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schestowitzgnufreex: pingOct 05 00:12
schestowitz[22:42] <gnufreex> I saw Lefty being more active on LWN, so he is doing more anty-freedom attacks now that he doesnOct 05 00:12
schestowitzFunny eough this applies to two peopleOct 05 00:12
gnufreexWho else?Oct 05 00:12
schestowitzThe mobbyists as I call themOct 05 00:13
schestowitzThey talk to each other in Twitter a lotOct 05 00:13
schestowitzMostly about meOct 05 00:13
schestowitzAnd they highlight my user name,so it's no secret eitherOct 05 00:13
gnufreexJeremy Allison asked FM who does he work for.. again 05 00:13
TechrightsBot-scTitle: What is Florian's strategy? [] .::. Size~: 6.66 KBOct 05 00:13
gnufreexThat is second time in few days.Oct 05 00:13
schestowitzTogether with the several accounts there which are dedicated only to stalking meOct 05 00:13
schestowitzgnufreex: goodOct 05 00:14
schestowitzHe won't answerOct 05 00:14
schestowitzWhich in itself is an answerOct 05 00:14
schestowitzI asked him over 10 timesOct 05 00:14
schestowitzHe never answeredOct 05 00:14
schestowitzI even made it a N/Y questionOct 05 00:14
schestowitzto simplify for himOct 05 00:14
schestowitzHe runs awayOct 05 00:14
schestowitzWhich was tellingOct 05 00:14
schestowitzOver 100 comments in that one exchangeOct 05 00:14
gnufreexHe answered once: "I will comment that on separate ocasion when I see fit"Oct 05 00:15
schestowitzOh dearOct 05 00:15
schestowitzThat's another evasion lineOct 05 00:15
schestowitzNew oneOct 05 00:15
gnufreexOr something like: I stand by my decision to comment those things on separate posing...Oct 05 00:16
gnufreexI think he wrote that once on Techrights.Oct 05 00:16
schestowitzI can find you the threadOct 05 00:19
schestowitzYou can use him to show VERY repeated evasionsOct 05 00:19
schestowitz 05 00:19
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Groklaw Responds to Latest FUD from Florian Müller | Techrights .::. Size~: 199.19 KBOct 05 00:19
schestowitzSee commentsOct 05 00:20
schestowitzEarlier exposition:Oct 05 00:20
schestowitz 05 00:20
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Florian Müller Seemingly Connected to CCIA (Microsoft Proxy) | Techrights .::. Size~: 129.74 KBOct 05 00:20
gnufreexThis is interestingOct 05 00:21
schestowitzGlad you like itOct 05 00:21
schestowitzI have about a dozen posts about itOct 05 00:21
schestowitzScroll down in these to "posts that link to/reference it"Oct 05 00:21
schestowitzThere's a chronologyOct 05 00:22
schestowitzSad thing is, many people did not see what I have seenOct 05 00:22
schestowitzSo they insist he's not a mobbyistOct 05 00:22
schestowitzDana for exampleOct 05 00:22
gnufreexok, I will first read this commentsOct 05 00:22
schestowitzI can't pass 1000 comments into his mindOct 05 00:22
schestowitzHe's being branwashed constantly by the mobbyist, who is not stupidOct 05 00:22
gnufreexThat is exactly why I consider making a blog exclusively to refute everything that FM says.Oct 05 00:23
gnufreexAnd then just link it to peopleOct 05 00:23
gnufreexWhen he tries to sell themOct 05 00:24
gnufreexhis crapOct 05 00:24
schestowitz[22:40] <gnufreex> So he lost two jobsOct 05 00:24
schestowitzThat's what Homer saidOct 05 00:24
schestowitzSurprised me that he reads the site in lurk modeOct 05 00:24
gnufreexYeah, that is where I read.Oct 05 00:24
schestowitz[00:23] <gnufreex> That is exactly why I consider making a blog exclusively to refute everything that FM says.Oct 05 00:24
schestowitzBabrbie did itOct 05 00:24
schestowitzBarbara Hudson in SlushdotOct 05 00:25
gnufreexGot link?Oct 05 00:25
schestowitzYesOct 05 00:25
gnufreexPeople dont know. Most people are not grasping whole picture. So they can get into his traps. Some of his points are true, but then he spins spins spins.Oct 05 00:26
schestowitz 05 00:26
TechrightsBot-scTitle: IBMs Black Helicopters | Techrights .::. Size~: 118.4 KBOct 05 00:26
gnufreexANd they get idea how he is smart and they should listen himOct 05 00:26
schestowitz 05 00:26
TechrightsBot-scTitle: More Bilski Analysis/Links (and Microsoft Front Group Commends Florian Müller) | Techrights .::. Size~: 117.9 KBOct 05 00:26
schestowitzLinks thereinOct 05 00:27
schestowitzLearn them, study them, if you need a blog, use techrights at willOct 05 00:27
schestowitzI don't have time to refuse the mobbyistsOct 05 00:27
schestowitzI would if I hadOct 05 00:27
schestowitz*refuteOct 05 00:27
gnufreexYou are doing enough.Oct 05 00:27
schestowitzCOuld do moreOct 05 00:28
schestowitzWaste of time addressing one peonOct 05 00:28
schestowitzI work against millions in ISVs+Microsoft and then there's Apple..Oct 05 00:28
schestowitzOur problem is nor one personOct 05 00:28
schestowitzHis funding source may make him just a tick in a termite nestOct 05 00:28
schestowitzBut we use hi as exampleOct 05 00:29
oiaohmAnd you get accuses of spinning the facks.  schestowitz.  Florian make you look like an angelOct 05 00:29
schestowitzAs we do with ACT, COmpTIA, etc.Oct 05 00:29
schestowitzMicrosoft frontOct 05 00:29
oiaohmfacks/ factsOct 05 00:29
schestowitzoiaohm: they give poor exampleOct 05 00:29
schestowitzI saw someOct 05 00:29
schestowitzFrom the stalkersOct 05 00:29
schestowitzThey lieOct 05 00:29
schestowitzANd they leave out contextOct 05 00:29
schestowitzOne stalker said I accused Gates of evading taxationOct 05 00:30
oiaohmBig thing that you do that Florian does not is provide links and names to back up what you are saying.  schestowitzOct 05 00:30
schestowitzReducing them ratherOct 05 00:30
schestowitzWhat he didn't say was that Gates pays no tax, Ballmer doesOct 05 00:30
schestowitzI made that very abundantly clear in the postOct 05 00:30
schestowitzWithout context it's just a Beck-like cheap shot at meOct 05 00:30
oiaohmBallmer really does not pay tax either.Oct 05 00:31
schestowitzoiaohm: Florian has backup nowOct 05 00:31
schestowitzThe ACCESS mobbyistOct 05 00:31
schestowitzFull-time trollOct 05 00:31
schestowitz Laid off #mobbyists find new ways to troll Free software communities. "He's a liar and a professional troll, block him." 05 00:31
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Conversation - .::. Size~: 418.13 KBOct 05 00:31
schestowitzTodayOct 05 00:31
schestowitzAbout the ACCESS trollOct 05 00:31
schestowitzIdentica/FOSS people block himOct 05 00:31
schestowitzCalling him a trollOct 05 00:32
schestowitzAs for me, I'm 4th most prolific in that siteOct 05 00:32
schestowitzTurned out that way...Oct 05 00:32
oiaohmThat is the other thing you don't really make your self prolificOct 05 00:35
oiaohmIts other people picking up your posts that do.Oct 05 00:35
