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schestowitzBahAug 20 00:41
schestowitz"After only 2 incorrect password attempts (SFTP) my IP got banned from my own site. Is it possible to unban and hopefully increase the number of permitted attempts? This is a recurring issue."Aug 20 00:41
schestowitzI really hare this..Aug 20 00:41
schestowitz 20 00:42
TechrightsSocial@kdedude: #wtf ad from google on slashdot "Get Out In Front of Your Infringers Patent Insurance to Enforce Your Rights" #swpatsAug 20 00:43
schestowitzgogole just puts the ads upAug 20 00:43
*abeNd-org has quit (Quit: Leaving.)Aug 20 05:47
schestowitzKDE4 is getting absolutely marvellousAug 20 09:41
schestowitzI found some more nice folderview featuresAug 20 09:42
schestowitzAnd I set the desktop background to generally put to use a pile of many thousands of photos that I have in my storage space, maybe 10,000 photos in general. Every 5 minutes they change independently in each monitor of mine, bringing back memories at random.Aug 20 09:42
schestowitzBlech 20 10:08
TechrightsSocialTitle: Trough Stlye Urinal Slip n Slide       - YouTube .::. Size~: 98.21 KBAug 20 10:08
schestowitzFinally cleared the ban...Aug 20 12:00
schestowitz"Aug 20 12:00
schestowitz> Hi Roy,Aug 20 12:00
schestowitz> Aug 20 12:00
schestowitz> Did you get my last reply?Aug 20 12:00
schestowitzI did, thanks. But only after I had phoned the 0800 number to get this done by phone... cause I was blacklisted from blueberry. Couldn't even read mail :-)Aug 20 12:00
schestowitzThe problem is now resolved. I don't think it was SFTP, butAug 20 12:00
schestowitzxxx now works (through KDE). :-)Aug 20 12:00
schestowitzThe number of allowed login attempts (and the conseuence of IP ban) seems like it's too sensitive. I only mistyped my password twice IIRC. This is like the 3rd or 4th time this happens. ;-)Aug 20 12:00
schestowitz"Aug 20 12:00
schestowitz*consequenceAug 20 12:00
schestowitzGood news...Aug 20 12:16
schestowitzI've convinced someone to donate 15 patents to the FOSS community, I thinkAug 20 12:16
schestowitzCorrespondence as follows:Aug 20 12:16
schestowitz"Aug 20 12:16
schestowitz> Hi Roy...I am only confessing this to you because you have written extensively about the harm that the patent system inflicts on the process of Aug 20 12:16
schestowitz> Aug 20 12:16
schestowitzhaving said that,  in that email I sent keith bergelt yesterday...which I forwarded a copy of to the last paragraph...where I mentioned that there was a Aug 20 12:16
schestowitz>Aug 20 12:16
schestowitzlot more in the way of new things that could hopefully be used to help linux tablets and open source mobile os's take back market share stolen from it  by Aug 20 12:17
schestowitz>Aug 20 12:17
schestowitzApple and others...while that was the is also the truth that I would rather be scrubbing public toilets at the bus station, midnight shift or Aug 20 12:17
schestowitz>Aug 20 12:17
schestowitzwhichever time slot is the least desirable...rather than inventing anything ever again!!!Aug 20 12:17
schestowitzA lot of people equate invention with patenting. but this is a lawyer's and businessman's propaganda. Edison is a good example of this. He didn't invent things, he just patented other people's ideas that worked. Eventually he created GE, so I guess he was "successful". Today I upload 5 short papers I wrote this year about my research. Later this year I will upload a ~300 pages of a more extensive documentation of my work. It Aug 20 12:17
schestowitzgoes into my site and attracts readers, unlike patent applications. If attribution is what it's all about, then the Internet facilitates this wonderfully. It's what Tim Berners-Lee had in mine when he made the WWW to share his physics papers in CERN.Aug 20 12:17
schestowitz Aug 20 12:17
schestowitz> So whereas I would want to reciprocate your sincerity and that of your friends by doing everything possible to advance your causes...which personallyAug 20 12:17
schestowitz> Aug 20 12:17
