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schestowitz "Sorry mate, I only do free stuff. I'm one of those crazy people who refuse to pay for what can be done for free."Sep 29 11:19
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schestowitzThe new survey on religion shows religious people know least about religion. 29 14:23
TechrightsBot-scTitle:     YouTube        - Christians Get An F   .::. Size~: 146.35 KBSep 29 14:23
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schestowitz 29 16:44
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Australian Political Porn Scandal Revealed as Internet Bungle .::. Size~: 91.26 KBSep 29 16:44
MinceR   a.k.a.   2 missed calls   3 new text messages   20 new critical windows updatesSep 29 18:05
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MinceR 29 18:06
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FurnaceBoyschestowitz: fiction is the new 'fact': 29 18:26
TechrightsBot-scTitle: 'The Social Network' actor sympathetic to Facebook creator - .::. Size~: 129.46 KBSep 29 18:26
schestowitzMinceR: their GUI is brokenSep 29 18:35
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: welcome to the AmericanDream&TM. Please put both hands on the rails.Sep 29 18:36
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: they do a film about it now? Yuck.Sep 29 18:37
schestowitzI heard there will be KDE in the BGSep 29 18:37
MinceRschestowitz: of course. that's one of the great "advancements" of winpho7Sep 29 18:50
MinceRdumb == trendy, like crAppleSep 29 18:51
schestowitzThey target kidsSep 29 18:54
schestowitzLet me dent about it...Sep 29 18:54
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: i've already linked you to the filmSep 29 18:56
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: what a freaking scandalSep 29 18:56
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: the trailer is just offensiveSep 29 18:57
schestowitzSHould I watch it?Sep 29 19:10
schestowitzWorthwhile?Sep 29 19:10
schestowitzOr blood pressure leveler?Sep 29 19:10
FurnaceBoyhehSep 29 19:40
FurnaceBoywell it probably upsets me more than it would you.Sep 29 19:40
FurnaceBoybut it does illustrate how far down the well we've fallenSep 29 19:40
schestowitzWell.........Sep 29 20:07
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schestowitz "@schestowitz Sing it. I am always impressed."Sep 29 20:46
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schestowitz 29 20:49
TechrightsBot-scTitle:     YouTube        - How I converted my Office to Linux by MLUG   .::. Size~: 142.97 KBSep 29 20:49
schestowitzNice talkSep 29 20:49
schestowitz "@schestowitz Light OS X is called iOS"Sep 29 20:54
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Twitter / Dj Walker-Morgan: @schestowitz Light OS X is ... .::. Size~: 12.36 KBSep 29 20:54
schestowitzBut can I install it on an old PC? And if I could, would it be usable in the sense that it uses advanced applications, printers, etc?Sep 29 20:55
schestowitz "GNU/Windows has a good browser too and lot's of applications. Just to be fair."Sep 29 20:57
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Twitter / poop: @schestowitz GNU/Windows h ... .::. Size~: 9.26 KBSep 29 20:57
schestowitzModern Windows cannot run on 32MB of RAM.Sep 29 20:58
schestowitzMicrosoft hardly ever maintained an OS for very old hardware.Sep 29 20:58
schestowitz "But if you want small on an old PC, then you cant beat"Sep 29 21:00
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Twitter / Dj Walker-Morgan: @schestowitz But if you wa ... .::. Size~: 12.54 KBSep 29 21:00
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Tiny Core Linux, Micro Core Linux, 10MB Linux GUI Desktop, Live, Frugal, Extendable .::. Size~: 6.63 KBSep 29 21:00
schestowitzExactly! :-)Sep 29 21:00
FurnaceBoyrightSep 29 21:02
FurnaceBoymicrosoft actively discourages older hardwareSep 29 21:02
FurnaceBoythey make more money when ppl are forced ot buy new pcsSep 29 21:02
FurnaceBoyit's another reason they have to dieSep 29 21:02
FurnaceBoythere's no incentive to be efficient or frugalSep 29 21:02
FurnaceBoyin fact the pressure is to waste more and more resourcesSep 29 21:02
FurnaceBoythey never pay a price for thatSep 29 21:03
abeNd-orgmost home users replace their computer when that shiney new game wont run on their old hardware, or the old hardware just diesSep 29 21:05
abeNd-orgbusiness will do it (usually) on a 3 yr hardware swap when it goes out of warranty & replacing the whole lot is cheaper than trying to maintain out of warranty hardwareSep 29 21:05
abeNd-orgsometimes maintaining old hardware no matter the OS is just not worth it, or even viable, like these old vax boxes that are so old they dont have hp name plate on them, not even compaq, but digitalSep 29 21:07
abeNd-orgfor awhile replacement scsi drives for those units could be found on ebay, but not these daysSep 29 21:07
FurnaceBoyor they replace it when windows diesSep 29 21:09
FurnaceBoyanother profit center for MSSep 29 21:09
FurnaceBoyhence no incentive to make it reliableSep 29 21:09
abeNd-orgusually they will just use a restore disk on it, but yes, some will just go out & buy a new one & sell the old one on craigslistSep 29 21:10
FurnaceBoyor put it in landfillSep 29 21:10
FurnaceBoythey have a 3 year lifespan, more or lessSep 29 21:10
