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schestowitz 30 06:23
TechrightsSocial@tlajtoani: @schestowitz if @FOSSpatents is avoiding you question, there is an obvious answer, don't you think?Jun 30 06:23
schestowitzthere is. Try it. Ask him.Jun 30 06:23
schestowitz 30 06:23
TechrightsSocial@swapnilbhartiya: @schestowitz hmmJun 30 06:23
schestowitz 30 06:45
TechrightsSocialTitle: Privacy and Security Fanatic: Microsoft patent may ruin Skype, may make VoIP spy and pry easy for gov't .::. Size~: 94.36 KBJun 30 06:45
MinceR"ruin"?Jun 30 06:46
MinceRwho relied on that botnet for privacy or security, ever?Jun 30 06:46
schestowitzHehJun 30 06:46
schestowitzWell, I ge SIP callsJun 30 06:47
schestowitzOddly enough, some from asterisk boxes where nobody actually speaksJun 30 06:47
schestowitzRe: They've finally called out Windows...Jun 30 06:51
schestowitz> They finally call out the title, no less! (well, notJun 30 06:51
schestowitz> exactly the title, but the sub-title...still, it's closer than usual!)Jun 30 06:51
schestowitz> Jun 30 06:51
schestowitz> *Massive botnet 'indestructible,' say researchers*Jun 30 06:51
schestowitz> <>Jun 30 06:51
schestowitz> *4.5M-strong botnet 'most sophisticated threat today' to Windows PCs*Jun 30 06:51
TechrightsSocialTitle: Massive botnet 'indestructible,' say researchers - Computerworld .::. Size~: 129.69 KBJun 30 06:51
schestowitz> Jun 30 06:51
schestowitz> :o)Jun 30 06:51
schestowitzHeh. Gregg Keizer is good in that regard. He often says it in the article's body. :-)Jun 30 06:51
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schestowitz 30 09:36
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/png typeJun 30 09:36
schestowitz 30 10:20
TechrightsSocial@koolhead17: @schestowitz I think you bought it recentlyJun 30 10:20
schestowitznope...Jun 30 10:20
schestowitz 30 10:51
TechrightsSocialTitle: YouTube         - ‪Wikileaks co-founder speaks to Alyona‬‏ .::. Size~: 125.88 KBJun 30 10:51
schestowitzA look back 30 10:51
TechrightsSocialTitle: YouTube         - ‪FBI's Most Wanted: Wikileaks creator‬‏ .::. Size~: 124.52 KBJun 30 10:51
schestowitzLamo's unconfirmed claims 30 10:51
TechrightsSocialTitle: YouTube         - ‪Brad Manning is a Hero‬‏ .::. Size~: 125.21 KBJun 30 10:51
schestowitzWhat ever happeend to wikileaks cablegate coverage?Jun 30 10:51
schestowitzWere they gagged, qu1j0t3?Jun 30 10:51
schestowitzThey not suggest that those covering this matter endorses rapeJun 30 10:52
schestowitzWeather got back again Jun 30 11:08
schestowitz> A cycle from 2 to 8 would be agreat idea if I wasn't in work, you running today at 12 in gym?Jun 30 11:08
schestowitzIt only gets sunny around 4. Can you do it after work?Jun 30 11:08
schestowitz^^ always rainy in hereJun 30 11:08
schestowitzEven in July!Jun 30 11:08
schestowitzServer's down...Jun 30 11:21
schestowitz"Do you know when sshd might be up again? From no box can I access either of the two servers."Jun 30 11:21
schestowitz 30 11:22
TechrightsSocial@Schestowitz (schestowitz)'s status on Thursday, 30-Jun-11 10:04:58 UTC - It seems like the PR campaign against !wikileaks has been successful in the sense that it hardly gets coverage in the press anymoreJun 30 11:22
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schestowitz 30 14:46
TechrightsSocial@JohanWebsec: @Metztli_IT @schestowitz @glynmoody @slinzerthegod The tactics used so far will achieve little and impress noone with any relevant knowledgeJun 30 14:46
TechrightsSocial@slinzerthegod: @Metztli_IT @schestowitz @glynmoody @JohanWebsec I do see a connection, but this has nothing to do with the tactics involved.Jun 30 14:46
schestowitzservers sshd daemons were brought back online this afternoonJun 30 15:28
schestowitz> Interesting.  Any words from behind the scenes on ticket counterJun 30 15:42
schestowitz> problems with "computers" ?Jun 30 15:42
schestowitz> Jun 30 15:42
schestowitz>> ... A few years back I spent about 3-4 hours straight speaking toJun 30 15:42
