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schestowitz 21 00:24
TechrightsBotTitle: ‪Steve Coogan rips into The News Of The World‬‏       - YouTube .::. Size~: 133.64 KBJul 21 00:24
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schestowitz> My Doctor Roy,Jul 21 13:46
schestowitz> Jul 21 13:46
schestowitz> Please lets thanks to Craig Hockenberry && Gedeon Maheux of the IconFactory,Jul 21 13:46
schestowitz> for allowing us to translate && publish Craig's:Jul 21 13:46
schestowitz> Jul 21 13:46
schestowitz> The Rise and Fall of The Independent Developer.Jul 21 13:46
schestowitz> Jul 21 13:46
schestowitz> rise-and-fall-of-the-independent-developer_ESJul 21 13:46
schestowitz> Jul 21 13:46
schestowitz> #BTW did you receive: empire-strikes-back-vs-nz_ES?Jul 21 13:46
schestowitz> #let me know if you did receive it so I could send it back to you.Jul 21 13:46
schestowitzI have just checked and I have not received it. That's why it's good to Jul 21 13:46
schestowitzalways check that the wiki index corresponds with what got sent. :-)Jul 21 13:46
schestowitz> My Doctor Roy,Jul 21 14:04
schestowitz> Jul 21 14:04
schestowitz> Here it goes:Jul 21 14:04
schestowitz> Jul 21 14:04
schestowitz> software-patents-might-inevitably-die-as-economic-impact-is-realised_ESJul 21 14:04
schestowitz> Jul 21 14:04
schestowitz> Well, I've gotta get ready myself to work. Have a nice day. :-)Jul 21 14:04
schestowitz> Jul 21 14:04
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schestowitz> Hi, Roy,Jul 21 18:03
schestowitz> Jul 21 18:03
schestowitz> Regarding the Ghana link in today's links: please don't go down thatJul 21 18:03
schestowitz> road.  It drew the late site Technocrat off topic and into (no punJul 21 18:03
schestowitz> intended) flamewars which, IMHO, killed the site.Jul 21 18:03
schestowitzThat link, I believe, came from "Reader's Picks". I will try not to enter politics much anymore. I was covering more of that last year and up until March, then I refocused on Linux.Jul 21 18:03
schestowitzBy the way, DiBona has just kindly responded to me, as he always does.Jul 21 18:03
schestowitz 21 18:10
TechrightsBot@Răzvan Sandu (rsandu)'s status on Thursday, 21-Jul-11 16:56:06 UTC - @schestowitz Eben #Moglen's Keynote Address at the Open World Forum (TRANSCRIPT from video) #owf #freedomboxJul 21 18:10
TechrightsBot-> Title: Eben Moglen's Keynote Address at the Open World Forum, October 2010 | Blogul lui Răzvan .::. Size~: 96.69 KBJul 21 18:10
ender_33you realize any time you talk about even murdoch you are going into politicsJul 21 18:16
MinceRhe did not say he doesn't touch politics at allJul 21 18:18
schestowitzI don't read feeds back aboutJul 21 18:30
schestowitzJust got this:Jul 21 18:30
schestowitz> The Aaron Swartz is particularly urgent and demands attention.  The case Jul 21 18:30
schestowitz> against Swartz embodies everything that is wrong with copyright.  What he may Jul 21 18:30
schestowitz> have intended to share is something that every researcher wants shared and Jul 21 18:30
schestowitz> only a few greedy publishers would restrict.  The heavy handed threats against Jul 21 18:30
schestowitz> Aaron are a chance for real change.  Jul 21 18:30
schestowitzYes, the issue has received widespread coverage at least based on the zeitgeist. I'm sure his case will serve those who oppose his oppressors.Jul 21 18:30
schestowitzI won't cover this reallyJul 21 18:30
schestowitzBut some people willJul 21 18:30
schestowitz> I imagine there will be a lot of news about this because the publishers intend Jul 21 19:01
schestowitz> to smear Aaron.  I've already seen a concern troll type of smear, condemning Jul 21 19:01
schestowitz> "reckless activism".  Jul 21 19:01
schestowitzWikileaks retweeted the news.Jul 21 19:01
schestowitz> I suppose what really bothers me is one of control of information and Jul 21 19:06
schestowitz> punishment of dissent.  The message sent is ultimately that no one is allowed Jul 21 19:06
schestowitz> to build a private library.   Anyone who builds a library and who's expressed Jul 21 19:06
schestowitz> their belief that journals should be free will face jail time.  People with Jul 21 19:06
schestowitz> the correctly obedient attitude may be able to get away with more.  Those with Jul 21 19:06
schestowitz> the right attitude will be punished.  The threats to Aaron are a naked Jul 21 19:06
schestowitz> exercise of power intended to terrorize the very people doing the research in Jul 21 19:06
schestowitz> the first place.  Jul 21 19:06
schestowitzI support his cause, but supporting it by spending a lot of time on it would distract me from areas that I understand better. Until about 4 months ago I looked deeply into such issues, since the aftermath of wikileaks (which got many people involved in the fight and then the overthrow of regimes). Right now I focus on patents.Jul 21 19:06
schestowitz> Focus is a good idea and I'll keep telling you that.  Jul 21 20:37
schestowitz> Jul 21 20:37
schestowitz> I'll also keep a watch on the Aaron case but both of us are familiar with the Jul 21 20:37
schestowitz> problems of academic journals.  Jul 21 20:37
schestowitz> Jul 21 20:37
schestowitz> Perhaps I'm a little more aware than you are because I went to a second tier Jul 21 20:37
schestowitz> university.  [...] when I was a student and I had to wait for Jul 21 20:37
schestowitz> paper copies to arrive via an inter library loan program.  They have it today Jul 21 20:37
schestowitz> but it is loaded with obnoxious restrictions that make real research difficult.  Jul 21 20:37
schestowitz> Jul 21 20:38
schestowitz> Imagine how difficult it is for people in other countries.  This is an insult to Jul 21 20:38
schestowitz> the people who wrote the articles and the world.  The electronic copies are Jul 21 20:38
schestowitz> already made but greedy publishers don't want to share.  Jul 21 20:38
schestowitz> Jul 21 20:38
schestowitz> One email at a time, I think I'm writing a guest article.  :-)Jul 21 20:38
schestowitzI'm away to the lab next week. I can set up a blog account for guest articles.Jul 21 20:38
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sebsebsebhiJul 21 21:44
schestowitzhello, how's it going?\Jul 21 22:11
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