oiaohmReally its something you should be proud of.  schestowitzOct 05 00:35
gnufreexHaha, lefty got busted. I wonder why FM don't use identi,caOct 05 00:37
gnufreexHe hates free software.Oct 05 00:37
gnufreexAGPLOct 05 00:37
gnufreexIt is a cancer for himOct 05 00:37
oiaohmKey detector of a closed source supporter.Oct 05 00:38
schestowitzHe's use Live SpacesOct 05 00:50
schestowitzBut it's deadOct 05 00:50
schestowitzUses Gmail+blgospot(GOogle)Oct 05 00:50
schestowitzHypocriteOct 05 00:50
schestowitzOn Red hat probablyOct 05 00:50
schestowitzWithout RAND+swpatsOct 05 00:50
*gnufreex has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Oct 05 00:56
*schestowitz has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)Oct 05 02:52
*schestowitz has joined #boycottnovell-socialOct 05 02:55
*schestowitz has quit (Changing host)Oct 05 02:55
*schestowitz (~schestowi@unaffiliated/schestowitz) has joined #boycottnovell-socialOct 05 02:55
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 05 03:07
TechrightsBot-scTitle: The New York Times > Log In .::. Size~: 9.12 KBOct 05 03:07
qu1j0t3schestowitz: I guess you saw that.Oct 05 03:07
qu1j0t3schestowitz: if u want a login free link lemme knowOct 05 03:08
qu1j0t3schestowitz: or try 05 03:09
TechrightsBot-scTitle: The New York Times > Log In .::. Size~: 9.02 KBOct 05 03:09
qu1j0t3hm, perhaps not ;-)Oct 05 03:09
qu1j0t3schestowitz: "Modern American conservatism is, in large part, a movement shaped by billionaires and their bank accounts, and assured paychecks for the ideologically loyal are an important part of the system. Scientists willing to deny the existence of man-made climate change, economists willing to declare that tax cuts for the rich are essential to growth, strategic thinkers willing toOct 05 03:39
qu1j0t3provide rationales for wars of choice, lawyers willing to provide defenses of torture, all can count on support from a network of organizations that may seem independent on the surface but are largely financed by a handful of ultrawealthy families.Oct 05 03:39
qu1j0t3And these organizations have long provided havens for conservative political figures not currently in office.Oct 05 03:39
qu1j0t3schestowitz: sound familiar? :)Oct 05 03:39
schestowitzHi, qu1j0t3Oct 05 03:48
*schestowitz scrollsOct 05 03:48
schestowitzqu1j0t3: nicely putOct 05 03:49
*schestowitz adds to daily linksOct 05 03:49
qu1j0t3schestowitz: that's KruganOct 05 03:50
schestowitzAnd no, I hadn't seen it till you showed meOct 05 03:50
qu1j0t3schestowitz: that's Krugman*Oct 05 03:50
schestowitzYeahOct 05 03:50
schestowitzI saw his wikipedia page a while backOct 05 03:50
qu1j0t3not usual NYT crap. wonder how long he'll last there...Oct 05 03:50
schestowitzHe's not too friendly t/w the westablishmentOct 05 03:50
qu1j0t3or maybe he's the token ACTIVISTOct 05 03:50
schestowitzAnother whom he reminds me of his StiglitzOct 05 03:50
qu1j0t3yes!Oct 05 03:51
qu1j0t3i was about to mention him.Oct 05 03:51
schestowitzButm aybe cause they are lookalikesOct 05 03:51
qu1j0t3no, no, Stiglitz has come out swinging.Oct 05 03:51
schestowitzRecently or always?Oct 05 03:51
qu1j0t3longer agoOct 05 03:51
schestowitzI only knew about him since '07Oct 05 03:51
qu1j0t3i haven't read his recent stuff.Oct 05 03:51
schestowitzHe was to be in WB/me chokesOct 05 03:51
qu1j0t3before 07 i think.Oct 05 03:51
qu1j0t3WB?Oct 05 03:51
schestowitzSometimes they turn bitterOct 05 03:51
schestowitzLike Linus PaulingOct 05 03:51
qu1j0t3oh yeahOct 05 03:51
schestowitzThen they get labeled "cranks"Oct 05 03:52
qu1j0t3yes.Oct 05 03:52
schestowitzThat's the word they use for that]Oct 05 03:52
qu1j0t3krugman has been lambasted this way forever.Oct 05 03:52
schestowitzWell, power to him thenOct 05 03:52
schestowitzI link to his columns a lot cause protests against bankers cite him a lotOct 05 03:52
schestowitzMoustache man might swing at him in a NYT panelOct 05 03:53
schestowitzRoad to DamascusOct 05 03:53
schestowitzRoad to IraqOct 05 03:53
schestowitzRoad to Gods with ChequebooksOct 05 03:53
qu1j0t3who was it who wouldn't shake hands with bush? Colbert at the correspondent's dinner?Oct 05 03:54
schestowitzJust got mail from activists in South AmericaOct 05 03:54
qu1j0t3Krugman shouldn't spit on Friedman.Oct 05 03:54
qu1j0t3Friedman the apologist for killersOct 05 03:54
schestowitzSOme  of them do Spanish translation of TechrightOct 05 03:54
qu1j0t3and torturersOct 05 03:54
schestowitzTechrightsOct 05 03:54
qu1j0t3oh really?Oct 05 03:54
schestowitzYeahOct 05 03:54
schestowitzThey target teachersOct 05 03:54
qu1j0t3jweyrich is in Brazil. He knows peopleOct 05 03:54
schestowitzEveryone knows people :-Oct 05 03:54
qu1j0t3and rnb was very active in South America, if he'd ever come back...Oct 05 03:54
schestowitzHe should be carefulOct 05 03:55
qu1j0t3i mean, he knows open source "activist" ppl in brazilOct 05 03:55
schestowitzWith Gates praising Coca-cola and funding it too, he could get killedOct 05 03:55
schestowitzWith payments from  Gods with ChequebooksOct 05 03:55
*oiaohm has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)Oct 05 05:07
*qu1j0t3 has quit (Quit: zzz)Oct 05 05:22
*abeNd-org has quit (Quit: Leaving.)Oct 05 06:00
schestowitz"no, but spammers _have_ to be stopped. Full stop." 05 06:05
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Twitter / Diego E. Pettenò: @schestowitz: no, but spam ... .::. Size~: 9.43 KBOct 05 06:05
schestowitz I had the same problems which cost me time and bandwidth moneyOct 05 06:05
schestowitzIt's the idea that if the BSA calls it "piracy", then they too can in some sense be called "pirates"Oct 05 06:24
MinceRi'd rather call them spammers and criminals. piracy is cool. :)Oct 05 06:55
schestowitz"@schestowitz Except that it's legal." 05 07:44
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Conversation - .::. Size~: 8.87 KBOct 05 07:44
schestowitzMinceR: it IS coolOct 05 07:45
schestowitzCause sites of p2pers called themselves thatOct 05 07:45
schestowitzI guess it woked for themOct 05 07:45
schestowitzThey hijacked the termOct 05 07:45
schestowitzAnd romantaised itOct 05 07:45
MinceRit's older than thatOct 05 07:47
MinceRand more far-reachingOct 05 07:47
MinceR 05 07:48
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Error processing the URL: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden .::. Size~: 0 KBOct 05 07:48
schestowitz "@schestowitz what you feel LibreOffice and KDE would gain from such an arrangement? of course, we do already collaborate on file formats."Oct 05 08:50
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Conversation - .::. Size~: 19.73 KBOct 05 08:50
