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IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: January 16th, 2011

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sebsebsebI had two years, doing loads of Ubuntu support,  certain issues to do with the channel at time,  two years or so of my life I spent,  obbssed with heling people with Ubuntu, because of what had happended, and how I was depressed and it was something to do,  only to result in me thinking that 8.10 was ready for main streame, and then Canonical thinking they should make Ubuntu more suitable for the main streame, with the distro thenJan 16 00:00
sebsebsebgoing bad with their changes starting with 9.04Jan 16 00:00
sebsebseb8.10 ready for main streame with help above I mean, also that was really the last properly good version of UbuntuJan 16 00:01
sebsebsebgnufreex_: MinceR anyway like I am basicalely saying above, they had years building the community with people like myself thinking it was great, and then,  they started doing there own thingJan 16 00:02
MinceRindeedJan 16 00:02
sebsebsebmuch more, trying to make things more user friendly, but then the distro got worse for people like myself hmmJan 16 00:02
gnufreex_Canonical is spin machine. They use people to push their agenda, when you see their lies they call you an extremist.Jan 16 00:03
gnufreex_And then they tell you to be polite.Jan 16 00:03
sebsebsebso far most of what Canonical have done, to try and make the distro more user friendly, sucks,  also those Gnome patches brake features that are meant to be there really here and there,  the shut down and log out in the system menu,  the shut down after a minute feature, that kind of thing yeah, and I have said this thing I don't know how many times beforeJan 16 00:03
sebsebsebalso I think it was you MinceR who basically just said it not long ago here now, butJan 16 00:04
sebsebsebindeedJan 16 00:04
sebsebsebwe shoudn't have a companyJan 16 00:05
sebsebseba for profit companyJan 16 00:05
sebsebsebin control of loads of opensource/freesoftwareJan 16 00:05
MinceRyes, canonical's example shows the dangers of thatJan 16 00:05
sebsebsebit should be the volunters, the non profit organisations, ideally a commericial distro shoudn't even be the number one most used Desktop Linux distro, it should be a non profit 100% community distro :)Jan 16 00:05
sebsebsebMinceR: also I used to care about loads of users going Desktop Linux beforeJan 16 00:06
sebsebseb,but I am not so sure anymoreJan 16 00:06
sebsebsebtake my older brother for exampleJan 16 00:06
sebsebsebrather non technical really, will use stuff I tell him to though probablyJan 16 00:06
sebsebsebuhmm yeah about a year and a bit,  Ubuntu and then Mandriva on the family computer, and more recently I put Linux Mint 9 on his lap top based on Ubuntu 10.04 so yep LTSJan 16 00:07
sebsebsebI had to set it up for him, he didn't want to set up himself really or anything like that, so yeah just a consumer reallyJan 16 00:07
sebsebseband he kept on nagging me untill I had sorted the lap top out enough to give back and all that, uh :(Jan 16 00:07
sebsebseband then well he only realy goes on Facebook,  and some websites, and maybe types something, and well whatever music and photos,  basic stuffJan 16 00:08
sebsebsebwell he wanted to sync music with his ipod,  and uh,  and I thought maybe he would mention on Facebook for example, how he was happy lap top was back, and then I could be like,  yeah and your using Linux nowJan 16 00:08
sebsebseb,but no mention of lap top at all on Facebook from what I seen, since he obviosuly doesn't care enough to mention it, just a consumer like I am sayingJan 16 00:08
MinceRwell, fuckerberg probably knows more about that laptop than the user now :>Jan 16 00:09
sebsebseband he would use pretty much any distro I give him really, as long as he could use it for the tasks, but he will probably never really  know or understand about software freedom for exampleJan 16 00:09
sebsebsebMinceR: who? oh Facebook guy?Jan 16 00:09