schestowitz>> another pilot, whom I finished talking to only when the gym shutJun 30 15:42
schestowitz>> down. These are interesting people to speak to ...Jun 30 15:42
schestowitz> Jun 30 15:42
schestowitz> I spoke with one jumbo jet pilot a few weeks before this:Jun 30 15:42
schestowitz> Jun 30 15:42
schestowitz> 30 15:42
schestowitz> Jun 30 15:42
TechrightsSocialTitle: Microsoft server crash nearly causes 800-plane pile-up - .::. Size~: 92.64 KBJun 30 15:42
schestowitz> In the beginning of the conversation he swore up and down that there wasJun 30 15:42
schestowitz>  not a single computer in his plane.  At the beginning his view was M$Jun 30 15:42
schestowitz> == computers == failure.  My point was that non-technical factors wereJun 30 15:42
schestowitz> pushing M$ into areas formerly occupied by computing (M$ is not computerJun 30 15:42
schestowitz> related) and causing crashes.  The same politics, or whatever, couldJun 30 15:42
schestowitz> affect hospitals and airports.  When he figured that out he got allJun 30 15:42
schestowitz> kinds of pale and started gulping his drinks.  The Windows crash aboveJun 30 15:42
schestowitz> came only a few weeks later but I did not get to have a followupJun 30 15:42
schestowitz> conversation.Jun 30 15:42
schestowitz> Jun 30 15:42
schestowitz>> ... and Americans are generally more approachable than Europeans.Jun 30 15:42
schestowitz>> Well, actually, having gone to the same gym for a decade, I tend toJun 30 15:42
schestowitz>> know and speak to almost everyone there. But not to strangers... andJun 30 15:42
schestowitz>> speaking to people from the US is still vastly easier because of Jun 30 15:42
schestowitz>> their culture. Don't know what your assessment of it is like, but it Jun 30 15:42
schestowitz>> might be similar.Jun 30 15:42
schestowitz> Jun 30 15:42
schestowitz> Americans will speak with anybody and are fairly open and, largely, wishJun 30 15:42
schestowitz> to be agreeable.  The Bush junta has tried a lot, especially via media,Jun 30 15:42
schestowitz> to make that change, but the customs are slow to change.Jun 30 15:42
schestowitz"The phrase "get your head checked" was famously used by Obama quite shrewdly to imply pathology among those who do not agree with the Pentagon line, just as Bush famously said that "if you are not with it, then you are with the terrorists". I know the said politics pretty well and profoundly and I don't need much more than Wikileaks (cablegate, raw material), for example, to see all the lies which the corporate media Jun 30 15:47
schestowitzperpetuates daily, with repetition to make it compelling."Jun 30 15:47
schestowitzJust sent this to my cousinJun 30 15:47
qu1j0t3schestowitz | What ever happeend to wikileaks cablegate coverage? << good questionJun 30 15:53
schestowitzMilitant about pacifismJun 30 15:56
schestowitzqu1j0t3: they got smeared to death I thinkJun 30 15:56
schestowitzWriters afraid to cite it? Maybe not..Jun 30 15:56
schestowitzBut I doubt they ran out of materialJun 30 15:56
schestowitzGotta love "patiotism"Jun 30 15:57
schestowitzThe US is still deeply reliigousJun 30 15:57
schestowitzAnd apologetic about imperialsmJun 30 15:57
schestowitzNo sense of gauiltJun 30 15:57
qu1j0t3none whatsoeverJun 30 15:57
schestowitzAnd even those who join to help those who kill believe it's just and symbol of meritJun 30 15:57
schestowitzThey just don't get it, too much propagandaJun 30 15:57
qu1j0t3nor about destroying the environment and a few dozen nationsJun 30 15:57
qu1j0t3ironically: un-repentantJun 30 15:58
schestowitzThose who are smart enough to spot the propaganda are called "Anarchists" or somethingJun 30 15:58
qu1j0t3protestors/criminals/etcJun 30 15:58
qu1j0t3activistsJun 30 15:58
qu1j0t3yadda yaddaJun 30 15:58
schestowitzMaybe you can make aware 10% of the populationJun 30 15:58
schestowitzBut the other 90% remains elusiveJun 30 15:58
schestowitzSo there will always be enougn people for Murdoch and Gang to rile upJun 30 15:59
ender_33same applies for Rockefeller and his ilkJun 30 16:01
