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ender2070I like that quit messageJun 04 01:02
ender2070Lost terminalJun 04 01:02
ender2070I disappeared :IJun 04 01:02
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ender2070 04 01:35
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Simulated reality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 132.04 KBJun 04 01:35
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schestowitzBack from 6 hours cycling...Jun 04 13:41
schestowitz"Jun 04 13:41
schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Jun 04 13:41
schestowitz> Jun 04 13:41
schestowitz> As you point out, Asus is going to ship Linux again on its netbooks.Jun 04 13:41
schestowitz> Unfortunately, the myth of high rate of returns was floated in theJun 04 13:41
schestowitz> article.  Do you have a good set of links shooting down that myth?Jun 04 13:41
schestowitzCanonical helped validate it, but ASUS (CEO?) said that it was nonsense and that return rates were about the same. From memory, it was Mr. Shen was said it and maybe it was Laptop Magazine to whom he said this in a widely-cited interview. I can consult with friends and IRC to help hunt down the necessary links. Mind you, Techrights covered this at the time, using the keyword "sub-notebooks" (for search), which you insisted onJun 04 13:41
schestowitzusing back in the days.Jun 04 13:41
schestowitz"Jun 04 13:41
schestowitzCan anyone advise?Jun 04 13:41
schestowitzMaybe a URL?Jun 04 13:41
schestowitzWe need to stop journalists from spreading liesJun 04 13:41
schestowitzIf someone can send links to other important news, that would be great.Jun 04 13:45
schestowitzI've been given other links for me investigate later. It has been an unusually sunny weekend in Manchester and I bought a powerful new bike to play with, so I'm well behind on the Web (just got back from a 7-hour ride).Jun 04 13:45
schestowitz 04 13:45
TechrightsBot-sc@RobertoMorriano: Companies that put faith in #gartner make me laugh!!! Lest we forget 04 13:45
TechrightsBot-sc-> Title: Fresh Allegations That Gartner is Corrupt and Magic Quadrant Positions Are ‘for Sale’ | Techrights .::. Size~: 98.71 KBJun 04 13:45
schestowitz 04 13:46
TechrightsBot-sc@ml2mst: Scandal: Dutch minister Donner refuses to investigate FOSS savings (Google Translation) #corruption #slog #techrightsJun 04 13:46
TechrightsBot-sc-> Title: Google Vertaling .::. Size~: 1.18 KBJun 04 13:46
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schestowitzEarlier I chatted with a colleague about Thunderbird, which I had used for the past 8 years since I left KMail behind (it lacked features). Thunderbird has gained many extensions since its early days and I have become familiar with dozens of them. In case it helps, I am preparing image that explains how I work with Thunderbird and what it can achieve.Jun 04 18:47
schestowitzWill post it in my blogJun 04 18:48
schestowitzI guess a city council or any public service would use an office suite in tandem. Lotus Symphony (proprietary-ish) and LibreOffice are not shown in the image.Jun 04 18:53
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