schestowitzBack in the days KOffice people helped ODF by publicly collaborating with Sun's OOo. It looks good wrt sharing.Oct 05 08:51
schestowitz "@schestowitz but i can't see KDE in the TDF supporters list"Oct 05 09:05
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Conversation - .::. Size~: 8.77 KBOct 05 09:05
schestowitzThat's the point I was making...Oct 05 09:05
schestowitz"was tongue-in-cheek, ie a joke. Observation: your lack of humour goes with your lack of morality and your lack of integrity."!/jackschofield/status/26437107707Oct 05 09:07
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Twitter .::. Size~: 42.59 KBOct 05 09:07
schestowitzHe goes nasty nowOct 05 09:07
schestowitz"I feel sorry for your mother. If she knows what you're really like, she must be terribly ashamed of you."!/jackschofield/status/26437633966Oct 05 09:07
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Twitter .::. Size~: 42.34 KBOct 05 09:07
schestowitzThat's real mature of you, Jack. First you insult @rcweir and now me. Doesn't bode well for credibility.Oct 05 09:08
*schestowitz has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)Oct 05 09:14
schestowitz_log[09:08] <schestowitz> That's real mature of you, Jack. First you insult @rcweir and now me. Doesn't bode well for credibility.Oct 05 09:16
schestowitz_log[09:11] <schestowitz> "@schestowitz a positive thing that is still happening to this day. much more important than supportive quotes on a web site." 05 09:16
schestowitz_log[09:12] <schestowitz> "@schestowitz political gestures aside, its substantive hard work with results that has value. we do odf, LibreOffice is not KDE's struggle."Oct 05 09:16
schestowitz_log[09:12] <schestowitz> "@schestowitz some F/OSS quarters have too much internal politics, public grandstanding and general interference."Oct 05 09:16
schestowitz_log[09:12] <schestowitz> I was thinking about TDF more than about LibreOffice for KDEOct 05 09:16
schestowitz_log[09:13] <schestowitz> "@schestowitz i hope they will be joining with us :)"Oct 05 09:16
schestowitz_log[09:14] <schestowitz> see 05 09:16
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Conversation - .::. Size~: 13.99 KBOct 05 09:16
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Conversation - .::. Size~: 13.99 KBOct 05 09:16
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Conversation - .::. Size~: 13.99 KBOct 05 09:16
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Conversation - .::. Size~: 8.61 KBOct 05 09:16
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Conversation - .::. Size~: 8.61 KBOct 05 09:16
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Conversation - .::. Size~: 13.99 KBOct 05 09:16
*schestowitz (~schestowi@unaffiliated/schestowitz) has joined #boycottnovell-socialOct 05 09:17
schestowitz "At least it was a true statement. You wouldn't appear to know very much about those."Oct 05 09:35
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Twitter / Jack Schofield: @schestowitz At least it w ... .::. Size~: 12.54 KBOct 05 09:35
schestowitzIt was a false observation and a mistake for you to make because you can't enter people's mindsOct 05 09:36
schestowitz:-)Oct 05 09:36
schestowitzHe's being rudeOct 05 09:37
schestowitzWHich makes him just look badOct 05 09:37
schestowitzme: "@jackschofield advice: learn to accept criticism; what you do is resort to BIll O'Reilly type-tactics. Need I too ask about your mom?"Oct 05 09:40
schestowitzInsults from him I take as a complimentOct 05 09:41
schestowitzhe's a massive MSFT fanboyOct 05 09:41
schestowitzHis whole careerOct 05 09:42
*oiaohm (~oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovell-socialOct 05 10:46
schestowitz "@danishka that's great. but it isn't a reason for KDE to "throw its weight behind" TDF as requested by schestowitz."Oct 05 10:52
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Aaron Seigo (aseigo)'s status on Tuesday, 05-Oct-10 08:20:36 UTC - .::. Size~: 8.07 KBOct 05 10:52
oiaohmOk what is TDF schestowitzOct 05 11:10
Quadrescence 05 11:12
TechrightsBot-scTitle: English Russia » Kristina - Worlds Prettiest Russian Hacker? .::. Size~: 74.16 KBOct 05 11:12
schestowitzbut can she hack?Oct 05 11:13
schestowitzThey show a photo galleryOct 05 11:13
schestowitzNot code samplesOct 05 11:13
QuadrescencehahahaOct 05 11:13
schestowitz:-/Oct 05 11:13
schestowitzThere's that other one... what's her name?Oct 05 11:13
schestowitzFrom Qubos or somethingOct 05 11:13
schestowitzRussensomething..Oct 05 11:13
schestowitzHangs out with Kasper and doing rootkit stuff in PolandOct 05 11:14
schestowitzpoison pill at boot timeOct 05 11:14
oiaohmReally I am sorry compared to the one google female department lead who is a coder she is not that great.Oct 05 11:14
schestowitzNot Merissa, right?Oct 05 11:16
schestowitzMeyer/Mayer..?Oct 05 11:17
oiaohm  Yep schestowitz.  Boy her picture on the wikipedia is a shocker.Oct 05 11:24
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Marissa Mayer: The Visionary: Women of the Year: .::. Size~: 125.18 KBOct 05 11:24
oiaohm  << There are tones of better pictures of herOct 05 11:24
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Marissa Mayer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 36.62 KBOct 05 11:24
schestowitzDepends on thwe ageOct 05 11:25
schestowitzGoogle is 12Oct 05 11:25
schestowitzShe's one of the first employeesOct 05 11:26
schestowitzAnd women ages differentlyOct 05 11:26
schestowitzoiaohm: she's about 35 nowOct 05 11:26
schestowitzThey used to put an older picture of hers when she was a young CS ladyOct 05 11:27
oiaohmThat link for 2009 was a 2009 photo of her.  schestowitzOct 05 11:27
oiaohmShe has very few photos in 2010.   Ie wikipedia went for one of the more current but baddy taken out side a event.Oct 05 11:28
oiaohmYou can see she is squiting over flashes and basically grinning and bearing it.Oct 05 11:29
oiaohmNot a state for a nice looking photo.Oct 05 11:29
Quadrescence 05 11:40
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Frances E. Allen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 54.19 KBOct 05 11:40
*abeNd-org ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialOct 05 13:16
abeNd-org looks like ms is finally tooling up bpos to compete with google apps (joe's comment at the end is sad "i dont want to learn anymore")Oct 05 14:50
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Microsoft: Office Web Apps Coming to BPOS - Yahoo! News .::. Size~: 122.82 KBOct 05 14:50
oiaohmabeNd-org: So ms is competing against there own products how cool.Oct 05 14:51
abeNd-orgbpos is sold to a different customer, those folks are usually "all about the cloud"Oct 05 15:06
