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schestowitz 17 00:24
TechrightsBot-sc@Amy H. (gamerchick02)'s status on Saturday, 16-Apr-11 18:53:55 EDT - gamerchick02: @schestowitz: PC = Personal Computer. I guess that includes Macs as well. Don't tell the Apple fanbois that though.Apr 17 00:24
schestowitzThey play twice for a trademarkApr 17 00:24
schestowitzMinceR: this guy's channel is great 17 00:37
TechrightsBot-scTitle: YouTube         - Fox News: "Heaven Is For Real!" (pt1) .::. Size~: 129.33 KBApr 17 00:37
schestowitzpart 2 17 07:32
TechrightsBot-scTitle: YouTube         - Fox News: "Heaven Is For Real!" (pt2) .::. Size~: 124.31 KBApr 17 07:32
schestowitz 17 07:37
TechrightsBot-scTitle: YouTube         - Fox News: Poll Says 38% of Americans Think Disaster in Japan 'Sign From God' .::. Size~: 128.16 KBApr 17 07:37
schestowitzFox is lunacyApr 17 07:37
schestowitz LOLApr 17 09:27
TechrightsBot-sc@FOSSpatents: @schestowitz cc: @akshatj_96 Who will "fork" a simple if...else construct? Show us one reasonably sophisticated piece of Free code you wroteApr 17 09:27
schestowitzHe intentionally goes away from the big projects: 17 09:28
TechrightsBot-sc@FOSSpatents: @akshatj_96 cc: @verofakto Look at this hugely complex specimen of Free Software: 17 09:28
TechrightsBot-scNot a web page! Aborting application/javascript typeApr 17 09:28
schestowitz 17 09:28
TechrightsBot-sc@FOSSpatents: @verofakto Seen #boycottboy's latest lunacy? He thinks journalists need his help. But they do identify non-personal email when they see it.Apr 17 09:28
schestowitzHe's getting angryApr 17 09:29
schestowitz 17 09:29
TechrightsBot-sc@FOSSpatents: @akshatj_96 cc: @verofakto I'm sure. I doubt #boycottboy will answer my question. Guess he's never written anything reasonably sophisticatedApr 17 09:29
TechrightsBot-sc@FOSSpatents: @akshatj_96 cc: @verofakto Miguel de Icaza's guess is #boycottboy's programming credentials boil down to using word processor, booting LinuxApr 17 09:29
schestowitz 17 09:31
TechrightsBot-sc@FOSSpatents: @verofakto He also fails to see how often I get asked. On Google's Nortel bid I didn't do even one proactive email but top-tier media asked.Apr 17 09:31
schestowitzHe just concentrates his efforts on defaming TR nowApr 17 09:31
schestowitzJust like he did GLApr 17 09:31
schestowitzAll his morning tweets are about itApr 17 09:31
schestowitzInciting Jack. 17 09:32
TechrightsBot-sc@FOSSpatents: @jackschofield I can't take his "Microsoft XXX" thing seriously. He applied it to so many people including TheReg's Gavin Clarke...Apr 17 09:32
TechrightsBot-sc@FOSSpatents: @jackschofield Also, he argued on Twitter that the European Commission is in Microsoft's pocket. He sees Microsoft in everything.Apr 17 09:32
schestowitz Apr 17 09:33
TechrightsBot-sc@FOSSpatents: @akshatj_96 cc: @verofakto The problem is I couldn't find anything substantially more sophisticated on his website. It's all at that level.Apr 17 09:33
TechrightsBot-sc@FOSSpatents: @akshatj_96 cc: @verofakto I saw your question. That was a good one. And to the thing he pointed you to he may not have contributed much :-)Apr 17 09:33
schestowitzHe's not even debating newsApr 17 09:33
schestowitzJust peopleApr 17 09:33
schestowitzYes, 10/10, all about Techrights today 17 09:33
TechrightsBot-sc@FOSSpatents: @akshatj_96 cc: @verofakto I'm sure. I doubt #boycottboy will answer my question. Guess he's never written anything reasonably sophisticatedApr 17 09:33
TechrightsBot-sc@FOSSpatents: @akshatj_96 cc: @verofakto Miguel de Icaza's guess is #boycottboy's programming credentials boil down to using word processor, booting LinuxApr 17 09:33
schestowitzI guess he was seriously when he said something like, now we can just target TR (cause Groklaw is gone)Apr 17 09:34
schestowitzFunny thing is thisApr 17 09:36
schestowitzI write far more innovative programs than any of themApr 17 09:37
schestowitzMany FOSS devs just write yet another IRC client/mail client/browser/etcApr 17 09:37
schestowitzI write stuff that was never written before to experiment with paradigms and concepts, making new methods available. He could not have missed those projects in these pages, he is being disingenuous Apr 17 09:38
schestowitz[09:33] [Notice] -TRIdentica to #techrights- [openbytes/@openbytes] Now, as well as being an Openbytes reader and regular TechBytes listener - I wonder, does Gary follow me on and Twitter? Lets see!Apr 17 09:38
schestowitzI think that in order to boost numbers fsdaily is faking votes 17 10:08
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Educating with free software | - Free Software News .::. Size~: 30.12 KBApr 17 10:08
schestowitz(10:53:06)  m: can you give me a hand with gitosis and redmineApr 17 11:00
schestowitz(10:53:46) Dr. Roy Schestowitz: what are these?Apr 17 11:00
schestowitz(10:54:32)  m: redmine is a project management tracking system, and gitosis is a git-like system intended for ubuntuApr 17 11:00
