitzWHOSE crash courseAug 24 14:54
schestowitzfrom what I can gather, both sides are brutalisingAug 24 14:54
schestowitzbetter not to kill yet more with air strikesAug 24 14:54
schestowitzthey still manufacture consentAug 24 14:54
schestowitzwith lybia in people's memory it's still hard to manufacture itAug 24 14:55
schestowitzIraq's PR campaign makes it harder to use the "WMoD"  pretext for Iran invasionAug 24 14:55
schestowitzgotta love the term "Crash course"; who's the DUMMY?Aug 24 14:56
qu1j0t3schestowitz: right.Aug 24 14:57
qu1j0t3it woudl be very interesting to compare CNN's crash course with the narratives injected into NYT, Reuters, Murdoch press.Aug 24 14:58
qu1j0t3you could get on drone kill list with a thorough analysis like that :)Aug 24 14:58
qu1j0t3or maybe into an embassyAug 24 14:58
qu1j0t3NATO is just angling for the right action to maximise post-conflict gainAug 24 14:59
qu1j0t3while making it appear it's humanitarianAug 24 15:00
qu1j0t3there's only 1 narrative that works for western publicAug 24 15:00
qu1j0t3(same one as Libya)Aug 24 15:00
qu1j0t3which is "squash the bad man"Aug 24 15:00
qu1j0t3so they make sure 'our' rebels winAug 24 15:00
qu1j0t3'the good guys'Aug 24 15:00
schestowitzrebels are goodAug 24 15:00
qu1j0t3and ensure that Assad brutality is never out of the headlinesAug 24 15:01
qu1j0t3exactlyAug 24 15:01
schestowitzas long as they's not US rebelsAug 24 15:01
qu1j0t3'our' rebels are goodAug 24 15:01
schestowitzthen they call them "domesic terrorists"Aug 24 15:01
schestowitzor "radical dissidents"Aug 24 15:01
schestowitzor vetsAug 24 15:01
qu1j0t3they can crush 'bad' rebels (i.e. genuine resistance) at the same timeAug 24 15:01
qu1j0t3it's win-win-win for natoAug 24 15:01
schestowitz"remember TIMOTHY MCVEIGH!!"Aug 24 15:01
schestowitzneed to dent itAug 24 15:02
qu1j0t3 24 15:07
TechrightsSocial@qu1j0t3: #Iraq, #Libya, #Syria, #Egypt: There is only 1 narrative easily sold 2 Western publics—"squash the bad man". NATO will support "its" rebels.Aug 24 15:07
schestowitzqu1j0t3: Aug 24 15:11
schestowitz[15:05] [Notice] -TRIdentica to #techrights- [schestowitz/@schestowitz] West: we like rebels, we support them against rogue "regimes"; we call our rebels "domestic terrorists" if they antagonise regi..err..govt.Aug 24 15:11
schestowitz[15:05] [Notice] -TRIdentica to #techrights- [schestowitz/@schestowitz] West: you crash planes into buildings, we'll invade random Arab country, kill a million, then invade another at random, do *drone* strikesAug 24 15:11
schestowitz[15:06] [Notice] -TRIdentica to #techrights- [schestowitz/@schestowitz] If a drone *crashes* into a dissident (and 10 bystanders), is that "suicide bombing", "kamikaze", or "mission accomplished"?Aug 24 15:11
schestowitz[15:08] [Notice] -TRIdentica to #techrights- [schestowitz/@schestowitz] Israel does not have suicide bombs; it has American-bought F16s with missiles and illegal cluster bombs that 'happen' to kill bystandersAug 24 15:11
schestowitz[15:08] [Notice] -TRIdentica to #techrights- [schestowitz/@schestowitz] I support the West, I support democracy, I don't support hypocrisy, I don't think we have democracy yet (just PR  buzzword used sparingly)Aug 24 15:11
schestowitz[15:10] [Notice] -TRIdentica to #techrights- [schestowitz/@schestowitz] The West struggles to manufacture consent for Syria because of Lybia; it struggles to manufacture consent for Iran because of Iraq.Aug 24 15:11
schestowitz[15:11] [Notice] -TRIdentica to #techrights- [schestowitz/@schestowitz] Both Egypt and Tunisia had brutal dictators in charge; the thing is, they were 'our' dictators, just like Saddam Hussein in the 80s.Aug 24 15:12
qu1j0t3yepAug 24 15:13
qu1j0t3and 'our' rebels are easily converted into 'our' dictators; anyone remember contra business?Aug 24 15:13
