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schestowitz 22 07:44
TechrightsBot@satipera (satipera)'s status on Friday, 22-Apr-11 06:14:23 UTC - @schestowitz Yes, I was a bit nervous of you doing that. I looked it up. It is accurate but might come over as name calling.Apr 22 07:44
schestowitzNo. I never said this to Jack's face. In fact, I never did ad hominem in ZDNet comments.Apr 22 07:45
schestowitz 22 07:45
TechrightsBot@satipera (satipera)'s status on Friday, 22-Apr-11 06:16:03 UTC - @schestowitz Ahead of you there looking it up :)Apr 22 07:45
schestowitzHe basically insists that Windows malware had nothing to do with the plane crash (or not preventing it), which is revisionistApr 22 07:46
schestowitz 22 08:00
TechrightsBot@satipera (satipera)'s status on Friday, 22-Apr-11 06:49:36 UTC - @schestowitz Talking of safety failures, any legal developments on MS powered Deepwater Horizon safety monitoring failures?Apr 22 08:00
schestowitzI metioned that one to ZDNet's editors and they ignoredApr 22 08:01
schestowitz"For several millennia, ordinary people in China were discouraged from venturing beyond the Middle Kingdom, but before the recent New Year’s holiday—the Year of the Rabbit began on February 3rd—local newspapers were dense with international travel ads. It felt as if everyone was getting away, and I decided to join them. When the Chinese travel industry polls the public on its dream destinations, no place ranks higher than Apr 22 08:12
schestowitzEurope. China’s travel agents compete by carving out tours that conform less to Western notions of a grand tour than to the likes and dislikes of their customers. I scanned some deals online: “Big Plazas, Big Windmills, Big Gorges” was a four-day bus tour that emphasized photogenic countryside in the Netherlands and Luxembourg; “Visit the New and Yearn for the Past in Eastern Europe” had a certain Cold War charm, but I Apr 22 08:12
schestowitzwasn’t sure I needed that in February."Apr 22 08:12
schestowitzThe Grand Tour 22 08:12
TechrightsBotTitle: Chinese Citizens on Tour in Europe : The New Yorker .::. Size~: 134.04 KBApr 22 08:12
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