FurnaceBoyin the hands of microsoft's marketSep 29 21:10
abeNd-orgtechjunk is a whole other problem, failing hardware, or those old CRTs that you no longer use are a problemSep 29 21:11
FurnaceBoy+1Sep 29 21:11
FurnaceBoymicrosoft helps make that a bigger problem by forced upgrades, since it's profitable for themSep 29 21:11
FurnaceBoynew pc, new licenseSep 29 21:11
abeNd-orgim betting you arent using that 15" CRT from 1995 that might actually still be workingSep 29 21:11
FurnaceBoyoh, i have many working crts older than that. from early 80sSep 29 21:12
abeNd-orga new computer is usually the only way the masses can get new hardware, that new video card, or upgrading from a cdrom to a dvd, or these days blu-ray playerSep 29 21:12
FurnaceBoythere's one right next to me that's January 1991Sep 29 21:12
abeNd-orgmost people have no knowledge about installing a bluray playerSep 29 21:12
abeNd-organd why buy one, pay geeksquad to install it, when you could spend a few hundred bucks & buy a whole new computer & sell your old one?Sep 29 21:13
FurnaceBoywaste makes the world go roundSep 29 21:13
schestowitzAfrica and China are the tail thenSep 29 21:13
schestowitzWe eat is allSep 29 21:14
schestowitzAnd poop the ewaste on themSep 29 21:14
schestowitzBut that's another serious issueSep 29 21:14
abeNd-orgits not a waste if you sell it on ebay/craigslist/whatever & not just throw it awaySep 29 21:14
FurnaceBoyand worse than ewaste. every it's just ships full of poison, from UK, Europe and USASep 29 21:14
FurnaceBoyevery day*Sep 29 21:14
abeNd-orgtechwaste, heh, what about people who have been throwing away alkaline batteries for ages?Sep 29 21:14
FurnaceBoyabeNd-org: only a minority go to that effort.Sep 29 21:14
schestowitz[21:05] <abeNd-org> most home users replace their computer when that shiney new game wont run on their old hardware, or the old hardware just dies  << what about people who have not even ONE computer?Sep 29 21:14
schestowitzDon't we already send unwanted clothes to Africa? To them it's useful.Sep 29 21:15
FurnaceBoyof course it's useful .. reuse is always beneficialSep 29 21:15
abeNd-orgsche i know plenty of people like that, they use the local public librarySep 29 21:15
schestowitz[21:14] <FurnaceBoy> and worse than ewaste. every it's just ships full of poison, from UK, Europe and USA   << African gets back the minerals... with the poisons tooSep 29 21:15
abeNd-organd my wife being a librarian at 3 small town libraries knows plenty of people like thatSep 29 21:15
FurnaceBoyschestowitz: the 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.   the 4th R is that these are all RADICAL ideas. (sadly)Sep 29 21:15
schestowitz /can/ca/Sep 29 21:15
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: not restart, reboot, reinstall?Sep 29 21:16
abeNd-orgbesides, sells plenty of techwaste :)Sep 29 21:16
schestowitzMCSE 101Sep 29 21:16
abeNd-orgwhat field of work are you folks in, so I might get a better understanding of where you are coming from/mindset/etc?Sep 29 21:20
*MinceR is a software engineerSep 29 21:20
*abeNd-org is a IT consultant/peon Sep 29 21:21
abeNd-orgmost people/companies do want to dispose of their techwaste properly, however most don't have a clue on how to do so, and end up just trashing it. some counties have ewaste disposal, but only on the 2nd sunday of the month & charge you per pound, etcSep 29 21:33
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schestowitzFurnaceBoy: heard of ?Sep 29 22:33
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Alain de Botton, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, Alain de botton, the architecture of happiness, the consolations of philosophy, how proust can change your life, essays in love, philosophy a guide to happiness, The School of Life .::. Size~: 8.97 KBSep 29 22:33
schestowitzI've just had an interesting conversation about itSep 29 22:33
schestowitzI think it's a book you ought to readSep 29 22:33
schestowitz[21:29] <schestowitz> HeySep 29 22:38
schestowitz[21:40] <mrf> hey roy you there?Sep 29 22:38
schestowitz[21:40] <schestowitz> hi! :-)Sep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:44] <schestowitz> Because there's this 3-month contract for post-docSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:45] <mrf> yes i suppose you cant rush into these thingsSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:47] <schestowitz> are you in Midland, still?Sep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:48] <mrf> my membership runs out next week i think, i've been visiting pure gym lately, i wasnt sure what to do about the midland what with everybody coming and going, i still need to make my mind upSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:49] <mrf> the labour conference has been on all week tooSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:49] <mrf> so noone has been able to goSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:49] <mrf> are you still at midland?Sep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:50] <mrf> pure gym is only 15 a month and you can leave whenever you like no tie in, you can jopin on day it is all automated by self service computer termina you just key in your detailsSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:50] <schestowitz> I