schestowitz 24 15:14
TechrightsSocial@Pedro Gras (ghostdancer)'s status on Friday, 24-Aug-12 14:09:54 UTC - @schestowitz congrats and enjoy yourselves all that you can , we'll take care of the internet while you're out. :-)Aug 24 15:14
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schestowitz 24 15:24
TechrightsSocial@Pedro Gras (ghostdancer)'s status on Friday, 24-Aug-12 14:15:52 UTC - @schestowitz you know they were "our son of a bitch" , western countries have always turned their eyes when needed.Aug 24 15:24
qu1j0t3+1Aug 24 15:28
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 24 15:44
TechrightsSocial@eevblog: WTF?! There is a Julian Assange "Terrorist Trading Card" by RBCB Inc @wikileaksAug 24 15:44
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeAug 24 15:44
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Coloring Books | Never Forget 9/11 - Vol. II Terrorist Trading Cards PDQ .::. Size~: 74.83 KBAug 24 15:44
schestowitz 24 16:12
TechrightsSocial@Dr. Roy Schestowitz (schestowitz)'s status on Friday, 24-Aug-12 15:11:39 UTC - GIMP 2.8.2 has just been officially released.  Yesterday I experimented for 10 minutes w/ it,putting Rianne's face in IU 24 16:12
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeAug 24 16:12
schestowitz"Truthful - Factual - Honorable - Indifferent to Political Correctness "Aug 24 16:14
abeNd-org 24 16:17
TechrightsSocialTitle: 'Wiki Weapon Project' Aims To Create A Gun Anyone Can 3D-Print At Home - Forbes .::. Size~: 88.14 KBAug 24 16:17
qu1j0t3just what I always wanted ! a gun!Aug 24 16:18
schestowitz 24 16:19 <b>AND THE WINDOWS 8 SECURITY HORRORS CONTINUE TO SURFACE</b><br> (via @{Dr. Roy Schestowitz ;})<br><br> According to Microsoft, SmartScreen sends a hash of the app installer and its digital signature, if any. A combination of the hash and the user’s IP address is still enough to identify that IP address <b>x</b> attempted to install software <b>y</b>.<Aug 24 16:19
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install, Not Very Securely | Nadim Kobeissi .::. Size~: 32.52 KBAug 24 16:19
TechrightsSocial-> Title: THIS IS BAT COUNTRY       - YouTube .::. Size~: 154.44 KBAug 24 16:19
schestowitz"Aug 24 16:19
schestowitz<b>AND THE WINDOWS 8 SECURITY HORRORS CONTINUE TO SURFACE</b><br> (via Dr. Roy Schestowitz)<br><br> According to Microsoft, SmartScreen sends a hash of the app installer and its digital signature, if any. A combination of the hash and the user’s IP address is still enough to identify that IP address <b>x</b> attempted to install software <b>y</b>.<br>Aug 24 16:19
TechrightsSocialTitle: Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install, Not Very Securely | Nadim Kobeissi .::. Size~: 32.52 KBAug 24 16:19
schestowitzmarc fleury STEP ON IT MAN! WE CAN'T STOP HERE!<br> 24 16:19
TechrightsSocialTitle: THIS IS BAT COUNTRY       - YouTube .::. Size~: 153.77 KBAug 24 16:19
schestowitz#Microsoft #Windows #Vista #Windows8 #Vista8 #InfoSec #NetSec #Security #IT #AnonymousAug 24 16:19
schestowitz"Aug 24 16:19
schestowitzadspud gun?Aug 24 16:20
schestowitzabeNd-org:  spud gun?Aug 24 16:20
schestowitzyou could probably modify itAug 24 16:20
schestowitzor use a barrel and some DIYAug 24 16:20
schestowitzIt's bullets that matterAug 24 16:20
schestowitzand for them you need particular chemicalsAug 24 16:20
schestowitza gun is just a detonate to detonate bulletsAug 24 16:21
schestowitzGuns don't kill people, bullets doAug 24 16:21
schestowitz!google number of bullets per american citizenAug 24 16:21
TechrightsSocial[1] - Prison » The U.S. government's coming war with the ... | 24 16:21
TechrightsSocial[2] - Social Security Administration To Purchase 174 Thousand Rounds Of | 24 16:21
TechrightsSocial[3] - Who Does The Government Intend To Shoot? | The Daily Caller | 24 16:21
