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ender_33msb_ as a disguise my ass, you're SOO closed minded that you make excuses for peopleJun 11 01:05
ender_33 11 01:06
TechrightsBot-scTitle: OPEN MISSIVE FROM JENNIFER ANN KEALEY - Qubit ArkHive .::. Size~: 53.06 KBJun 11 01:06
ender_33msb_ "working people" in a socialist system means you're a slave working for free for the government in exchange for 'benefits'Jun 11 01:07
ender_33perfect for the computerJun 11 01:07
msb_ender_33: Not if the workers in a factory _own_ the factory and its  profits.Jun 11 01:08
ender_33the computer owns themJun 11 01:09
ender_33via the super egoJun 11 01:09
ender_33the system you speak of will likely not happenJun 11 01:10
ender_33you'll be underwater before that occursJun 11 01:10
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msb_ender2070: The article by Jennifer Kealey is quite believable.  I know two other people who have been harassed by sociopath goons (although not to that degree) with complete cooperation of the police, legal, and medical systems.Jun 11 01:28
msb_ender2070: On the other hand, the all-powerful Neanderthal hive-mind "computer" that Glen Kealey wrote about, along with people living in the Moho, is contrary to many known medical and scientific facts, and also simple logic.  Without proof (none of which has been given) it is simply a bizarre fantasy.Jun 11 01:35
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msb_ender2070: It is also not needed to account for the tyranny that controls most of the human species.  Programming and indoctrination by parents and other adults, religions, media, and the educational system are quite sufficient to account for people's obedience and acceptance of it.  And loosely organized powerful sociopaths are sufficient as the rulers to account for the observed phenomena.Jun 11 01:39
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ender2070It's alright man, you don't have to believe a thingJun 11 01:53
ender2070I'm not looking for youJun 11 01:53
ender2070Bush and Clinton stole a chunk of Canada with NAFTAJun 11 02:42
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schestowitzI've come to the conclusion that not many people would willingly engage in activism for good causes because they are too busy looking after their own status, which usually they think they'll elevate by working harder to make more moneyJun 11 06:37
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schestowitz 11 07:20
TechrightsBot-scTitle: OpenOfficeProposal - Incubator Wiki .::. Size~: 66.45 KBJun 11 07:20
oiaohmHmm schestowitz  I really suspect to see OpenOffice and libreoffice to go down the path of BSD and Linux.Jun 11 07:57
oiaohmAnd I do expect to here shouts of Libreoffice not giving code back.Jun 11 07:57
schestowitz 11 09:25
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Android grows in top U.S. smartphone spot, with iPhone second - Computerworld .::. Size~: 131.56 KBJun 11 09:25
schestowitz 11 09:33
schestowitz"Jun 11 09:33
schestowitz    * What is iCloud?Jun 11 09:33
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Groklaw - Digging for Truth .::. Size~: 34.98 KBJun 11 09:33
schestowitz    * 03:59PM June 06/06/11, 2011Jun 11 09:33
schestowitz    * iCloud is so much more than a hard drive in the sky. It’s the effortless way to access just about everything on all your devices. iCloud stores your content so it’s always accessible from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, or PC.* It gives you instant access to your music, apps, latest photos, and more. And it keeps your email, contacts, and calendars up to date across all your devices. No syncing required. No Jun 11 09:33
schestowitzmanagement required. In fact, no anything required. iCloud does it all for you. - Apple Jun 11 09:33
schestowitz"Jun 11 09:33
schestowitz 11 09:34
