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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 23rd, 2010

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Ender2070funny, I was thinking of doing something similarDec 23 01:33
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schestowitzEnder2070: cool, but make sure you have a subject to cover that nobody else didDec 23 09:04
schestowitzFor example, maybe people wrote about American exceptionalism and intervention in south AmericaDec 23 09:04
schestowitzSame goes for - say - Microsoft antitrust violationDec 23 09:05
schestowitzTHe thing I don't know yet is whether I'll do the book, another startup (image analysis), or just carry on with my job in researchDec 23 09:06
schestowitzTBH, moving ahead in academic research is slow, so I might deviateDec 23 09:06
schestowitzOr mix the two (or more) areas as I do at the momentDec 23 09:06
schestowitzSomeone called Dan has just mailed me about a club they set up. It's one I first read about in 2004.... computer vision-oriented. I a am checking if they can collaborate this week.... regarding placements in this department (if any).Dec 23 09:09
schestowitzIf they want me to prepare a talk I can prepare one, but I think it's more about connecting with these people because only by making unions or communities you can drive big projects.Dec 23 09:10
schestowitzSame in any field...Dec 23 09:10
schestowitzMy Ph.D. is in medical biophysics, specialising in computer vision. I have extensive experience in several fields, but this group is all just pattern recognition. This whole thing have _zero_ to do with my activism, I wish it was different...Dec 23 09:11
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schestowitz 23 10:56
TechrightsBot@fcassia: Wow, arstechnica got its own "embedded" Microsoft apologist cc/ @schestowitzDec 23 10:56
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schestowitz:-)Dec 23 10:56
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schestowitz 23 20:01
TechrightsBot@Dr. Roy Schestowitz (schestowitz)'s status on Thursday, 23-Dec-10 19:55:21 UTC - Four years with !Debian Testing "I would really like to see a Desktop oriented branch of Debian"Dec 23 20:01
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