TechrightsSocial[4] - Government Agencies Stockpiling Enough Ammo to Put 5 Bullets in ... | 24 16:21
MinceR"Guns don't kill people, I do!"Aug 24 16:23
schestowitzyeah :-)Aug 24 16:23
schestowitzwounds doAug 24 16:24
schestowitzgun hammers bullet baseAug 24 16:24
schestowitzchain reaction ensuesAug 24 16:24
qu1j0t3"don't blame the technology!"Aug 24 16:24
schestowitzbullets flies and sometimes revolvesAug 24 16:24
qu1j0t3okay, we won't. let's blame the culture and corruptionAug 24 16:24
qu1j0t3fix it.Aug 24 16:24
schestowitzpunctures holes, pieces skin, causes internal bleeding and the likes of thatAug 24 16:24
schestowitzand then there's the person squeezing the trigger, and potentially a provocation sourceAug 24 16:25
MinceRthen there's the parents of those peopleAug 24 16:25
schestowitzqu1j0t3: what do you think of gun apologists who tell me, people would use knives and swords instead?Aug 24 16:25
MinceRthe reason they existAug 24 16:25
qu1j0t3schestowitz: LOL! YEAH!Aug 24 16:25
MinceRschestowitz: or bare handsAug 24 16:26
qu1j0t3schestowitz: Because that's what happens in CANADA Australia and every other guncontrolling country ALL THE TIMEAug 24 16:26
schestowitzI guess showing charts in countries based on their gun laws might help, but demography is not the sameAug 24 16:26
qu1j0t3schestowitz: ...not.Aug 24 16:26
schestowitzsay, if Denmark and Sweden had opposite gun control laws, you would be able to make a caseAug 24 16:26
MinceRfunny, people don't go around shooting other people in SwitzerlandAug 24 16:26
schestowitzto kill someone with a knife is hardAug 24 16:26
qu1j0t3no shit.Aug 24 16:26
schestowitzyou need to REALLY WANT to kill the personAug 24 16:26
schestowitzand be ruthlessAug 24 16:26
qu1j0t3look, it's a no-brainer.Aug 24 16:26
qu1j0t3the gun homicide rate is largely about availability.Aug 24 16:27
schestowitzone finger versus multiple stabs on person shouting for mercyAug 24 16:27
MinceRschestowitz: or just break the law and get a gun despite gun control laws.Aug 24 16:27
qu1j0t3MinceR: yep.Aug 24 16:27
MinceR"if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns"Aug 24 16:27
schestowitzguns also lead to racial tensionsAug 24 16:27
schestowitzsince the days of anti-Negro slaveryAug 24 16:27
schestowitzthe whites fear the blacks, and vice versaAug 24 16:28
schestowitzand the police in the US is better armedAug 24 16:28
schestowitzI cannot blame themAug 24 16:28
schestowitzMany cops there get shot atAug 24 16:28
schestowitzand it makes them more brutal and more resistant to humour etc.Aug 24 16:28
schestowitzthey're shown videos where cops are killed by armed civiliansAug 24 16:28
schestowitzthe soluition is, take the war element out of ordinary societyAug 24 16:28
qu1j0t3no shitAug 24 16:28
schestowitz!google carlin we love warAug 24 16:28
TechrightsSocial[1] - George Carlin - We Like War - YouTube | 24 16:28
TechrightsSocial[2] - George Carlin - We Like War - YouTube | 24 16:28
TechrightsSocial[3] - George Carlin 'We Like War' - YouTube | 24 16:28
TechrightsSocial[4] - George Carlin ~ We Like War [Video] | 24 16:28
qu1j0t3insteadof fomenting it?Aug 24 16:28
qu1j0t3which is the status quoAug 24 16:29
schestowitz"because We good at it"Aug 24 16:29
MinceRhow do you take the war element out of ordinary society?Aug 24 16:29
schestowitzconfiscationAug 24 16:29
schestowitznot that the fringe folks would like itAug 24 16:29
schestowitzand it would take agesAug 24 16:30
schestowitztoo many bullets aboundAug 24 16:30
MinceRand it wouldn't workAug 24 16:30
schestowitzI think there's like 3 times more guns than people in the US, maybe 2Aug 24 16:30
schestowitziirc, canada has registryAug 24 16:30
MinceRare you implying that one person can fire aimed shots from multiple such guns at a time? :>Aug 24 16:30