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Microsoft is more flexible, but Google tops in tech pay .::. Size~: 58.4 KBJun 11 09:34
MinceR"Mac or PC", right from groklawJun 11 09:35
MinceRs/right/straight/Jun 11 09:36
schestowitz"[PJ: Maybe to solve the bad blood this has caused? Please think about it, Oracle. Please. It's not nice to relicense work people gave you for free, and with an LGPL group out there already, it's dooming the project, in my view. There is a difference between what is legal and what is right.] - tdf-discuss"Jun 11 09:37
schestowitzMinceR: maybe she just wants to show what Apple is doingJun 11 09:37
schestowitzBefore a link to antirust stuffJun 11 09:37
schestowitzLast year it was differentJun 11 09:37
schestowitzMore like, "yay! Apple is winning, Microsoft is losing"Jun 11 09:38
schestowitzThat's the mentality I find disturbing at timesJun 11 09:38
schestowitzThe football teams mentalityJun 11 09:38
MinceRfalse dichotomyJun 11 09:40
schestowitz 11 09:45
TechrightsBot-scTitle: TuneCore CEO: Apple Has Just Monetized Pirated Content .::. Size~: 144.46 KBJun 11 09:45
schestowitzMinceR: that too, but not onlyJun 11 09:45
schestowitzin 2011 I started a 100+ comments thread urging her not to help Apple because they already are worth q third of a trillion (says Wall Street) and can afford thousands of paralegals like herJun 11 09:46
schestowitzShe's better off helping LibreOffice or somethingJun 11 09:46
schestowitzSome people there agreed with meJun 11 09:46
schestowitzLegal analysis is one thing, but she would not change anything in the Psystar case, she needs to aim lowerJun 11 09:47
schestowitz 11 10:29
TechrightsBot-scTitle: What’s Twitter’s Identity Now That It’s Apple’s Identity Provider? – AllThingsD .::. Size~: 94.08 KBJun 11 10:29
schestowitzBlechJun 11 10:29
schestowitz 11 11:23
TechrightsBot-sc@Moshe Njema (nj3ma)'s status on Saturday, 11-Jun-11 09:37:50 UTC - @eebrah You will love this one via the good Doctor @schestowitzJun 11 11:23
TechrightsBot-sc-> Title: Tech Comics: "Worst Case"  - Datamation .::. Size~: 86.67 KBJun 11 11:23
ender2070r4 7uz<aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa64rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr'''''''''''''///////////////////////////////////Jun 11 13:10
schestowitz:/Jun 11 13:20
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sebsebseb Jun 11 14:38
ender2070LOLJun 11 14:48
ender2070that was my catJun 11 14:48
sebsebsebHi ender2070Jun 11 14:49
ender2070yoyoJun 11 14:49
sebsebsebwell I think I have decided what distro to run for quite a while and why as wellJun 11 14:49
sebsebsebMageia 1? NO!Jun 11 14:49
sebsebsebFedora 15? Yes!Jun 11 14:49
ender2070:)Jun 11 14:49
sebsebseband why quite simpallyJun 11 14:49
sebsebsebsince Mageia 1 doesn't have Gnome 3Jun 11 14:50
ender2070fedora has the best gnome3Jun 11 14:50
sebsebsebwell yeah probably or so people would sayJun 11 14:50
sebsebsebsince how close they are with upstream GnomeJun 11 14:50
sebsebseband then I can virtual machine Mageia 1 for Gnome 2 if I want it at times, for say the weather feature :D  or for KDE evenJun 11 14:50
ender2070im fairly sure they only deal with upstream gnomeJun 11 14:51
sebsebseband I am going to have a Windows virtual machine which will hopefuly work for my driving thorey hopefulyJun 11 14:51
ender2070fedora's mission is to stick as close to upstream as possibleJun 11 14:51
sebsebseband well Unity I can virtual  machine that evenJun 11 14:51
sebsebseb,but i'll give a Mageia 1 a try on here for real first, before putting Fedora 15 on, i'll also have to try Fedora 15 from the Live CD, which will hopefuly boot up ok on hereJun 11 14:51
sebsebsebI mean since the NIvida card I got, which apparnalty works with it, but maybe that won't quite be the case hmm, and then hmmJun 11 14:52
schestowitz[14:48] <ender2070> that was my catJun 11 14:52
schestowitzLOL I can tell the pattern it was moving inJun 11 14:52
