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Ender2070If I don't receive a response from Bell Canada in the next few days I'll have a posting about themDec 24 04:20
Ender2070regarding fraud, extortion, and deceitDec 24 04:20
Ender2070I've already been in contact with the CEO's assistantDec 24 04:21
Ender2070LOLDec 24 04:28
Ender2070just noticed my hostnameDec 24 04:29
Ender2070cia.comDec 24 04:29
Ender2070ya'll caught meDec 24 04:29
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schestowitzBeaurocracy in academia is annoying and tiring. It turns out now that matching grants are not compatible with each other, even though I have two. I spoke to the research VP earlier on the phone regarding European Union grants that can complement an existing grant and thus help fund my research. But I'm left having to spend more time on stupid bureaucracy.Dec 24 07:04
schestowitzSuffice to say, it just distracts from doing actual work. *sigh*Dec 24 07:04
schestowitzI do not even know yet which Web site to turn to, but I will speak to them after the holiday, as someone suggested. Am I the only one who uses the holidays to code a lot because news is slow and everything's boring?Dec 24 07:05
schestowitzI plan to avoid news/TR for the next few days, I know other people who do the same...Dec 24 07:06
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schestowitzI've finished some nice bits of codeDec 24 13:03
schestowitzI output all my stuff to properly named files and annotationDec 24 13:03
schestowitzThen pipe it in to imagemagick to save as video files...and document each experiment in a directory with plots and motion videoDec 24 13:04
schestowitzMaybe I'lls spin this into startup, it's specialised stuffDec 24 13:33
Ender2070I posted aboot Bell Canada alreadyDec 24 13:35
Ender2070but part two will be about their fraudDec 24 13:35
schestowitzOh nice: 24 13:36
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Wikileaks revela que Microsoft facilitó el código fuente de Windows a China. .::. Size~: 22.83 KBDec 24 13:36
schestowitzWe made it into this page..Dec 24 13:36
schestowitzThis post of mine got like 40 tweets on itDec 24 13:36
schestowitzEnder2070: writing on corporate corruption is worthwhile where it existsDec 24 13:36
Ender2070yeahDec 24 13:37
schestowitzIt's a good service to society because it helps improve corporate behaviour and punish those who disbehaveDec 24 13:37
Ender2070likely, im going to be billing themDec 24 13:37
schestowitzBUT...Dec 24 13:37
schestowitzYou'll be discouraged for doing soDec 24 13:37
Ender2070for wasting my timeDec 24 13:37
schestowitzFor the same reason Wikileaks is prosecutedDec 24 13:37
schestowitzThe implicit rules says people have not the right to challenge a corporation as that would challenging the 'system'Dec 24 13:38
Ender2070ill send them a $200 bill, a processing fee for handing a fraudulent billDec 24 13:38
schestowitzAnd then come words like "anti-capitalist"Dec 24 13:38
schestowitzIf anti-capitalism means "against corruption", then I guess I amDec 24 13:38
schestowitzBut it's not capitalismDec 24 13:38
schestowitzit's corruptDec 24 13:38
schestowitzExtreme capitalism is what RMS calls itDec 24 13:38
schestowitzRMS likes money too and he's pro-capitalismDec 24 13:39
schestowitzBut he saw companies making money in rogue ways like bombing south-east AsiaDec 24 13:39
schestowitzTo call RMS communism is to miss the point of GNU manifestoDec 24 13:39
schestowitzThe document is political and it's about sharing for sufficiencyDec 24 13:40
schestowitzComparind this to communism/Marxism is like comparing open source to free software... their goals are differentDec 24 13:40
schestowitzThis is why your post with Marx as placeholder for Stallman is like putting Tim O'Reilly where Stallman should beDec 24 13:41
Ender2070I'll disagree, I know where marxism came fromDec 24 13:41
Ender2070yetDec 24 13:41
Ender2070on rms ill agreeDec 24 13:41