schestowitzor maybe it's just being proposedAug 24 16:30
schestowitzin a new bilAug 24 16:30
schestowitzMinceR: see south african protestsAug 24 16:31
qu1j0t3schestowitz: canada is losing its gun registries.Aug 24 16:31
schestowitzsometimes you just need some fire powerAug 24 16:31
qu1j0t3schestowitz: Harper Cons don't want gun controlAug 24 16:31
qu1j0t3schestowitz: they are trying to recreate US problems hereAug 24 16:31
schestowitzlike a firing squad on 30 peopleAug 24 16:31
qu1j0t3schestowitz: it's their constant obsessionAug 24 16:31
MinceRah, so there's one thing harper is doing rightAug 24 16:31
MinceRprobably not worth it for all those other thingsAug 24 16:32
abeNd-orgwell, if you ban guns you also need to ban pointy objects, plenty of stories about knife wielding weirdos in other countries stabbing people latelyAug 24 16:32
qu1j0t3we have no problem with gun violence here.Aug 24 16:32
MinceRabeNd-org: you also need to ban limbs.Aug 24 16:32
MinceRoh, and headsAug 24 16:32
abeNd-orgyep, just ban everythingAug 24 16:32
abeNd-orgdont allow people out of their homesAug 24 16:32
qu1j0t3gun control has worked here, and most other places. e.g. Brazil.Aug 24 16:32
MinceRand any technology that can move objects or emit energy in any formAug 24 16:32
qu1j0t3Australia.Aug 24 16:32
schestowitzabeNd-org: where and how many csualties?Aug 24 16:32
qu1j0t3the country without gun control (USA) has the worst problem of all. coincidence?Aug 24 16:32
qu1j0t3whatever they're doing, they're doing it wrong.Aug 24 16:33
schestowitzthey blame "niggers"Aug 24 16:33
abeNd-orgwho the hell uses that term these days?Aug 24 16:33
schestowitzmanyAug 24 16:33
MinceRusa is not the only country where citizens get to own gunsAug 24 16:33
schestowitzbut not publiclyAug 24 16:33
schestowitzand not educated folksAug 24 16:33
abeNd-orgI have lived in Georgia & Texas since 2000 & have not hear anyone use that word outside of a rap songAug 24 16:34
schestowitzgo to Mississippi, try some white men's pubAug 24 16:34
MinceRalso, usian madness is probably not inflicted by the presence of gunsAug 24 16:34
schestowitzthey also say "fags" and stuffAug 24 16:34
abeNd-orgMichigan is more racist than GA & TX...Aug 24 16:34
schestowitzpeople live there?Aug 24 16:34
MinceRschestowitz: "we don't take kindly to your types around here!"Aug 24 16:35
abeNd-orgschestowitz the smart ones left MI long ago (myself included)Aug 24 16:35
schestowitzMinceR: "i shall switach to DVORAK layout"Aug 24 16:35
MinceRoops, left out a wordAug 24 16:35
MinceRs/kind/too kind/Aug 24 16:35
schestowitzabeNd-org: and one person in the #techrights channel too (won't name him)Aug 24 16:36
schestowitzMI is English-speaking Colombia? :-)Aug 24 16:36
abeNd-orgperhaps i live in a sheltered world, but as an IT consultant I have worked all over GA & TX (as well as spent time in other close states) working all sorts of white & blue collar companies, never have I heard that word used (outside of a rap song)Aug 24 16:36
abeNd-orgschestowitz is that person in lower or upper peninsula?Aug 24 16:37
schestowitzupperAug 24 16:37
abeNd-orglower isnt so bad, upper is so bad no one stateside or in .CA wants themAug 24 16:37
schestowitzhe left the USAug 24 16:37
abeNd-org"only thing that happens in upper MI is mining & drinking, usually at the same time"Aug 24 16:38
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 24 16:38
TechrightsSocial@cbarrett: Guns: cool, easy to get. Mental healthcare: uncool, hard to get. So bullshit.Aug 24 16:38
abeNd-orgeasy, get shot, have no health insurance, use the emergency roomAug 24 16:38
abeNd-org;)Aug 24 16:38
abeNd-orgwin win!Aug 24 16:38
MinceRlolAug 24 16:38
schestowitzsome people immigate to the UK or sneak in as faux tourists for the NHS to give them free treatmentAug 24 16:39