see...Sep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:50] <mrf> amazing machines, huge variety, and never crowdedSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:51] <schestowitz> Cause Midland goes the wrong way for meSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:51] <schestowitz> People leaving, staff I like too...Sep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:51] <schestowitz> I might take a post-doc with my old bossSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:51] <mrf> i know what you mean, a few people have said the same thing even the hoSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:51] <schestowitz> The Ho :-)Sep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:51] <schestowitz> 'The'Sep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:53] <schestowitz> The thing is this...Sep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:53] <mrf> did i tell you that guy has handed in his months notice at his flat, its nice tooSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:53] <schestowitz> My training is researchSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:53] <mrf> yupSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:53] <schestowitz> They don't offer part-timers thereSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:53] <mrf> only full time ?Sep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:53] <schestowitz> Seems soSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:55] <schestowitz> I have a contract here for some monthsSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[21:55] <schestowitz> I can do searches while I'm at itSep 29 22:39
schestowitz[...]Sep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:02] <schestowitz> Thanks so much!Sep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:02] <mrf> i havent had any microsoft sponsored special agents knocking on my door so chill dude:)Sep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:02] <schestowitz> techrights climbed to 911th yesterdaySep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:02] <schestowitz> on the webSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:02] <schestowitz> I can't abandon itSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:03] <schestowitz> Unless it stops growing :-)Sep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:03] <mrf> true it sounds like your vocationSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:04] <mrf> i havent been to the midland for three weeks since i last saw you in thereSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:04] <schestowitz> been there 9 yearsSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:05] <mrf> i been there 8/9Sep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:05] <schestowitz> might be time to move on, unless I still lived 7 mins awaySep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:05] <mrf> we are legends of the placeSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:05] <mrf> Mr Fitness is no more too.Sep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:05] <schestowitz> And BaxterSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:05] <mrf> competition is abandonedSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:05] <schestowitz> 2002-rowingSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:06] <mrf> 2009 Mr FSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:06] <schestowitz> i came in dec. 2001Sep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:06] <mrf> 2008 Mr FSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:06] <mrf> 2006 Mr FSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:06] <schestowitz> Now I compete vs... well.. nothingSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:06] <mrf> the rest all yours:)Sep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:06] <mrf> you sound like you may have got some of your hunger back for training doing it every daySep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:06] <schestowitz> The drive ain't there nowSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:07] <schestowitz> We're past our prime, strength wise, I believeSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:07] <schestowitz> And I got the highest University qualification I could getSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:07] <mrf> you get phases like that, but once i got past thirty i prided myself on being able to maintain it whilst all my friends gave up on looking after themselvesSep 29 22:40
