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schestowitz 13 00:06
TechrightsSocial@davidgerard: Got "Muslamic Ray Guns" stuck in my head again. Catchy bastard. Shoot rioters with these, only language they understandAug 13 00:06
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Muslamic Ray Guns - The EDL Anthem       - YouTube .::. Size~: 119.4 KBAug 13 00:06
schestowitz 13 00:06
TechrightsSocial@benstewart999: Jeez, I can't remember, was Tony Blair evicted from Downing Street when his kid was drunk and disorderly in Trafalgar Square? #WandsworthAug 13 00:06
schestowitz 13 00:07
TechrightsSocial@ChrisS144: @schestowitz @360cnn Libyan rebels looting?! Are you a child? Libyan ppl risking & giving lives fighting for freedom. Rioters stealing TVs.Aug 13 00:07
schestowitzToucheAug 13 00:07
schestowitzblowbackAug 13 00:07
qu1j0t3lolAug 13 00:15
qu1j0t3talk about missing the pointAug 13 00:16
qu1j0t3!/schmoontherun/status/102083080482865152Aug 13 00:17
TechrightsSocial@schmoontherun: Just when things were calming down #Wandsworth Council is trying to start another riot! #ukriots Tell them to stop: 13 00:17
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Wandsworth Council - First rioter given eviction notice .::. Size~: 143.86 KBAug 13 00:17
schestowitz 13 00:21
TechrightsSocial@llewopanna: Understand people are angry about #looters,but still don't understand how evicting families will help.It's not the answer surely #WandsworthAug 13 00:21
schestowitzIt's to appease the angry BritsAug 13 00:21
schestowitzThe rich onesAug 13 00:21
schestowitzWhose shops got smashedAug 13 00:21
schestowitz 13 01:01
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/png typeAug 13 01:01
schestowitz 13 01:01
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeAug 13 01:01
MinceR:DAug 13 01:01
schestowitz 13 01:02
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeAug 13 01:02
schestowitzBrocoriAug 13 01:02
schestowitzEngrishAug 13 01:02
schestowitz 13 01:02
TechrightsSocialTitle: Boob Job for Android - Lakeport Design .::. Size~: 8.77 KBAug 13 01:02
schestowitz 13 01:03
schestowitzHeheAug 13 01:03
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/gif typeAug 13 01:03
schestowitz 13 01:05
TechrightsSocialTitle: Planet Manlug .::. Size~: 19.13 KBAug 13 01:05
schestowitzCan't believe it's still going... like 6 years now, same urlAug 13 01:06
schestowitz 13 01:07
TechrightsSocialTitle: » Republicans compete to be the most Christian Dvorak Uncensored: General interest observations and true web-log. .::. Size~: 105.48 KBAug 13 01:07
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schestowitz 13 07:52
TechrightsSocial@Richard Fontana (fontana)'s status on Saturday, 13-Aug-11 01:21:59 UTC - @schestowitz That's #crazy! cc: @bkuhnAug 13 07:52
TechrightsSocialTitle: Conversation - .::. Size~: 10.96 KBAug 13 07:52
schestowitzThis guy who got screwed by Gates for his patents is not too happy...Aug 13 07:53
schestowitz> Thank you for enlightening me about florian muller!Aug 13 07:53
schestowitz> Aug 13 07:53
schestowitz> Oh God#!#!!Aug 13 07:53
schestowitz> Aug 13 07:53
schestowitz> I'm like the poor rabbi who tries to run from Mussolini only to end up in Adolf's house of horrors.   :--(Aug 13 07:53
schestowitz> Aug 13 07:53
schestowitz> The misery never ends for me...just never. Aug 13 07:53
schestowitz> Aug 13 07:53
schestowitz> Just let me die...ok?Aug 13 07:53
schestowitzHi Roy, I wanted to comment on a post at Techrights, but it says I need to sign in. Is it possible for me to get an account? Aug 13 07:55
schestowitzAnybody can create oneself an accountAug 13 07:55
schestowitz 13 07:56
TechrightsSocial@bgiltrap: @schestowitz @KyleHarrietha or more importantly Tony Blair's "Children" #ukriotsAug 13 07:56
schestowitz 13 07:56
TechrightsSocial@360CNN: @ChrisS144 @schestowitz What do you call #Libya Rebel Al Qaeda looting @Libya Central Bank of 550 Million dollars, peanut looters?Aug 13 07:56