MinceRyes, the dumbfuckbook guyJan 16 00:09
sebsebseband yeah possibily if they look at the  Firefox user agent stringJan 16 00:10
sebsebseb,but you knowJan 16 00:10
sebsebsebdo we really want people like that using Desktop Linux?Jan 16 00:10
MinceRand possibly run javascript to query more stuff about the machine :>Jan 16 00:10
sebsebsebalso I helped loads of people from that big Ubuntu channelJan 16 00:10
sebsebsebspent hours with some, some much more than just hours, even, and wellJan 16 00:10
sebsebsebmost don't even want a online friendship, it sucksJan 16 00:10
sebsebsebthey just come there and use for support, it sucksJan 16 00:10
MinceRwell, if the choice is between winblows, osx and a version of ubuntu that's full of crap but its applications are compatible with saner gnu/linux distros, i'd still say that i'd prefer the masses to use gnu/linuxJan 16 00:11
sebsebseband why are many of them using Ubuntu in the first place?  let's see, to get away from Windows virusesJan 16 00:11
MinceRbecause it would force the hw and application companies to support gnu/linuxJan 16 00:11
sebsebsebyes, butJan 16 00:11
sebsebsebsome will only support  the most popular distro UbuntuJan 16 00:11
MinceRwhich would in turn mean that i get to use a system i can control to do my work and entertainmentJan 16 00:11
MinceRi'm really tired of having to use winblows and other m$ crap in certain situationsJan 16 00:11
MinceRbecause the masses give m$ all that leverageJan 16 00:12
gnufreex_MinceR what distro do you use?Jan 16 00:12
sebsebsebwell yeah same here realy, even though I don't hate Windows or Microsoft, altough if I am forced to use it, well I won't be happyJan 16 00:12
MinceRkubuntuJan 16 00:12
MinceRi'm planning to switch but i have no time to do the researchJan 16 00:12
sebsebsebMinceR: hmmJan 16 00:12
MinceRthen again, i haven't upgraded it since karmicJan 16 00:12
sebsebsebMinceR: ok wait for MageiaJan 16 00:12
MinceRi'm a bit wary of mageiaJan 16 00:12
sebsebsebMinceR: for the final,  well first version will be just re branded Mandriva really, butJan 16 00:12
sebsebsebyeah it will be a good distro :)Jan 16 00:13
gnufreex_Try ArchJan 16 00:13
MinceRbut i guess i'm going to take another look at fedora (and kororaa if it's ready) so i might as well check mageiaJan 16 00:13
gnufreex_:>Jan 16 00:13
MinceRi've tried arch, i don't like itJan 16 00:13
MinceRespecially their policy against documentation in packagesJan 16 00:13
MinceRin fact, i've used arch as my main distro for a whileJan 16 00:13
sebsebsebMinceR: well March or April for the final release of MageiaJan 16 00:13
MinceRand went back to kubuntuJan 16 00:13
sebsebsebMinceR: in the mean time though, Mandriva or even PC Linux OS are very nice KDE distrosJan 16 00:13
sebsebsebMinceR: that's a point I am running PC Linux OS currently, and yep the KDE and also the Gnome and LXDE and XFCE is all rather nice reallyJan 16 00:14
sebsebsebno Gnome Shell in the repo though :(Jan 16 00:14
MinceRi think i'll move back to the oldschool pick-and-choose desktopJan 16 00:14
sebsebsebwhich means?Jan 16 00:14
MinceRi'll see if i can get reliable compositing with itJan 16 00:14
MinceRit means choosing my own window manager and suchJan 16 00:14
sebsebsebMinceR: anyway this is kind of funny in a way, you whine about Ubuntu and Canonical, but you well use them really on a daily basis pretty much :DJan 16 00:15
MinceRkde was a supports-all-features kind of thing for a while, but it doesn't seem to be anymoreJan 16 00:15
sebsebsebMinceR: yes Kubuntu, but still Ubuntu repos, so yeah to what I am sayingJan 16 00:15
MinceRsebsebseb: yesJan 16 00:15
MinceRit's because they used to do a good jobJan 16 00:15
MinceRbefore they went like thisJan 16 00:15
sebsebsebindeedJan 16 00:15
sebsebsebUbuntu used to be a good distro, and then it started going bad with 9.04Jan 16 00:15
sebsebsebwith 9.04 and 9.10 just little things really, but then 10.04 ah!Jan 16 00:15
sebsebseband so on from thereJan 16 00:15