abeNd-orgms does have pretty good lock-in with public libraries, they almost all use deepfreeze to manage the patron machines & cassie or something like it (patron management system) - none of which support a linux desktop. plus the price that they do pay through is pennies...hard to go linux if what they want to do cant be doneOct 05 15:11
oiaohmdeepfreese does not exist in vista and windows 7 abeNd-orgOct 05 15:14
oiaohmAnd funny enough MS Office web apps run on Linux machines.Oct 05 15:17
abeNd-orgdeepfreeze by faronics supports vista/win7Oct 05 15:21
abeNd-orgis there anything like it in the linux world?Oct 05 15:22
oiaohmlocking system state against alteration.  That is really simple todo in Linux.Oct 05 15:22
abeNd-organd none of the patron management systems ive worked with have a linux equiv, and those tie into the ILS which keeps track of computer signon so the patrons dont need help logging in every time (not to mention printing/etc)Oct 05 15:23
abeNd-orgoia can you unlock all the machines at once in order to do scheduled updates in an automated fashion?Oct 05 15:24
oiaohmYes.Oct 05 15:24
oiaohmRemember Unlike windows same image of Linux can be deployed on everything.Oct 05 15:24
oiaohmThink how livecd's work.  abeNd-orgOct 05 15:25
*gnufreex ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialOct 05 15:26
oiaohmSo you have a master server that makes and update image.   Even better the image can be stored server side.Oct 05 15:26
oiaohmSo client having harddrives is optional. abeNd-orgOct 05 15:26
abeNd-orgwhat of patron management? The cassie system i noted before - 05 15:26
TechrightsBot-scTitle: CASSIE - Features Overview .::. Size~: 6.44 KBOct 05 15:27
oiaohmThere are also many ways to do that as well abeNd-orgOct 05 15:27
abeNd-organd cassie ties into the ILS (plenty of commercial ones & one opensource one, so unless it can tie into evergreen & the such, then libraries wouldnt consider itOct 05 15:28
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Error processing the URL: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found .::. Size~: 0 KBOct 05 15:28
oiaohmThere are many internet cafe control software for Linux that do the same features as cassieOct 05 15:30
oiaohmJust its lacking someone to do the intergration back to openils and the like.Oct 05 15:30
oiaohmNot impossible.Oct 05 15:30
schestowitz"I don't object to criticism, just to distortions and lies. If you tried to be honest you might be more accurate." 05 15:31
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Twitter / Jack Schofield: @schestowitz I don't objec ... .::. Size~: 12.6 KBOct 05 15:31
abeNd-orggetting the folks who run openils to add basic library functionality is like pulling teeth, they wont add anything fancyOct 05 15:31
schestowitz"It was an entirely true and correct observation: ie mine. Anyone with any human understanding would understand that." 05 15:31
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Twitter / Jack Schofield: @schestowitz It was an ent ... .::. Size~: 12.61 KBOct 05 15:31
abeNd-organd not everyone in the world who wants an option in a software product is a programmerOct 05 15:31
oiaohmReally I have some sad facts about the third party deep frease.  Its beatable.  abeNd-orgOct 05 15:31
oiaohmHaving a local harddrive that is bios writable only takes creatively to work out how to get there. abeNd-orgOct 05 15:32
abeNd-orgoh i know deep freeze is not perfect, but it is better than just giving a patron a plain windows workstation (even if they are not local admin & the machine is running AV).Oct 05 15:33
oiaohmLinux system network share read only or hardware write protected ie livecd or physical locker is far better.Oct 05 15:33
abeNd-orgright, but if it doesnt tie back into the ILS, its useless to the libraryOct 05 15:34
oiaohmopen ils can operate inside the locked down lives.Oct 05 15:34
oiaohmThe two management systems are independant  but workable.Oct 05 15:34
oiaohmI have used combination internet cafe software for linux and open ils before in libraries.Oct 05 15:35
abeNd-orgwhat patron management system do you use that worked with openils (evergreen)?Oct 05 15:37
schestowitz[11:27] <oiaohm> That link for 2009 was a 2009 photo of her.  schestowitzOct 05 15:38
schestowitzWhen you're a hacker you have no faceOct 05 15:39
schestowitzIt's just your packets that countOct 05 15:39
schestowitzFor me too when I write in techrights it doesn't matter what I do or look like, typos would matter a LOT moreOct 05 15:39
schestowitzSo this whole "hot hacker" thing is turning women into objects in this fieldOct 05 15:39
schestowitzCould deter some from joiningOct 05 15:40
abeNd-orgUserful DiscoverStation looks like it supportslinux, but its $5,220/year for 15 workstations, which defeats the purpose of going opensource :POct 05 15:40
oiaohm one I have used for usage management.  abeNd-org  there are tones of others.   abeNd-orgOct 05 15:44
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Mkahawa - Open-Source Cyber / Internet Cafe Management Software .::. Size~: 4.31 KBOct 05 15:44
oiaohmAll unlimited on numbers of clients supported most OS netural. abeNd-orgOct 05 15:44
abeNd-orgright right, fine for cybercafe, but did those tie directly into the library ILS? really dont want to create a 2nd user for the same person in another system (already understaffed, want to make things easier for them, not more difficult)Oct 05 15:46
oiaohmCurrently no.Oct 05 15:46
oiaohmLot of cases where I use it they don't care.Oct 05 15:46
abeNd-orgall the libraries i work with care deeplyOct 05 15:47
oiaohmTechically briding the userdatebases would be possible.Oct 05 15:47
abeNd-orgthey are far too busy to maintain multiple user lists when everything should tie to their library cardOct 05 15:47
oiaohmFunny enough lot here scan library card and create user when they first pay into the cafeOct 05 15:49
oiaohmAnd have it set to auto terminate user completely when there money runs out.Oct 05 15:49
oiaohmSo intergration has not been a big worry to them.Oct 05 15:50
oiaohmBoth systems take care of themselfs quite well.  Also have the advantage of not screwing up just because 1 crashes.Oct 05 15:50
oiaohmThere is such thing as over intergrating.  abeNd-orgOct 05 15:51
abeNd-orghere the integration is crucial, especially with small town library consortiums where everyone uses the same back end ILS system, patrons can go to any library in the system & sign into a computer or check out a book using a library card from any library in the system. if you took integration away from that, it would be unworkableOct 05 15:52