schestowitz I see as the right ones...I really hate inventing things at this point and for the past few years already whenever new things come into my head....andAug 20 12:17
schestowitz> Aug 20 12:17
schestowitzyou of all people know how that worksAug 20 12:17
schestowitzOr doesn't work. I mean, the patent system does not work. Sadly, people like Keith and Mark are part of the patent system, but they are proggessives/reformists, who are IMHO a tad too conformist. But they help in their own way. I personally advocate for abolishment of software patents.Aug 20 12:17
schestowitz> --- no one actually ever "invents" anything...they just sort of  "be receptive" to solutions...Aug 20 12:17
schestowitzPeople who 'invent' things are good liars sometimes, or BS artists. They are good at hiding their source of inspiration and have no qualm about it.Aug 20 12:17
schestowitz> to hold certain "questions" of one sort or another in your mind and then the solutions, or so-called "inventions" kind of "show themselves" to you.   Its not Aug 20 12:17
schestowitz> Aug 20 12:17
schestowitzlike in schizophrenia or anything but it is sort of as if the inventions exist on their own and they tap on your shoulder while you're sitting thereAug 20 12:17
schestowitz> Aug 20 12:17
schestowitzat the bus stop and say "I'm here, look at what I can do, look at me, let me show you"...and then if you are in the mood to be receptive you let Aug 20 12:17
schestowitz> Aug 20 12:17
schestowitzthe invention show itself to you. But thanks to the way the system destroys people, why on earth would anybody who isn't a masochist let Aug 20 12:17
schestowitz> Aug 20 12:17
schestowitzthemselves be host to those ideas when they come tapping you for attention??? Why??? How could anybody "be in the mood" ???Aug 20 12:17
schestowitzI had a chat about exactly that last night. A friend of mine were talking about people whom we know (here in Manchester) as posers. To me, these are the problem and they safly become our politicians, too.Aug 20 12:17
schestowitz> So you just try to ignore the inventions when they come looking for you. Aug 20 12:17
schestowitz> Thus I have been actively trying to ignore them (those wandering  "inventions") when they come calling for attention...Aug 20 12:17
schestowitz> Aug 20 12:17
schestowitzfor several years already. Some of them are especially attractive so they manage to catch my mind's eye. But still I tell them toAug 20 12:17
schestowitz> Aug 20 12:17
schestowitzleave me alone and just go away. Aug 20 12:17
schestowitz"Aug 20 12:17
schestowitz"Aug 20 12:19
schestowitzThis reminds me of another debate I had last night. It was about the notion of "property" (of people, cars, ideas, etc.) and why people need this perceptual concern for their ego. Patents are a bit like that.Aug 20 12:19
schestowitz> So on the one hand while what I said to keith bergelt was the truth...Aug 20 12:19
schestowitz> Aug 20 12:19
schestowitzthere is indeed  more in the way of new matter which the open source community would be welcome to ...Aug 20 12:19
schestowitz> Aug 20 12:19
schestowitzthe time is really past...thanks to all that's come to be going around whistling a happy Aug 20 12:19
schestowitz> Aug 20 12:19
schestowitztune  because "oh gee wiz inventions are just the most wonderful thing". Aug 20 12:19
schestowitzIt's biz speak. The scarcity is human skill and determination to produce (for those who do not pretend to be too smart for it and eventually do 'paper-pushing' jobs. Companies that cannot retain their staff have made up patents as artificial monopolies with which to brag an ownership of ideas, not people (workforce/HR). Remember what R in HR stands for...Aug 20 12:19
schestowitz> So if you excuse me, I suppose I should go clean some public toilets then take Aug 20 12:19
schestowitz> Aug 20 12:19
schestowitza nap right next to one after I am done with that.  But that also doesn't mean I Aug 20 12:19
schestowitz> Aug 20 12:19
schestowitzwouldn't do what I can for the open source community, given that privilege. So, life.....  :---(Aug 20 12:19