sebsebsebMinceR: Linux MInt is nice though,  still has the good of Ubuntu really, plus that added user friendly the mint menu, and  nice backgrounds by defaultJan 16 00:16
MinceR8.04 (hardy) was finally pretty reliable and allJan 16 00:16
MinceRthen two pretty bad releases arrived, intrepid (8.10) and jaunty (9.04). karmic (9.10) seemed decent -- but it is not without issuesJan 16 00:16
sebsebsebMinceR: it seems though ever since Canonical has had a design team doing stuff, Ayatana or whatever its called, that things have yep been going badJan 16 00:16
MinceRintrepid had the way too early switch to kde4Jan 16 00:17
sebsebsebof course most users are to ignorant to know that, but yep to what I am sayingJan 16 00:17
MinceR4.3 in karmic seemed for a long while to be pretty reliable, but problems showed up alreadyJan 16 00:17
sebsebsebMinceR: yeah well  distros weren't really meant to ship KDE 4.0 like they didJan 16 00:17
MinceRindeedJan 16 00:17
sebsebsebKDE 4.0 was like a test release reallyJan 16 00:18
sebsebsebMinceR: also Mageia 0 won't be ready for its general audiance going by the wikiJan 16 00:18
MinceR:/Jan 16 00:18
sebsebsebMinceR: its about testing the whole build proccess and such, but even so, I think for you it would be a good release, since it will be very similar to Manedriiva 2010.1 just well different branding, and LibreOfficeJan 16 00:18
sebsebsebbasicalelyJan 16 00:19
sebsebsebMinceR: however in the mean time,  the two best KDE distros would be,  Mandriva and PC Linux OS,  well unless you like OpenSuse :d heh hehJan 16 00:19
MinceRyes, it seems that most of the canonical desktop idiocy is coming from ayatanaJan 16 00:19
sebsebsebyes, but also Mark himself here and thereJan 16 00:19
MinceRi don't want anything suseJan 16 00:19
sebsebsebI know you don't want suse, hence my heh hehJan 16 00:19
MinceR:>Jan 16 00:19
MinceRfor now, debian seems to be the most likely contender :>Jan 16 00:20
sebsebsebDebian uhmmJan 16 00:20
sebsebsebthats something elseJan 16 00:20
sebsebsebI am starting to get annoyed about Debian this that and the other now as well, not just UbuntuJan 16 00:20
sebsebsebplus is Debian really that great compard to other distros that aren't based on it, nah not  realy I guessJan 16 00:20
sebsebsebplus what does Debian do, their choice or not?  yep that's right, it helps Ubuntu!Jan 16 00:20
sebsebsebit helps a for profit distro!!!!Jan 16 00:21
MinceRit seems to be less likely to adopt silly stuff while it's not just silly but also unreliableJan 16 00:21
MinceRdebian "helps" many debian-based distros in that wayJan 16 00:21
sebsebsebyes Debian is like Ubuntu without the rubbish, since Ubuntu is based on Debian, but uhmm loads of other great distros,  Mandriva, PC Linux OS,  Fedora, Slackware, Arch, Gentoo, Sabayon,e tcJan 16 00:21
MinceRthen again, i'm not sure how long debian can go without being affected by canonicalJan 16 00:22
sebsebsebMinceR: yeah, but its Ubuntu and Debian hype mainly in Desktop Linux world, so hmm :(Jan 16 00:22
MinceRi don't see any debian hypeJan 16 00:22
MinceRin fact, there's a lot more arch hype than debian hypeJan 16 00:22
sebsebsebwell its Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian, this that and the other,  mainly Ubuntu and Fedora thoughJan 16 00:22
sebsebseband quite a lot of people who used Ubuntu seem to like ArchJan 16 00:22
MinceRfedora becomes likely if i can get it to install with a sane root fsJan 16 00:23
MinceR(ext3 or btrfs, _not_ ext4)Jan 16 00:23
sebsebsebuh btrfs isn't exactly ready yetJan 16 00:23
MinceRso ext3Jan 16 00:23
MinceR:>Jan 16 00:23
sebsebsebaslo Ext4Jan 16 00:24
sebsebsebworks fine in Ubuntu since 9.10Jan 16 00:24
sebsebseband Fedora since whenever it was now, and other distros since yepJan 16 00:24
sebsebsebExt4 is fine nowJan 16 00:24
sebsebseband has been for quite a whileJan 16 00:24
MinceRext4 was not designed to reliably store filesJan 16 00:25
MinceRext3 wasJan 16 00:25
*sebsebseb never had problems with Ext4, even when I tried in Ubuntu 9.04 where it wasn't stable properly yetJan 16 00:25
