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schestowitzReviving the Gates Monitor today..Jun 12 13:29
schestowitzSeeking help from those who are interested (contact if you can help)Jun 12 13:30
schestowitzSummary of the plan: "I saw the earlier comment in IRC. Basically, here's what needs doing for the betterment of the enlightened. The following contain good links to sources criticial of Gates. These need to be classified and sorts like daily links with excerpts, each going under headline such as "Gates Monitor: January 2011 on Education" or "Gates Monitor: January 2011 on Patent". We want to keep the language polite so as not to Jun 12 13:30
schestowitzdrive away the new reader. The audience we aim for thinks that Gates is a humanist. The basic idea is, we need to organise this information, then push it out. No rush, it needs to be done without urgency. I find it helpful to open these pages and then use the mail client/browser to highlight all occurrences of Gates. This is part of what we want in the output, which in the headline may contain some commentary to add context, e.g. "Jun 12 13:30
schestowitzGates offers financial help to PBS" (Ed: yes, and the strings attached surely would mean that criticism of Gates and Microsoft is now unwelcomed by editors)."Jun 12 13:30
schestowitzJust contacted someone.. "You said you would be able to help us help Africa. One area I need help with is Monsanto. Can you come to IRC to discuss?"Jun 12 13:37
schestowitz 12 13:48
TechrightsBot@nj3ma: @schestowitz Sorry ,yet to install IRC client. Also @eebrah might be slightly more knowledgeable on Monsanto programsJun 12 13:48
schestowitzA friend of mine told me I should liaise with Sahara ReportJun 12 13:48
schestowitz 12 13:49
TechrightsBot@Moshe Njema (nj3ma)'s status on Sunday, 12-Jun-11 12:43:35 UTC - @schestowitz Attracted first pro patent troll "@IPKenya: @nj3ma Hi. Where did you hear about Monsanto suing African farmers over IP?" ProudJun 12 13:49
schestowitz#Monsanto is still 'seeding' the market in Africa, turning all farmers there into patent 'pirates' with Bill Gates' for-profit lobbyingJun 12 13:50
schestowitz 12 13:50
TechrightsBot@Moshe Njema (nj3ma)'s status on Sunday, 12-Jun-11 12:40:43 UTC - @schestowitz Sorry ,yet to install IRC client. Also @eebrah might be slightly more knowledgeable on Monsanto programsJun 12 13:50
schestowitz:/Jun 12 13:50
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schestowitzOK, I got one of our editors to look into itJun 12 13:54
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schestowitz 12 14:34
TechrightsBot@nj3ma: @schestowitz GoodJun 12 14:34
schestowitzChina is also deep in it. In China, capitalists take advantage of communism for almost free labour and exploit Africans for resources.Jun 12 14:34
schestowitzRe: Chronological orderJun 12 15:32
schestowitz"Jun 12 15:32
schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Jun 12 15:32
schestowitz> Jun 12 15:32
schestowitz> Thanks for keeping up these lists;Jun 12 15:32
schestowitz> 12 15:32
TechrightsBotTitle: Gates Foundation Critique - Techrights .::. Size~: 70.67 KBJun 12 15:32
schestowitz> Jun 12 15:32
schestowitz> Is it ok to rearrange them into reverse chronological order?  I findJun 12 15:32
schestowitz> that having the newest on top puts the material most likely to be reusedJun 12 15:32
schestowitz> closest at hand.Jun 12 15:32
schestowitzWow. I was thinking about this just a few hours ago. Actually, I was thinking about another listing which orders by importance under different categories, e.g. patents, crops, investments, media takeover, scandal, conflict of interest, schools, Microsoft...Jun 12 15:32
schestowitz"Jun 12 15:32
oiaohmschestowitz: Ok where is GM cropsJun 12 15:35
oiaohmI kinda put GM crops as number 1.Jun 12 15:36
oiaohmSince if it done wrong is basically a BIOWEAPON that does us in.Jun 12 15:36
schestowitzoiaohm: iirc mosnanto comes from the biological warfare industry. their landmark project, the pesticides, have some origin on poison spread from planes in US wars (IIRC and if my sources are correct)Jun 12 15:46
oiaohmschestowitz:  Exactly.Jun 12 15:53
oiaohmBIOWEAPON company making GM crops what could go wrong.Jun 12 15:53
oiaohmReally you don't have to think far or look far to see big problem.Jun 12 15:54
schestowitzsee my latest dentJun 12 16:00
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schestowitzI did some reading about it today..Jun 12 16:00
schestowitz 12 16:00
schestowitzMonsanto listedJun 12 16:00
TechrightsBotTitle: US Chemical and Biological Weapons Use In Vietnam .::. Size~: 39.04 KBJun 12 16:00
oiaohmTo be correct a lot of the stuff we could call Chemical and biological weapons using in VietnamJun 12 16:04
oiaohmWe did not know until after that it was human harming in a big way.Jun 12 16:04
oiaohmBut its really a good reason not to trust Monsanto R&D they have proven themselves suspect at it.Jun 12 16:04
schestowitzEthiclessJun 12 16:15
schestowitzBut there are more famous incidentsJun 12 16:15