schestowitz 13 07:56
TechrightsSocial@NAUN8X: @schestowitz @360CNN @LibyaLibya SI A LA DEMOCRACIA, NO AL TERRORISMO OLIGARQUIA (U.S.A-OTAN) INVASOR.Aug 13 07:56
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schestowitz 13 08:13
TechrightsSocial@petrock: @schestowitz Oh geez. I'm sorry. I didn't see the register link the first time I looked. My bad.Aug 13 08:13
schestowitzlolAug 13 08:13
schestowitz 13 08:54
TechrightsSocial@harm501: nice, cool :-) RT @schestowitz: Installing #Linux on a 386 laptop why? Because you can!Aug 13 08:54
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Installing Linux on a 386 laptop  - Hack a Day .::. Size~: 86.72 KBAug 13 08:54
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schestowitzWhat an ignorant video 13 11:59
TechrightsSocialTitle: Britain is a riot       - YouTube .::. Size~: 110.32 KBAug 13 11:59
schestowitzMinceR: 13 12:10
TechrightsSocialTitle: The Real God: An Epiphany       - YouTube .::. Size~: 121.66 KBAug 13 12:10
schestowitz 13 12:42
TechrightsSocial@Qubit ArkHive (qubitarkhive)'s status on Saturday, 13-Aug-11 10:59:11 UTC - @schestowitz What do you make of a microsoft push into c++ 13 12:42
TechrightsSocial-> Title: GoingNative 0: Help us fly this plane, Some modern C++, Meet Ale Contenti | C9::GoingNative | Channel 9 .::. Size~: 144.71 KBAug 13 12:42
schestowitz"This video has been removed by the user." cited by 13 13:23
TechrightsSocialTitle: WTF ONISION?!       - YouTube .::. Size~: 102.29 KBAug 13 13:23
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qu1j0t3schestowitz:!/local251/status/102362935044739072 Aug 13 14:43
TechrightsSocial@local251: U.K.'s broken social contract blamed for riots 13 14:43
TechrightsSocial-> Title: U.K.'s broken social contract blamed for riots - Canada - CBC News .::. Size~: 55.21 KBAug 13 14:43
schestowitzqu1j0t3: added, thanksAug 13 14:45
schestowitz 13 14:46
TechrightsSocialTitle: Ask the EGO: Round 3       - YouTube .::. Size~: 102.78 KBAug 13 14:46
schestowitznew...Aug 13 14:46
schestowitzseeing it now...Aug 13 14:46
schestowitzit;'s a good channelAug 13 14:46
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schestowitzqu1j0t3: 13 16:43
TechrightsSocial@boycottnovell: #BillGates Uses Influence Over #WashingtonPost , GOOD and Other Publications He ‘Sponsors' #polio #pr #educationAug 13 16:43
TechrightsSocial-> Title: Bill Gates Uses Influence Over Washington Post, GOOD and Other Publications He ‘Sponsors’ to Privatise Education, Promote His Patent Monopolies | Techrights .::. Size~: 89.96 KBAug 13 16:43
qu1j0t3yus i saw itAug 13 16:44
qu1j0t3schestowitz: 'Cameron has to maintain that [#ukriots have] no cause except criminalityâ€^Vor he & his friends might be held responsible' 13 16:52
TechrightsSocialTitle: These riots reflect a society run on greed and looting | Seumas Milne | Comment is free | The Guardian .::. Size~: 259.76 KBAug 13 16:52
schestowitz 13 17:10
TechrightsSocial@Schestowitz (schestowitz)'s status on Saturday, 13-Aug-11 15:54:46 UTC - ♻ @AssedBaig I hear there is a building in London full of looted gear, I think it's called the British Museum.Aug 13 17:10
schestowitz 13 17:10
TechrightsSocial@Sander (sandersch)'s status on Saturday, 13-Aug-11 15:58:20 UTC - @schestowitz I thought it was the parlament.Aug 13 17:11
schestowitzqu1j0t3: yes, seen that one from youAug 13 17:11
schestowitzGive it another 2 days and this debate will be deadAug 13 17:11
schestowitzI'm trying to make the most out of it while it's aliveAug 13 17:11
schestowitzSame was with g20, except when court decisions and investigations cameAug 13 17:11
qu1j0t3it took more than a year :(Aug 13 17:11
qu1j0t3but this stuff is not new to the UK, as that CIF piece explainsAug 13 17:12
schestowitzBy Monday, the riots will have been "last week's" newsAug 13 17:12
qu1j0t3nobody has any excuse to misunderstand what's going onAug 13 17:12
qu1j0t3at least, if they are over 30 Aug 13 17:12