schestowitz[22:08] <schestowitz> I do an hour a daySep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:08] <mrf> you are an uber human, excelling in the physical and intellectual realms:)Sep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:08] <schestowitz> So just splatting the long sessions a bitSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:08] <schestowitz> not excelling at the $$Sep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:08] <schestowitz> It's just ##Sep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:09] <schestowitz> Brain is arrangement of models of utilities/tySep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:09] <schestowitz> Body defines longevitySep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:09] <schestowitz> The rest ($$) is for those who got neitherSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:09] <mrf> that's less important as long as you have enough have the basics of food and shelter and clothing everything else is not a necessity, the world more often rewards signs of merit than merit itself.Sep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:09] <schestowitz> With exceptionsSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:10] <schestowitz> People have status in mindSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:10] <schestowitz> Keeping up appearanceSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:10] <mrf> yes status anxiety is rifeSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:10] <schestowitz> So they compete over accruing objectsSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:10] <mrf> and trivial paraphenaliaSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:10] <schestowitz> Extracted from Earth to make more complex thingsSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:11] <schestowitz> And then the notion of "ownership"Sep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:11] <schestowitz> "I control these atoms, stay away"Sep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:11] <mrf> and like to be seen with other high status people that reflect gloriously upon themselvesSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:11] <schestowitz> [Until one dies"Sep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:11] <schestowitz> Then the atoms (e.g. gold) pass on to another bunch of atoms that come from one's corpseSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:11] <schestowitz> I.e. baseless gaeSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:11] <schestowitz> I.e. baseless gameSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:11] <schestowitz> We all die eventuallySep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:11] <schestowitz> Let me find a funny new vidSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:11] <mrf> chasing rainbowsSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:12] <schestowitz> 29 22:41
TechrightsBot-scTitle:     YouTube        - Money & Power   .::. Size~: 149.48 KBSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:12] <schestowitz> This from last weekSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:12] <schestowitz> Puts in picture some of my thoughtsSep 29 22:41
schestowitz[22:12] <mrf> these advertising gurus rarely mention that most humans become bored of newly purchased 'toys' within two weeks, then the next buying fix is requiredSep 29 22:41
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schestowitzFurnaceBoy: are you around?Sep 29 22:44
schestowitzAnyway, it seems like the type of conversation we sometimes have here. mrf is my mate from her.Sep 29 22:44
schestowitz*herSep 29 22:44
schestowitz*>hereSep 29 22:44
schestowitz[22:12] <schestowitz> [22:10] <mrf> yes status anxiety is rifeSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:12] <schestowitz> ''chav"Sep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:13] <mrf> i know the sub text of that is someone trying to elevate themselves up the social hierarchy by declaring all working class people to be beneath themSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:13] <schestowitz> I never use that word 29 22:45
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Chav - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 89.82 KBSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:14] <mrf> me neither its disgustingSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:14] <schestowitz> Yob :-)Sep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:14] <schestowitz> LOLSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:14] <mrf> it has ugly class connotationsSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:14] <schestowitz> The stereotype spings to mindSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:14] <schestowitz> Socks on pants...Sep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:15] <schestowitz> You got 3 mastersSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:15] <schestowitz> Does that equal "baron", OBE, "lord"?Sep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:15] <mrf> please read a book by Alain de botton, its called 'status anxiety' it is amazing and really puts the situation into perspective you would relate to it really well, the author shares much of your point of view, please you must read it, i have a copy from central library in my houseSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:15] <schestowitz> $$ {not equals/proportional to} intellectSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:16] <schestowitz> Greatest scientists die poorSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:16] <schestowitz> Statistially speakingSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:16] <schestowitz> Some like Edison are businessman pretending to be science folkSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:16] <schestowitz> *menSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:16] <mrf> they have their mind on bigger things than the simple accumulation of moneySep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:16] <schestowitz> Control tooSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:17] <schestowitz> Later this week I have some long posts abotu gateSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:17] <schestowitz> *GatesSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:17] <schestowitz> See 29 22:45