schestowitzme: "@jackschofield you assume to know everything better than everyone else. If you find an error, please report, no sweeping statements." "@jackschofield One more thing--try being polite"Oct 05 15:53
oiaohmRunning here is 2 parrell systems  abeNd-orgOct 05 15:53
oiaohmOne with money.  One with books.  abeNd-orgOct 05 15:53
abeNd-orgwhich is what you are used to, but with this case they are used to total integration, anything less would be considered going backwards & pointlessOct 05 15:54
oiaohmAlso using mkahawa it is possible to have a user on the machine not mkahawa managed.Oct 05 15:54
oiaohmwith internet and printer access blocked.Oct 05 15:55
abeNd-orgheh, figures - TechSoup for Libraries is an initiative of TechSoup Global , a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizationOct 05 15:55
abeNd-org  Funding for TechSoup Global's MaintainIT Project came from the Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationOct 05 15:55
oiaohmThis was not considered going backwards abeNd-orgOct 05 15:55
oiaohmBy spliting the two systems made failures less harmful.Oct 05 15:56
oiaohmAt least some functionality remained.Oct 05 15:56
oiaohmRemember what I said about over intergration.  abeNd-orgOct 05 15:57
oiaohmHere had the complete lock stock and barrel keel over and die.Oct 05 15:57
oiaohmNice when a key building takes a direct lighting strike.Oct 05 15:58
abeNd-orgthats where the verified offsite backup is helpfulOct 05 15:59
oiaohmThe current setup can run the internet cafe if book tracking is down.  Or if the internet cafe money tracking is down run free access for a while.Oct 05 16:00
oiaohmOr local billing.Oct 05 16:00
oiaohmSo backups delayed does not equal dead stop of operations.Oct 05 16:01
abeNd-orgi guess ill keep looking for future options, for now tax money or grants have paid for the computers & software, when those get outdated ill look back into the pure linux solution & perhaps things will have maturedOct 05 16:01
oiaohmReally no one is currently working on intergration between the two.Oct 05 16:02
schestowitz"@schestowitz @aseigo both #koffice and #ooo (and many others) will be at the Brussels #odfplugfest by the way :-)"!/BartHanssens/status/26441287247  << to clarify , it was in IRC where someone thought kde left out from the list was surprising, then I saw aseigo's commentsOct 05 16:02
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Program | ODF Plugfest .::. Size~: 11.67 KBOct 05 16:02
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Twitter .::. Size~: 42.23 KBOct 05 16:02
oiaohmSince for people like me there is no real need.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:02
abeNd-orgwhich is why i think most public libraries here see there is no alternative to microsoft & just "go with the flow"Oct 05 16:03
oiaohm 05 16:04
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Site Temporarily Unavailable .::. Size~: 0.32 KBOct 05 16:04
oiaohmHmmOct 05 16:04
oiaohmReally bad answer abeNd-orgOct 05 16:04
oiaohmThere are lot of Linux internet cafe solutions that are solid.Oct 05 16:04
oiaohmThere are quite resonable book tracking for linux.Oct 05 16:05
oiaohmJust that no one has bother to merge them does not mean that you will get more relibality out of Microsoft.Oct 05 16:05
abeNd-orgif you talk to a librarian they wont accept a solution that does not have 100% functional ILS integration like the windows solution has, sorry to say, but they dont care what OS it runs on, as long as it does what they wantOct 05 16:05
oiaohmProblem is I have talked to librarians.Oct 05 16:06
abeNd-orgyes, but the current solution running on top of the ms OS does what they want, said options they want arent out there in the linux worldOct 05 16:06
abeNd-orgperhaps the librarians weve worked with are a different breed :)Oct 05 16:06
MinceRand as long as they want random crashes, slowness, instability and insecurity, winblows will fulfill their needs :>Oct 05 16:06
FurnaceBoyyay for inertiaOct 05 16:06
FurnaceBoyclueless, self destructive inertiaOct 05 16:06
FurnaceBoylazy, ignorant inertiaOct 05 16:06
FurnaceBoyand all its permutationsOct 05 16:06
FurnaceBoyhooray!Oct 05 16:07
oiaohmBig thing that won them over for me was when they saw my demo system start up.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:07
*FurnaceBoy goes to make coffeeOct 05 16:07
MinceR(forgot other reliability issues, such as turning off the monitor and refusing to turn it on again until you reboot)Oct 05 16:07
abeNd-orggive me cassie for linux & I am there, & so are the librariansOct 05 16:07
oiaohmServer booted in under 32 seconds to fully operational from cold.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:07
oiaohmClients over network firing up in under 20.Oct 05 16:07
oiaohmAnd updates and the rest all done not having to worry about it.Oct 05 16:08
abeNd-orgthat zencafe sure would have been nice to have when i was in s.korea at the hostile thereOct 05 16:08
oiaohmHardest point was the Linux systems missing anti-virus software.Oct 05 16:08
oiaohmUntil I pointed out when a person leave a terminal it reboots.Oct 05 16:09
abeNd-orgkaspersky business space is what a lot of them use around here & it has linux supportOct 05 16:09
FurnaceBoyright.Oct 05 16:09
oiaohmSo any infection of that terminal is killed there an then.Oct 05 16:09
abeNd-orgyes, but it is running & infecting other machines, possibly even the non-patron machines on the networkOct 05 16:09
oiaohmunder 20 second reboot time.Oct 05 16:09
oiaohmits standard policy for every machine.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:10
oiaohmBar the serverOct 05 16:10
abeNd-orgso you still need local AV in hopes to catch that stuff & stop it in the first place. sure a reboot will fix that local machine, but that virus is now tagging staff computers & people who brought their laptops inOct 05 16:10
oiaohmAnd the server does scan user files.Oct 05 16:10
oiaohmIe rebooting only leaves one location for the virus to live.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:11
oiaohmStaff computers don't have storage in them.Oct 05 16:11
oiaohmFile server is scanning.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:12
abeNd-orgif it spread, especially to staff computers (they need to spend their time working, not rebooting to clear a virus) or laptops brought in by patrons...Oct 05 16:12
oiaohmSo yes anti-virus only for file servers.Oct 05 16:12
oiaohmReally issue here file servers run nothing.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:12
oiaohmNormal users don't log into them.Oct 05 16:12
oiaohmIt would have to be a exceptional virus to root kit them.Oct 05 16:13
oiaohmAnd I do mean a 1 in 10 year or longer event.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:13
