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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: July 9th, 2011

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schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Jul 09 10:09
schestowitz> Jul 09 10:09
schestowitz> Do your stats show how much more or less the video commentary isJul 09 10:09
schestowitz> downloaded compared to a regular written text commentary?Jul 09 10:09
schestowitzIt's quite similar. But I've just noticed that PageRank for the site increased to 7 (Groklaw is 6) and we still get many hits, despite lack of new stories. Our other ranking are also doing alright, but I really need to compromise some activities to sacrifice for the site.Jul 09 10:09
schestowitz 09 10:10
TechrightsBot@swapnilbhartiya: @schestowitz masses are asses.Jul 09 10:10
schestowitz> Excellent.  Do you have a link to that?Jul 09 10:29
schestowitzIt is important to keep techrights sustainable long-term, unlike CMD sites and Groklaw. Hmmm... well, it seems like progressive sites won't even have sugar daddies, so they run at the expense of those passionate enough to run them. Our pagerank is now higher than that of #Groklaw and even #SourceWatch (excellent resource) 09 10:29
schestowitz Jul 09 10:29
TechrightsBotTitle: SourceWatch .::. Size~: 48.21 KBJul 09 10:29
schestowitz>> but I really need to compromise some activities to sacrifice for the Jul 09 10:29
schestowitz>> site.Jul 09 10:29
schestowitz> Jul 09 10:29
schestowitz> You and your site rock, so be sure to maintain a sustainable balance.Jul 09 10:29
schestowitzYes, I also need to stay close enough to academia, which is where I distinguish myself from many others in my field, inc. people in the far east who can harness basic jobs (web design, coding, etc.) and in due time replace us all. The British and American economy may not be great, but in Germany it's still rather stable. One can never guess what the future (>10 years) may hold.Jul 09 10:29
schestowitz> What is the link to the page showing the ranking?Jul 09 10:38
schestowitz Jul 09 10:38
schestowitzIt's an API.Jul 09 10:38
schestowitz 09 10:50
TechrightsBotTitle: YouTube         - ‪Steve Coogan rips into The News Of The World‬‏ .::. Size~: 110.93 KBJul 09 10:50
schestowitz 09 10:50
TechrightsBot@mikec1972: @TheNH11 @schestowitz Another Hack takes a pasting, Go Coogs Go! 09 10:51
TechrightsBot-> Title: YouTube         - ‪Steve Coogan rips into The News Of The World‬‏ .::. Size~: 111.38 KBJul 09 10:51
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schestowitz> Cool! Great stuff!  I noticed today that you've used that picture of meJul 09 21:44
schestowitz> and you on the "about" page. Excellent...when you come down we will haveJul 09 21:44
schestowitz> to take a better one!Jul 09 21:44
schestowitzYes, I knowJul 09 21:44
schestowitzgoing to london tomorrow/mondayJul 09 21:44
schestowitzthink I got it... git push origin masterJul 09 21:53
schestowitzstill trying to become fluent in git..Jul 09 21:54

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