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schestowitz 24 11:12
TechrightsSocialTitle: Gates Keepers :: Rajat Gupta is history at the Gates Foundation .::. Size~: 21.71 KBAug 24 11:12
schestowitz"Here Ms Tovar says that her values fit with those of the Gates Foundation. Hers are Relationships, Responsibilities, Reciprocity and Redistribution. Are these the values of the Gates Foundation? The Foundation has problems with relationships with their grantees and other elephants and is certainly not interested in redistribution. Hm."Aug 24 11:19
schestowitz 24 11:19
TechrightsSocialTitle: Gates Keepers :: Do Molly Tovar's values really fit with those of the Gates Foundation? .::. Size~: 26.56 KBAug 24 11:19
schestowitz 24 11:26
TechrightsSocialTitle: Gates Keepers :: Will the Gates Foundation learn from education in China? .::. Size~: 18.96 KBAug 24 11:26
schestowitzVery interesting subjectAug 24 11:27
schestowitz "How far will five million dollars go in developing the capital city of a new country?"Aug 24 11:35
TechrightsSocialTitle: Gates Keepers :: Do Molly Tovar's values really fit with those of the Gates Foundation? .::. Size~: 26.56 KBAug 24 11:35
schestowitz 24 12:31
TechrightsSocial@amcrouch: @schestowitz Funny how GNOME has managed to create a bigger revolt than KDE 4 when they had learnt from KDEs mistakes. #4GNOMEDesktopsAug 24 12:31
MinceRhuh?Aug 24 12:38
schestowitzyeah..Aug 24 12:52
schestowitzkde got lots more flakcAug 24 12:52
schestowitzlike unityAug 24 12:53
MinceRin what way did GNOME learn from KDE's mistakes?Aug 24 13:04
MinceR"don't make the new major release somewhat devoid of features, but instead cripple it completely"?Aug 24 13:05
schestowitz 24 13:26
TechrightsSocial@agente_smithe: @schestowitz Nice to see the review and you picking it. I happen to be a part of the development team of Poseidon Linux.Aug 24 13:26
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schestowitz 24 14:47
TechrightsSocial@Agustín Benito (toscalix)'s status on Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 13:21:29 UTC - Worth reading, even if you do not agree ♻ @schestowitz: What GNOME Can Learn from KDE's Recovery #kde #gnomeAug 24 14:47
TechrightsSocial-> Title: What GNOME Can Learn from KDE's Recovery - Datamation .::. Size~: 68.21 KBAug 24 14:47
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schestowitz> I would like to handoff my US 7,979,787 patent immediately if possible  (and ultimately my entire patent portfolio) to the Open Source Community  so it/they can be publicly cited and used in every conceivable(!) way to stop microsoft, apple and oracle from advancing their criminal activities any further.Aug 24 20:21
schestowitz>   Aug 24 20:21
schestowitz> They have to be stopped!  Aug 24 20:21
schestowitz> Aug 24 20:21
schestowitz> Citing Stanley Kubrick's 2001 movie from circa 1968 is fine in the Samsung injunction but sidelining my work as prior art only protects Apple and emboldens them to venture further into criminality.  They are clearly getting stronger and digging in deeper with each passing day and the longer my work is hidden the easier it is for them to conspire together. Aug 24 20:21
schestowitz> Aug 24 20:21
schestowitz> It is obvious to me that the only "real solution" is to bring them all down with the truth, and clear a path for Linux and the Open Source model to be the de facto OS...for both mobile and other platforms in the "post PC era".  Aug 24 20:21
schestowitz> Aug 24 20:21
schestowitz> The DEC-IBM-Wang_Wordprocessor era was replaced by microsoft-apple-and_msft_cohorts. And there has been nothing but unscrupulous gansterism ever since. It is time to replace them with the Linux-Open_Source era and partners who respect truth & decency. Aug 24 20:21
schestowitz> Aug 24 20:21
schestowitz> Please please please let us work together to achieve this without an iota of further delay.  Please let me do a handoff of my July 12th 2011 patent (US 7,979,787) now...and with an understanding that all else will follow.  There are too many things happening in parallel which are impacted by what we are secretly discussing. We need to put these things in public view for the legal system and all honest people to be able to Aug 24 20:21
