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ender_2600if they really do stop themselves from lying then whats the problem with some criticismAug 27 03:05
ender_2600if anything that site should help you improve the quality of your material by pointing out errors they are trying to slam you withAug 27 03:05
ender_2600it might even be a good idea to link to them as a source for any corrections they cause you to make - then it makes it look like you're not such a bad guy to them and their view of youAug 27 03:06
schestowitz"Aug 27 07:13
schestowitz> Trolls have engaged the traditional Erik Funkenbusch methodology. Advocate debunks lie. Time out for a short time. Resubmit same old debunked accusation; rinse, repeat.Aug 27 07:13
schestowitz> Aug 27 07:13
schestowitz> Trolling is increased in COLA. There is a reason for this. What new Microsoft product?Aug 27 07:13
schestowitzThey have nothing new. Just like the trolls.Aug 27 07:13
schestowitz"Aug 27 08:39
schestowitz> Yes will do my friend, I in cricket today but willAug 27 08:39
schestowitzSpoke to Fabio for an hour today. He said he'd have many shirtsAug 27 08:39
schestowitzproduced for the business (with logo and all).Aug 27 08:39
schestowitz"Aug 27 08:39
schestowitzwe'll announce a new site soonAug 27 08:39
schestowitzComing up with logo soon..Aug 27 11:08
schestowitz> Leave it with me. Think Ive got a log making software program on myAug 27 11:08
schestowitz> computer.Aug 27 11:08
schestowitz> I will send you some samples over and we can agree on one. Im thinkingAug 27 11:08
schestowitz> it will involve the mediacal sign (two snakes and a sword) but with aAug 27 11:08
schestowitz> muscle incline to it. Anyway leave it with me and i will have a lookAug 27 11:08
schestowitz> what i can come up with.Aug 27 11:08
schestowitzYes, sounds good. Our name is already better than most.Aug 27 11:08
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schestowitzwm, gnufreexAug 27 18:17
gnufreexschestowitz: heyAug 27 18:19
schestowitzhow's everything?Aug 27 18:24
schestowitzI realise mono is kind of dead nowAug 27 18:24
schestowitzWe got our way at the end, so thanksAug 27 18:25
gnufreexYeah, I noticedAug 27 18:25
schestowitznow we need to kill software parentsAug 27 18:25
schestowitzTo defend Linux phones at the least, tablets too... laptopsAug 27 18:25
gnufreexSoftware has parents?Aug 27 18:25
gnufreexlolAug 27 18:25
gnufreexI know, patentsAug 27 18:25
schestowitzwe're almost there at state where FOSS in everything is standardAug 27 18:25
schestowitzmakes life easier for us allAug 27 18:26
schestowitzthe foss devsAug 27 18:26
gnufreexThat would be great, but USA is not going to remove software patents. But maybe USA collapses soon, so that would be a win.Aug 27 18:27
gnufreexWhat's the status on swpats in EU?Aug 27 18:28
gnufreexDid they forced it on someone?Aug 27 18:28
schestowitznot so properlyAug 27 18:32
schestowitzalthough some us-based patent trolls harass EU devs if they sell their apps in the USAug 27 18:33
schestowitzGermany is being silly about patents tooAug 27 18:33
schestowitzNow that the UK-IPO is much betterAug 27 18:33
gnufreexNow im thinking, if USA defaulted, what would happen with all the IT companies? Aug 27 18:35
schestowitzthey can relocateAug 27 18:36
gnufreexThey would need to move to EU or Russia?Aug 27 18:36
schestowitzBut history doesn't have many prior examplesAug 27 18:36
schestowitzBut they wouldn't keep the staff... downward spiralAug 27 18:36
schestowitzAnd they won't bail out 'their' country\Aug 27 18:36
gnufreexWhy should they care about USA?Aug 27 18:36
schestowitzRussia is strong because it's self-sufficientAug 27 18:36
schestowitzProbably the only nation in the world that's like thatAug 27 18:37
schestowitzThey have their own oil, gas, they can grow a lot of food, and they also have advanced and heavy industries.Aug 27 18:37
schestowitzThat's what my friend Mike told me on Friday anywayAug 27 18:37