schestowitzBad cleanups, coverups, leaks, etc.Jun 12 16:15
schestowitzLookm at FrafiguraJun 12 16:15
schestowitzLet's see what Google yieldsJun 12 16:15
schestowitz!google trafiguraJun 12 16:15
TechrightsBot[1] - Trafigura | 12 16:15
TechrightsBot[2] - About us - Trafigura | 12 16:15
TechrightsBot[3] - Trafigura - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia | 12 16:15
TechrightsBot[4] - Trafigura | World news | | 12 16:15
schestowitz!google trafigura sucksJun 12 16:15
TechrightsBot[1] - Twitter can't be gagged: online outcry over Guardian/Trafigura ... | 12 16:15
TechrightsBot[2] - If a tree falls in the forest and there's no one to hear it, can ... | 12 16:15
TechrightsBot[3] - ORGANIZED RAGE: Trafigura: Yet another example of the unacceptable ... | 12 16:15
TechrightsBot[4] - The Disaffected Lib: The Case for Retaining Capital Punishment | 12 16:15
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sebsebsebhiJun 12 18:15
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schestowitzhi, sebsebsebJun 12 18:31
schestowitzI got someone to help us out with Gates materialJun 12 18:31
schestowitzTo quote:Jun 12 18:31
schestowitz"Jun 12 18:31
schestowitz> Sounds like a good idea and I'm going to enjoy looking at this archive.  The Jun 12 18:31
schestowitz> external images still load.  I'll see what I can do with them, starting with a Jun 12 18:31
schestowitz> chronological list summarizing the contents.  There's only about 40 of them.  Jun 12 18:31
schestowitzThese are the ones from February, linking to few articles of interest and some are about education (not all mention Gates but some do). We can do month by month, then I have secondary picks too. One volunteer has said he might help organise the wiki to better catalog links on the Gates Foundation. Our articles about it were mentioned by notable sites and are still referenced by radio, etc. It's important, IMHO, that as a matter of Jun 12 18:31
schestowitzpriority we do all of this. Comes archive has had the 'dirt' exhausted for the most part in 2009. It was one of the reasons I actively procrastinated my graduation. I know that Groklaw/PJ has grown obsessed with it too now, seeing the arhival as a sort of moral obligation and a calling (as other people without the right background cannot put it in context and makes sense of archives that Microsoft had paid Conlin to hide, and for Jun 12 18:31
schestowitzgood reasons).Jun 12 18:31
schestowitz"Jun 12 18:31
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schestowitz> So many good projects and so little time.Jun 12 19:28
schestowitzIndeed. The more that's done, the better.Jun 12 19:28
schestowitz Jun 12 19:28
schestowitz> I'm not sure that Comes has been fully mined so it's good that PJ is on it.  Jun 12 19:28
schestowitz> The thing I most exhausted in 2009 was my time to look at it all.  The Jun 12 19:28
schestowitz> Techrights community found lots of great stuff in it but I know there's more Jun 12 19:28
schestowitz> because I remember reading crazy stuff about "our power base is DOS" and other Jun 12 19:28
schestowitz> evil maniac type stuff in it years ago.Jun 12 19:28
schestowitzYes, but Groklaw does not publish the old material for many eyes to see. I wish that it did. We got some Comes stuff into the mainstream press 2 years ago, e.g. Microsoft's attacks on Linux at Intel. I had two ladies volunteer to help me back then.Jun 12 19:29
schestowitz> I've had two problems with the wiki, starting new articles and transferring Jun 12 19:33
schestowitz> plain html work.   I've tried twice over the year to transfer my Slashdot Jun 12 19:33
schestowitz> indexes there but gotten stuck.  There's probably an easy way to add articles Jun 12 19:33
schestowitz> but I don't find it before something in my work comes along and eats me and I Jun 12 19:33
schestowitz> give up. There also does not seem to be a plain html mode, where I could just Jun 12 19:33
schestowitz> cut and paste.  I did not find a html to wiki converter to automate this before Jun 12 19:33
schestowitz> I gave up and I surely don't have time to do it by hand.Jun 12 19:33
schestowitzRooting article requires finding a good anchor page or several that are relevant (then editing them, adding [[SOME PAGE NAME]] and accommodating this page/s. Once they are in the wiki they get a lot of 'googlejuice' and expand over time. The main page cannot be edited, to remove vandalism by spammers. The HTML-to-wiki issue is one I tried to reduce with some plugins, but these mostly handle table syntax/markup. I can edit these Jun 12 19:33
schestowitzmanually if you put raw HTML in the wiki, or maybe I can find a converter somewhere. wiki-to-HTML is easy (view source).Jun 12 19:33
schestowitz> Now I see more of what you are after with the articles and what you shipped.  Jun 12 19:34
schestowitz> I'll sort out only the Gates and Microsoft stuff first.Jun 12 19:34
schestowitzThank you. Will attribute as suitable. I always give credit when someone offers help like this.Jun 12 19:34
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