schestowitzinsurance tourismAug 24 16:39
abeNd-org"gun control" in the form of "take all guns away from everyone" will not work in the US, there are too many legit hunters even to do that. Take away deer season & youll have riotsAug 24 16:40
MinceR 24 16:40
TechrightsSocialTitle: Penny Arcade - K-Mart: Saving Lives .::. Size~: 12.14 KBAug 24 16:40
abeNd-orgI am not an avid hunter, but were you wanting to take away my hunting rifle, use legally for deer season, I'll have a problem with thatAug 24 16:41
MinceRdon't worry, they only want to take them away so the people can't protect themselves from the government :>Aug 24 16:41
abeNd-orgdo I need an AK47 for hunting?, for one, there wouldnt be any usable meat left, for another they arent very accurate compared to a rifleAug 24 16:42
abeNd-orga bazooka for hunting? sure, i could see the use for that :PAug 24 16:43
MinceRit would badly mangle the meatAug 24 16:44
MinceRfor self-defense, it's fine, thoughAug 24 16:44
abeNd-orgLOLAug 24 16:45
abeNd-org"so this guy broke into my house & tried to kill me & rape my wife, so I shot him" "so where is he?" "oh, i shot him with a bazooka, he is over there...and there...and i think thats some of him up there on the ceiling too"Aug 24 16:45
MinceR:>Aug 24 16:45
qu1j0t3strangely enough, that doesn't happen. it's a fantasy.Aug 24 16:47
qu1j0t3entirely.Aug 24 16:47
qu1j0t3I call it the Dirty Harry fantasy.Aug 24 16:47
qu1j0t3countries aren't safe because every Dirty Harry fantasist is armed.Aug 24 16:47
qu1j0t3(and yeah, there are safe countries. they have fewer guns, not more)Aug 24 16:48
abeNd-orgyes, the bazooka comment was a "joke"Aug 24 16:48
MinceRin those "safe" countries, are the authorities armed?Aug 24 16:48
abeNd-orgbut if you are saying people dont break into other peoples houses & try to kill them, then you are the one living in a fantasy world, just read any daily police blotter in just about any townAug 24 16:49
qu1j0t3abeNd-org: thank godAug 24 16:49
qu1j0t3abeNd-org: adding more guns doesn't improve that picture.Aug 24 16:49
qu1j0t3DaemonFC is the poster child for this fantasy. I think it must run in his head 24/7. He takes his guns to bars...Aug 24 16:50
abeNd-orgqu1j0t3: not saying it does, but you also want to remove any possibility of self defenseAug 24 16:50
qu1j0t3abeNd-org: guns aren't the factor that make a country safe.Aug 24 16:50
qu1j0t3abeNd-org: there is quite a lot of evidence to the contrary.Aug 24 16:50
MinceRqu1j0t3: does restricting guns to criminals improve the picture?Aug 24 16:51
qu1j0t3we have a /total/ homicide rate of ~100 per year in a region of 5.5 million.Aug 24 16:51
abeNd-orgqu1j0t3: what about this city?,_GeorgiaAug 24 16:51
TechrightsSocialTitle: Kennesaw, Georgia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 171.94 KBAug 24 16:51
qu1j0t3MinceR: yes. it works.Aug 24 16:51
qu1j0t3what doesn't work: whatever the USA is doing.Aug 24 16:52
qu1j0t3just look at the statistics.Aug 24 16:52
abeNd-orgqu1j0t3: if you could guarantee me that you could remove all the guns from the criminals, then great, take away non hunting weaponsAug 24 16:52
abeNd-orgoh wait, criminals could care less about laws...Aug 24 16:52
qu1j0t3abeNd-org: ^^Aug 24 16:52
abeNd-orgCrime statistics Kennesaw crime rates are less than half of US averages. - Gun law In 1982 the city passed an ordinance [Sec 34-21][18]  (a) In order to provide for the emergency  management of the city, and further in order to provide for and protect  the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its  inhabitants, every head of household residing in the city limits is  required to maintain a firearm, together with ammunition thereAug 24 16:53
qu1j0t3if you need a gun to feel safe, your country is broken.Aug 24 16:54
MinceRby that definition, every country is brokenAug 24 16:54