sebsebsebsince the kernel or wahteverJan 16 00:25
MinceRwell, they've hung some hacks on top of it to make it less like blackholefsJan 16 00:25
MinceRwhich also made its performance about on the level of ext3, if not worseJan 16 00:26
MinceRso what's the point?Jan 16 00:26
sebsebsebwellJan 16 00:27
sebsebsebbtrfs will become the default in most distros eventualleyJan 16 00:28
qu1j0t3yes.Jan 16 00:29
qu1j0t3assuming it gets finished.Jan 16 00:29
MinceRgnJan 16 00:32
sebsebsebMinceR: ok gnJan 16 00:32
sebsebsebqu1j0t3: why do you think it might not get finnished?Jan 16 00:33
*gnufreex_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Jan 16 02:11
qu1j0t3sebsebseb: anything could happenJan 16 03:35
qu1j0t3sebsebseb: remember Oracle bought SUn, which owns Solaris, which include ZFS, which is already mature and beyond btrfsJan 16 03:36
sebsebsebqu1j0t3: I am talking to someone rather interesting on IRC tonightJan 16 03:36
sebsebsebat the momentJan 16 03:36
sebsebseband no not youJan 16 03:36
qu1j0t3and Chris Mason, dev of btrfs, works for OracleJan 16 03:36
qu1j0t3and signs are ambiguousJan 16 03:36
qu1j0t3also, it will take another 5-odd years to shakedown. remembering that most filesystems we use are 20+ years old (mature)Jan 16 03:36
qu1j0t3unforutnately that also means tehy are obsolete :)Jan 16 03:37
qu1j0t3schestowitz: um, wow. 16 05:01
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Microsoft Seeks Do-Let-The-Bed-Bugs-Bite Patent - Slashdot .::. Size~: 129.79 KBJan 16 05:01
schestowitzqu1j0t3: did you see the NYT piece?Jan 16 05:14
schestowitzStuxnet..Jan 16 05:14
schestowitzBuilt by the Israelis with US, German, and British helpJan 16 05:14
schestowitzCollateral damage doesn't matterJan 16 05:14
schestowitzRunning viruses out there for selfish reasonsJan 16 05:14
schestowitz 16 05:16
TechrightsBot-scTitle:      Israel tested worm linked to Iran atom woes - report | World | Reuters  .::. Size~: 44.49 KBJan 16 05:16
TechrightsBot-scTitle: American Thinker: Stuxnet: It's Bush's fault! .::. Size~: 19.14 KBJan 16 05:16
schestowitz 16 05:25
TechrightsBot-sc@U Avalos (ikaruga2099)'s status on Sunday, 16-Jan-11 00:36:21 UTC - @ggoes too unused windows license refund is not more common. @schestowitzJan 16 05:25
schestowitz 16 05:25
TechrightsBot-sc@Alexandre Oliva (lxoliva)'s status on Saturday, 15-Jan-11 23:19:15 UTC - @carlopiana @jwildeboer @schestowitz I'd say all bits are created equal, but it would be false.  some are 0, some are 1 ;-)Jan 16 05:25
qu1j0t3schestowitz: yeah but it was already pretty much concluded re stuxnetJan 16 05:29
schestowitzI knowJan 16 05:29
schestowitzBut now not just theoreticJan 16 05:29
schestowitz"You're such a conspiracy nut"Jan 16 05:29
qu1j0t3interesting that the nyt ran it. i guess they don't deem it important issueJan 16 05:29
schestowitz[although I never get that]Jan 16 05:30
qu1j0t3schestowitz: we need to look @ the meta-conspiracy...Jan 16 05:30
schestowitzExcept when I write about tech...Jan 16 05:30
schestowitzEven though I'm usually right, e.g. Novell patentsJan 16 05:36
qu1j0t3niteJan 16 05:47
*qu1j0t3 has quit (Quit: WeeChat 0.2.6)Jan 16 06:07
*oiaohm (~oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovell-socialJan 16 08:40
MinceRgeekingsJan 16 10:18
*MinceR is now known as MinceR`Jan 16 11:21
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*MinceR`_ is now known as MinceRJan 16 11:45
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*gnufreex ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialJan 16 14:06
schestowitzMinceR: manish was a trollJan 16 15:51
schestowitzI gave him the benefit of the doubtJan 16 15:51
schestowitzYou fed the trollJan 16 15:51
qu1j0t3X-|Jan 16 16:48
*gnufreex has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Jan 16 16:58
schestowitzo/Jan 16 17:27
schestowitzqu1j0t3: the troll from last night..Jan 16 17:27
schestowitzHe was digging for dirtJan 16 17:27
schestowitzProvocation for 'material' to post in hack jobJan 16 17:28
schestowitzNow he's pimping it everywhere like a kid at the age of 15 who saw a girl naked in a magazine for the first timeJan 16 17:28
