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TechrightsBot@Schestowitz (schestowitz)'s status on Friday, 15-Apr-11 15:19:32 UTC - Taking !Techrights to the Next Level by Adding Video and Covering SCO #sco #unix #groklawApr 15 16:25
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schestowitz"Apr 15 18:00
schestowitzHi apexwm,Apr 15 18:00
schestowitzI never comment in other people's blogs because some people forge me in them (calling other people "Nazi" and cursing myself), but I've just created an account just to thank you for a good post that I never expected (in fact, people rarely bother to defend defamed sources, so I appreciate it).Apr 15 18:00
schestowitzDo not be discouraged by people who try to derail your blog and be aware of <a href="" title="Is MS Preening in Public Posts?">this article from Wired Magazine</a>. It says: <em>"The author of the email, posted on ZDNet in a Talkback forum on the Microsoft antitrust trial, claimed her name was Michelle Bradley and that she had "retired" from Microsoft last week.</em>Apr 15 18:00
TechrightsBotError processing the URL: HTTP/1.0 404 Not FoundApr 15 18:00
schestowitz""A verbal memo [no email allowed] was passed around the MS campus encouraging MS employee's to post to ZDNet articles like this one," the email said.Apr 15 18:00
schestowitz""The theme is 'Microsoft is responsible for all good things in computerdom.' The government has no right to prevent MS from doing anything. Period. The 'memo' suggests we use fictional names and state and to identify ourselves as students," the author claimed."Apr 15 18:00
schestowitzIn Techrights' wiki I have a section dedicated Microsoft PR agencies I've been researching and given concrete examples on. Microsoft is outsourcing what Gates calls "evangelisation" because this way it can blame those "rogue" companies when they get caught. It's a cultural thing and the Gates Foundation also spends over $1 per day on this "evangelisation" (planting praise in the press). Sad, but true.Apr 15 18:00
schestowitzThanks again for explaining to people not just what people associated with Microsoft (including masked employees who later on turned out to be Microsoft TEs) did to me but also what they do to people like PJ at Groklaw. See PJ's article about how Groklaw was almost driven into closure 7 years ago. It's often done through intimidation and I saw it first hand. This includes campaigns to get critics fired.Apr 15 18:00
schestowitz"Apr 15 18:00
schestowitz"Apr 15 18:00
schestowitzMore people deserve to be aware of the shady industry which calls itself PR and is sometimes the creation of companies which become its clients (it is proxifying). One company which Microsoft uses (and was created by a former Microsoft employee) brags about methods of auto-finding critics and auto-generating blog comments from templates in order to rapidly respond to criticism, so it's semi-automated. If the message cannot be shot Apr 15 18:00
schestowitzdown, the messenger gets disgraced; if that's not enough, this sometimes escalates to intimidation and harm (not physical harm).Apr 15 18:00
schestowitzI should add that Microsoft employees have publicly compared me to Unabomber, a serial killer. Those who accuse me of "libel" conveniently take a one-side, double-standard approach. If they have an issue with something I wrote they should speak out as we have a good track record of correcting errors (we amended about 20 blog posts among 13,000+). Just because someone does not like an opinion does not make this opinion "libel". BlogsApr 15 18:00
schestowitzprovide opinions a lot of the time and Techrights is carefully worded.Apr 15 18:00
schestowitzIf someone wishes to ask questions, issue a correction, and also find out that we are amicable people can join us at the IRC channels. We are not of the stereotype our detractors claim us to be.Apr 15 18:00
schestowitz"Apr 15 18:00
schestowitz"NB - it appears as though the ZDNet comment component just devoured links that I put in my previous comments, e.g. the one from Wired Mag."Apr 15 18:02
schestowitzHehApr 15 18:02
schestowitzI can't believe I comment in ZDApr 15 18:02
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schestowitz> Ho about Latvia? Can you write something about Latvia because inApr 16 10:30
schestowitz> Latvia still is dirty things.Apr 16 10:30
schestowitzWe need people inside the country to report the issues. Techrights relies on other sources that report from the ground.Apr 16 10:30
schestowitz> Help something with some contacts which you have maybe if you have atApr 16 10:30
schestowitz> this moment.Apr 16 10:30
schestowitzI don't have contacts in the relevant industry. I mostly observe and report.Apr 16 10:30
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schestowitzHmm... "Glad you fixed your search.  I'm going to really piss off Florian."Apr 16 21:58
schestowitz-someone from GroklawApr 16 21:58
MinceR:)Apr 16 22:04
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schestowitzesp. for you: How Microsoft Florian ‘Cooks’ SpinApr 16 22:27
TechrightsBotTitle: How Microsoft Florian ‘Cooks’ Spin | Techrights .::. Size~: 86.35 KBApr 16 22:27

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