Ender2070im really just against the extemism in FLOSSDec 24 13:41
Ender2070if you touch anything proprietary at all you're the devilDec 24 13:42
schestowitz 24 13:42
TechrightsBot-scTitle:      YouTube         - 5. Lecture on Karl Marx (1818-1883)    .::. Size~: 122.78 KBDec 24 13:42
schestowitzI watched this last yearDec 24 13:42
schestowitzI don't think Marx was a science personDec 24 13:42
Ender2070I've researched the people who brainwashed MarxDec 24 13:42
schestowitzUnlike RMSDec 24 13:42
schestowitzNor a peace personDec 24 13:42
schestowitzHe was also of religious upbringing and the motivation was differentDec 24 13:42
Ender2070Marx's early writings talked about destroying the worldDec 24 13:42
schestowitz[13:41] <Ender2070> if you touch anything proprietary at all you're the devilDec 24 13:43
schestowitzWHERE?Dec 24 13:43
schestowitzoopsDec 24 13:43
schestowitzCaps not intendedDec 24 13:43
Ender2070lots of people are like thatDec 24 13:43
schestowitzI don't berate people for using propietary s/wDec 24 13:43
schestowitzI do take pride when using itDec 24 13:43
Ender2070I used to be like that even when I was secretly playing video gamesDec 24 13:43
schestowitzI also recommend others that they use it for technical reasons (lockin), not priceDec 24 13:43
schestowitzI currently build my programs in all GNUDec 24 13:44
schestowitzIt used to have MATLAB in the stakcDec 24 13:44
schestowitzMATLAB licence can cost like $700Dec 24 13:44
schestowitzAnd back in the days I saw the consequencesDec 24 13:44
schestowitzIf you put appliance in the hospitalDec 24 13:44
Ender2070well my article is wrong anywaysDec 24 13:44
schestowitzFor just a MATLAB programDec 24 13:44
schestowitzMathWorks hits the jackpot, taking half the cost of the machineDec 24 13:44
Ender2070cause its not everyone, and rms isn't suggesting people be extremeDec 24 13:45
schestowitzSo now I build the thing on Fedora GNU/Linux/KDE+GNU OctaveDec 24 13:45
schestowitzAnd ImageMagickDec 24 13:45
Ender2070I just haven't thought about a way to re-write the articleDec 24 13:45
Ender2070I might take down the marx pictureDec 24 13:45
schestowitz[13:45] <Ender2070> cause its not everyone, and rms isn't suggesting people be extremeDec 24 13:46
schestowitzOppsiteDec 24 13:46
schestowitzHe slams extremismDec 24 13:46
schestowitzOf all kindsDec 24 13:46
schestowitzReligious, Muslim, Zionist...Dec 24 13:46
Ender2070well when he wrote the article promoting anonymousDec 24 13:46
schestowitzSee his blogDec 24 13:46
Ender2070it changed how I thought of himDec 24 13:46
schestowitzI never saw him advocating anything strongDec 24 13:46
Ender2070hes not pushing socialism on purposeDec 24 13:47
Ender2070hes just as brainwashed as everyone elseDec 24 13:47
Ender2070he wants freedom tooDec 24 13:47
schestowitzIn fact, the Boycott Novell protest in India was the first time FS people were met by police violenceDec 24 13:47
schestowitzSo RMS said it was unprecedented and importantDec 24 13:47
schestowitzThey didn't allow protest against NovellDec 24 13:47
Ender2070im taking down gnu religion pending a rewriteDec 24 13:47
schestowitzRichard Stallman, 1996:Dec 24 13:48
Ender2070it'll be about extremism instead when its doneDec 24 13:48
schestowitz"What really worries me is that the courts might choose a muddled half-measure—by approving an interpretation of “indecent” that permits the doctor program or a statement of the decency rules, but prohibits some of the books that any child can browse through in the public library. Over the years, as the Internet replaces the public library, some of our freedom of speech will be lost."Dec 24 13:48
schestowitzThat's what he stands forDec 24 13:48
schestowitzAnd his predictions are usually rightDec 24 13:48
schestowitzEven 15 years ahead of timeDec 24 13:48
schestowitzHe scored 1600 in his SATs IIRCDec 24 13:48
schestowitzAnd a bad Xerox machine is what got his startedDec 24 13:49