*gnufreex ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialJan 16 17:30
qu1j0t3schestowitz: i know, i was around for part of it.Jan 16 18:00
qu1j0t3no finesseJan 16 18:00
schestowitzAh, OKJan 16 18:00
schestowitz"TheVoice" sounds like "TheTruth" aja MUTEXJan 16 18:48
*qu1j0t3 has quit (Quit: WeeChat 0.2.6)Jan 16 19:27
MinceRschestowitz: why didn't you kickban him then? :>Jan 16 20:59
MinceRalso, it revealed something about canonicalJan 16 21:00
*BobJonkman ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialJan 16 21:04
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sebsebsebMinceR: like I told you before, I don't think he works for CanonicalJan 16 21:27
MinceRcanonical supports himJan 16 21:27
MinceRlike i told you before :>Jan 16 21:28
MinceRwe'll see if this changes after his potential policy violationJan 16 21:28
sebsebsebMinceR: yehJan 16 21:28
sebsebseboh check outJan 16 21:31
sebsebsebplanet ubuntuJan 16 21:31
sebsebsebsomeone else has replied to it, but to do with identicaJan 16 21:31
sebsebsebalso that article has a lot more comments now, let's check it outJan 16 21:34
MinceRi'm doing soJan 16 21:51
gnufreexsebsebseb: Well, he is Ubuntu DickJan 16 21:58
gnufreexSo he's endorsed by CanonicalJan 16 21:59
gnufreexI'm sorry, I meant Member.Jan 16 21:59
MinceRlolJan 16 21:59
MinceRwell saidJan 16 21:59
gnufreex:>Jan 16 22:00
gnufreexMost commenters are mobbyists and linsux trolls.Jan 16 22:01
gnufreexThey probably linked it there.Jan 16 22:01
schestowitz 16 22:04
TechrightsBot-sc@Bob Jonkman (bobjonkman)'s status on Sunday, 16-Jan-11 20:43:18 UTC - @schestowitz: Can you dent  a link to the Techrights #IRC channel?Jan 16 22:04
TechrightsBot-sc@Dr. Roy Schestowitz (schestowitz)'s status on Sunday, 16-Jan-11 22:00:04 UTC - @bobjonkman sure, but what about specifically?Jan 16 22:04
schestowitzBobJonkman: oh hi!Jan 16 22:04
schestowitzI was just replying in identcaJan 16 22:04
schestowitz*identicaJan 16 22:04
schestowitzThen I saw you hereJan 16 22:04
BobJonkmanYup, I was looking for something like irc:// 16 22:05
BobJonkmanBut I found it :-)Jan 16 22:05
schestowitzWhat's new?Jan 16 22:05
BobJonkmanJust reading your article about GroupWise, and MonotrollsJan 16 22:06
BobJonkmanI was a GW admin for many years, and was sad to see Novell drop the ball on GW and a F/LOSS implementation of GroupWise.Jan 16 22:07
schestowitzOh, I see now... 16 22:13
TechrightsBot-sc@Bob Jonkman (bobjonkman)'s status on Sunday, 16-Jan-11 22:09:24 UTC - @schestowitz:  I found info on Techrights #IRC channel at 16 22:13
TechrightsBot-sc-> Title: IRC Channels | Techrights .::. Size~: 71.74 KBJan 16 22:13
schestowitzBobJonkman: I think it's still profitable (GW)Jan 16 22:13
schestowitzAnd Gwavacon is onJan 16 22:13
BobJonkman:) Dented mere seconds ago, to keep identicats in the loopJan 16 22:13
schestowitzIt's netware that's at riskJan 16 22:13
BobJonkmanNetware has been a dead horse for many years.  Novell relied on their NDS tools ported to SLES, which seemed to me to be a good strategyJan 16 22:14
schestowitzNovell is basically facing some problems and I'll soon catch up with more recent news from them. They lose customer confidence.Jan 16 22:14
schestowitzAs for the Mono thing, it's Microsoft's stuffJan 16 22:15
schestowitzNovell thought it would appeal to admins by going with LinuxJan 16 22:15
BobJonkmanAnd, FWIW, as a corporate customer, the Novell agreement with Novell (in 2006?) made a lot of corporate execs comfortable with Novell's move to a Linux-based platformJan 16 22:15
schestowitzInstead it pissed many of them off by trying to put Microsoft inside Linux (Mono, OOXML, etc)Jan 16 22:15
schestowitzThe people whom you see abusing me are Microsoft proponents a lot of the timeJan 16 22:16
BobJonkmanPersonally, I was not too thrilled with the Novell/Microsoft alliance.Jan 16 22:16
schestowitzBobJonkman: for Linux they could use RHELJan 16 22:16
schestowitzNovell made up new 'reasons'Jan 16 22:16