qu1j0t3thaknfully: not my problem.Aug 24 16:54
qu1j0t3MinceR: nope!Aug 24 16:54
qu1j0t3clearly you haven't been aroundAug 24 16:54
qu1j0t3try CanadaAug 24 16:54
MinceRif your arguments for gun control make you feel safe then you're delusionalAug 24 16:55
qu1j0t3AustraliaAug 24 16:55
qu1j0t3or BrazilAug 24 16:55
qu1j0t3MinceR: >> if you need a gun to feel safe, your country is broken.Aug 24 16:55
abeNd-orgqu1j0t3: so you are saying every road around whichever town you live in is perfectly safe?Aug 24 16:55
MinceRqu1j0t3: 175435 < MinceR> by that definition, every country is brokenAug 24 16:55
qu1j0t3abeNd-org: re-read Aug 24 16:55
qu1j0t3MinceR: nope!Aug 24 16:55
qu1j0t3MinceR: get out moreAug 24 16:55
MinceRno uAug 24 16:55
abeNd-orga big tittied hot naked woman (with a fannie pack stuffed with money) could go anywhere in your city & not worry about being raped or shot, or even mugged?Aug 24 16:55
qu1j0t3let me rephrase. if you need a gun to feel safe, your country is broken, or your head is messed up.Aug 24 16:56
abeNd-orga little out there yes, but there is no way you can say every square inch of your town/city/country is perfectly safeAug 24 16:56
abeNd-orgguns or notAug 24 16:56
schestowitzqu1j0t3: Earlier this month, police shot and killed a homeless man in midtown who was carrying a large knife--and this scene was captured by many locals and tourists armed with cell phone cameras.  Wonder if anyone caught today's episode in prime tourist area.Aug 24 16:57
schestowitz 24 16:57
TechrightsSocialTitle: Pressing Issues: Cops Shoot Bystanders in Midtown New York? .::. Size~: 118.8 KBAug 24 16:57
MinceRqu1j0t3: nice try, but it's your head that's messed up if you think that the law will prevent random criminals from carrying guns and that there will be a policeman on every corner to protect you if one of them starts shootingAug 24 16:57
abeNd-orgsoooo why was homeless man (yes yes, let down by society that he is homeless in the first place, or was he just nuts to begin with?) walking around with a large knife?Aug 24 17:00
abeNd-orgthey could have tazered him sure, & he still could have died due to a heart conditionAug 24 17:01
abeNd-orgthey could have tried to subdue him with force, & if he was hopped up on drugs it would have looked like the police needed to use "excessive force" to get the guy downAug 24 17:02
abeNd-orgpolice & teachers, both have lose lose jobs, no matter what they do, people are pissed at them. they can never do anything right Aug 24 17:03
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qu1j0t3schestowitz: 24 17:09
TechrightsSocial@AP: AP Exclusive: Romney campaign uses secretive, high-tech data-mining project to find wealthy donors: -RJJAug 24 17:09
TechrightsSocial-> Title: AP Exclusive: Romney uses secretive data-mining .::. Size~: 59.17 KBAug 24 17:09
*qu1j0t3 is calling a GOP win in this election. not that it matters.Aug 24 17:09
schestowitzwhy? I doubt it...Aug 24 17:11
schestowitzmaybe they can deamonise Obama enoughAug 24 17:12
schestowitzeither way, those in power will get theiir wayAug 24 17:12
schestowitzregardless of who speaks for the US publiclyAug 24 17:12
MinceRon the one hand it seems that the romney-bot has a lot more fundingAug 24 17:12
MinceRon the other hand, he seems to be rather unrelatable and gaffe-tasticAug 24 17:12
MinceRi don't know how sensitive usian voters are to the latterAug 24 17:12
qu1j0t3schestowitz: there are a number of signs of dissatisfaction with obama among those who swing the vote :)Aug 24 17:14
qu1j0t3schestowitz: been calling those out for months nowAug 24 17:14
MinceRwell yes, there's the issue of the obama-bot breaking his promisesAug 24 17:15
qu1j0t3noAug 24 17:15
qu1j0t3that might bother some votersAug 24 17:15