schestowitzNot IBM and definitely not MicrosoftDec 24 13:49
schestowitzBut history was rewritten to put "hater" label on himDec 24 13:49
Ender2070it wasn't just thatDec 24 13:49
schestowitz[13:48] <Ender2070> it'll be about extremism instead when its doneDec 24 13:49
schestowitzDefine extremismDec 24 13:50
schestowitzThink for a moment what this word isDec 24 13:50
Ender2070someone taking an extreme stance without flexibilityDec 24 13:50
schestowitzIt's a dog whistle as FurnaceBoy calls itDec 24 13:50
schestowitzWhat's extreme thoughDec 24 13:50
Ender2070they see it as black and whiteDec 24 13:50
schestowitzDeviating 'too much' from the mean/median/average behaviour?Dec 24 13:50
Ender2070no grey areaDec 24 13:50
schestowitzExtremism connotates with violence, use of forceDec 24 13:51
Ender2070you're with us, or you're with the terroristsDec 24 13:51
schestowitzWeird=far from averageDec 24 13:51
Ender2070lolDec 24 13:51
schestowitzNot exceptionalDec 24 13:51
Ender2070well perhaps I could use a different wordDec 24 13:51
schestowitzNerd if the weirdness when it comes to dimension of engagement with peopleDec 24 13:51
schestowitzUgly a physical deviationDec 24 13:51
schestowitzNot fitting one's visual modelDec 24 13:52
Ender2070I think some people do treat it like a religion thoughDec 24 13:52
Ender2070a belief systemDec 24 13:52
schestowitzWe are built on expectationsDec 24 13:52
schestowitzBeard=okDec 24 13:52
schestowitzNeckbeard=not OKDec 24 13:52
schestowitzToo rareDec 24 13:52
schestowitzBald men=OKDec 24 13:52
schestowitzWomen->not OKDec 24 13:52
schestowitzCause the expectation sets it soDec 24 13:52
schestowitzSo what's extremismDec 24 13:52
schestowitzYou need to define itDec 24 13:52
schestowitzA word short of "terrorist"?Dec 24 13:53
schestowitzEnder2070: not a religionDec 24 13:53
schestowitzA doctrineDec 24 13:53
schestowitzReligion has deitiesDec 24 13:53
schestowitzNot just leadersDec 24 13:53
schestowitzDivide figuresDec 24 13:53
schestowitzGNU has noneDec 24 13:53
schestowitzIt has a founderDec 24 13:53
schestowitzTo Mormons, Smith is not the GodDec 24 13:54
schestowitzRMS has a lot of experience and he writes the most used s/w licence, so people have reason to listen to his opinion, just like TimBL's opinion on the Web matters, for his role in w3c, influence, and experienceDec 24 13:55
schestowitzIn a book iof his, TimBL names Stallman as one of his influencersDec 24 13:55
schestowitzIf you're looking for someone worth slamming in a blog, look at MarkZ (so-called 'man of the year'), whose negative impact on society gets the attention of the FSF more than before. Facebook is also mentioned more in the news now than Microsoft... but it's partly owned by it.Dec 24 13:57
Ender2070wellDec 24 13:57
Ender2070a belief system doesn't have to be a religionDec 24 13:57
schestowitzThink what impact gnu s/w will have on your career compared to compulsary use of Windows (GNU does not compel) and loss of privacyDec 24 13:58
oiaohmTruefully RMS has always been a trouble maker.Dec 24 13:58
schestowitzEnder2070: then it's not a religionDec 24 13:58
oiaohmBut that does not make him anti software.Dec 24 13:58
schestowitz 24 13:58
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Religion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 288.56 KBDec 24 13:58
Ender2070rms is definately anti proprietaryDec 24 13:58
schestowitz"Religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of life and the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a supernatural agency,[1] or human beings’ relation to that which they regard as holy, sacred, spiritual, or divine."Dec 24 13:58
oiaohmOne of RMS stunts was getting everyone on the UNI to set there password as password.Dec 24 13:58
schestowitzGIve or take, it's not a formal dictionaryDec 24 13:58
Ender2070he even goes so far to fund linux-libre at the expense of working hardwareDec 24 13:59