schestowitzLOL Cat!Jun 11 14:52
sebsebsebender2070: and I want to get off this Ubuntu junk soon, but first try out the Gnome 3 ppa, and suchJun 11 14:53
sebsebsebender2070: also I don't know if he is still using it or not, but I know that one of the main Mageia founders was/is using Fedora 15.Jun 11 14:54
sebsebsebender2070: as for Gnome 2 I am getting more bored of it now, well it's 2002 and so software really anywayJun 11 14:55
sebsebsebI mean first version was in 2002 I thinkJun 11 14:55
sebsebseband Gnome 2 is pretty much the same really in most of these distro's, with some changes here and there, branding and such, and uhmm well from what I seen on websites,  they have a really nice Mageia logo next to the applicaitons menu :),  but uh that and weather featre,  running Gnome 2 still for quite a while, after getting rid of what I am currently running and suchJun 11 14:56
sebsebsebuhJun 11 14:56
ender2070I use KDEJun 11 14:56
sebsebsebWOW what great resasons to be using Gnome 2 still,  (sarcasm)   when could be using Gnome 3, and have Gnome 2 in a virtual machine anyway.Jun 11 14:56
sebsebsebyep I think that's how I want to do it soon,  Fedora 15 so Gnome 3 :)  with anything else so Gnome 2 or KDE and so in Mageia as well of course :)  in virtual machineJun 11 14:57
sebsebseband then if I want to I can virtual machine Unity as well  in UbuntuJun 11 14:57
sebsebsebas for KDE I really don't get on with it that well as a desktop envrionmentJun 11 14:57
sebsebsebI get in a mess if I try and customise anymore than just turn the backgroudn slide show on and so on,  get in a mess if I try to move the icons on the bar at the bottom and uh, and I am quite sure I have told you this beforeJun 11 14:57
sebsebseband if I was someone who got on rather happily with KDE 4,  other then some of hte apps in Gnome of course, well if I was like that, I would so be running Mageia 1 for KDE 4 :)Jun 11 14:58
sebsebsebat this timeJun 11 14:58
sebsebseband a pshyicall install, not a virtual machine, and run for quite a long time or whatever and :)Jun 11 14:58
sebsebseb,but well no, I am a Gnome user reallyJun 11 14:58
sebsebsebsomeone who used Gnome 2 as main desktop envrionment for years,  but getting a bit bored of it, and someone who had issues trying to try out the lastest Gnome 3, but I think that should be ok with the Fedora 15 final so :)  and then yeah may as well have that for quite a while installed,  untill there's something more proper and more properly interesting to put on insteadJun 11 14:59
sebsebsebthat  might be a development version of Ubuntu 11.10, because of how it will be able to do both Gnome Shell and Unity,  or it may be a development version of Mageia or something, but yeah I run, what I want to at the time basicalley,  except also  may have something installed for a bit longer than I had intended for whatever reasons, which is exactly what's happended with the Ubuntu 11.04 finalJun 11 15:00
sebsebseband I looked at the Virtualbox website last night, and yep a version for Fedora 15, good, so that shoudn't be an issue then :)  I rmemeber with I guess it was Fedora 13 and 14 or one fo them, and how I wanted Virtualbox, but it wasn't in the repos, and well it wasn't on the Virtualbox site eitherJun 11 15:01
sebsebseband schestowitz had this issue as well, I rememberJun 11 15:01
sebsebsebender2070: as for Mageia, well I think Mageia 2, is where things will become more interesting, and where it should  start gaining quite a lot more users,  and I remember thinking something like this early on as well,  after finding out what Mageia 1 would be.Jun 11 15:04
sebsebsebender2070: altough no Gnome 3 for Mageia 1, since Mageia 1 was about forking Mandriva, which yep didn't have Gnome 3.Jun 11 15:09
sebsebsebMageia 2 is where it should start going in it's own direction more,  and so yep should become more interesting and better basicalley :)Jun 11 15:10