qu1j0t3but i am talking about dissatisfaction at the level that decides the electionAug 24 17:15
qu1j0t3it's not clear why, though. he's done all he was asked. (see broken promises)Aug 24 17:16
abeNd-orgso say obama wins this time around, just what do you think he can actually accomplish for the good of the citizens?Aug 24 17:17
qu1j0t3nothing. he's not there for them.Aug 24 17:18
qu1j0t3that's why it doesn't matter either wayAug 24 17:19
abeNd-orgI dont think Romney will do anything for "amreka" either (or whatever his typo was)Aug 24 17:19
MinceRthe choice between the two corporate puppets will at most determine some minor issuesAug 24 17:20
abeNd-orgso you are saying the US is screwed either way, & the only way to fix it is armed revolution against the govt?Aug 24 17:21
MinceRnot necessarilyAug 24 17:23
MinceRif the voters would wise up and show (by voting) that they're willing to vote for other parties too, they could fix the systemAug 24 17:23
MinceRof course they're extremely unlikely to do it, but it's their right and responsibilityAug 24 17:24
MinceRor they could support a grassroots campaign finance reform like the one outlined by Lawrence LessigAug 24 17:24
MinceRand thus reduce the influence of megacorporations over CongressAug 24 17:24
abeNd-orgwhat other parties have enough visibility? ok, or heck, are allowed any visibility? even ron paul ends up being portrayed as the crazy drunken uncle at family reunions Aug 24 17:25
MinceRinterested citizens can find out about themAug 24 17:25
MinceReven i could, even though i'm not even a usian citizenAug 24 17:26
MinceRbut they probably don't careAug 24 17:26
MinceRof course, democracy can't work well without interested and responsible citizensAug 24 17:26
MinceRbut yes, the playing field is tilted heavily for the two big partiesAug 24 17:26
abeNd-orgmost people are kept busy by work & family, entertainment, & a few by education, no one but jobless hippies in their mother's basement have enough time to "participate in the political process"Aug 24 17:28
MinceRthey have more time to do so than what they currently allocate to itAug 24 17:31
MinceRfor example, i have a job and i still have time to look up and think whom to vote forAug 24 17:31
MinceR(not that it's likely to help at all in the future of hungary)Aug 24 17:32
abeNd-orgyes, it is about choice, i have work, family, working out, personal education, after that it doesnt leave much time even for entertainmentAug 24 17:32
schestowitz 24 17:45 reshared: <img src=""><br> <b>BREAKING: AT LEAST SOME OF THE NINE BYSTANDERS SHOT AT THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING WERE HIT BY POLICE AND NOT BY GUN MAN JEFFREY JOHNSON</b><br> #ESBShooting #EmpireState #NewYork #NY #Shootings #Economy #Jobs #BloombeAug 24 17:45
TechrightsSocial-> Title: 404 Not Found .::. Size~: 0.26 KBAug 24 17:45
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Pressing Issues: Cops Shoot Bystanders in Midtown New York? .::. Size~: 120.24 KBAug 24 17:45
schestowitz"No matter how many shots came from this man and the police ... this is how it ends when you mix emotionally unstable man and permissive gun policy. People use every mean if they can. That's why the law should not allow guns in a first place. And police and other services should be monitored. That's the only way to avoid massive massacre scenarios. No wonder it happens mostly in USA ... keep up the bad work, USA!"Aug 24 17:45
qu1j0t3then there's Florida's magnificent Stand Your Ground: Make everyone terrified, give them guns, then give them carte blanche to shoot people they don't like. HmmmAug 24 17:50
abeNd-orgso why do massacres happen in other countries then? that canadian mall incident not too long agoAug 24 18:06
MinceRthe law must not have used strong enough terms to forbid gun ownership to nonprivileged citizensAug 24 18:07