oiaohmBefore he was a lecturer.  Ender2070Dec 24 13:59
schestowitzGNU hardly deals with "cause, nature, and purpose of life and the universe"Dec 24 13:59
oiaohmRMS core blief is the right to inspect source code.Dec 24 13:59
schestowitzDefinitely not when "considered as the creation of a supernatural agency,[1] or human beings’ relation to that which they regard as holy, sacred, spiritual, or divine."Dec 24 13:59
oiaohmYes you are fine to make money.Dec 24 13:59
oiaohmin his eyseDec 24 13:59
schestowitzGNU is about distribution practicesDec 24 13:59
Ender2070I think they would be more effective if they reverse engineered the binary blobs and made more free softwareDec 24 13:59
oiaohmBut you should not be abusive in the process of making money.Dec 24 14:00
schestowitz[13:59] <Ender2070> he even goes so far to fund linux-libre at the expense of working hardwareDec 24 14:00
schestowitzOf courseDec 24 14:00
oiaohmBiggest problem with closed source is more often than not its abusive.Dec 24 14:00
schestowitzOliva's work is progressiveDec 24 14:00
schestowitzThe other choice is to obey and follow those whom you try to educateDec 24 14:00
Ender2070right now they have a script that removes anything that looks like a binary blogDec 24 14:00
oiaohmIe you depend on a program someone in another company decide we are not making that any more.Dec 24 14:00
Ender2070blobDec 24 14:00
oiaohmAnd its stiff eggs.Dec 24 14:00
schestowitz[13:59] <oiaohm> RMS core blief is the right to inspect source code.Dec 24 14:00
schestowitzNot reallyDec 24 14:00
schestowitzThat's open sourceDec 24 14:01
Ender2070I agree with your points, I just don't know how to phrase itDec 24 14:01
schestowitzRMS believes in sharing code with the person who gives it to himDec 24 14:01
Ender2070I do believe all software should be freeDec 24 14:01
schestowitzAnd also to modify this, then share the changesDec 24 14:01
oiaohmEarly at Uni RMS got caught out by closed source.Dec 24 14:01
Ender2070but I can live with proprietary if no free equivalent existsDec 24 14:01
schestowitzEnder2070: all code is freeDec 24 14:01
schestowitzit's electronsDec 24 14:01
oiaohmthe share and modify came latter.Dec 24 14:02
schestowitzLike musicDec 24 14:02
schestowitzLike speechDec 24 14:02
schestowitzWe *choose* to limit itDec 24 14:02
schestowitzWith something called "end-user agreeement" or whateverDec 24 14:02
schestowitzWith words like "pirate" and "patent infringer" made up to create scracity in the infiniteDec 24 14:02
oiaohmRemember RMS came from the days where end-user agreements were not invented yet.Dec 24 14:02
schestowitzWe are raised and brought to this system where viewing another way and distribution/biz model is hardDec 24 14:03
oiaohmNot to be mean but this is part of RMS problem at times.Dec 24 14:03
schestowitzBut we have working examples like Linux (kernel) and Wikipedia, even ApacheDec 24 14:03
schestowitzWikileaks is also interesytingDec 24 14:03
schestowitzJulian wrote some crypto stuff to help spread repressed speech in AussieDec 24 14:03
oiaohmAt times RMS is like a T-Rex some how found how to time travel.Dec 24 14:03
schestowitzAnd he was a grad student when he created wikileaks to take his ventures furtherDec 24 14:04
schestowitzJulian is pro-freedom of speech and transparencyDec 24 14:04
schestowitzSo him too you could label an "Extermist"Dec 24 14:04
schestowitzBut he'd need a beard first :-)Dec 24 14:04
Ender2070I seeDec 24 14:04
Ender2070I get why it's a demonizing wordDec 24 14:04
schestowitzDo you know what he did before wikileaks?Dec 24 14:04
schestowitzAll those controversial sites...Dec 24 14:05
schestowitzLike the ones of ALex JonesDec 24 14:05
oiaohmschestowitz: The point is it sane to argue with a T-Rex who has seen all that history.Dec 24 14:05
schestowitzThey provided safe haven hosting AFAIKDec 24 14:05
oiaohmschestowitz: and has the teeth to kill you.Dec 24 14:05