qu1j0t3Murdoch has sown a kind of historical amnesiaAug 13 17:13
schestowitzGore Vidal calls it United States of AmnesiaAug 13 17:40
schestowitz 13 17:41
TechrightsSocialTitle: Real Life Robocops       - YouTube .::. Size~: 87.87 KBAug 13 17:41
schestowitz"Aug 13 19:04
schestowitzHave you heard from MIT's I****? He has an important story to tell about his tablet patent/s which IV, Microsoft and Apple have been trying to squeeze out of him for offensive purposes. He has been stabbed in the back by them and Nokia too is involved.Aug 13 19:05
schestowitzHas he been in touch with Groklaw?Aug 13 19:05
schestowitz"Aug 13 19:05
schestowitzThere's a big story coming up...Aug 13 19:05
schestowitzI'll paste it here...Aug 13 19:38
schestowitz"Aug 13 19:39
schestowitzHi Irving,Aug 13 19:39
schestowitzPlease allow me to introduce you to Mark Webbink, the editor of Groklaw, which is a site specialising in the area we discussed and is most likely to help by publishing something about your story. To bring Webbink up to scratch, based on our past correspondence, allow me to quote some of our old E-mails.Aug 13 19:39
schestowitz"Aug 13 19:39
schestowitz"Aug 13 19:42
schestowitzTo Mark (& Irving, please correct any errors below):Aug 13 19:42
schestowitzAltitude Capital Partners (patent troll), Intellectual Ventures, Microsoft, and Apple (who partly fund Intellectual Ventures which launches legal attacks using small patent trolls), are involved in this story.Aug 13 19:42
schestowitzIrving claims to have been in contact (I think) with Bill Gates and his mate Nathan. It all began when a post from Rick the Patent TrollTracker got the attention of Irving, who had been approached by the named troll (Altitude Capital Partners). “I don’t have any info about “Altitude Capital Partners” being linked to Microsoft,” he explained, “that is why I wrote to ask you if you did. Altitude approached me withinAug 13 19:42
schestowitzthe past 2 weeks asking to represent me because my patent portfolio covers basic technologies. I have no idea how they found out about me, though.”Aug 13 19:42
schestowitzIt certainly would be valuable to have someone help us understand what Altitude Capital Partners is really doing because its homepage says very little. This is fascinating as a lot of what Irving says helps expose anti-competitive conduct.Aug 13 19:42
schestowitzGoing back to the smaller troll in question, it is hard to determine just what it really does and whether it serves another. This minimal site it maintains says a little more than sites of patent trolls, which are usually LLCs registered with some patents for waging wars on behalf of other companies. Rick the Patent TrollTracker, who used to work for Cisco, was aware of what Altitude Capital Partners was up to, but he got Aug 13 19:42
schestowitzsilenced by those whom he exposed, using SLAPP-type action and a scary bounty from the father of patent trolling. Cisco had been under siege from many patent trolls, including Intellectual Ventures. Even though Intellectual Ventures finally filed a lawsuit last year, it usually uses other companies to launch lawsuits against those who are unwilling to pay Nathan. A company the size of Cisco would typically needs to pay Aug 13 19:42
schestowitzhundreds of millions of dollars to keep Intellectual Ventures at bay (otherwise, it passes patents around to fuel patent battles). A broad patent would be an asset for this reason. It affects many companies. Cisco has just released new information about its upcoming Linux-powered tablet. Gates et al. will probably try to tax that if they haven’t already.Aug 13 19:42
schestowitzIrving suggests that Microsoft has been pursuing this type of strategy for quite some as “between 1998-2001 Bill Gates became interested in things I was patenting,” he explained to me. “I wanted him to use them, actually. Except he didn’t want to acknowledge my work, and didn’t want to pay me even one penny. And it wasn’t about money, it was clearly about cheating people who create things he liked…in other wordsAug 13 19:42