MinceR:>Aug 24 18:07
abeNd-orgoh, so you mean the bad guys still found a way to get guns even though they are banned for the law abiding citizens?Aug 24 18:09
schestowitz 24 18:20
TechrightsSocial@jpnKevin_T: @zunaid Mueller history   Microsoft & recently Oracle 24 18:20
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Florian Müller Seemingly Connected to CCIA (Microsoft Proxy) | Techrights .::. Size~: 133.83 KBAug 24 18:20
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Microsoft legal win over Google may signal ceasefire | Mobile - CNET News .::. Size~: 92.3 KBAug 24 18:20
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Mueller is forced to back off Android copyright infringement claims - The Inquirer .::. Size~: 78.08 KBAug 24 18:20
schestowitz 24 18:22 reshared: #Nikola #Tesla #Steampunk #Teslapunk  [ ![t]( ]( Nikola Tesla Voltapunk character by Aeryn Davies 24 18:22
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting application/xml typeAug 24 18:22
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Dr. Emporio Efikz .::. Size~: 69.53 KBAug 24 18:22
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Dr. Emporio Efikz .::. Size~: 69.53 KBAug 24 18:22
schestowitz"it was made with Unreal engine?"Aug 24 18:22
schestowitz 24 19:29
TechrightsSocialTitle: 'Ecuador stands by Assange' - President Correa exclusively to RT       - YouTube .::. Size~: 166.82 KBAug 24 19:29
schestowitzgood answers from himAug 24 19:29
schestowitzthe West grants asymlum to secure people from unjeust prosecution based on Western standards, why can't ecuador?Aug 24 19:30
schestowitz 24 19:33
TechrightsSocialTitle: BBC News - US teen invents advanced cancer test using Google .::. Size~: 86.94 KBAug 24 19:33
schestowitzhe gave an excellent interview there, worth tuning intoAug 24 19:39
qu1j0t3 24 19:41
TechrightsSocialTitle: Does Recent Goodwill Undo Years of Patent Trolling For Intellectual Ventures? - Slashdot .::. Size~: 123.66 KBAug 24 19:41
schestowitzthis was mentioned in #techrights moments agoAug 24 19:51
schestowitzit's whitewash from the Microsoft booster in CNETAug 24 19:51
schestowitzslashdot proves to be submissive again... to corporate propagandaAug 24 19:51
qu1j0t3yaAug 24 19:52
qu1j0t3not new :)Aug 24 19:52
schestowitzmore from the same areaAug 24 19:54
schestowitz 24 19:54
TechrightsSocialTitle: Bellevue startup Atigeo takes on medical research, presidential candidates, patents - Puget Sound Business Journal .::. Size~: 96.41 KBAug 24 19:54
schestowitzcu;t of patentsAug 24 19:54
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schestowitzPR first 24 20:00
TechrightsSocialTitle: Microsoft Unveils a New Look - The Official Microsoft Blog  - Site Home - TechNet Blogs .::. Size~: 95.52 KBAug 24 20:00
qu1j0t3qu1j0t3: 24 20:12
TechrightsSocial@qu1j0t3: .@pigworker When Sweden wants to question a tourist in a sex case, UK govt doesn't usually lose bladder control. Also: 24 20:12
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Naomi Wolf: ‘Eight BIG PROBLEMS with the case against Assange’ | Planet Infowars .::. Size~: 60.07 KBAug 24 20:12
schestowitz 24 22:15
schestowitz"@c0r3nn I think the mobile companies will prevent this :("Aug 24 22:15 ### Would you give the #government #administration remote #control over your #wireless lan router? ![wifi]( #wifi #politics #democracy #trust #disaster #protection #security #ITNAug 24 22:16
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Would you give the government remote control over your router? | Ars Technica .::. Size~: 44.39 KBAug 24 22:16
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/gif typeAug 24 22:16
TechrightsSocial"@c0r3nn I think the mobile companies will prevent this :("Aug 24 22:16

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