schestowitzThat's supporting freedom of speech no matter how outrageous it may beDec 24 14:05
schestowitz[14:02] <oiaohm> Remember RMS came from the days where end-user agreements were not invented yet.Dec 24 14:05
schestowitzDid they jst sell s/w with the machines?Dec 24 14:06
oiaohmBack then yes you got the OS with the machinesDec 24 14:06
schestowitzAs in built for the arch at hand, then no worry about it being quite so portable?Dec 24 14:06
oiaohmAnd the OS was locked to that machine.Dec 24 14:06
oiaohmYep.Dec 24 14:06
oiaohmThe real dark ages.Dec 24 14:06
oiaohmof IT.Dec 24 14:06
schestowitzEnder2070: some people tried to call me extremist, but only on the WebDec 24 14:06
oiaohmWe think now is bad where he comes from was way worse.Dec 24 14:06
schestowitzThat's because they don't agree with me and don't know me, eitherDec 24 14:07
oiaohmRMS basically has seen too much history.Dec 24 14:07
oiaohmand he wants things to go on the path to be productive.Dec 24 14:07
schestowitzRMS has Aspergers Syndrome, but he's not maliciousDec 24 14:07
oiaohmReally if you watch him in public he is only minor AspergersDec 24 14:08
schestowitzYesDec 24 14:08
oiaohmReally the more I studied computer history more RMS actions made sence.Dec 24 14:09
schestowitzWas it always like this?Dec 24 14:09
oiaohmBecause lot of what is happening now is repeats of what he as already sean.Dec 24 14:09
schestowitzCause some diagnosis may be a case of fitting deformity to symptomsDec 24 14:09
oiaohmThe results of.Dec 24 14:09
schestowitzAnd maybe he spent too much time without contact w/ peopleDec 24 14:09
oiaohmI got diagnosed as part Aspergers because I hate being around people.Dec 24 14:09
schestowitz[14:09] <oiaohm> Really the more I studied computer history more RMS actions made sence.Dec 24 14:09
schestowitzI didn't even know Stallman until some years agoDec 24 14:10
schestowitzIt's not a coincidenceDec 24 14:10
schestowitzIBM et al. support "no politics"Dec 24 14:10
schestowitzSo they back LinuxDec 24 14:10
schestowitzBut they also silently pay GNUDec 24 14:10
schestowitzThey call the system "Linux"Dec 24 14:10
schestowitzTo associate it with another group and philosophyDec 24 14:10
oiaohmIBM has always provided staff to GNUDec 24 14:10
oiaohmSome of the things RMS made dug AIX systems out some quite big holes.Dec 24 14:11
schestowitzRMS is kept in the dark, with the swpats opinion which he has (that IBM does not agree with)Dec 24 14:11
schestowitzLinux is eating UNIX nowDec 24 14:11
schestowitzWho would have thought in 2985Dec 24 14:11
schestowitzWho would have thought in 1985Dec 24 14:11
oiaohmRemember GNU helped IBM before Linux existed.Dec 24 14:11
schestowitzYes, I heard soDec 24 14:11
oiaohmAnd GNU links to IBM lead IBM to LinuxDec 24 14:12
oiaohmSo for IBM it has not bee bad at all.Dec 24 14:12
schestowitzAnyway, IBM did something I quite liked yesterdayDec 24 14:12
Ender2070[09:10] <oiaohm> I got diagnosed as part Aspergers because I hate being around people.Dec 24 14:12
schestowitzThey blasted De Icaza's Microsoft advocacyDec 24 14:12
schestowitzAnd IBM is a Novell partner, so...Dec 24 14:12
Ender2070that's a disease?Dec 24 14:12
Ender2070I hate being around people because they're stupid and ignorantDec 24 14:12
schestowitzI think it's something people are born withDec 24 14:13
Ender2070they're always getting in my wayDec 24 14:13
Ender2070lolDec 24 14:13
oiaohmEnder2070: I was deaf for first 6 years of my life.  Crouds of people annoy the hell out of me.  I got incorrectly diagnosed with AspergersDec 24 14:13
schestowitzI heard that shrinks need go to shrinks themselves [joke] cause they just look to reinforce their own diagnosisDec 24 14:13
schestowitzThere were experiments around thatDec 24 14:13
schestowitzMind is not an exact scienceDec 24 14:13
Ender2070yeahDec 24 14:13
schestowitzSo the shrink might say patient is "X", then collect proof to fit the diagnosisDec 24 14:14
Ender2070Carl Jung said something funnyDec 24 14:14