sebsebseband they release without Gnome 3 at a good time I think, becasue most other distro's aren't doing it at ther moment either.Jun 11 15:10
sebsebsebDesktop Linux distrosJun 11 15:11
sebsebsebschestowitz: oh that Techbytes interview should be interesting, if the right questions are asked, when we do that and with Tim as well :)Jun 11 15:11
sebsebseband no before you ask, not set up for stuff like that, just yetJun 11 15:12
schestowitz 11 15:12
TechrightsBot-sc@Techrights' IRC Aggregator (boycottnovell)'s status on Saturday, 11-Jun-11 13:46:23 UTC - Apple Runs Out of Ideas, Harms Developers, and Faces Antitrust Problems #iphone #android #imitation #prJun 11 15:12
TechrightsBot-sc-> Title: Apple Runs Out of Ideas, Harms Developers, and Faces Antitrust Problems | Techrights .::. Size~: 89 KBJun 11 15:12
sebsebsebschestowitz: plus I want to sort out my distros stuff, what I am going to be running and what I have tried, before I talk on thatJun 11 15:12
ender2070I only like Fedora and opensuseJun 11 15:13
ender2070havent tried the new mag yetJun 11 15:14
sebsebsebender2070: uh, but OpenSuse, had Novell behind itJun 11 15:14
sebsebsebmag?Jun 11 15:14
ender2070mageiaJun 11 15:14
sebsebsebender2070: well if you like KDE which you do, you will probably quite like that one as well :)Jun 11 15:14
ender2070opensuse has a nice community behind it tooJun 11 15:14
ender2070if mageia turns kde4 into 3 then noJun 11 15:14
sebsebsebender2070: well Mageia does KDE like Mandriva, so I guess in that case, sure more like 3Jun 11 15:15
ender2070I never liked MandrivaJun 11 15:15
sebsebsebPC Linux OS's KDE is more like 3 as well I guessJun 11 15:15
sebsebsebender2070: however saying thatJun 11 15:16
sebsebsebtake Kubuntu for exampleJun 11 15:16
sebsebsebto meJun 11 15:16
sebsebseband this is just default looksJun 11 15:16
ender2070it means that when I install I have to turn it back into KDE4Jun 11 15:16
sebsebsebKubuntu looks quite similar to  Mageia, and PC Linux OS, and Mandriva, for KDE 4 now as well reallyJun 11 15:16
ender2070im lazyJun 11 15:16
sebsebseband with Kubuntu they stay close to upstream KDEJun 11 15:16
ender2070i dont use kubuntuJun 11 15:16
ender2070i dont like .deb distrosJun 11 15:17
sebsebsebender2070: I like a good KDE 4 set up if I am going to use it, and well I get that for what I want, with Mandriva, PC Linux OS, and sure Mageia would give me that as wellJun 11 15:17
sebsebsebI don't want to customiseJun 11 15:17
sebsebsebexcept for turning on the background changer slideshow if I want it, or screensaverJun 11 15:17
sebsebseband quite simpalley I don't want to customise KDE 4, because it's not like Gnome 2 for customsiing, so easy to get into a mess with it,  and that's what happens to me, even if I try to move the icons on the  bottom bar, in their stupid cusotmise modeJun 11 15:18
sebsebsebthen they move all over the place useually, and not where I want themJun 11 15:18
sebsebsebwhere as with Gnome 2, it's just move the icon with the cursour   where want it on the panel and no problem, and well may  have to right click and unlock first so it can be moved.Jun 11 15:19
sebsebsebender2070: also I don't remember KDE 3 much now, but it was rather nice, and well I should try out Trinity in a virtual machine reallyJun 11 15:19
ender2070yeah i just dont like gnomeJun 11 15:19
ender2070gnome 3 is nice thoughJun 11 15:19
schestowitzNow you know how I feel about WindowsJun 11 15:20
sebsebseboh?Jun 11 15:20
schestowitzThe former lineJun 11 15:20
sebsebsebso you like Gnome 3? Why so?Jun 11 15:20
schestowitzme? No.. never tried itJun 11 15:20
schestowitzMaybe you mean ender2070Jun 11 15:20
ender2070for me I get tired of looking at the same thingJun 11 15:20
ender2070I like change in UIJun 11 15:20
sebsebsebender2070: plus I guess  Michquel di iczza (uh I spelt this wrong I think)  probably hardly contributed to Gnome 3 anyway, so I guess that makes you and schestowitz reasoanbly happy, heh hehJun 11 15:20
