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IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: May 20th, 2011

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sebsebseb May 20 15:20
sebsebseb May 20 15:20
sebsebsebMinceR:  May 20 15:20
sebsebsebMinceR:  May 20 15:20
sebsebsebethernet cable socket got even worseMay 20 15:23
sebsebsebsoMay 20 15:23
sebsebsebsalad taped the ethernet cable inMay 20 15:23
sebsebsebso it would stay connectedMay 20 15:24
sebsebseb(well someone helped with that actsualley) ,but yeah I guess eventaully it will have to be replaced reallyMay 20 15:24
sebsebseband yeahMay 20 15:24
MinceRi did that tooMay 20 15:24
MinceRonceMay 20 15:24
sebsebsebalso the clip on the end of one ethernet cable came off, and the other well nearly offMay 20 15:25
sebsebsebthe little plastic bitMay 20 15:25
MinceRit comes off easily if there's no part covering its endMay 20 15:25
sebsebsebMinceR: ok how  long did you keep sald taped ethernet cable for?May 20 15:25
sebsebsebthere is a part that covers the end, but  that can easilly not be on it anymore and suchMay 20 15:25
MinceRdidn't keep track of itMay 20 15:26
MinceRparts of it are still there but i'm not using that computer anymoreMay 20 15:26
sebsebseboh well this was the socket on the window cillMay 20 15:26
sebsebsebnot the computer's endMay 20 15:26
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nisshhsebsebseb, when i said "im still an Ubuntu Member" on identica, what did you mean by the "oh"?May 20 16:31
sebsebsebnisshh: I thought yiou were going to stop becoming oneMay 20 16:32
nisshhsebsebseb, noMay 20 16:32
nisshhi just ditched my cloakMay 20 16:32
nisshhbecause it attracts trolls and insultsMay 20 16:33
nisshhi realised that after a whileMay 20 16:33
sebsebsebnisshh: well that would depend on the channels your going in with it I guessMay 20 16:35
nisshhsebsebseb, many non-ubuntu channels have got people commenting on why an ubuntu member has gone into themMay 20 16:35
sebsebsebsuch as?May 20 16:36
nisshhi even got kicked out of one for having itMay 20 16:36
sebsebseband I can understand thatMay 20 16:36
sebsebsebsince Ubuntu isn't exactly liked much by many people in the wider Linux community,  including myself really  these days, even though i'll try it out at times stillMay 20 16:36
sebsebsebin development, and the finalMay 20 16:36
nisshhyeahMay 20 16:36
sebsebsebin fact running Ubuntu 11.04 Classic Desktop right nowMay 20 16:36
nisshheven though i use arch now, i still have ubuntu feeds in my feed readerMay 20 16:37
nisshhjust to see whats going onMay 20 16:37
sebsebsebnisshh: I am on the verge of  unsubscribeing to an Ubuntu Community Memeber / fan boy on IdenticaMay 20 16:37
sebsebsebI get a lot of his dents anyway since in the Ubuntu groupMay 20 16:37
nisshhwho is he?May 20 16:37
sebsebseb,but I want to keep my time line down with loads of junk ideallyMay 20 16:37
sebsebsebunforutnatly that's rather difficult on IdenticaMay 20 16:38
nisshhhehMay 20 16:38
nisshhi keep mine pretty cleanMay 20 16:38
sebsebseb,because for example I can't just unsubscribe  from the Ubuntu group on there, because sometimes I want to send dents to itMay 20 16:38
nisshhonly get a few annoying dents or spamMay 20 16:38
schestowitznisshh: why get a Ubuntu cloak. Is Ubuntu a source of much pride at all? My cloak makes me independent, not some vassal of a company :-) :-)May 20 16:38
sebsebsebunsubscribed from quite a few people a few weeks or so now and is better nowMay 20 16:38
TechrightsBot-scTitle: sebsebseb and friends - .::. Size~: 64.98 KBMay 20 16:38
schestowitzI think the same goes with Mr. LightbringerMay 20 16:38
nisshhschestowitz, at the time i just felt i should get one tbhMay 20 16:39
sebsebsebnisshh: ,but I am still seeing a lot of dents from this person I was on about,  and if I am unsubscribed to him, that will get rid of some of his dentsMay 20 16:39
sebsebsebhe's nice enough on IRC when I spoke to him and there such, but this guy uhMay 20 16:39
nisshhyeahMay 20 16:39
sebsebsebwhen spoke to him there and suchMay 20 16:39
sebsebseb,but this guy dents about way to much stuff, that I am not really that interested inMay 20 16:39
nisshhsebsebseb, link to the ubuntu fanboy's identica? i would like to see what he dentsMay 20 16:39
sebsebsebnisshh: uhmm you have probably seen him as well, assuming you actsaully look at what people send to the Ubuntu groupMay 20 16:40
nisshhi do, sometimesMay 20 16:40