schestowitz(10:55:33) Dr. Roy Schestowitz: I thought it was git-relatedApr 17 11:00
schestowitz(10:55:38) Dr. Roy Schestowitz: I never used them thoughApr 17 11:00
schestowitz(10:56:19)  m: yeah, well I got gitlite working somewhat, but it does not yet have a stable plugin for redmineApr 17 11:00
schestowitzWa what nonsense. The mobbyists are happy to spread lies about people whom they disagree with but yell when someone calls them a "liar", saying that it's a lie to call them liars when they lie. Apr 17 15:33
TechrightsBot-sc@jackschofield: @ender2070 You called me a liar (which I am not) and maligned my integrity. But it's also an accurate description of how #techrights works.Apr 17 15:33
*oiaohm has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Apr 17 15:39
schestowitz 17 17:26
TechrightsBot-sc@Bradley M. Kuhn (bkuhn)'s status on Saturday, 16-Apr-11 23:25:10 UTC - @webmink, only b/c ppl like #Shuttleworth prey on conflating things. Simply: !FSF ©AAs make binding community promises;for-profit ones don'tApr 17 17:26
TechrightsBot-sc@FOSSpatents: @ender2070 cc: @verofakto Reasonable people can easily see that my positions are distinct from those of Microsoft or any other company.Apr 17 17:26
schestowitzHe sends a copy to some stalking trollApr 17 17:27
schestowitzLike that's adding any credibility to it...Apr 17 17:27
schestowitz 17 17:27
TechrightsBot-sc@FFII: Was #Oracle Cloud Office also axed? #competitionApr 17 17:27
TechrightsBot-sc-> Title: Oracle: to become "a Community-based Project" - Update - The H Open Source: News and Features .::. Size~: 39.7 KBApr 17 17:27
schestowitzHe knows I don't reply to him, so he goes like that:Apr 17 17:28
schestowitz 17 17:28
TechrightsBot-sc@FOSSpatents: @schestowitz I'm still waiting for a link to Free Software you've written. The stuff on your homepage underwhelmed 14-year-old @akshatj_96Apr 17 17:28
schestowitzAnd then he RTs "Silverlight works on Android " LOLApr 17 17:28
schestowitz 17 17:29
TechrightsBot-sc@FOSSpatents: @schestowitz A self-described "software engineer" whose little code snippets fail to impress a 14-year-old is an imposter, don't you agree?Apr 17 17:29
schestowitzVenomous, still..Apr 17 17:29
schestowitzIt means that my posts from last night hit the spotApr 17 17:29
schestowitzTonight we are transforming our 2-hour show from audio-only to video and audio versions, too. It will be the 40th episode.Apr 17 17:34
*Quadrescence has quit (Quit: omghaahhahaohwow)Apr 17 17:41
*Ender2070 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)Apr 17 21:28
schestowitz> Fascinating stuff, and it ought to be amazing that some things don'tApr 17 22:12
schestowitz> change, but sadly, it's not - but nice to have an article about you!Apr 17 22:12
schestowitz> Apr 17 22:12
schestowitz> I watched with great sadness as Nokia abandoned their still-leadingApr 17 22:12
schestowitz> position (they remain the largest single supplier of smartphones), andApr 17 22:12
schestowitz> hired a senior Microsoft chap in order that their future offerings wouldApr 17 22:12
schestowitz> be neither maemo-based nor symbian-based, rather, would be theApr 17 22:12
schestowitz> "also-ran" of phones, some odd variation of Windows.Apr 17 22:12
schestowitz> Apr 17 22:12
schestowitz> I suspect that they'll have a good deal of success, though as MS'sApr 17 22:12
schestowitz> marketing machine is powerful, and I think they're marketing toApr 17 22:12
schestowitz> teenagers, a key blackberry market, as they're pushing xbox linkage hard.Apr 17 22:12
schestowitz> Apr 17 22:12
schestowitz> The truly sad thing is that Nokia were first on the block with the N770,Apr 17 22:12
schestowitz> so long ago, yet due to internal politics, were never able to convertApr 17 22:12
schestowitz> that pole position into a Grand-Prix podium position.Apr 17 22:12
schestowitz> Apr 17 22:12
schestowitz> I'm ever more convinced that large companies continue to exist primarilyApr 17 22:12
schestowitz> because their competition is even less competent, rather than any reallyApr 17 22:12
schestowitz> good reason, as the internal back-biting of senior-management layers inApr 17 22:12
schestowitz> large corporates is both horrific and wasteful.  I know, 'cos I'm in one :-)Apr 17 22:12
schestowitz> Apr 17 22:12
schestowitz> Anyway, must get back to trying to persuade everyone to do the rightApr 17 22:12
schestowitz> thing...  maybe one day I'll get the hang of politics, but to quote Mr JApr 17 22:12
schestowitz> Lennon, first you have to learn to smile as you kill - and I'm not thereApr 17 22:12
schestowitz> yet :-)Apr 17 22:12
schestowitz> Apr 17 22:12
schestowitz> Well done Roy, and do keep in touch,Apr 17 22:12
*Ender2070 ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialApr 17 22:43

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