schestowitzsee and draw conclusions on their own. This is the right thing and history will record it as such. Aug 24 20:22
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schestowitzthe mac troll is turning techrights into another C.O.L.A.Aug 24 21:39
schestowitzIt reminds me of 2009 when linsux too ovet the channelAug 24 21:41
schestowitz> Thank you Keith,Aug 24 22:10
schestowitz> Aug 24 22:10
schestowitz> And so that there won't be any ambiguity...there are NO financial "poker chips"  or anything like that on my end. The "good guys": namely you and your colleagues ...MUST win!Aug 24 22:10
schestowitz> Aug 24 22:10
schestowitz> I am getting increasingly worried about things going from bad to worse. Things are happening so fast. And there is a chain reaction behind each event, like the Dutch courts seemingly backing Apple on some smartphones today. Each win like that only gives apple and those who are conspiring with them more momentum... plus they are thinking " one will ever know" which emboldens them all the more. Aug 24 22:10
schestowitz> Aug 24 22:10
schestowitz> My silly patents are sort of a wall between me and "your people"...and that is precisely the kind of thing roy schestowitz has been complaining about regarding the kinds of harm that can happen.  We need to diffuse that by getting my patents into your arsenal so that that artificial wall won't be there and you can do what you need to do!Aug 24 22:10
schestowitz> ...without doubts or hesitation. Aug 24 22:10
schestowitz> Aug 24 22:10
schestowitz> I hope we can do a handoff fast so you can strike back quickly!  I am worried. :--(Aug 24 22:10
schestowitzHi,Aug 24 22:10
schestowitzI wanted to weigh in very quickly just to point out a few things. My history wrt OIN is somewhat patchy and an interview I had scheduled with Keith was called off (it was the OIN which offered the interview) after I had asked some hard questions like, "how can the OIN deal with  patent trolls?"Aug 24 22:10
schestowitzI recognise that the OIN does not view itself as a proponent of abolishing software patents, unlike the FFII and myself. That may be fine, but another issue is that -- given the backers of the OIN -- the OIN cannot act offensively or really issue much of a deterrence based on my judgment over the years (even when Jerry Rosenthal was in charge).Aug 24 22:10
schestowitzI would like to ask and receive an answer in Irving's presence (as I have grown to appreciate his good intentions over the months we communicated). It goes something like, "how can the OIN actively discourage further litigation against Linux/Android and how can it defuse existing cases?" The president of the FFII once suggested to me that the smartest strategy might be, especially given Irvings's strong ammunition, to strike Aug 24 22:10
schestowitzApple and Microsoft where it hurts and sue with the intent of removing their products off the market (no settlement on the table). They have some lucrative products that are potentially infringing and sometimes by fighting fire with fire, where Irving cannot be counter-sued, would be the best route to mutual disarmament.Aug 24 22:10
schestowitzSo again, I advise Irving to receive an answer with regards to the OIN's plan, at the very least so that he knows how his hard work that he invested in can give him: 1) attribution and 2) justice.Aug 24 22:10
schestowitzThe EFF and Mozilla Foundation (IIRC) have not given him the recognition he deserves and I certainly hope that the OIN is the right path for him to explore.Aug 24 22:10
schestowitz^^ ongoing, might be importantAug 24 22:10
schestowitzFor context:Aug 24 22:11
schestowitz> Here is also a re-send of the story by a Wikileaks affiliate.Aug 24 22:11
schestowitz> Aug 24 22:11
