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schestowitz> May 12 07:22
schestowitz Once this week isMay 12 07:22
schestowitz> over, I will start up again on my collaborations to the community (YESMay 12 07:22
schestowitz> we are a community) and yourself.May 12 07:22
schestowitzNo pressure, my friend. I was more woried abour your welfare, not community contributions. If you ever need help finding a job in the UK, I can help.May 12 07:22
schestowitz> Thank you for the lines and your attention my friend,May 12 07:22
schestowitzTechrights has grown a lot recently and I don't know why. Maybe Novell sold, maybe Groklaw stopping in 4 days.May 12 07:22
schestowitz^^^the translator mavenMay 12 07:22
schestowitz 12 07:23
TechrightsBot-sc@explodingwalrus: @schestowitz the one that really gets me is "chemtrails" #crank #tinfoilhatbrigadeMay 12 07:23
schestowitzHehMay 12 07:23
schestowitzStormy weather expected all afternoon today, I might just stay in and go to the gym tomorrow .May 12 07:25
schestowitzsometimes it's hard to keep a straight face. Thus guy also thought OBL did not exist.May 12 07:36
schestowitzGuy from the gym.May 12 07:36
schestowitzAmazing things he thought...May 12 07:36
schestowitzAliens.. :-)May 12 07:36
schestowitz> My Doctor Roy,May 12 08:04
schestowitz> May 12 08:05
schestowitz> I just saw this one of the Novell rats:May 12 08:05
schestowitz> May 12 08:05
schestowitz> novell-was-not-paying-federal-tax_ESMay 12 08:05
schestowitz> May 12 08:05
schestowitz> May 12 08:05
schestowitz> Have a nice eveningMay 12 08:05
schestowitzHave a lovely weekend, my friend. And remember we're here to help any time.May 12 08:05
schestowitzWe also got collab on Daily Links nowMay 12 08:18
schestowitz> Here are some leftovers.  This is sort of a catch up with some things of May 12 08:18
schestowitz> interest and a few links are old.  I can be more efficient by just leaving tabs May 12 08:18
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schestowitz> open while I do the usual browsing and writing later based on what really May 12 08:19
schestowitz> interests me and is worth sharing.  Have fun with them.  May 12 08:19
schestowitzThis is fantastic! Exactly what would help the site bring out the messages that swap the corporate press. I've merged the files within ~2 minutes and soon I'll post it all together. Do you want attribution?May 12 08:19
schestowitzThe Mono boosters are at it againMay 12 08:21
schestowitzTrying to incite twitter users against meMay 12 08:21
schestowitz> Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.  It is very satisfying to do.May 12 08:45
schestowitzIt's complementary to reading, too. Once you find the rhythm for grabbing 3 copy-and-paste selections, the whole thing takes a few seconds per item.May 12 08:45
schestowitz May 12 08:45
schestowitz> I'd like attribution if it can be done cleanly without dividing the subject May 12 08:45
schestowitz> matter.  May 12 08:45
schestowitzOK, no problem.May 12 08:45
schestowitz> I'll be able to do this on and off for a couple of weeks. I need to study for May 12 08:45
schestowitz> ABR part 1 in late August and this will increasingly dominate my spare time.  May 12 08:45
schestowitzAny time. The more topics we cover, the better.May 12 08:45
schestowitz> Hi, Roy,May 12 09:29
schestowitz> May 12 09:29
schestowitz> It's an open secret that all the non-Skype VoIP solutions can call eachMay 12 09:29
schestowitz> other using SIP.  So it does not matter if two people are usingMay 12 09:29
schestowitz> different programs, they can still call each other even if they areMay 12 09:29
schestowitz> using Google Voice, Blink, Ekiga, Kphone, Twinkle, Empathy, Linphone, orMay 12 09:29
schestowitz> iChat.  Mostly what is needed is an increase in user awareness.May 12 09:29
schestowitz> May 12 09:29
schestowitz 12 09:58
TechrightsBot-scTitle: YouTube         - Justice for Osama .::. Size~: 117.85 KBMay 12 09:58
schestowitz> Mono boosters on FLOSS weeklyMay 12 13:01
schestowitz> May 12 13:01
schestowitz> 12 13:01
TechrightsBot-scTitle: The TWiT Netcast Network with Leo Laporte .::. Size~: 28.17 KBMay 12 13:01
schestowitzSOmeone said thatMay 12 13:01
schestowitzInterestingly they put skype in there as though it's a demise of FOSS rather than the very opposite (as it would promote FOSS VOIP)May 12 13:02
schestowitzAnd Mono *LOL*May 12 13:02
schestowitzOh, No!! FOSS is dyingMay 12 13:02
schestowitzMonoMay 12 13:02
