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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: February 6th, 2011

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schestowitzGroklaw: "[PJ: I don't care if people want to use Facebook, just like I didn't care if people wanted to use AOL, even if I didn't see why they needed it. Only 30% of Facebook members are in the US, I read. But I really resent it when Facebook tries to own the Internet and poisons the well for those of us who do care about privacy. I avoid all sites that implement the Like button, personally, because I don't want to be swallowed by Feb 06 17:49
schestowitzthis man-eating Facebook machine, and I'll do the same with this new commenting system. Facebook needs to stop trying to track people who don't wish to be tracked. Where are the regulators when you need them?]"Feb 06 17:49
MinceRi use ABP to block the Like buttonFeb 06 17:55
schestowitz 06 18:08
TechrightsBotTitle: The fake Facebook profile I could not get removed - Facebook - .::. Size~: 146.61 KBFeb 06 18:08
schestowitzMinceR: does noscript not block it?Feb 06 18:09
MinceRi don't remember how much of its functionality it blocksFeb 06 18:11
schestowitzFacek00k is a tough virus to defeat because people link to itFeb 06 18:20
schestowitzSometimes I come across links in identica that take me to some image gallery in FBFeb 06 18:20
schestowitzAnd FB extorts or blackmails visitorsFeb 06 18:20
schestowitz"No images of your mate till you give us all your details to SHARE PUBLICLY"Feb 06 18:20
schestowitzMark "Stupid Ducks [sic]" ZuckerbergFeb 06 18:21
MinceR 06 18:21
TechrightsBotTitle: Facebook Privacy List for Adblock Plus .::. Size~: 2.89 KBFeb 06 18:21
MinceRthis might help somewhatFeb 06 18:21
schestowitz 06 18:42
TechrightsBot@fredforfaen: #googlereader + #techrights = true :)Feb 06 18:42
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