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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 22nd, 2010

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schestowitzjono: pingDec 22 20:49
jonoschestowitz heyDec 22 20:58
schestowitzHey mate, I'm thinking about writing a book based on my 4+ years covering NovellDec 22 21:01
schestowitzSOmething explaining how the deal affected the companyDec 22 21:01
schestowitzI wanted to ask you, what kind of download/sale numbers are you seeing?Dec 22 21:01
schestowitzI just don't generally know what reach books have these days, esp. without major publishersDec 22 21:02
jonoit all depends on how the publisher promotes itDec 22 21:02
schestowitzWe had this discussion over  a year agoDec 22 21:03
jonoTAoC seems to be doing well, selling a bunch of copiesDec 22 21:03
schestowitzBack then I had less time to write a book and less reason too. Now Novell is history.Dec 22 21:03
jonoif you get a decent publisher, they will push itDec 22 21:03
jonoI think it would be an interesting, if controvertial, bookDec 22 21:03
schestowitzjono: what order oif magnitude for your book? Thousands?Dec 22 21:03
jonothousandsDec 22 21:03
schestowitzThat's very goodDec 22 21:03
schestowitz[21:03] <jono> I think it would be an interesting, if controvertial, bookDec 22 21:04
schestowitzDoesn't matter who writes itDec 22 21:04
schestowitzTHe topic is controversialDec 22 21:04
jonoindeedDec 22 21:04
jonojust be careful with your facts - you may get suedDec 22 21:04
schestowitzPJ gets blowback nowDec 22 21:04
schestowitzFor the new Novell pieceDec 22 21:04
jonoyeaDec 22 21:06
jonojust be careful - you need to make sure your content is rock solid, otherwise you could be open to litigationDec 22 21:06
schestowitzjono: it's usually interpretationsDec 22 21:07
schestowitzWhen people disagree with how I view thingsDec 22 21:07
jonopossibly, but there is difference between people online slamming you and you being ask to go to courDec 22 21:08
jonotDec 22 21:08
jononot saying you shouldn't do it, just be carefulDec 22 21:08
schestowitzThe pertinent facts are rarely challenged and I cite the sources they come from, the sworn enemies exaggerate the accuracy being deficientDec 22 21:08
schestowitzjono: UK libel law is crazyDec 22 21:08
schestowitzYou're in California now. Burden of proof on plaintiff.Dec 22 21:09
MinceRcan you publish from a country with saner laws?Dec 22 21:09
schestowitzMaybe I'll move to Florida for a whileDec 22 21:10
schestowitzBe with relatives of mineDec 22 21:10
schestowitzBut that won't help when I return to the UKDec 22 21:10
MinceRicDec 22 21:10
jonojust something to be bear in mind schestowitzDec 22 21:10
schestowitzIt's not about where you write/publish itDec 22 21:10
schestowitzLibel law is also censorship utilityDec 22 21:11
schestowitzPJ hides, address wideDec 22 21:11
schestowitz*wiseDec 22 21:11
schestowitzSCO threatened her AFAIKDec 22 21:11
schestowitzI heard they also tried to serve her a subpoenaDec 22 21:11
schestowitzNovell is now run by a cowboy like McBrideDec 22 21:13
schestowitzOne who would spray dozens of massive bison with bullets in a fit of outrageDec 22 21:13
schestowitzLand of the free (bullets)Dec 22 21:13
schestowitzImagine if it was CHina Dec 22 21:14
MinceRland of the handful of free people who abuse their power planetwideDec 22 21:14
schestowitzThe US would do propaganda about CHina gun cultureDec 22 21:14
schestowitzSHowing rodeo showDec 22 21:14
schestowitzAnimal crueltyDec 22 21:14
schestowitzAnd man rising horses with shotguns/machine gunsDec 22 21:14
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schestowitzOK, I'm inquiring to see if a friend can help with a book.Dec 22 23:01
schestowitzMy friend has even said she'd do the cover design for me (she's a really good designer), if I want.  Dec 22 23:01
schestowitzI'll mail her quickly...Dec 22 23:02
schestowitzOK, done...:Dec 22 23:07
schestowitz"Dec 22 23:07
schestowitzA year and a half ago we talked about writing a book. Back then I was tied to some things, but now we're at a crucial moment. It's about NovellDec 22 23:07
schestowitzNovell as a company is now dead and there ought to be literature documenting what happened. I am getting loads of visitors this year (tens of thousands uniques per month) and you, a dear friend, once contacted me to suggest working on a book. I think it will be a good way to turn the work (accumulated over the years) into something that's more sustainable -- long-term -- and maybe widely recognised too.Dec 22 23:07
schestowitzWould you be interested in co-authoring a book? Or maybe help me publish mine? Here is a plan. Since this one is not about Microsoft (it's a crowded area, I don't think people wrote about Novell's bad side) I'd like to help document what I've learned over the past 4+ years. There is an audience for such a book, but it's not about a market. Rather, it's about organising material suitably. I favour LaTeX, but Wiki would be good for Dec 22 23:07
schestowitzdrafting. There is room for reusing lots of posts.Dec 22 23:07
schestowitzYou said you have a publishing house and once wrote to me:Dec 22 23:07
schestowitz"I think a book would be an excellent thing to do!  Mostly because it would give people that are new, and who don't know the history, a easy way to get the whole picture. Dec 22 23:07
schestowitz"A book is a huge amount of work, but once you get through the first one you'll have a template to follow for the next ones and it will go much faster."Dec 22 23:07
schestowitzI can of course pay for services and I might wish to write future books on other subjects like Microsoft and the connection between societal freedom and software freedom. The thing about Novell is, if there's time to write about its downfall, it's now.Dec 22 23:07
schestowitz"Dec 22 23:07
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