schestowitzMono the FOSS projectMay 12 13:02
schestowitz 12 13:04
TechrightsBot-sc@Coyo Morningstar (coyo)'s status on Thursday, 12-May-11 11:16:25 UTC - @schestowitz unfortunately, without extensive modification, neither #jingle nor #sip will really replace #skype. #skype worked despite allMay 12 13:04
schestowitz> Yes. I think it will motivate people to use SIP.  I noticed the RMSMay 12 13:06
schestowitz> agreed with you on that.May 12 13:06
schestowitzI haven't listen to their episode yet. Maybe the Mono thing is separate from the "is dying" part. Skype to...May 12 13:06
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schestowitz"May 12 15:18
schestowitz> Hi Roy,May 12 15:18
schestowitz> May 12 15:18
schestowitz> As promised please find below the news from GroundWork this morning.May 12 15:18
schestowitz> May 12 15:19
schestowitz> Best,May 12 15:19
schestowitz> MelodyMay 12 15:19
schestowitz<snip>May 12 15:19
schestowitzHi Melody,May 12 15:19
schestowitzPR is an unproductive field of operation concerned only with massaging the news and setting up parallel realities. There are fields of operation that actually contribute to society.May 12 15:19
schestowitzI am not interested in any PR in my inbox. If the company has a message to share, it can do so directly.May 12 15:19
schestowitz"May 12 15:19
schestowitz^ MinceR: that's what I meantMay 12 15:19
schestowitzI need to made a standard reply for that junkMay 12 15:19
schestowitz> The show is not the usual FLOSS weekly it's just an airing of a fewMay 12 15:20
schestowitz> peoples' opinions.   Nothing wrong with that in and of itself, it's justMay 12 15:20
schestowitz> that FLOSS weekly used to be about real interviews.May 12 15:20
schestowitzWith really big names like Leo and DiBona. I guess the only real "demise" (to use the title of the show) is of FLOSS Weekly, not of FLOSS.May 12 15:20
schestowitzmsb_: 12 16:16
TechrightsBot-scTitle: People Who Left SUSE Because of Novell’s Atrocious Patent Deal | Techrights .::. Size~: 84.02 KBMay 12 16:16
msb_schestowitz: Excellent article!May 12 16:22
msb_schestowitz: I remember Leo Laporte from the TechTV cable channel.  It had a couple of daily programs that mentioned Linux developments (along with MS and Mac).  Comcast bought the channel, combined it with another one about computer games, and eventually killed both of the shows that used to mention Linux.  I suspect that Microsoft was involved in the murder.May 12 16:25
msb_Those shows were the only ones I've ever seen on TV that talked about software intelligently.  The computer game channel, G4, has no degenerated to the point where it runs shows about people cheating on their spouses, cops arresting people, and "professional wrestling".  That's the length that the corporate ghouls have gone to prevent people from learning the facts about software, the Net, etc.May 12 16:31
msb_no-> nowMay 12 16:32
Ender_nothomeintelligently?May 12 16:33
Ender_nothomeI could NEVER stand those shows on TechTVMay 12 16:34
Ender_nothomeespecially LeoMay 12 16:34
msb_They didn't go into, e.g., the details of bash or C programming, but they did talk about alternative apps for various purposes.May 12 16:35
msb_And all three operating systems.May 12 16:36
msb_Linux, Mac, and MS.May 12 16:36
msb_If they were around now, they'd talk about Skype, SIP, Ekiga, etc.May 12 16:37
msb_Ender_nothome: Why did you dislike those shows?May 12 16:38
Ender_nothomeI thought the people on them didnt know anythingMay 12 16:40
Ender_nothomeperhaps I missed it when it was goodMay 12 16:40
schestowitz[16:25] <msb_> schestowitz: I remember Leo Laporte from the TechTV cable channel.  It had a couple of daily programs that mentioned Linux developments (along with MS and Mac).  Comcast bought the channel, combined it with another one about computer games, and eventually killed both of the shows that used to mention Linux.  I suspect that Microsoft was involved in the murder.May 12 16:45
schestowitzInterestingMay 12 16:45
schestowitzI did not know this as I don't watch US TVMay 12 16:45
schestowitz 12 16:48
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Conversation - .::. Size~: 11.17 KBMay 12 16:48
TechrightsBot-sc@Levi Neely (0verlord)'s status on Thursday, 12-May-11 13:29:38 UTC - @schestowitz Honesty is noble; this is outright creepy. Eerie parallels with fundamentalist religion. Most obviously--Jihad. *Seriously?*May 12 16:48
