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IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: May 18th, 2011

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MinceR 18 06:38
TechrightsBot-scTitle: xkcd: Religions .::. Size~: 8.03 KBMay 18 06:38
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sebsebsebGood Morning Boycottnovell-social /  Techrights-socialMay 18 07:35
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schestowitzhello sebsebsebMay 18 09:12
schestowitzhow are you?May 18 09:12
schestowitzbrbMay 18 09:12
sebsebsebok you?May 18 09:12
schestowitzgoodMay 18 09:16
schestowitzbusy day aheadMay 18 09:16
schestowitzfirst, irc logs, then I need to catch up w/ news, many hours programming, maybe news againMay 18 09:17
schestowitzGot some angry feedback from mono boosters overnightMay 18 09:17
schestowitzThey always amuse meMay 18 09:17
sebsebsebschestowitz: got my host name showing in IRC again in both channels, from yesterday, not that big a deal, but well you knowMay 18 09:19
schestowitzit's hard to remember to checkMay 18 09:32
sebsebsebschestowitz: hehMay 18 09:39
schestowitzI was happy to remove it for you beforeMay 18 09:50
schestowitzBut it's becoming a burden when you get all paranoid about it. I need to remove that manually and it takes time. And what for really?May 18 09:50
sebsebsebschestowitz: heh heh, no not paranoid,  just don't want it showing reallyMay 18 09:56
sebsebsebschestowitz: anyway turns out both channels are ok for the 17th logMay 18 09:59
sebsebsebor maybe you changed it alreadyMay 18 09:59
schestowitznot changed anythingMay 18 10:00
sebsebsebmy client log say,  I joined with it showing, but your logs don't have it showing :DMay 18 10:01
sebsebsebschestowitz: well  they are fine, no need to change anythingMay 18 10:02
sebsebsebfor 17thMay 18 10:02
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themadhatterMorningMay 18 14:51
sebsebsebthemadhatter: hiMay 18 14:54
sebsebsebthemadhatter: you use Identica a lot don't you?May 18 14:54
sebsebsebno I am not suggesting we subscribe to each other by the wayMay 18 14:54
sebsebsebschestowitz: hmm your pretty good at writing English really, plus you know about Identica,  I know your busy today really, but uhmm, maybe later on or something, you can do me a  favour, check some text for me,  well unless I find someone else first I guessMay 18 15:06
schestowitzhi, themadhatterMay 18 15:16
schestowitzsebsebseb: sureMay 18 15:16
schestowitzand thanksMay 18 15:16
schestowitzthemadhatter: why not the #techrights channel too?May 18 15:16
sebsebsebschestowitz: if your going to check this, uhmm I don't want the text in hereMay 18 15:18
sebsebsebI also don't want the text on pastebin for ages,  you know about posts that expire and such right?May 18 15:18
sebsebsebalso maybe text needs  to be be better written somehow, it still seems like just a rant really, hmmMay 18 15:19
sebsebsebschestowitz: do you know how to use pastebin, you seem to pastebin emails and such a lot in here?May 18 15:19
sebsebsebpastebin emails a lot in here? above I meant, you seem to copy in emails a lot in hereMay 18 15:22
sebsebsebschestowitz: anyway it's stuff for the Mageia marketting email list, that  I want checked :)May 18 15:22
sebsebsebemail list? mailing list, aboveMay 18 15:22
schestowitzuse techrights wikiMay 18 15:23
schestowitzI'll edit it thereMay 18 15:23
schestowitz 18 15:24
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Techrights:Community Portal - Techrights .::. Size~: 15.15 KBMay 18 15:24
sebsebsebhmm maybe, would have to log into my account on there again, probably need  a password re set, well yeah I do really and uhMay 18 15:24
schestowitzYou'll be able to do a diff to also see what exactly I fixedMay 18 15:24
sebsebsebthing is I don't want this on  the web like thatMay 18 15:24
schestowitzwikis are good to actually learn what was changedMay 18 15:24
sebsebsebI don't want my draft on the web pubilcally at allMay 18 15:24
schestowitzwhat's the worst that can happen?May 18 15:25
sebsebsebas for the actsual email, well yeah t hat will go on the web publically, since they hare public archivesMay 18 15:25
schestowitzAn ex-g/f spying on you? :-May 18 15:25
sebsebsebnope not using the wiki like thatMay 18 15:26
sebsebsebWhy do you want evertyhing so public by the way?May 18 15:26
sebsebsebsomeitmes  a bit of privacy is a good thingMay 18 15:26
sebsebsebschestowitz: in fact you seem to want everything so public and that, that maybe uhmm you should start leaving the door wide open at night, of the place you stay in, so anyone who wants to, can come in there no problem :DMay 18 15:27
schestowitz"For all new development, where deployment and usage is foreseen byMay 18 15:34
schestowitz> parties outside of the Commission Infrastructure, Open Source SoftwareMay 18 15:34
schestowitz> will be the preferred development and deployment platform." (2008)May 18 15:34
schestowitz 18 15:34
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Strategy for internal use of OSS at the EC - European Commission .::. Size~: 22.7 KBMay 18 15:34
schestowitzsebsebseb: that's differentMay 18 15:34
schestowitzopen door at night... actually, I can do thatMay 18 15:35
schestowitzI trust people who live around me.May 18 15:35