schestowitzAnd even is the patient is cured, s/he'll still be treated as problematicDec 24 14:14
Ender2070along the lines of 'show me a sane man and i'll cure him'Dec 24 14:14
oiaohmsignificant difficulties in social interaction, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.  << desription of AspergersDec 24 14:14
schestowitzI don't really know much about it, but a good friend of mine studies psychology and now works in itDec 24 14:14
oiaohmsignificat difficulties with social interactions due to my ears I just don't want to.Dec 24 14:15
schestowitzThere is also the cause/effect theory, which is interesting... how people make choices based on conditions and then describe the conditions based on choiceDec 24 14:15
schestowitzoiaohm: sesbsebseb has thatDec 24 14:15
schestowitzI don't think he would mind me saying thisDec 24 14:16
oiaohmBasically if I have to ie you bribe me with something I can social interact perfectly.Dec 24 14:16
schestowitzWe need to be polite to him, sometimes he makes people feel uncomfortable when he means wellDec 24 14:16
abeNd-orgsome people just don't like being around crowds, heck technology is creating a more physically isolated society anyways, pretty soon we'll all live in a cabin by ourselves in wyoming with a big fat internet connection as our only companionDec 24 14:16
schestowitzabeNd-org: wyoming is coldDec 24 14:16
schestowitzMAybe Florida :-)Dec 24 14:17
oiaohmWhen I watch RMS he really don't show true Aspergers.Dec 24 14:17
oiaohmAnd his history in collage shows him as highly social.Dec 24 14:17
Ender2070[09:16] <abeNd-org> some people just don't like being around crowds, heck technology is creating a more physically isolated society anyways, pretty soon we'll all live in a cabin by ourselves in wyoming with a big fat internet connection as our only companionDec 24 14:17
oiaohmWhat makes me wonder where the Aspergers title for hime comes from schestowitzDec 24 14:17
Ender2070It's one of the reasons I hate malls and shoppingDec 24 14:18
Ender2070crowds of stupid ignorant people, who stand in my way, or take forever in line with stupid bullshitDec 24 14:18
schestowitzCarla S. from Linux Today lives in a farmDec 24 14:18
Ender2070LOLDec 24 14:18
schestowitzAnd she does alright running a bunch of sites from there, it's self-sufficient tooDec 24 14:18
Ender2070When I go to a store, I want to get in, get my shit, and get out as fast as I canDec 24 14:18
abeNd-orgender you dont like being around mass families with 4 uncontrollable screaming children, how antisocial of you!Dec 24 14:18
Ender2070I know!Dec 24 14:19
oiaohmReally I do have another problem.  My vision was also crap until the age of 8Dec 24 14:19
oiaohmSo my means to read peoples faces is poor.Dec 24 14:19
Ender2070and around this time of yearDec 24 14:19
Ender2070LOLDec 24 14:19
abeNd-orgI am so glad I lived out in BFE out on the farm when I was a kidDec 24 14:19
Ender2070I refuse to go to Walmart for the rest of my lifeDec 24 14:19
schestowitzToronto must be coldDec 24 14:19
Ender2070not all stores are like thisDec 24 14:19
abeNd-organd even now I still more or less live out in BFEDec 24 14:19
oiaohmBasically I am not aspergers but I have had the right other medical issues to give somethign that diagnoses wrong.  schestowitzDec 24 14:20
Ender2070im fine in computer stores that are crowdedDec 24 14:20
Ender2070less ignorant people in my wayDec 24 14:20
schestowitzSo not APple stores :-)Dec 24 14:20
oiaohm1 on 1 I am happier.Dec 24 14:20
Ender2070i said computer storesDec 24 14:20
schestowitzI see most of them are rather emptyDec 24 14:20
Ender2070apple stores aren't computer storesDec 24 14:20
schestowitzFew machinesDec 24 14:20
schestowitzgadget storesDec 24 14:20
Ender2070they are tendy brainwashing centers for yuppiesDec 24 14:20
schestowitzThey remind me of boutiquesDec 24 14:21
schestowitzNot the type where t-shirts are under $10Dec 24 14:21