schestowitzPut new 'dangers' on the tableJan 16 22:16
schestowitz"IP peace of mind"Jan 16 22:16
BobJonkmanIn the Novell-based shop there were Solaris servers, and a handful of 'rogue' Linux servers (maybe RH, maybe something else).  Corporate direction was towards SLES as a replacement for NetwareJan 16 22:17
BobJonkmanThat "IP peace of mind" made a big difference where I worked.Jan 16 22:18
BobJonkmanI think GW was one of the few profit centres that Novell still has (had).  Netware licenses, and the maintenance/upgrade protection was quickly being replaced with Microsoft, even in the mostly Netware shop where I workedJan 16 22:20
BobJonkmanI'm not sure if SLES/SLED was ever profitable for Novell.Jan 16 22:20
gnufreexIt was not.Jan 16 22:24
*alket (~alket@ has joined #boycottnovell-socialJan 16 22:24
gnufreexStill isn'tJan 16 22:24
*alket (~alket@ has left #boycottnovell-social ("Leaving")Jan 16 22:27
schestowitzThey say it is nowJan 16 22:31
schestowitzBut it's hard to tell if they play the bucket gameJan 16 22:31
schestowitzThey also fired many SUSE employees to reward Ronnie with his annual $6 million *bonus*Jan 16 22:32
schestowitzjust done a gnu octave videoJan 16 22:32
schestowitzI didn't prepare anything, so it's kind of blech... just 10 minutes all over the placeJan 16 22:32
MinceRnovell worked pretty hard to prevent suse from being profitableJan 16 22:37
MinceRwhat with attacking their target audience and allJan 16 22:37
MinceRbesides, suse sucked pretty hard even before novell bought itJan 16 22:38
BobJonkmanI found SUSE to be much more usable after Novell started influencing its development.Jan 16 22:39
BobJonkmanBut even so, I'm using an Ubuntu desktop and not SUSE, even though the only formal courses I've taken were for SUSE (SLES 9.2/9.3)Jan 16 22:40
*BobJonkman has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)Jan 16 22:54
gnufreex<schestowitz> They say it is nowJan 16 22:54
gnufreexI thik they said it reached break even point.Jan 16 22:54
gnufreexBut that was before aquisition.Jan 16 22:54
gnufreexIt probably gone down again.Jan 16 22:55
gnufreexBreak even don't mean profits.Jan 16 22:55
schestowitzit means it broke novellJan 16 22:56
schestowitzlike a camel's backJan 16 22:56
gnufreexlolJan 16 22:56
gnufreexBut serisously, that is why Novell never cared about future of Free SOftware.Jan 16 22:57
gnufreexIt never made money for themJan 16 22:57
gnufreexSo if they poison it with patentsJan 16 22:57
gnufreexno big dealJan 16 22:57
gnufreexThey just dump itJan 16 22:57
gnufreexThey might even did it on purpose./Jan 16 22:57
gnufreexSince Free Sofware threatens their core bussines.Jan 16 22:58
gnufreexSo distroy it from inside.Jan 16 22:58
gnufreex***typos everywhereJan 16 22:58
MinceRnovell didn't have a futureJan 16 23:01
MinceRthey could have bought one with suse, but they decided to shit all over it insteadJan 16 23:01
gnufreexoiaohm is feeding the troll.Jan 16 23:15
MinceRhe's making pretty good argumentsJan 16 23:15
gnufreexYeah he does.Jan 16 23:16
gnufreexBut that don't matterJan 16 23:16
gnufreexthey are going to pervert it.Jan 16 23:16
gnufreexBetter ignore such idiots.Jan 16 23:16
MinceRnot to the m$ fanboys, but it might matter to actual free software supportersJan 16 23:16
gnufreexTrueJan 16 23:17
MinceRand to people who are undecidedJan 16 23:17
MinceRfunny how the troll tries to wriggle out of the fact that he insulted all identica usersJan 16 23:24
schestowitzheheJan 16 23:25
schestowitzyeah, silly thatJan 16 23:25
schestowitzidentica is FS typesJan 16 23:25
schestowitzHe just shows he's like Senor MVPJan 16 23:25
schestowitzstrictly twitter-only, like all other Microsoft employeesJan 16 23:25
MinceR"As for those who bother about second hand smoking … i have to ask you why you spend your time in others smoke? you can always spend it in the forest where there is plenty clean air."Jan 16 23:32
MinceRwhat a doucheJan 16 23:32
schestowitzdoug SHHHH!!Jan 16 23:37
schestowitzgnJan 16 23:37

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