FurnaceBoyi would use disposable environments/ snapshots. malware never gets stored, period...Oct 05 16:13
oiaohmClient side anti-virus can be defeated.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:13
oiaohmMy system will not be defeated any of the normal ways abeNd-orgOct 05 16:14
abeNd-orgok ok, point taken with the disposable environment.Oct 05 16:14
oiaohmAlso remember reboot also means any update the server has done to image since the last time they run gets pushed out.Oct 05 16:16
oiaohmSo its closing down secuirty weaknesses in the clients as well.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:16
abeNd-orgi guess i would just have to see how well this would work in "real life", if patrons could login with their ILS information & printing/etc was still tracked then it would suit the needs of the libraryOct 05 16:17
oiaohmReally it should be possible to join the user databased of a internet cafe software and the ils if someone puts in the effort.Oct 05 16:18
abeNd-org*that* is the sticking pointOct 05 16:18
abeNd-org*who* will put in that effort?Oct 05 16:18
oiaohmBut I really don't have any need to.Oct 05 16:18
oiaohmThink about it the system I use works.Oct 05 16:18
abeNd-orgnot me, i am not a programmer, not the librarians as they are not programmers, but it is functionality they have now & would continue to desire for future usageOct 05 16:19
oiaohmSo I have no reason to mess with it.  No viruses no out of date machines.Oct 05 16:19
oiaohmGoing to a single login system would mean I would have the case of a single point of failure to bring house down.Oct 05 16:20
oiaohmSo undermining all my defensive design of the network.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:20
oiaohmLaptops brought and wireless access are done in a independant system as well abeNd-orgOct 05 16:20
oiaohmThat just happens to be a Linux internet cafe supporting wireless router.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:21
oiaohmA pair of them.Oct 05 16:21
abeNd-orgim not arguing that your system doesnt work, my main thing is the ILS integration, which you said no one is working on, so thats the end of it, as according to the librarians i work with lack of that option that would be a deal breaker (and why they havent seriously considered linux up to this point)Oct 05 16:22
oiaohmPer location.Oct 05 16:22
oiaohmabeNd-org: that is part of the issue I was having.Oct 05 16:23
oiaohmOnce they saw how the system would and does perform they changed there mind.Oct 05 16:23
oiaohmParticularly how responsive correctly setup Linux machines are abeNd-orgOct 05 16:24
oiaohmMissing out on that little intergration feature was offset by how fast the over all system would respond.Oct 05 16:24
abeNd-organd since the microsoft office webapps seem to work on linux, people cant complain that they arent able to open their files on linux :)Oct 05 16:24
oiaohmopenoffice was on the clients and I was lucky the libraries here could not afford MS Office for the internet cafe area.Oct 05 16:25
oiaohmTurns out if you read the fine print cheep version could not be used for machines used to make profit. abeNd-orgOct 05 16:25
oiaohmFrom paying users.Oct 05 16:26
abeNd-orgwith techsoup it is $15/each std, pro $24Oct 05 16:26
oiaohmcharitable classification?Oct 05 16:26
abeNd-orgim not sure if offers its notforprofit deals outside the USOct 05 16:26
oiaohmRead closer.Oct 05 16:27
abeNd-orgyea, any 501c3 or libraryOct 05 16:27
oiaohmWe have our own equal here.Oct 05 16:27
oiaohmdonatech.Oct 05 16:27
oiaohmThe fine print was nasty.  You could run and charage classes on it.Oct 05 16:27
oiaohmBut you could not run a internet cafe with it on or be selling internet access.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:27
abeNd-orgright, that wouldnt be considered a not-for-profit hereOct 05 16:28
oiaohmThat is the catch here.Oct 05 16:28
abeNd-orgmost public libraries offer all their services for free, other than overdue books & charge you for printing/faxingOct 05 16:28
oiaohmHere wants to be able to charage for internet usage time.Oct 05 16:29
oiaohmAs well as printing.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:29
oiaohmSo the MS stuff was basically no go.Oct 05 16:29
oiaohmIn the internet access section.Oct 05 16:30
abeNd-orgim sure if techsoup didnt offer nearly free software to public libraries our stories would be far more similarOct 05 16:31
oiaohmSoftware here is also nearly free. abeNd-orgOct 05 16:31
oiaohmSpeed of windows is against it.Oct 05 16:32
oiaohmAnd limitations on what you can charge on was also against it.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:32
abeNd-orgsupport is also the other issueOct 05 16:33
*Quadrescence has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)Oct 05 16:33
abeNd-orgif *I* go away, the libarians would be SOL since most likely most other techs wouldnt know the system, even if i documented it wellOct 05 16:33
oiaohmIts not like MS gives great support.Oct 05 16:33
abeNd-orgthey would just rip it out & replace it with MSOct 05 16:33
oiaohmRedhat support contract.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:34
abeNd-orgyes, but you cant throw a stone without hitting someone who "knows" ms products, 95% of them are scared to touch linuxOct 05 16:34
abeNd-orgso it would just be rip & replaceOct 05 16:34
oiaohmBad arguement.Oct 05 16:35
abeNd-orgoh yes, i fully agreeOct 05 16:35
oiaohmOne library in the set did trying rip and replace.Oct 05 16:35
oiaohmThey have returned to the Linux system.Oct 05 16:35
abeNd-orghowever bad judgment reigns supreme :)Oct 05 16:35
oiaohmNot really.Oct 05 16:36
oiaohmTech almost got linghed.Oct 05 16:36
oiaohmend up paying for a redhat training to bring his MS ass up to speed.Oct 05 16:36
abeNd-orgive seen some school districts clean house of their tech staff after they tried going linuxOct 05 16:37
abeNd-org& go back to msOct 05 16:37
oiaohmMost is because it was done wrong.Oct 05 16:37
abeNd-orgso financially, there is a big deterrent go going linuxOct 05 16:37
oiaohmAnd the tech staff were idiots.Oct 05 16:37
oiaohmrip and replace never ever works.Oct 05 16:37
oiaohmwith Linux or windows.Oct 05 16:37
abeNd-orgeven if it was done right, there are so many opponents to linux & ms-proponents that it was doomed to fail anywaysOct 05 16:38
oiaohmabeNd-org: again no.Oct 05 16:38
oiaohmdone wrong you run into opponents.Oct 05 16:38
oiaohmDone right you don't even seen them.Oct 05 16:38
oiaohmKey is speed.Oct 05 16:39
oiaohmA Linux conversion from windows takes 3 to 4 years. abeNd-orgOct 05 16:39
oiaohmarea by area.Oct 05 16:39