schestowitzPhysical jobs like construction and farming are most vital to the civilisation's survival. Just because paper-pushers stereotyped and demoted those associated with them will never change this. Look at the world's next superpower. It's a top producer, not a paper-pushing bubblingAug 20 12:19
schestowitz> I hope you have a good weekend roy. You are a good soul !!!!Aug 20 12:19
schestowitzThank you. You are too. I am very heart-warmed to hear this. It's something money can't buy.Aug 20 12:19
schestowitz"Aug 20 12:19
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schestowitzPreview of my research Aug 20 12:58
schestowitz 20 12:58
TechrightsSocialTitle:  » Blog Archive   » GMDS Notes Now Online .::. Size~: 34.44 KBAug 20 12:59
schestowitz 20 13:29
TechrightsSocial@swapnilbhartiya: @schestowitz its getting harder. what's your opinion about my counter view section, are we doing wrong?Aug 20 13:29
schestowitzIt's quite a nice addition, however the RSS feed of that site moved or is brokenAug 20 13:29
schestowitz 20 14:09
TechrightsSocialTitle: The Amazing Universe (through the eyes of a scientist)       - YouTube .::. Size~: 114.44 KBAug 20 14:09
schestowitz 20 16:12
TechrightsSocial@Schestowitz (schestowitz)'s status on Saturday, 20-Aug-11 15:08:05 UTC - The Era of Software Patents May be Ending Gradually. It Was Terrible Whilst It Lasted, Agree ‘Mainstream’ Sources. 20 16:12
TechrightsSocial-> Title: The Era of Software Patents May be Ending Gradually. It Was Terrible Whilst It Lasted, Agree ‘Mainstream’ Sources. | Techrights .::. Size~: 92.25 KBAug 20 16:12
schestowitzwe're winning againAug 20 16:12
schestowitzI thinkAug 20 16:12
schestowitzender_33: Aug 20 16:51
schestowitz> Questions:Aug 20 16:51
schestowitz> Aug 20 16:51
schestowitz> At present, do we not have existing technology in security use that doesAug 20 16:51
schestowitz> facial recognition and is close to 100% accurate?Aug 20 16:51
schestowitzNo, and it depends on modality too. I don't deal with facial recognition but with comparisons of surfaces, which is an apprroach better applied to volumetric data such as the heart. Faces are like "toy" data.Aug 20 16:51
schestowitz Aug 20 16:51
schestowitz> How accurate is facial recognition? Aug 20 16:51
schestowitz99.9%, some groups allege. But it depends on the data.Aug 20 16:51
schestowitz> Has any of your research been put to practical use?Aug 20 16:52
schestowitzIn the area that I did my Ph.D. on, I am not aware of any... but I still try to advance PCA as a statistical tool that tracks change.Aug 20 16:52
schestowitz Aug 20 16:52
schestowitz> Are there several systems of facial recognition or is it all based on theAug 20 16:52
schestowitz> same platform?Aug 20 16:52
schestowitzThe systems for faces are entirely different. This one deals with surfaces and it doesn't deal with particular topologies (e.g. nose, eyes).Aug 20 16:52
schestowitz Aug 20 16:52
schestowitz> P.S. Thanks for sending Scott's Desktop and your Screenshots message. Lot'sAug 20 16:52
schestowitz> stuff I enjoyed watching.Aug 20 16:52
schestowitzI have lots more. I keep them for memory of how we all used to work.Aug 20 16:52
schestowitzPeople wrongly associate the work with facesAug 20 16:52
schestowitzIt's not just you who thought thaAug 20 16:52
schestowitz*thatAug 20 16:52
schestowitzThe mono boosters tried that to smear me tooAug 20 16:52
schestowitzI live in Manchester and I work on this project which will hopefully involve collaboration with some hospitals soon. It is funded by the European Union.Aug 20 16:54
schestowitzNot for facial recognition at allAug 20 16:54
schestowitzEven my cousin thought it was just a face thing.. :/Aug 20 17:29
schestowitzBut he supports me in general. Sent some minutes ago:Aug 20 17:30
schestowitz> To me you are like my favorite sports team, as I am always cheering andAug 20 17:30
schestowitz> applauding your successes. To carry the analogy a little further, you mayAug 20 17:30
