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roy[22:27] <MrF_> hey roy, where are you?Aug 05 01:06
roy[22:28] <MrF_> i bought more silver today, this is the end my friend...the end....Aug 05 01:06
roy[22:29] <MrF_> ring me when you get chance we can meet up tomorrow after work with Greg if you like and speak about recenet economic eventsAug 05 01:06
royOK, back online :-)Aug 05 01:06
*roy is now known as schestowitzAug 05 01:06
schestowitz 05 01:10
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TechrightsBotHello World! I'm TechrightsBot running phIRCe v0.53Aug 05 01:12
schestowitz 05 01:12
TechrightsBotTitle: Main Page - Techrights .::. Size~: 41.19 KBAug 05 01:12
TechrightsBot@domacitutoriali: SUSE & Patent FUD: Who Do We Boycott Now?: Ironically, up until that time, Novell and Microsoft had been archene... 05 01:12
TechrightsBot-> Title: SUSE &#038; Patent FUD: Who Do We Boycott Now? « FOSS Force .::. Size~: 103.34 KBAug 05 01:12
TechrightsBotTitle: SUSE &#038; Patent FUD: Who Do We Boycott Now? « FOSS Force .::. Size~: 103.34 KBAug 05 01:12
schestowitzSeems like we got mentionedAug 05 01:12
schestowitz"Aug 05 01:18
schestowitzThe deal was extended for four more years and so we should extend the boycott for four more years.Aug 05 01:18
schestowitz————————-Aug 05 01:18
schestowitzSteve StitesAug 05 01:18
schestowitz"Aug 05 01:18
schestowitzLOLAug 05 01:18
schestowitzGood comments thereAug 05 01:18
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schestowitzHeheAug 05 02:58
schestowitzApocalyptic mails arriving..Aug 05 02:59
schestowitz> Hey Roy,Aug 05 02:59
schestowitz>  Aug 05 02:59
schestowitz> Baddest of bad days for a while on the markets today, FTSE down -3.4%Aug 05 02:59
schestowitz> and Dow -4.7%!!Aug 05 02:59
schestowitzYes, and things went bad elsewhere too, I've learned, including major lateness. Alas, it's possible to 'survive and thrive' so to speak, if you know the right loopholes.Aug 05 02:59
schestowitz  Aug 05 02:59
schestowitz> All hell is breaking loose in the Eurozone, Italy is falling and nowAug 05 02:59
schestowitz> word of France, the Euro is collapsing, the currency wars have goneAug 05 02:59
schestowitz> nuclear, the can of debt they have been kicking down the street sinceAug 05 02:59
schestowitz> 2008 has just fell off the cliff!!Aug 05 02:59
schestowitzI've just found this god new video from a favourite youtuberAug 05 02:59
schestowitz 05 02:59
TechrightsBotTitle: ‪ALL HAIL SUPER CONGRESS!‬‏       - YouTube .::. Size~: 121.74 KBAug 05 02:59
schestowitzThe US must narrow the debt, but it has not even started yet. It protects the rich, it won't cut the war budget either.Aug 05 02:59
schestowitz> Call me when you get back we need to discuss this matter asap.Aug 05 02:59
schestowitz>  Aug 05 02:59
schestowitz> I have also been investing in physical silver again from bullion sites,Aug 05 02:59
schestowitz> i don't want to be caught short when the banks collapse and either theyAug 05 02:59
schestowitz> or inflation renders all the stored energy of my lifes efforts useless.Aug 05 02:59
schestowitzA couple of days ago I saw the worth of gold and silver rising shortly on the same day (Tuesday IIRC).Aug 05 02:59
schestowitz> Join me in the quest for silver and tinned food, remember where youAug 05 02:59
schestowitz> heard it first.Aug 05 02:59
schestowitzSilver is worth buying only in large quantities. As for tinned food, by the nature of my diet the house is always full of it :-)Aug 05 02:59
schestowitz> Cheerio and hope all is well.Aug 05 02:59
schestowitzThe cancer of "national debt" ensures nothing is well under the surface. Some people suppress this reality, but ignorance eventually catches up and hits hard those who embrace it.Aug 05 02:59
schestowitzI hope one of our guest editors will continue using this account I created, making techrights a multi-author site not just in the wikiAug 05 03:32
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schestowitz>>> Roy,Aug 05 03:39
schestowitz>>>Aug 05 03:39
schestowitz>>> You've dropped off the RADAR on Usenet and Internet.Aug 05 03:39
schestowitz>>> Is everything okay with you? It has been a mysteryAug 05 03:39
schestowitz>>> to several us advocates on COLA. Haven't seen youAug 05 03:39
schestowitz>>> post on Identica either.Aug 05 03:39
schestowitz>>>Aug 05 03:39
schestowitz>>> Just concerned as it is not like you to stop postingAug 05 03:39
schestowitz>>> or microblogging like you normally do.Aug 05 03:39
schestowitz> BTW, finally did it. I swapped out the wifi PCI card and installed Ubuntu 11.04 on the desktop. It boots up quickly, FireFox page updates are blazingly fast compared to Windows XP. Boot ups and boot downs are fast. The joy is back.  :-)Aug 05 03:39
schestowitz> Aug 05 03:39
schestowitz> WinXP rebuild takes a whole day, hence why I was holding off. Still have to rebuild ... (ugh)Aug 05 03:39
schestowitz> Aug 05 03:39
schestowitz> Enjoy your vacation and look forward to seeing your posts again.Aug 05 03:39
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schestowitz"Aug 05 16:01
schestowitz> Thanks.  I'll be reading and sending links but I've got a certification test at Aug 05 16:01
schestowitz> the end of the month that demands an ever increasing amount of my time.  Aug 05 16:01
schestowitzNo problem. I think you can post those links from your account any time, which will allow more freedom. Writing articles too would be useful, maybe importing from Slashdot this way, over time.Aug 05 16:01
schestowitz"Aug 05 16:01
schestowitz"Aug 05 16:04
schestowitz> Again, welcome back.  Here are some links I've collected over the last two Aug 05 16:04
schestowitz> days.  I'm not sure if you would like me to continue posting these as guest Aug 05 16:04
schestowitz> editorial team or continue passing them on to you this way. Aug 05 16:04
schestowitz> Aug 05 16:04
schestowitz> It would be nice to know how to use the links template. Aug 05 16:04
schestowitzStill trying to figure out what suits the readers best, it would probably be best to publish as soon as a cluster of links is available, from whichever account. I will post these now under mine.Aug 05 16:04
schestowitz"Aug 05 16:04
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