*Quadrescence (~Quad@unaffiliated/quadrescence) has joined #boycottnovell-socialOct 05 16:40
oiaohmReverse also takes as long when the system is fully in place.Oct 05 16:40
abeNd-orgohhh yes, i also work as a consultant, and i have seen  plenty of bleed-blue microsoft supporting C-level executives that have completely fired IT people/groups for even using lotus notes/novell groupwise/open exchange instead of using microsoft exchangeOct 05 16:40
abeNd-orgits golf course IT decisions, which is why the iPhone got so popular...not that anyone actually gets any real work done with it ( but it is hip & cool, thus all executives & people full of themselves want to be seen with oneOct 05 16:42
TechrightsBot-scTitle: GWAVA Press Release: Press Release .::. Size~: 15.74 KBOct 05 16:42
oiaohmNone of them you listed have any major selling features over exchange.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:42
abeNd-orgeven though the thing didnt even support exchange email for a good long whileOct 05 16:42
oiaohmThere are others I have got up in business due to them being able to provide extra reduncancy.Oct 05 16:43
oiaohmRemember I design secure networks with data intergrity and the like in mind.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:43
oiaohmI don't look at Linux as cost cutting.  I am looking at it as problem prevention.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:44
oiaohmSo I am able to document quite effective counter defense.Oct 05 16:44
oiaohmI am not past using windows terminal services with linux providing remote desktop for some applications either in businesses where it suits or having a limtied number of windows machines for particular tasks.Oct 05 16:45
abeNd-orgperhaps .au execs are willing to spend the money on something that works, stateside execs (who are the ones who decide the money, not IT people) only want what is cool, & what is cool to them is iPhones & exchange, and to get rid of anyone who doesnt have the same mindset. security is not their problem or concern, thats why they have IT people they can fire for virus outbreaksOct 05 16:45
oiaohmAlso I don't spend more.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:46
oiaohmiphones intergrate quite well with the replacements to exchange I use.Oct 05 16:46
abeNd-orgcosts dont matter, you mention iphones & exchange & wallets open up, its freaking scaryOct 05 16:46
oiaohmI normally use side ways replications on mail servers.Oct 05 16:46
oiaohmIe 1 mail server fails another at another location collects the mail and no one notices it missing.Oct 05 16:47
FurnaceBoyabeNd-org: yeah that sounds accurate. :)Oct 05 16:47
oiaohmI like exchange abeNd-org for me.Oct 05 16:47
oiaohmI can depend on the bugger failing and losing large amounts of there emails.Oct 05 16:47
oiaohmSo getting my foot in the door from doing data recovery on it.Oct 05 16:48
oiaohmYes I am the IT equal to ambulance chaser.Oct 05 16:48
schestowitz[What do you call an exchange n00b? AN exchange student.]Oct 05 16:48
abeNd-orgoiao I am a consultant as well, i consider it "network janitorial work"Oct 05 16:48
oiaohmI have many demo systems that I can display there windows plans.Oct 05 16:49
oiaohmAnd my plansOct 05 16:49
oiaohmNice having a 20 machine lab at my disposal for demos.   abeNd-orgOct 05 16:50
abeNd-orgnot a fat VM system?Oct 05 16:51
oiaohmI guess you are not setup like that abeNd-orgOct 05 16:51
oiaohmI mean a real room 20 + real machines.Oct 05 16:51
abeNd-orgi dont have the physical boxes, just the fat VM systemOct 05 16:51
oiaohmThat I can do what ever I need to in front of client.Oct 05 16:52
oiaohmTo demo the weakness in there plans. and to let them attempt to pull my plans apart.Oct 05 16:52
oiaohmIts funny watching some of the smart ass MS people find them selfs in a scary location.Oct 05 16:52
oiaohmWhere its put up now on this demo network.Oct 05 16:52
oiaohmA fat vm system does not have the means to have the people sit at the new setup and tell you want is wrong.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:54
oiaohmNote the consoltants in my area share the lab.  abeNd-orgOct 05 16:55
oiaohmThe lab means in my area most MS people see Linux systems and don't rip out walk away.   Because they know the bosses here will expect before deployment demos.Oct 05 17:00
abeNd-orghere "no one has the time" for anything like that (because they are too busy playing with ifart apps on their iphones)Oct 05 17:01
oiaohmMind you the lab does turn a profit in its own right.  abeNd-orgOct 05 17:01
oiaohmIts side use is lan gaming venue.  abeNd-orgOct 05 17:02
*gnufreex has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Oct 05 17:02
abeNd-orgniceOct 05 17:02
abeNd-orgive seen some places like that around here, usually just pure lan gaming, but they usually go out of business, even in the college townsOct 05 17:03
oiaohmThey usually go out of business because maintaince of the hardware is not done.Oct 05 17:04
oiaohmOr costs too much abeNd-orgOct 05 17:04
abeNd-orgor they were run by lazy college students. same thing with coffee houses around hereOct 05 17:05
oiaohmYep.Oct 05 17:05
oiaohmThe consultants brings rules and maintainer ship to the lan gaming system.Oct 05 17:05
abeNd-orgthat is a big helpOct 05 17:06
oiaohmThe lan gamers bring cuts of tordorment wins.Oct 05 17:06
oiaohmAnd ongoing member ship fees.Oct 05 17:06
abeNd-orgguessing you have to do windows for some games, since the likes of halo & such that seem to be so popular are only on windows (or xbox)Oct 05 17:06
oiaohmYep.Oct 05 17:06
abeNd-orgbootable usbkey for that?Oct 05 17:07
oiaohmAnd windows servers for some games.Oct 05 17:07
oiaohmThat network has stacks of drives different combinations.Oct 05 17:07
oiaohmIts a demo space so yes it gets beaten up abeNd-orgOct 05 17:07
oiaohmGamers and us the hardware has a hard life.Oct 05 17:08
abeNd-orgi was thinking of doing some lan gaming at one library that has 7 new amd64/4gb machines (newly donated)Oct 05 17:08
abeNd-orgnot like i have the time to make that a reality on my own :)Oct 05 17:08
oiaohmStrict rule no food or drinks anywhere on the machines.Oct 05 17:08
abeNd-organd a "you must shower the morning of" rule too?Oct 05 17:09
oiaohmWe have a 2 meter food and drink exculsion zone.Oct 05 17:09
oiaohmNo in building shower cold water only.  abeNd-orgOct 05 17:09
oiaohmYou turn up stinking you will be going in if you like it or not.Oct 05 17:09
abeNd-orgheh, that is one nasty computer-person stereotype that is too trueOct 05 17:10
abeNd-orgheh, that sounds like a scene out of a prison movie...Oct 05 17:10
oiaohmSo far no one of the consultants has had todo it yet.Oct 05 17:10