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Gates Foundation Critique - Techrights .::. Size~: 56.16 KBSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:17] <mrf> these people make the mistake of assuming that money is distributed according to a person worth, ignoring virtues such as kindness, honesty, loyalty and work ethicSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:17] <schestowitz> YesSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:17] <schestowitz> A point I keep stressingSep 29 22:45
schestowitz[22:18] <schestowitz> "making money" is not indicative of "good deeds"Sep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:18] <schestowitz> Many people are hypnotised into this trapSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:18] <schestowitz> "Profitable productive to society"Sep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:18] <schestowitz> A lot of the richets people do the most harmSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:18] <schestowitz> Subjugation, weaponry, quack/scamsSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:19] <schestowitz> People who invented major breakthrough rarely made money from themSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:19] <schestowitz> Industries that expolited those thing may haveSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:19] <schestowitz> ROckets -> weaponsSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:19] <schestowitz> Not space explorationSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:19] <mrf> 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:19] <schestowitz> but the investments come from miliatarySep 29 22:46
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Alain de Botton, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, Alain de botton, the architecture of happiness, the consolations of philosophy, how proust can change your life, essays in love, philosophy a guide to happiness, The School of Life - Status .::. Size~: 12.08 KBSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:19] <schestowitz> usually they doSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:19] <schestowitz> If you invention has no potential for power, forget about investmentSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:20] <schestowitz> Inventor: "I made X"Sep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:20] <schestowitz> VC: "how can we sell many of X"Sep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:20] <mrf> These feelings of deprivation may not look so peculiar, however, once we consider the psychology behind the way we decide what is enough. Our sense of an appropriate limit to anything – for example, to wealth and esteem – is never decided independently. It is decided by comparing our condition with that of a reference group, with that of people we consider to be our equals. We cannot appreciate what we haveSep 29 22:46
schestowitzin isolation, nor judgSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:20] <schestowitz> Government budget: "how can we use it to colonise?"Sep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:20] <schestowitz> Von BRaun for exampleSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:20] <schestowitz> He got no money for rocket scienceSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:21] <schestowitz> Until the Nazis could use his brain to make bombs to drop on LondonSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:21] <schestowitz> Later he was captured by the USSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:21] <schestowitz> And they used his skillsSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:21] <schestowitz> Not hanged himSep 29 22:46
schestowitz[22:21] <mrf> how prosperous we are in historical terms. We will only take ourselves to be fortunate when we have as much as, or more than, the people we grow up with, work alongside, have as friends and identify with in the public realmSep 29 22:52
schestowitz[22:21] <schestowitz> They let him and his German colleague play in the desertSep 29 22:52
schestowitz[22:21] <schestowitz> Then they ran out of fundsSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:21] <schestowitz> So he had to sell his idea under the cold warSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:21] <schestowitz> Space race=long-range missilesSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:22] <mrf> 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:22] <schestowitz> Public game is trips to spaceSep 29 22:53
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Alain de Botton, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, Alain de botton, the architecture of happiness, the consolations of philosophy, how proust can change your life, essays in love, philosophy a guide to happiness, The School of Life - Status .::. Size~: 12.08 KBSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:22] <schestowitz> The money is for "Defence" (attack euphemism)Sep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:22] <mrf> this is the book, its great..... 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:22] <schestowitz> Defence budget is MASSIVESep 29 22:53