abeNd-orgEnder2070: yea, there are two walmarts somewhat close to me, one is the "college kids & poor people" walmart, the other is the "middle class" walmart, & I will drive further to go to the middleclass walmart, less creep factor (more the college kids, loud/obnoxious/messy/leave open packages all over the place without thinking they should pay/etc)Dec 24 14:21
Ender2070the one at square 1 in mississauga is always packed with computer illiterate peopleDec 24 14:21
oiaohmReally i wonder how many other people are incorrectly diagnosed as Aspergers due to sections of the tests being missed.Dec 24 14:21
schestowitzBut where each item is specially illuminates and costs like 10 times the production cost... good for hipsters and people with more money than senseDec 24 14:21
Ender2070[09:21] <abeNd-org> Ender2070: yea, there are two walmarts somewhat close to me, one is the "college kids & poor people" walmart, the other is the "middle class" walmart, & I will drive further to go to the middleclass walmart, less creep factor (more the college kids, loud/obnoxious/messy/leave open packages all over the place without thinking they should pay/etc)Dec 24 14:21
Ender2070in hamiltonDec 24 14:21
Ender2070they're all the "college kids & poor people" walmartDec 24 14:22
abeNd-orgnorth TX areaDec 24 14:22
Ender2070peppered with tons of fat peopleDec 24 14:22
schestowitzAre the Walmarts worth the most now?Dec 24 14:22
schestowitzIn the US/world?Dec 24 14:22
abeNd-orghah, yes, thus was bornDec 24 14:22
schestowitzThe combined family (one-gen) sumDec 24 14:22
Ender2070here in Canada we have a store called Value VillageDec 24 14:22
oiaohmWalmarts what are those basically around hear.Dec 24 14:22
Ender2070its a thrift shop where people donate stuffDec 24 14:23
Ender2070and they sell it at low costDec 24 14:23
oiaohmMost likely eqaul to our Big WDec 24 14:23
oiaohmThat is part of the woolworths chain.Dec 24 14:23
Ender2070sometimes you can get good deals on designer clothing, or awesome deals on old electronic gadgets and booksDec 24 14:23
oiaohmYep Big WDec 24 14:23
Ender2070Walmart bought Value Village, and raised the prices, and all the stock is donated to themDec 24 14:23
Ender2070fuckersDec 24 14:23
oiaohmWe have woolworths and Big W in the same town.Dec 24 14:24
oiaohmYes the Big W stands for Big woolworthsDec 24 14:24
oiaohmAnd annoying part is some items are cheeper at Big W than woolworths and the rerse is also true.Dec 24 14:24
Ender2070walmart had cheaper halloween costumes than value village this yearDec 24 14:25
Ender2070same companyDec 24 14:25
oiaohmI forgot dick smith electrical is also in town.Dec 24 14:26
Ender2070walmart has a better return policy though, so I returned them after my halloween partyDec 24 14:26
oiaohmSo Big W woolworths and dicksmith electricalDec 24 14:26
oiaohmAll inside a 2 block radius of each other.Dec 24 14:26
oiaohmThere 2 companies about 90 pent of australian shopping  Ender2070Dec 24 14:30
TechrightsBot-scTitle:              Woolworths Limited - Brand Family .::. Size~: 13.42 KBDec 24 14:30
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Welcome to Coles .::. Size~: 18.59 KBDec 24 14:31
oiaohmAny of them over where you are.Dec 24 14:31
Ender2070never heard of itDec 24 14:31
Ender2070our local dep store was ZellersDec 24 14:31
Ender2070which was part of the Hudsons Bay CompanyDec 24 14:31
Ender2070which was bought by AmericansDec 24 14:31
abeNd-orgive heard of woolworths, but i havent seen one in 15+ yrsDec 24 14:35
*oiaohm has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)Dec 24 15:16
schestowitzHmm... I think I should buy a new computer soon, maybe a dual-head laptopDec 24 16:04
schestowitzI just need to sniff around and find out who I can dump my main PC on to ensure it doesn't go to wasteDec 24 16:05
schestowitzThis one looks nice:Dec 24 16:05
schestowitz 24 16:05
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Kno Textbook Tablet .::. Size~: 2.02 KBDec 24 16:05