sebsebsebschestowitz: uh you live in Manchester, probably quite a lot of criminals thereMay 18 15:35
schestowitzbut anyway, more to the point, having conversations about professional issue (not private issues) is not out of the ordinaryMay 18 15:35
schestowitzLike, about FOSS...May 18 15:36
schestowitzIn science we also share a lot of info..May 18 15:36
schestowitzOthers can make better use of data this wayMay 18 15:36
sebsebsebhaving a draft of an email, and getting someoen else to check, isn't out of the ordinaryMay 18 15:36
sebsebsebhowever even so having my draft being public as well, not so sure I want thatMay 18 15:36
schestowitzi knew some scientists who wanted people to dig through their mailbox when they dieMay 18 15:36
schestowitzTo find ideas that never materialisedMay 18 15:36
schestowitzAnd maybe make use of these, with atrib.May 18 15:36
schestowitz> "29. Urges the Commission and Member States to devise appropriateMay 18 15:38
schestowitz> measures to promote, develop and manufacture European encryptionMay 18 15:38
schestowitz> technology and software and above all to support projects aimed atMay 18 15:38
schestowitz> developing user-friendly open-source encryption software;"May 18 15:38
schestowitz> May 18 15:38
schestowitz> "33. Calls on the Community institutions and the public administrationsMay 18 15:38
schestowitz> of the Member States to provide training for their staff and make theirMay 18 15:38
schestowitz> staff familiar with new encryption technologies and techniques by meansMay 18 15:38
schestowitz> of the necessary practical training and courses;"May 18 15:38
schestowitz> May 18 15:38
schestowitz> 18 15:38
schestowitzIn the US, Tor developers are pursued with the veracity that Gitmo detainees are treated.May 18 15:39
TechrightsBot-sc@: May 18 15:39
themadhatterSorry guys - something happened in another window - be right backMay 18 15:44
schestowitz>> In the US, Tor developers are pursued with the veracity that GitmoMay 18 15:47
schestowitz>> detainees are treated.May 18 15:47
schestowitz> May 18 15:47
schestowitz> Is that well documented?May 18 15:47
schestowitzAround the time he was helping Egypt get past the Internet shutdown something like this happened for the second time:May 18 15:47
schestowitz 18 15:47
schestowitz 18 15:48
schestowitzthemadhatter: okMay 18 15:48
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Wikileaks editor Jacob Appelbaum detained by US customs + WikiLeaks insurance scandal « Dandelion Salad .::. Size~: 143.61 KBMay 18 15:48
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Researcher detained at U.S. border, questioned about Wikileaks | InSecurity Complex - CNET News .::. Size~: 235.73 KBMay 18 15:48
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themadhatterOur connection blipped.May 18 15:58
themadhatterAnyway, lot of weird shit going on. Which made me think of our old friend Pam Edstrom and the fun on UseNet back in the days of Slip.May 18 16:01
themadhatterRoy, you still here?May 18 16:20
schestowitzysMay 18 16:23
schestowitzwhat's the weird stuff?May 18 16:23
schestowitzdidn't notice anything myself, it's quiet in the news these days, which left me with time to spend improving recording and SIP stuffMay 18 16:23
schestowitzI think we need to start embracing some multimedia to reach an audience outside the choir, people like my friends and colleagues even, who start tuning inMay 18 16:24
schestowitz 18 16:25
TechrightsBot-sc@Pandersonpllc: I agree. Non-issue RT @FOSSpatents: hypothesis of breach of iOS developer license agreement In my view, a non-issue.May 18 16:25
TechrightsBot-sc-> Title: FOSS Patents: What app developers need to know about Lodsys and the in-app upgrade button patent problem .::. Size~: 97.45 KBMay 18 16:25
schestowitzFlorian chats a lot with patent solicitorsMay 18 16:25
schestowitzThis morning he chatted with some British journos like a dozen times, trying to inject his spin into their articles... 18 16:26
TechrightsBot-sc@FOSSpatents: @charlesarthur cc: @rupertg Patents were already in place at that time to prevent PC clones, but IBM was careful for antitrust reasons.May 18 16:26
schestowitzHe's no patent expertMay 18 16:26
schestowitzSo they ought not to listen to himMay 18 16:26
schestowitzHe is no "FOSS" person, eitherMay 18 16:26
schestowitzI hope they'll all realise this, over timeMay 18 16:26
schestowitzOK, I'm bored. May 18 16:54
schestowitzI'm gonna go to the gym to kill some time. BBLMay 18 16:55
themadhatterOK, it's being a bad morning here. May 18 17:09
themadhatterEverytime I try to get something done, something else happens.May 18 17:09
themadhatterAs to Florian, complain to the news orgs that use him. And keep complaining. If they get enough complaints, from enough different people, they will dump him.May 18 17:11
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schestowitzanoter mono booster returnsMay 18 19:25
schestowitz 18 19:25
TechrightsBot-sc@rclayton's status on Wednesday, 18-May-11 18:05:29 UTC - @magneito also note that the facial recog. software @schestowitz writes is proprietary (no source code available)May 18 19:25
schestowitzlie.May 18 19:25
schestowitz 18 20:33
TechrightsBot-sc@wouterdemuynck: Reading #techrights... TinWiki was less paranoid than this.May 18 20:33

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