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Alain de Botton, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, Alain de botton, the architecture of happiness, the consolations of philosophy, how proust can change your life, essays in love, philosophy a guide to happiness, The School of Life - Status .::. Size~: 12.08 KBSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:22] <mrf> here is more about hte author..... 29 22:53
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Alain de Botton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 71.57 KBSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:22] <schestowitz> I can't read booksSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:23] <schestowitz> I recently read oneSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:23] <mrf> please trySep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:23] <schestowitz> It takes dedication and I skip too many pages looking for sound bitesSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:23] <mrf> youll like it i promiseSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:23] <schestowitz> I know I wouldSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:23] <schestowitz> But I am commited to reading what I can then share with my readers tooSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:24] <schestowitz> Reading what cannot be shared with my audience feels restrictiveSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:24] <schestowitz> In PDF form I can copy fragmentsSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:24] <schestowitz> As I did the last timeSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:24] <schestowitz> This helps promote the book through attibutionSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:26] <mrf> do you use pirate bay?Sep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:27] <mrf> you can get it on there by downloading the torrent just type in status anxietySep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:27] <schestowitz> I don't download illegallySep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:27] <schestowitz> FInding snippets from the book would serve me betterSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:27] <schestowitz> As I can then quote fragements and direct prospective readers to itSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:28] <schestowitz> Although social philosophy is not my focus eitherSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:28] <schestowitz> I explore how sharing work rather than use patents/NDA/trade secrets speeds up progress and improves informationSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:28] <schestowitz> I.e. transparecy versus denial of the human-caused global dimmingSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:29] <mrf> there are snippets here... 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:29] <schestowitz> The software I advocate is part of this lifestyleSep 29 22:53
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Alain de Botton, The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, Alain de botton, the architecture of happiness, the consolations of philosophy, how proust can change your life, essays in love, philosophy a guide to happiness, The School of Life .::. Size~: 8.97 KBSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:29] <mrf> hey Roy i have to go to bed nowSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:29] <schestowitz> OK, glad to have spoken to youSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:29] <mrf> i have work in the morningSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:29] <schestowitz> Let's keep in touchSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:30] <schestowitz> :-) gnSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:30] <mrf> but please buy the book 'status anxiety', its greatSep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:31] <schestowitz> reading now...Sep 29 22:53
schestowitz[22:31] <-- mrf has left this server (Quit: Page closed).Sep 29 22:53
schestowitz"chill out, I know that Windows is nasty and it's hard to use it. I am just saying that GNU software is not Linux-exclusive" 29 23:15
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Twitter / poop: @schestowitz chill out, I  ... .::. Size~: 9.35 KBSep 29 23:15
schestowitz"therefore it's not really fair to say that Windows don't have a good browser" 29 23:15
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Twitter / poop: @schestowitz therefore it' ... .::. Size~: 9.26 KBSep 29 23:16
schestowitz it has equally good browsers, but you can't show me a modern/supported Windows that will run on a 10 year old boxSep 29 23:17
FurnaceBoy+1Sep 29 23:18
oiaohmI have the fun job only 10 year old hardware.Sep 29 23:48
oiaohmI have Linux running on old pent 2 with only 64 megs of ram for the upcoming scout jambriee of the air.  Its enough to run IRC clients.Sep 29 23:49
oiaohmPulling that off is an art in space saving.Sep 29 23:50

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