schestowitz> even say I get a vicarious satisfaction from your wins. I like the UnitedAug 20 17:30
schestowitz> Schestowitz Tiger, the Miami Dolphins and the Florida Marlins, in thatAug 20 17:30
schestowitz> order.Aug 20 17:30
schestowitz> Aug 20 17:30
schestowitz> Anything connected to the Wall Street Journal impresses the hell out of me,Aug 20 17:30
schestowitz> although I guess you have been quoted and placed article in many equallyAug 20 17:30
schestowitz> prestigious media sites. Aug 20 17:30
schestowitz> Aug 20 17:30
schestowitz> Keep me informed of all the good news.Aug 20 17:30
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schestowitzqu1j0t3: 20 18:03
TechrightsSocialTitle: Gates Keepers :: Flimsy article in Discover on the Gates Foundation .::. Size~: 23.09 KBAug 20 18:03
schestowitz 20 18:04
schestowitz"When did the chair of the Gates Foundation become an international expert on fundraising?"Aug 20 18:04
TechrightsSocialTitle: Gates Keepers :: The Gates Foundation and fundraising .::. Size~: 20.19 KBAug 20 18:04
schestowitzCovered by the Gates-funded The GuardianAug 20 18:04
schestowitzNo conflict there :-)Aug 20 18:05
qu1j0t3:|Aug 20 18:05
schestowitz'"Better-known for its battles against global disease," the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation "has also become a force in journalism," 'Aug 20 18:06
schestowitzWhen did the chair of the Gates Foundation become an international expert on fundraising?Aug 20 18:06
schestowitz 20 18:06
TechrightsSocialTitle: Gates Keepers :: Kaiser Family Foundation does its best to try to be objective .::. Size~: 18.96 KBAug 20 18:06
schestowitzRich defending the richAug 20 18:07
schestowitzwhitewash alikeAug 20 18:07
schestowitzThey can't just do what they do an let journalists do their thingAug 20 18:07
schestowitzThey need to buy the journalaistsAug 20 18:07
schestowitzAnd tell them what to think and writeAug 20 18:08
schestowitzNow think MurdochAug 20 18:08
qu1j0t3:)Aug 20 18:09
qu1j0t3we don't sound quite so radical now, do we?Aug 20 18:09
*qu1j0t3 sighsAug 20 18:09
schestowitzwho's "We"?Aug 20 18:20
qu1j0t3me. you.Aug 20 18:20
qu1j0t3talking about the plutocracyAug 20 18:20
qu1j0t3everything we suspected has been proven in the past decadeAug 20 18:21
schestowitzyesAug 20 18:26
schestowitzI will post about these issue more laterAug 20 18:26
schestowitzAnd if you care about these, you ought to follow my posts because I'm back to tracking these issueAug 20 18:26
schestowitz*issuesAug 20 18:26
schestowitz 20 18:29
TechrightsSocialTitle: Gates Keepers :: The Gates Foundation is not continuing any conversations .::. Size~: 18.55 KBAug 20 18:29
schestowitz"Aug 20 18:29
schestowitzBill Gates' annual letter has a section on continuing the conversation.Aug 20 18:29
schestowitz1) Twitter is not a conversation. It is not a dialogue. And you have 140 characters to make your point.Aug 20 18:29
schestowitz2) TED is not a conversation. It is a speech. With videoAug 20 18:29
schestowitzBoth participants are part of a conversation, not just one.Aug 20 18:29
schestowitz"Aug 20 18:29
schestowitzLOLAug 20 18:29
schestowitzIt's like the "feel like I'm in control" buttomAug 20 18:29
schestowitz"Mummy, I spoke to Gates!!!!"Aug 20 18:29
schestowitz"I wrote to him something in Twitter [but he never read or replied"Aug 20 18:30
schestowitzLOLAug 20 18:30
schestowitzSome companies do the same thingAug 20 18:30
schestowitzJust like the "Gates" Brand{tm{Aug 20 18:30
schestowitz 20 18:59
TechrightsSocialTitle: PC Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary - Does It Have A Future ? | All about Linux .::. Size~: 41.5 KBAug 20 18:59
*abeNd-org ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialAug 20 19:08
qu1j0t3schestowitz: likely agents provocateurs in ukriots 20 20:03
TechrightsSocialTitle: Officers came under fire from masked gunmen during riots, U.K. police say - The Globe and Mail .::. Size~: 93.48 KBAug 20 20:03

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