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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: July 2nd, 2011

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schestowitzHeh. somone promoted me to prof now?Jul 02 07:34
schestowitz> Dear Prof. Schestowitz,Jul 02 07:34
schestowitz> Jul 02 07:34
schestowitz> I am Amir Makar, a graduating Biomedical engineering student from CairoJul 02 07:34
schestowitz> University. Me and my group are currently working on our bachelor'sJul 02 07:34
schestowitz> thesis and we were hoping to use the .lyx file you that you have kindlyJul 02 07:34
schestowitz> attached to the LyX Wiki website. However, we were hoping to use ratherJul 02 07:34
schestowitz> 'more blank' file perhaps, as an empty template. So I was hoping youJul 02 07:34
schestowitz> might have one such blank file available. Sadly our universityJul 02 07:34
schestowitz> department did not provide us with a template, and our knowledge ofJul 02 07:34
schestowitz> LaTeX is not too advanced for us to be able to draft an appropriate fileJul 02 07:34
schestowitz> in time.Jul 02 07:34
schestowitz> Jul 02 07:34
schestowitz> Thank you for your help and understanding.Jul 02 07:34
schestowitz> Jul 02 07:34
schestowitz> Regards,Jul 02 07:34
schestowitz> Jul 02 07:34
schestowitz> /Amir Makar./Jul 02 07:35
schestowitzWhat I suggest is, LyX comes with many templates and it is possible to open from a template, although that too has the basic crutf/content in place to serve as  starting point.Jul 02 07:35
oiaohmSome ways I would class Prof as a downgrade.  schestowitzJul 02 07:39
oiaohmSince its more an assigned title than anything else.Jul 02 07:39
schestowitz 02 07:41
TechrightsBot@Alexandre Oliva (lxoliva)'s status on Saturday, 02-Jul-11 02:49:51 UTC - @schestowitz Oracle bought it Just for SunJul 02 07:41
schestowitzoiaohm: depends whereJul 02 07:41
schestowitzin the States -- yesJul 02 07:41
schestowitzwhere assistant professor and associatd prof. just mean RAJul 02 07:41
schestowitzHere we call it research associate/assistant (RA)Jul 02 07:42
schestowitzAnd they don't require q Ph.D. strictlyJul 02 07:42
oiaohmschestowitz: In Australia prof does not have to have PHD.Jul 02 07:52
oiaohmschestowitz: Just be the assigned lead teacher of that subject.Jul 02 07:52
oiaohmSo the title here is basically worthless.  And people with Ph. D. want to be called DocJul 02 07:53
oiaohmMaybe area difference on that part.Jul 02 07:53
schestowitz[07:52] <oiaohm> schestowitz: Just be the assigned lead teacher of that subject.Jul 02 08:09
schestowitzSo the same as in the US, not the UKJul 02 08:09
schestowitzAlthough, in here too I've seen lecturers who have no Ph.D., I don't think you can call them professor thoughJul 02 08:10
schestowitzIn Spain all they have to do is teach, IIRCJul 02 08:10
schestowitzI remember thinking, how come people under 30 in the US can be called "professor"Jul 02 08:10
schestowitzWell, they just need to be RAsJul 02 08:10
schestowitzHere it's very unusual for one to become a full "professor" before one's 40s or even 50sJul 02 08:11
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