sebsebsebender2070: yeah that's how I am becoming with Gnome 2, I am getting bored, of how it isJun 11 15:21
ender2070i just get bored of old stuffJun 11 15:21
sebsebseband how it is nearly the  same in all these distro'sJun 11 15:21
sebsebseband how really it looks old now as wellJun 11 15:21
sebsebsebsince well it is old reallyJun 11 15:22
sebsebseband also over the  years, for the noticeable end user features, the features that are seen by users,  or most of them anwyay, well they hardly changed anything  reallyJun 11 15:22
ender2070when gnome3 gets better I may switch overJun 11 15:22
ender2070or I might just go to e17Jun 11 15:22
sebsebsebender2070: ok this sounds a bit like me with MageiaJun 11 15:22
sebsebsebI want toJun 11 15:22
sebsebsebuse it as my main distro really, butJun 11 15:22
sebsebsebI want Gnome 3, and so Mageai 1 isn't really the way to goJun 11 15:22
ender2070im getting tired of the kde4 desktop tooJun 11 15:22
sebsebsebunless I try to use the jhbuild from upstream Gnome uhJun 11 15:23
sebsebseband so when Mageia becomes better with Mageia 2, which should have Gnome 3, then yes I will probably switch to it as my main distroJun 11 15:23
sebsebsebplus if I am going to be doing community stuff for the distro, in a way I should be running it reallyJun 11 15:23
sebsebsebender2070: and right now, well Fedora 15 is probably the best Gnome 3 distro really, even though a few or so others also have it, but most of those aren't really known aboutJun 11 15:24
ender2070fedora even has e17Jun 11 15:24
ender2070which is goodJun 11 15:24
ender2070i might give e17 another shotJun 11 15:24
oiaohmender2070: I guess you have tried the netbook form of kde?Jun 11 15:25
ender2070yesJun 11 15:25
ender2070i dont care for itJun 11 15:25
ender2070I use normal plasma for my netbookJun 11 15:25
oiaohmThere is also the meego interface.Jun 11 15:25
sebsebsebender2070: e17 is in Ubuntu and PC Linux OS and so on as wellJun 11 15:26
sebsebsebender2070: also I think Mageia needs more improving, the distro itself, and on the community side, and then yes, it may become one of the most popular distro's for Desktop Linux in the next two years or so :)Jun 11 15:30
sebsebseb,but for a first cycle, what Mageia is now, is quite good reallyJun 11 15:32
sebsebseb:)Jun 11 15:32
sebsebsebender2070: someone on Identica said it was bland like Fedora 1 thoughJun 11 15:33
sebsebsebthat it looked bland, or wahtever hmmJun 11 15:33
sebsebsebI am a bit disapointed at the art work, after seeing all this amazing art work that was made for the logo competitonJun 11 15:33
sebsebsebafter seeing loads of that I meanJun 11 15:33
sebsebsebI mean from what I seen of alpha 1 in vm, and the final on sites.  ,but yep going to have the final on here this weekend or next wseek I guess or whatever.Jun 11 15:34
ender2070offtopic but I can't wait for duke nukem foreverJun 11 15:41
ender2070out in 3 daysJun 11 15:41
sebsebseboh okJun 11 15:41
ender2070and zelda 3ds out shortly tooJun 11 15:42
sebsebsebender2070: Ok and doesn't the video for the second game look great? 11 15:46
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Free Gamer - Open Source Games: FOSS game engines put to great use .::. Size~: 84.6 KBJun 11 15:46
sebsebseb 11 15:46
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Free Gamer - Open Source Games: FOSS game engines put to great use .::. Size~: 84.6 KBJun 11 15:46
ender2070the dragon ball z game?Jun 11 15:48
sebsebsebthe last video on pageJun 11 16:04
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schestowitz today I also need to get up to scratch with git, looking into the code for cyrus retractionJun 11 17:56
schestowitzI want to learn git rather then svn-ify commandsJun 11 17:59
schestowitzi used svn and cvs beforeJun 11 17:59
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