nisshhbut i dont recall getting many fanboy dentsMay 20 16:40
sebsebsebjust wan to be clear for the logs, I find this guy ok, it's just seeing  loasd of Ubuntu stuff from him  and so on, annoys me at timesMay 20 16:40
sebsebsebnisshh: I mean he's been nice enough on IRC when we chatted a bit for exampleMay 20 16:41
sebsebsebanyway with that saidMay 20 16:41
sebsebsebactsauly instead of just linkingMay 20 16:41
sebsebsebschestowitz take a guess who am I on about?May 20 16:41
sebsebsebyour subscribed to him as well, his dents come in to the other channel evenMay 20 16:41
sebsebsebI think your subscribed to him as well, either way his dents do come into the other channelMay 20 16:42
nisshhyeahMay 20 16:42
sebsebsebschestowitz: so who am I on about?May 20 16:43
sebsebsebnisshh: who am I on about uhmm hint hin,  the name begins with TMay 20 16:44
sebsebsebt somethingMay 20 16:44
sebsebsebany idea?May 20 16:44
sebsebsebtoMay 20 16:44
*nisshh still has no clueMay 20 16:44
sebsebsebtorMay 20 16:44
sebsebsebosMay 20 16:45
nisshhoh, @toros?May 20 16:45
sebsebsebyepMay 20 16:45
nisshhi havent seen a dent from him in agesMay 20 16:45
sebsebsebtotal Ubuntu fan boy realy, also a community emember, dents to much about it reallyMay 20 16:45
sebsebsebsends a lot of them to the ubuntu group on there as wellMay 20 16:45
nisshhahMay 20 16:46
nisshhi think i unsubscribed from !ubuntuMay 20 16:46
nisshhwas getting a lot of crapMay 20 16:46
sebsebsebnisshh: yeah I am  rather temptedMay 20 16:46
sebsebsebnisshh: indeedMay 20 16:46
nisshhlet me checkMay 20 16:46
sebsebsebget a lot of junk from that groupMay 20 16:46
sebsebsebnisshh: I am rather tempted to unsubscribe from it,  on the other hand I sometimes want to send dents to it that's the thing hmmMay 20 16:46
sebsebseb,but that would be rather rare anyway, so maybe I should just go and unsubscribeMay 20 16:47
sebsebsebreallyMay 20 16:47
sebsebsebthat will really keep my time line down as well :)May 20 16:47
nisshhsebsebseb, you can send dents without being in !ubuntuMay 20 16:47
nisshhcant you?May 20 16:47
nisshhi thought you couldMay 20 16:47
sebsebsebno got to be in a group to send dents to itMay 20 16:47
nisshhoh okMay 20 16:47
sebsebsebthat means getting all the junkMay 20 16:47
sebsebsebnisshh: Ubuntu people sometimes send their Ubuntu news to the Linux group anywayMay 20 16:49
sebsebsebor quite al ot of the timeMay 20 16:49
sebsebsebso the most relivent Ubuntu news, would end up there as wellMay 20 16:50
nisshhyeahMay 20 16:50
sebsebsebplus I have sent to the group before a few times with no repliesMay 20 16:50
sebsebseband once I had this person whoMay 20 16:50
sebsebsebwas only in Ubuntu related groups replying hmmMay 20 16:50
nisshhyeahMay 20 16:51
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sebsebsebnisshh: yeah I should unsubscribe from that group really,  it's rather annoying going through so many pages,  trying to find most relivent stuffMay 20 16:52
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sebsebsebtrying to find the few dents that are of interestMay 20 16:52
sebsebsebnisshh: I mean I have got onto some pretty interesting things or found out about from Identica beforeMay 20 16:53
nisshhyeahMay 20 16:53
sebsebseb,but with all that Ubuntu junk in the way of things, then ah!May 20 16:53
sebsebseband going through 52 pages or whateverMay 20 16:53
sebsebsebis insane in a wayMay 20 16:53
sebsebsebdepeneding on how much stuff has been  dentedMay 20 16:53
sebsebseb 20 16:53
TechrightsBot-scTitle: sebsebseb and friends - .::. Size~: 64.48 KBMay 20 16:53
sebsebsebnisshh: as for Toros he can be actsaully sort of useful to be subscribed to, because he links a lot to webud8ate and omg ubuntuMay 20 16:54
sebsebseband I do want to read some of the Ubuntu stuffMay 20 16:54
nisshhyeah, ive seen some of his dents that link to thoseMay 20 16:55
schestowitzleave toros alllllllone....May 20 16:55
schestowitzhe also promotes androidMay 20 16:55
schestowitzJust anything that's used a lotMay 20 16:55
sebsebseband I don't go on omgubuntu website nearly every day, like I used to do, so toros can be useful, to find out what's going on thereMay 20 16:55
sebsebsebnisshh: schestowitz I been in the Linux Outlaws group for quite a while now as well, but still not listended to one as far as I knowMay 20 16:57
sebsebsebsometimes some right junk is dented, other times, some pretty good stuff, to that group, it dependsMay 20 16:58
nisshhyeahMay 20 16:58