schestowitzit was a rabid ego “thing”.”Aug 13 19:42
schestowitz“Bill Gates hired my lawyers,” explained Irving, “Weil Gotshal & Manges, who subsequently kicked me out to “test tablets” for Microsoft. You can google search it and confirm that Weil Gotshal was doing that around 2001 or so. The thing that got Gates so interested in the tablet form factor was his seeing the designs to what is now the iPad and iPhone…back in 1998-2001!”Aug 13 19:42
schestowitzAt the moment, Microsoft seems to be exploring ways of making money out of other people’s products. Increasingly it views itself as a licensing company because it cannot quite create something compelling enough. It missed the train. With the axing of Courier, in addition to reports about related patents surfacing, One can only imagine that there will be more stories like the B&N one.Aug 13 19:42
schestowitz“I was dazed and confused by what happened and went around looking for help of any kind,” Irving recalls. “I ultimately ran to Larry Ellison & his buddy Steve Jobs in the hope that they…being Gates’ enemies, would invite me to join them in creating a new tablet device…because I believed Microsoft was about to steal the whole thing. Instead what happened was Steve Jobs stole it, and because of Bill gates’ ego…Aug 13 19:42
schestowitzhe felt that only he had anything worth doing… Microsoft ended up stalled…making tablets with styluses and which were effectively chopped up laptop computers shoe-horned into tablet shape. Even as late as 2010 Steve Ballmer was telling people at the London School of Economics that people want tablets with styluses and keyboards — that despite the way the iPhone already demonstrated people’s willingness to use their fiAug 13 19:42
schestowitzIrving was by no means trying to help the major companies, which merely approached him. “In the beginning I even went to non-profit organizations like Mozilla and the EFF and the W3C seeking to donate my patents to them,” he recalls, “but they all treated me like dirt.”Aug 13 19:42
schestowitz“Bill Gates’ friend Nathan Myhrvold was trying to buy my patents for years but later he decided to pay any lawyers I went to, to pretend they wanted to help me, when in reality they were just stalling for time, and trying to keep me from suing anybody,” Irvind claims. “Nokia was interested in acquiring rights from me in August 2010, and Nokia was extremely nice and polite…but then Gates “installed” his man Aug 13 19:42
schestowitzStephen Elop as CEO of Nokia and gave Nokia some deal worth billions (according to the news), and Nokia suddenly didn’t want to have anything to do with me. And who are Nokia’s lawyers? “Conveniently” friends of the lawyers who filed my patents for me in the 1990′s which Apple copied to create the iPhone, and which represent Apple, MSFT and Nokia, and Nathan Myhrvold.”Aug 13 19:42
schestowitzCan Groklaw gives Irving's story the exposure needed?Aug 13 19:42
schestowitz"Aug 13 19:42
qu1j0t3bbiabAug 13 21:02
schestowitz> Sounds fabulous!!!...these people need to be exposed...and for that matter the Apple injunction needs to be voided too. Aug 13 21:18
schestowitz> I am at a museum with my mom, brother and his wife at the moment...I apologize for this short reply to your very sincere email and underlying interest in justice!!!Aug 13 21:18
schestowitz> Aug 13 21:18
schestowitz> If you'll forgive me...I will write to you again tonight after I am alone and have the freedom to do so. Aug 13 21:18
schestowitz> Aug 13 21:18
schestowitz> Thanks so much for being a good human the only real one out there on this miserable planet!Aug 13 21:18
schestowitz> Aug 13 21:18
schestowitz> So...I will write again !!!Aug 13 21:18
schestowitzGlad to hear so.Aug 13 21:18
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