schestowitzyes, same extended familyJun 30 16:08
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schestowitzOK, so I did a followupJun 30 16:46
schestowitzI see I'm speaking to indoctrinated people today....Jun 30 16:47
schestowitz"Jun 30 16:47
schestowitzSometimes it's better to stick with what feels comfortable than with what is true. That too explains why many people still stick with religion, despite no evidence for its tenets, mainly deities. For existence which benefits 6 billion people and not 600 million people we must come to understand what it true and teach our peers how to become civilised also at the economic level. If we fail to do so, we can only expect unrest Jun 30 16:47
schestowitzfrom over 90% of the world, or at least those whom the exploiter did not manage to marginalise and/or indoctrinate. I ask not to be insulted; I just ask other people to learn about their surroundings; mainstream media will shape them to fit a mode of thinking which is healthy for their existence in a compartmentalised environment, it's not there for global/universal morality.Jun 30 16:47
schestowitzThe dream of peace and freedom is easily attainable; the United States too could learn its lessons from imperialism (over 1,000 military bases in foreign country) and then find peace at home, even if it means accepting a decrease in quality of life. To suggest that the US will be at threat of not existing if it does not extend and occupy its surrounding territory (e.g. with economic sanctions) is merely to ignore even the Jun 30 16:47
schestowitzpublic opinion. I do not think that a single country today -- judging by its own population --truly thinks that expansion of land is vital for survival. It may be vital for convenience in life, but that is a desire without bounries -- one that can never be fulfilled. Materialism is nowadays preached as a yardstick for "good life" and until this is changed many people will fail to realise that unless we compromise to live withJun 30 16:47
schestowitzneighbours on this planet, we are just doomed to confrontation (which one day almost definitely will culminate in nuclear disaster, either intentional or accidental). We need to learn to appease, not to oppress. To help militarism (which is a very profitable industry by the way) -- whether by arms or by assistance to those who bear arms -- only fuels a cycle of hatred.Jun 30 16:47
schestowitz"Jun 30 16:47
qu1j0t3you wrote this?Jun 30 18:43
qu1j0t3it's very gooodJun 30 18:44
schestowitzIs it?Jun 30 18:47
schestowitzI did it in one passJun 30 18:47
schestowitzBut it's futileJun 30 18:47
schestowitzPeople's thinking is like it's faith-basedJun 30 18:47
schestowitzAnd their faith is CNN, NBS, etc.Jun 30 18:47
schestowitzI insult their faith if I say something differentJun 30 18:47
schestowitz*NBCJun 30 18:48
qu1j0t3it's good, well written.Jun 30 19:11
schestowitz"Jun 30 19:22
schestowitzTerrorist groups are very weak unless there is increased hatred (which helps their recruitment efforts). People naturally distance themselves from the possibility of death, unless in a major crises. The United States knew this very well before entering Iraq. It correctly predicted that insurgents and radicals would only *increase* as a result of invasion. They knew this, they invaded anyway, and the analysts were right. The Jun 30 19:22
schestowitzthread is said to have increased nine-fold.Jun 30 19:22
schestowitzIn order to weaken extreme groups and to give them little public support there is the importance of letting people live their lives without feeling intruded, crushed, and without many funerals around them (that's what riles people up and makes them willing to lose their lives, as a form of sacrifice). Many groups that confront one another were actually apathetic or peaceful with one another many years ago. They chose the Jun 30 19:22
schestowitzshovel and not the pistol, more often than not. Sharing resources can help improve relationships between countries and it is often essential.Jun 30 19:22