schestowitzComes only with LinuxDec 24 16:06
schestowitzBut I think they lock it down a lotDec 24 16:06
Ender2070you know whats really destroying the planetDec 24 16:17
Ender2070people using old cpusDec 24 16:17
Ender2070 24 16:17
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Buy the AMD Phenom X3 8250e Triple Core Processor - OEM at .::. Size~: 142.77 KBDec 24 16:17
Ender2070$50 for a tripple coreDec 24 16:17
Ender2070wtf is thatDec 24 16:17
Ender2070way more cycles per wattDec 24 16:17
Ender2070ROFL 24 16:19
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Buy the ECS A740GM-M (V7.0) AMD 740G MB w/ X3 8450 CPU at .::. Size~: 186.16 KBDec 24 16:19
Ender2070ECS is shit but damn its cheapDec 24 16:19
schestowitzHeh. Nice mail today ...Dec 24 16:36
schestowitz> Hi Roy,Dec 24 16:36
schestowitz>Dec 24 16:36
schestowitz> Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let's Techrights become moreDec 24 16:36
schestowitz> stronger and stronger!Dec 24 16:36
schestowitz> Thanks for all the best from Techrights!!!Dec 24 16:36
MinceR192226 <@_folti_> "Santa is not real! Your mum and dad buying all the presents!"Dec 24 18:33
MinceR192227 <@_folti_> Merry Christmas from Wikileaks ;)))Dec 24 18:33
MinceR 24 19:12
TechrightsBot-scTitle: MSNBC is not a Democratic/liberal news organization. It is a pro-corporate organization that produces a TV news show for Democrats/liberals. : politics .::. Size~: 291.37 KBDec 24 19:12
schestowitzOf courseDec 24 19:31
schestowitzGE propaganda with Microsoft, Comcast, etc.Dec 24 19:31
schestowitz*LOL* liberalDec 24 19:31
schestowitzJust another way to absorb an audience which *thinks* it finds a cooperative other sideDec 24 19:31
schestowitz 24 19:32
TechrightsBot-scTitle:  US air force blocks staff from websites carrying WikiLeaks cables | World news | The Guardian  .::. Size~: 88.08 KBDec 24 19:32
schestowitz"According to the UN, population growth is a driving force behind emission increases yet it will not be on the agenda at any of the upcoming climate talks"Dec 24 19:35
schestowitz 24 19:35
TechrightsBot-scTitle: News Analysis - Copenhagen and population growth: the topic politicians won’t discuss - The Ecologist .::. Size~: 1059.2 KBDec 24 19:35
schestowitzIf politicians mention it the religious circles would insinuate they're pro-genocidesDec 24 19:35
schestowitzPoppa Gates the richest criminal alive does talk about itDec 24 19:35
schestowitz 24 19:57
TechrightsBot-sc@harisbinali: RT @schestowitz US offers Bradley Manning a plea bargain in return for testimony against Assange  http://wlcentral.org 24 19:57
TechrightsBot-sc-> Title: WL Central | An unofficial WikiLeaks information resource .::. Size~: 40.6 KBDec 24 19:57
TechrightsBot-sc-> Title: Haris bin Ali (haris)'s status on Friday, 24-Dec-10 19:53:04 UTC - This could be a mistake, but… .::. Size~: 8.06 KBDec 24 19:57
schestowitzMinceR: 24 21:06
TechrightsBot-scTitle:  Richard Dawkins | A shameful Thought for the Day | Comment is free |  .::. Size~: 222.98 KBDec 24 21:06
schestowitzOriginal->Sine(180);Dec 24 21:07
schestowitzI'm full of food, I feel like I'm gonna get sick now...Dec 24 21:07
schestowitzToo early to sleep thoughDec 24 21:07
schestowitz 24 21:09
TechrightsBot-scTitle:  Belarus election: opposition leaders beaten as Lukashenko declares victory | World news | The Guardian  .::. Size~: 95.69 KBDec 24 21:09
MinceRDawkins is right, as usualDec 24 22:00
MinceRof course the drooling hordes of catholics flock to mouth off in the commentsDec 24 22:02
MinceR"A small mind is easily filled with faith"Dec 24 22:38
*gnufreex_ ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialDec 24 22:39
*gnufreex has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)Dec 24 22:40
*oiaohm (~oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovell-socialDec 24 23:56

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