sebsebseb,but yeah I should unsubscribe from Ubuntu really, that's the fan boys and such groupMay 20 16:58
sebsebseband am I one?  nope and how long has that been?  let's see,  two years or so now?May 20 16:58
sebsebsebor probably more like three years or so now atsauly, since I stopped being a sort of Ubuntu fan boy or whatever I was beforeMay 20 16:59
sebsebsebnisshh: I guess there's a price to pay, unsubscribe from the group don't get loads of junk anymore in the time line, but with the price of not being able to dent to that group anymoreMay 20 17:04
sebsebsebah well so be itMay 20 17:04
nisshhhehMay 20 17:05
sebsebsebscrew UbuntuMay 20 17:05
sebsebsebcome on other Linux distributions :DMay 20 17:05
MinceRhow very sexualMay 20 17:05
sebsebsebMinceR: that wasn't meant to be the idea at all, but I coudn't think of a good wordMay 20 17:05
sebsebsebMinceR: and if I had used the f word you could have said the same thingMay 20 17:06
MinceR:>May 20 17:06
MinceRbut what about the usage of "come"? :>May 20 17:06
sebsebsebMinceR: oh this again :>  so as in you agree?May 20 17:06
sebsebsebcome  is a common word in the English language, an example of it's useage could beMay 20 17:07
sebsebsebCOME HERE NOW! MinceR you bad naughtey boy!May 20 17:08
MinceRit could also be interpreted differentlyMay 20 17:08
sebsebseband I know what your thinking, but that has another spelling by the wayMay 20 17:08
MinceRi think both are correctMay 20 17:09
sebsebseband I am not Gordon for example, who speaks about inappropriate subjects in Techbytes sometimes,  well one at leastMay 20 17:09
sebsebseband I am not schestowitz either who might mention certain subjects online in a public place, when it's not really the best idea toMay 20 17:10
sebsebsebfor the Gordon comment, has mentioned I should sayMay 20 17:10
sebsebsebMinceR: and now I feel like I am typing some stuff that is a bit stupid to type, and it's your faultMay 20 17:11
MinceRmwahahahaMay 20 17:14
sebsebsebMinceR: I am not uhmm  DeamonFC  or  diabllo-d3  or you to an extent I guess even, and I mean people who say loads of junk online at times, and really don't care  useualyMay 20 17:15
sebsebsebMinceR: and right now I am thinking about how all this will end up in a public log, because schestowitz loves public logsMay 20 17:16
sebsebsebeven though trolls sometimes use them as ammo, to then troll schestowitzMay 20 17:16
sebsebsebpublic logs have their advantages and their disadvantages, simple as that reallyMay 20 17:17
sebsebsebMinceR: I mean he woudn't even check text for me using pastebin yesterday.  not even pastebin is good enough,  he wanted the stuff on his wiki, so that it would be all publicMay 20 17:18
sebsebsebif he was going to checkMay 20 17:18
sebsebsebgeezMay 20 17:18
sebsebsebmost people use pastebin for a lot of text,  when using IRC, simple as that reallyMay 20 17:18
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schestowitz 20 18:44
TechrightsBot-sc@Mag Neito (magneito)'s status on Friday, 20-May-11 17:39:55 UTC - @schestowitz How cute Roi - You defend yourself in IRC in front of all your cult members instead of in public...May 20 18:44
MinceRi wonder how could it be more publicMay 20 18:57
schestowitzhe curses moody tooMay 20 19:01
schestowitzCalls him communistMay 20 19:01
MinceRtypical m$ fanboy speakMay 20 19:01
MinceRthey're trying to equate free software with communism while they shill for an anti-competitive companyMay 20 19:02
MinceRthe free market is for communists, you see :>May 20 19:02
schestowitzyesMay 20 19:13
schestowitzAnd monoculture with Microsoft's ways is capitalistic and competitiveMay 20 19:13
schestowitzIt's all PRMay 20 19:13
MinceR 20 20:54
TechrightsBot-scNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMay 20 20:54
schestowitzLOLMay 20 20:56
schestowitz,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=f3fbdc766cce37e1&biw=1920&bih=915May 20 20:58
TechrightsBot-scTitle: color brown ubuntu - Google Search .::. Size~: 80.12 KBMay 20 20:58
MinceR 20 22:31
TechrightsBot-scNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeMay 20 22:31
schestowitzNot good for meMay 20 22:49
schestowitzScaring people->good for obedience-> religionMay 20 22:49
MinceRthey don't obey most of these :>May 20 22:52
schestowitzof course notMay 20 23:19
schestowitzif people's ego is what they call "Gawd", then they are exempted from these rules, that only applies to "those other people"May 20 23:28

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