schestowitz"Jun 30 19:22
schestowitzMy second go at itJun 30 19:22
schestowitzI think I've weakened the opposition by nowJun 30 19:22
schestowitzBut they'll never admit itJun 30 19:22
schestowitzIf I can make them reconsider, that's good enough.Jun 30 19:22
schestowitz 30 19:37
TechrightsSocial@swapnilbhartiya: @schestowitz #Microsoft Stops Windows Phone Development, Launches #Android Patent Troll Suite [satire]Jun 30 19:37
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Microsoft Stops Windows Phone Development, Launches Android Patent Troll Suite | Factual Error .::. Size~: 19.79 KBJun 30 19:37
schestowitzLOL. Good one. Looking forward to those questions by the way...Jun 30 19:37
schestowitz 30 19:38
TechrightsSocialTitle: Microsoft makes third Android patent deal this week - The H Open Source: News and Features .::. Size~: 39.43 KBJun 30 19:38
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sebsebseb Jun 30 20:10
schestowitz 30 20:54
TechrightsSocial@emalamisura: @razvansandu @schestowitz Wow talk about a biased article and site...Yuck! Please spare me...Jun 30 20:54
MinceR 30 21:59
TechrightsSocialTitle: Scumbag Mary via .::. Size~: 1.62 KBJun 30 21:59
schestowitz"I saw that you answered someone's question about restoring old palm database files. I am trying to get into an old address book  that is a dat file or a bak file. Is there any way to restore these so we can put them on our iphones? Thanks"Jun 30 22:05
schestowitzSomeone mailed me this just nowJun 30 22:05
schestowitzLike 6 years after I left the palm newsgroupsJun 30 22:06
schestowitzit should be possible to get the Palm Desktop software or an SD card to pull the PDB files from the devices, then loading them and exporting them in a suitable format that Apple can read, maybe iCal.Jun 30 22:07
qu1j0t3 30 22:08
TechrightsSocialTitle: Open letter to BlackBerry bosses: Senior RIM exec tells all as company crumbles around him .::. Size~: 97.38 KBJun 30 22:09
sebsebsebqu1j0t3: Oh your not in #techrights so i'll ask you it here as well, don't you think August 29th is a bit late really for a new version of a distro, even if only going to have one release this year.Jun 30 22:09
sebsebsebI mean when most new versions of distros come out in  April and May, and then for the years next lot  October and NovemberJun 30 22:09
MinceRisn't that because most distros are ubuntu-based? :>Jun 30 22:10
schestowitz 30 22:16
TechrightsSocial@Skawtnyc: @the_pc_doc He was bribed with a free laptop by Microsoft in exchange for promoting MS and trolling sites like ZDnet. 30 22:16
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Andre Da Costa: Profile of a Microsoft Shill | Techrights .::. Size~: 107.65 KBJun 30 22:16
schestowitz 30 22:17
TechrightsSocial@Skawtnyc: Nice, turns out the ZDnet talkback troll named "Mr. Dee" is actually a paid Microsoft shill named Andre da Costa. 30 22:17
TechrightsSocial-> Title: “Mr Dee” on the Paul Allen-funded CNET, More on Microsoft-funded Comments | Techrights .::. Size~: 110.11 KBJun 30 22:17
schestowitz 30 22:20
TechrightsSocial@ianrbruce: My last day at #Novell. Good luck all my Novellite friends, been a great 3 yrs. Excited to start looking at new opportunities.Jun 30 22:20
schestowitz 30 22:20
TechrightsSocial@tangyslice: @ianrbruce Best of luck! Sad day for Mr. Boycott Novell @techrights since he won't have his favorite PR stooge to kick around anymore:-)Jun 30 22:20
qu1j0t3sebsebseb: I have no real opinion on that. "Release when ready" I would think.Jun 30 22:27
schestowitz> Thanks, but the device is long gone and i only have these files stored on my computer so i need some software that can open them because they are binary filesJun 30 22:38
schestowitzUse a Palm OS emulator.Jun 30 22:38
schestowitz> Dont know what that is, but i have a different palm, if i could somhow get those files onto, but not in that formatJun 30 22:49
schestowitzsighJun 30 22:49
schestowitzI give upJun 30 22:49

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