oiaohmThe hot water system busted 8 years ago.  abeNd-orgOct 05 17:10
oiaohmSo far no one has paid for it to be replaced.Oct 05 17:11
abeNd-orgi wish i had some other like minded folks around, but I live out in BFE, where it seems im one of the fewOct 05 17:12
oiaohmIt took us a while to get all joined up here.Oct 05 17:13
oiaohmI am of to beedOct 05 17:13
abeNd-orgive tried dealing with the "local" user groups, but those are usually 50+ miles away & in traffic that could be over 90 minutesOct 05 17:13
oiaohmbedOct 05 17:13
*oiaohm has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Oct 05 17:14
abeNd-orgthanks for all the info, ill look into thoseOct 05 17:14
abeNd-orgoops, hes goneOct 05 17:14
schestowitzyeahOct 05 17:54
schestowitzHe always leaves without prior warning. Always.Oct 05 17:54
schestowitzIf it were in real life, he's be like one old teacher of mine who would just flee the classroom without properly closingOct 05 17:55
schestowitzYou can be in a middle of the discussion and as you talk *swoosh* he's doneOct 05 17:55
schestowitz*gonewOct 05 17:55
MinceR 05 18:03
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MinceR 05 18:06
TechrightsBot-scTitle: 3915f70c017a86b717c77697db41cc75.jpg » : How do YOU do it.. really how..  .::. Size~: 9.59 KBOct 05 18:06
schestowitzMinceR: :->Oct 05 18:22
schestowitzI love those images you post hereOct 05 18:23
MinceR:)Oct 05 18:26
MinceR 05 18:29
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Strange guy emails chive to remove lol jesus pictures theCHIVE .::. Size~: 94.59 KBOct 05 18:29
schestowitzDid you find this in the Microsoft-sponsored Reddit?Oct 05 18:37
MinceRnopeOct 05 18:39
MinceRi've found it on an irc channelOct 05 18:39
MinceRhave you seen m$ ads on reddit?Oct 05 18:39
schestowitzJust MSIEOct 05 18:42
schestowitz"First they killed all the [x]...."Oct 05 18:43
MinceRjust the one "news" post?Oct 05 18:43
schestowitzI reckon with all the MSIE fawning some Microsoft ISV thought, "hey, this reedit thing is OK, let's join"Oct 05 18:43
schestowitzReddit can be seen less as a friend of FOSS nowOct 05 18:44
schestowitzDigg/Rose (its idol) are seen as MAC MAC all the wayOct 05 18:44
schestowitzPeople choose social networks based on thatOct 05 18:44
schestowitzThis is why I read /. and now NeowinOct 05 18:44
schestowitzEntryism effect.... more Microsoft apologists there->Linux folks get pissed off and leave->more Microsoft sympathy left -> more Windows ISVs joiningOct 05 18:45
schestowitzReddit made the first wrong stepOct 05 18:45
schestowitzLike Digg signing MS deadlOct 05 18:45
schestowitzLike Digg signing MS dealOct 05 18:45
schestowitzMany Linux/UNIX folks left in protestOct 05 18:45
schestowitzWhy contribute voluntarily to a Microsoft feeder?Oct 05 18:46
MinceRwhat's with neowin? wikipedia says they're focused on winblowsOct 05 18:46
schestowitzyeahOct 05 18:47
schestowitzI did a post about itOct 05 18:47
schestowitzopenbytes did tooOct 05 18:47
abeNd-orgwell they do have "win" in the name...Oct 05 18:47
schestowitzNewLin :-)Oct 05 18:48
abeNd-orgdoesnt ms even own part of linked-in?Oct 05 18:48
schestowitzNope AFAIKOct 05 18:48
schestowitzJust FBOct 05 18:48
schestowitz5% IIRCOct 05 18:48
schestowitzSo that Google can't buy FBOct 05 18:48
schestowitzSays Enderle TrollOct 05 18:48
schestowitzAnd he may know cause he works with RedmondOct 05 18:49
abeNd-orgoh it was newscorp who was looking to buy linked in awhile backOct 05 18:49
schestowitzthey killed myspaceOct 05 19:26
schestowitzlet them buy FBOct 05 19:26
schestowitzI want that killed :-)Oct 05 19:27
schestowitzlinkedin I actually use, so I hope they leave that aloneOct 05 19:27
abeNd-orgheh, myspace died on its own accordOct 05 19:51
abeNd-orgas soon as FB opened up to non-students everyone migratedOct 05 19:52
abeNd-orgmyspace is the run down corner of the internet that even the slumlords have abandonedOct 05 19:52
MinceR 05 19:56
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schestowitzabeNd-org: HehOct 05 19:56
FurnaceBoy /. also runs MS ads...Oct 05 20:00
schestowitzFOr many yearsOct 05 20:01
schestowitzReddit is differentOct 05 20:01
schestowitzAssuming that is the ocontext within which you bring it upOct 05 20:02
schestowitzSee my posts about what Reddit did (I wrote twie)Oct 05 20:02
schestowitz*twice too :-)Oct 05 20:02
schestowitz 05 20:02
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Reddit Took Money From Microsoft to Help the IE9/Vista 7 Marketing Blitz, Which Failed | Techrights .::. Size~: 115.01 KBOct 05 20:02
schestowitzThat's the second, the first is this (Shorter)Oct 05 20:03
schestowitz 05 20:03
TechrightsBot-scTitle: IE9 Release Will Harm Web Standards (CSS3), Reddit Helps It | Techrights .::. Size~: 109.1 KBOct 05 20:03
*gnufreex ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialOct 05 20:03
abeNd-orgheh, i had to run yahoo ads since google bounced me for "fraud" on my site, now yahoo is dead...i havent bothered looking elsewhere to generate revenueOct 05 20:12
MinceR(flash) (video) (audio) 05 20:20
TechrightsBot-scTitle: the sound of science // - antikrea blog - .::. Size~: 24.53 KBOct 05 20:20
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: : 05 20:33
TechrightsBot-scTitle:  Sex workers celebrate as Canada court lifts ban on brothels | World news | The Guardian  .::. Size~: 70.05 KBOct 05 20:33
schestowitzRelates to what we talked about the other day...Oct 05 20:34
schestowitzMinceR:"but science is just a religion" :-)Oct 05 20:35
schestowitzFurnaceBoy: 05 20:36
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Error processing the URL: HTTP/1.1 200 ok .::. Size~: 0 KBOct 05 20:36
schestowitz 05 20:46
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Former PM Laisenia Qarase's plea failed to save Fijian Josefa Rauluni |  The Australian .::. Size~: 57.59 KBOct 05 20:46
schestowitz 05 20:50
TechrightsBot-scTitle: FBI Raids Homes of Antiwar and Pro-Palestinian Activists in Chicago and Minneapolis .::. Size~: 57.77 KBOct 05 20:50
schestowitz 05 20:51
TechrightsBot-scTitle:  Blair's case for Iraq invasion was self-serving, lawyers tell Chilcot inquiry | UK news | The Guardian  .::. Size~: 84.58 KBOct 05 20:51
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FurnaceBoyschestowitz: :|Oct 05 21:30
schestowitzI know, I know... just FYIOct 05 21:34
schestowitzLike Texas schools post 2010Oct 05 21:35
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schestowitz 05 21:47
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Primal Carnage Dropping The GNU/Linux Port «  Linux Gaming News .::. Size~: 53.94 KBOct 05 21:47
schestowitzFehOct 05 21:47
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