schestowitz> Raffi...I think PDF #7 in the cryptome list at the bottom will be helpful since it shows US #7,016,084 with W3C definitions overlaid onto portions.Aug 24 22:11
schestowitz> Aug 24 22:11
schestowitz> 24 22:11
schestowitz> Aug 24 22:11
schestowitz> The cryptome story is out-of-date since so much has come to pass since December 2010!Aug 24 22:11
TechrightsSocialTitle: Apple iPhone and iPad Patent Suits .::. Size~: 8.03 KBAug 24 22:11
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schestowitzThe OIN's CEO will pgone meAug 24 22:19
schestowitzat 12Aug 24 22:22
MinceRmaybe we'll need to deal with the trolls if we want valuable discussion instead of this crapAug 24 22:30
schestowitzI know..Aug 24 22:31
schestowitzhe floods COLA wiith junAug 24 22:32
schestowitzEevryone killfiled him AFAIKAug 24 22:32
schestowitzHe collaborates with the Microsoft trolls now and he is VERY immatureAug 24 22:32
schestowitzI wrognly thought Tim had invited him to the showAug 24 22:32
schestowitzTurned out he invited himselfAug 24 22:32
schestowitzLike some other people didAug 24 22:32
schestowitzand wever since then he has polluted out site, thinking that invitibng himself to a show gave him some privilegeAug 24 22:33
schestowitz> Oh raffi... I initially wanted to donate my patents and I actually pursued that route early on and got kicked around and ignored. Aug 24 22:46
schestowitz> Aug 24 22:46
schestowitz> The whole portfolio belongs to my mom who I explained to keith & mark & roy, is a medical school professor who practiced altruistic medicine her whole life. Mark webbink said I should get something back for my mom and he was the one who pointed me to OIN saying keith is a good person you can trust him to be fair to people. Aug 24 22:46
schestowitz> Aug 24 22:46
schestowitz> I am not a businessman. If anything I am a "business IDIOT". Maybe general idiot if you like...I don't have a big ego so that's fine too. Aug 24 22:46
schestowitz> Aug 24 22:46
schestowitz> But the point is, having grown up with people looking to alleviate suffering without seeking anything in return...I feel very uncomfortable "selling" things...which is what your question asks me. Aug 24 22:46
schestowitz> Aug 24 22:46
schestowitz> I do want my mom to get something but I also don't like getting "blood money" by teaming up with trolls and crooks. Or for that matter, even though I have received many offers to litigate on is clear to me those litigators will settle at the first chance of a decent payoff. But that isn't justice!!! That's just playing along with a system that rewards criminals because steve jobs, having made billions on Aug 24 22:46
schestowitzthings he plagiarized...can easily throw away some of his ill-gotten "loot" to achieve a settlement. Its Kleenex money to him given what the iPhone & iPad gained him. So how is that right???Aug 24 22:46
schestowitz> Aug 24 22:46
schestowitz> And they are ALL doing that --- all except for Linux/Open Source (namely keith + mark + roy + your "people"). Aug 24 22:46
schestowitz> Aug 24 22:47
schestowitz> So is not the ONLY right solution here to cooperate with all of you to bring down the tyrants. Once and for all?Aug 24 22:47
schestowitz> Aug 24 22:47
schestowitz> Linux **needs** to be the de facto operating system of all computing in the "post PC era".  And Open Source...under the stewardship of Keith Bergelt and you and mark and affiliates like roy...need to be the Gates-Jobs-dell's of this next era. Aug 24 22:47
schestowitz> Aug 24 22:47
schestowitz> No exaggeration --- this NEEDS to happen. For the good of everyone!Aug 24 22:47
schestowitz> Aug 24 22:47
schestowitz> So I apologize for all that...truly...but that is the backdrop of my thinking...but against that I also desperately want my mom to get something right now, too...because she got caught in the cross-fire that I stupidly wandered into...and whereas I am willing to take a isn't fair for her...especially given all she's done for patients her whole life. :----(Aug 24 22:47

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