schestowitzyes, Bill Gates speaks about his "Jihad" (yes, his word) in quite a few of his internal communications. Who said "my war"?May 12 16:50
schestowitzMein.... never mindMay 12 16:50
schestowitz 12 16:50
TechrightsBot-sc@Wayne Borean (wayneborean)'s status on Thursday, 12-May-11 15:04:06 UTC - @agentsmith @schestowitz Hehe. Well, we were right about one thing. It was a company with no morals that was behind it. #fb #googleMay 12 16:50
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msb_I vaguely recall that the best show on TechTV was The Screensavers, and the person on it that talked most about Linux was Kevin Rose, although his subsequent career as described in Wikipedia is as an "Internet entrepreneur".May 12 17:05
Ender_nothomeyes, that was one of the good ones but I never saw itMay 12 17:13
Ender_nothomei only saw that old dude who had a MS biasMay 12 17:14
Ender_nothomepissed me offMay 12 17:14
Ender_nothomeI think that was LeoMay 12 17:14
Ender_nothomeand I think it was Leo who had that attack show with Roy onMay 12 17:14
Ender_nothomeand JonoMay 12 17:14
MinceRmono bacon was definitely thereMay 12 17:15
msb_schestowitz: 12 17:15
TechrightsBot-scNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMay 12 17:15 or whatever it was calledMay 12 17:15
Ender_nothomeyeah it was Leo LaporteMay 12 17:15
Ender_nothome 12 17:15
TechrightsBot-scTitle: verofakto: FLOSS Weekly interviews Roy Schestowitz: The Transcript .::. Size~: 97.31 KBMay 12 17:15
Ender_nothomeI hate linking that blogMay 12 17:16
Ender_nothome3:54  Leo Laporte: "[Schestowitz] is not on video because he doesn't have a webcam... have we known we would have sent him a camera but he probably would have rejected it because it probably came from some closed source thing" May 12 17:16
Ender_nothomeKevin Rose though, didnt he start up Digg ?May 12 17:17
msb_Yes, he did.May 12 17:17
Ender_nothomeyeahMay 12 17:17
Ender_nothomeleo sucksMay 12 17:17 he rejected skype? oh, wait.May 12 17:19
schestowitz[17:16] <Ender_nothome> 3:54  Leo Laporte: "[Schestowitz] is not on video because he doesn't have a webcam... have we known we would have sent him a camera but he probably would have rejected it because it probably came from some closed source thing" May 12 17:21
schestowitzThey didn't ask meMay 12 17:21
schestowitzThey make me look poorMay 12 17:21
schestowitz"Ohhh!! Please! Send me a $5 webcam!!"May 12 17:22
Ender_nothomeyeahMay 12 17:22
Ender_nothomesame old leoMay 12 17:22
schestowitzI didn't like that remarkMay 12 17:23
schestowitzAmong others at the startMay 12 17:23
schestowitzPlaying Rich DaddyMay 12 17:23
schestowitzAnd poor Roy on the line..May 12 17:23
schestowitzRMS has people do the same thing to himMay 12 17:23
schestowitzIt's easy because of RMS' appearanceMay 12 17:23
schestowitzHe'd look like some guy on minimal pensionMay 12 17:23
schestowitz"Have some potato, Richard"May 12 17:24
MinceRthat's "OpenRespect" for you, RoyMay 12 17:31
schestowitzI want a refund then :-)May 12 17:58
MinceRi hope vmware diesMay 12 18:01
MinceRi hate their shitty, unusable productsMay 12 18:02
schestowitzyesMay 12 18:03
schestowitza client of ours gets rid of itMay 12 18:03
schestowitzto use kvmMay 12 18:03
MinceRwe could use kvm or virtual boxMay 12 18:03
MinceRbut nooooooooMay 12 18:03
MinceRwe have to use the shittiest virtualization solution on the planetMay 12 18:03
MinceRwith the possible exception of m$ productsMay 12 18:04
schestowitzSoloooshen?May 12 18:05
schestowitz 12 18:15
TechrightsBot-sc@Levi Neely (0verlord)'s status on Thursday, 12-May-11 17:04:30 UTC - @schestowitz Hahaha that was my kneejerk reaction, too.  I am reluctant, however, to suggest Microsoft has a final solution. :)May 12 18:15
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schestowitz> Thank you my friend. I really appreciate your kind words on such time like this.May 12 19:27
schestowitz> May 12 19:27
schestowitz> God bless you always!May 12 19:27
msb_I suspect that Microsoft always has in mind The Final Solution.May 12 19:30
schestowitz 12 19:35
TechrightsBot-sc@noyesk: @schestowitz I'm thinking marketing of some kind is probably necessary to achieve that use... don't you think?May 12 19:35
schestowitz@noyesk About Linux marketing, only the Linux Foundation has an interest in this brand it owns. IBM markets mainframes (with Linux), Canonical "Ubuntu"...May 12 19:36
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