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*Topic for #boycottnovell is: | Channel #boycottnovell for | Free Software Sentry – watching and reporting maneuvers of those who oppose software freedom :: please also join channels #techrights and #boycottnovell-socialJul 23 17:44
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TechrightsBotTitle: BBC News - Norway mourns island youth camp and Oslo attacks .::. Size~: 74.56 KBJul 23 19:16
schestowitz"The BBC's Richard Galpin, near the island which is currently cordoned off by police, says that Norway has had problems with neo-Nazi groups in the past but the assumption was that such groups had been largely eliminated and did not pose a significant threat."Jul 23 19:16
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schestowitzFor disclosure, sent between me and our BN Spanish translator (not sensitive info):Jul 23 21:41
schestowitz> My Doctor Roy,Jul 23 21:41
schestowitz> Jul 23 21:41
schestowitz> If it's on vacation enjoy it.Jul 23 21:41
schestowitzYes, I usually take a vacation every summer, for several consecutive years now. It's usually the time others take a vacation and thereforeJul 23 21:41
schestowitzthere is less news to be missed.Jul 23 21:41
schestowitz> You surely deserve it.Jul 23 21:41
schestowitzThe Techrights team accomplished a lot this year. We earned a pagerank of seven for the wiki's front page, which is very high (that page now gets about 3,000 non-cached views per day and the Spanish portal index gets hundreds per week, with many references seen to it in Twitter, about 12 in the past two days, some from a Spanish-speaking Ph.D.).Jul 23 21:41
schestowitzWe can rest now is prepearion for the year of software patents elimination. Just like Novell, we are rocking this ship, which might fall over in a few years to come. I can afford (money- and time-wise) to run the site for a good while to come.Jul 23 21:41
schestowitz> I'm trying to catch up this weekend but my trainers, I don't Jul 23 21:41
schestowitz> know which [...] screw my back again once the pills start to kick in. Jul 23 21:41
schestowitz> I'll be able to sit down for longer periods. I'll be working on theJul 23 21:41
schestowitz> articles which I haven't worked so. I bookmarked so I can look in Jul 23 21:41
schestowitz> there but sometimes there are new articles that I makes the old ones rolled away fast.Jul 23 21:41
schestowitzWhat's important is to keep track of the Spanish portal's index to verify that everything sent over by E-mail has been published there and formatted correctly (the quotes and everything), with working links to the ODF and PDF. I could use a second check from another person.Jul 23 21:41
schestowitz> Please once you return you or our other comrades that help us with the organizationJul 23 21:42
schestowitz>of the site, create a link on the main page that points to the previous swpats articles, Jul 23 21:42
schestowitz>for example, SWPATS Articles and from there link the older swpats articles by date, Jul 23 21:42
schestowitz> i.e. 2011-07-22->swpats posts from that day and so on.Jul 23 21:42
schestowitzIt is hard to make this classication. Some posts deal with software patents very indirectly. And all the posts about Novell protest the patent deal with Microsoft. It is possible that, given someone's will, the many posts about patents (thousands of them) will be organised and categorised in some cohesive page. Maybe I'll get around to it. In July of 2009, while on vacation, I started organising some new wiki pages which were Jul 23 21:42
schestowitznecessary. I recall doing this in PCLOS.Jul 23 21:42
schestowitz> On this way even English speaking readers can access posts that might Jul 23 21:42
schestowitz> have missed somehow and myself catch up with whatever I have Jul 23 21:42
schestowitz> missed or once my trainers are sleeping.Jul 23 21:42
schestowitzWe really need to organise the site's acrhive through the wiki, I agree. GOrdon helps keep spammers out, but we don't have many editors for wiki content. We could use help there, the audience is broad.Jul 23 21:42
schestowitz> Sometimes, with my trainers I feel that I'm in bootcamp all over Jul 23 21:42
schestowitz> again. I hope I can make it in one piece this time. :-)Jul 23 21:42
schestowitzI look forward to these trainers making some new desktop wallpapers for the Techrights HQ, which will soon have a third monitor at hand (just waiting for more equipment to arrive by post).Jul 23 21:42
schestowitz Jul 23 21:42
schestowitz> My deep regards my friend.Jul 23 21:42
schestowitz> Jul 23 21:42
schestowitz> P.D Please email me some pics, I'll be happy to print oneJul 23 21:42
schestowitz>  && have it on my office. ThanksJul 23 21:42

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