schestowitzThat the UK is still far too dependent on other nations and the US too depends on China... China depends on the US too... it's their biggest clientAug 27 18:38
gnufreexYeah that's true. I went to Russia couple of times and have friends there.Aug 27 18:38
schestowitzI have some Russian colleagues. They are bright people.Aug 27 18:38
schestowitzI guess Ragean has worn them outAug 27 18:38
schestowitzRemember the US almost defaulted beforeAug 27 18:38
schestowitzThey were lucky the USSR cave firstAug 27 18:38
schestowitzThey had massive debt for their days and couldn't provide well for their peopleAug 27 18:39
gnufreexUSA will defauld eventualy, no question about that. It is just prolonging it's miseryAug 27 18:39
schestowitzThe smart generation stayed in RussiaAug 27 18:39
schestowitzSome movedAug 27 18:39
schestowitzBut they still have all the knowledgeAug 27 18:39
schestowitzMaybe alcohol causes damage Aug 27 18:39
schestowitzAnd drugsAug 27 18:39
gnufreexBtw, Russia defaulted in 1998Aug 27 18:39
schestowitzThe UK and USA become lazy in a way... resting in laurels and allAug 27 18:39
gnufreexbut they didn't have all the army all over the worldAug 27 18:40
gnufreexso putin saved the dayAug 27 18:40
schestowitzmaybe Palin will be elected LOLAug 27 18:40
schestowitzOr another dunceAug 27 18:40
schestowitzThat would be funnyAug 27 18:40
schestowitzPutain standing should to shoulder with herAug 27 18:40
schestowitz*PutinAug 27 18:40
schestowitzIMHO, the West could use some toppling as that would balance out some injustices we haveAug 27 18:41
gnufreexI was looking at USA politics lately... if McCain gets elected, it is guaranteed WW3Aug 27 18:41
schestowitzit would crush some ruling classes, the rest will be used to it, unless of course they just take it out on the poor or leave the nations that failAug 27 18:41
schestowitzMcCain was in a warAug 27 18:41
schestowitz"Maverick" :-)Aug 27 18:42
gnufreexDoes he run for 2012 elections?Aug 27 18:42
gnufreexI think he doesAug 27 18:42
gnufreexNot sureAug 27 18:42
schestowitzwikileaks showed some days ago that korea was giving nuclear offers in the middle eastAug 27 18:42
schestowitzSo this ought to be why the US would be even more afraid of koreaAug 27 18:42
schestowitzKLnowledge sharingAug 27 18:42
schestowitzit's like a Cuba in the Cold WarAug 27 18:42
schestowitzgnufreex: I think Buchmann runsAug 27 18:43
schestowitzI don't think McCain will tryAug 27 18:43
schestowitzHe's also at hgih risk of deathAug 27 18:43
gnufreexAnyways, best choice would be Ron PaulAug 27 18:44
gnufreexOr what's his nameAug 27 18:44
schestowitzhe doesn't impress me muchAug 27 18:44
schestowitzHe's deluded in some areasAug 27 18:44
schestowitzLet me find you a good videoAug 27 18:45
schestowitzthat summarises some of the points I had in mindAug 27 18:45
schestowitz 27 18:45
TechrightsSocialTitle: CULT of Ron Paul       - YouTube .::. Size~: 116.69 KBAug 27 18:45
gnufreexI like that he wants to remove army from some places in the world.Aug 27 18:45
gnufreexBecause if USA continues its expansionism, it is going to get ugly.Aug 27 18:46
schestowitz 27 18:47
TechrightsSocialTitle: Ron Paul's Abortion Stance       - YouTube .::. Size~: 99.9 KBAug 27 18:47
gnufreexI like him also because he was against bomging of Libya and of course against bombing of SerbiaAug 27 18:47
schestowitzyeahAug 27 18:48
schestowitzoverall he's beter than the restAug 27 18:48
schestowitzBut notice how no scientist can ever run for office in the US or for that matter in most of the worldAug 27 18:49
schestowitz /OT LOL 27 18:49
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/png typeAug 27 18:49
gnufreexBut whole bunch is terribleAug 27 18:49
gnufreexHe just sucks the least.Aug 27 18:49
gnufreexschestowitz: I am watching this "it's alive" dude, I think that is valid argument. Abortions are bad thing. And abortions can make bloody WWIII. Aborions make birth rates go down. That means you need to import people. You import muslims because there are most of them. They multiply. They want Sharia. They riot, kill, rape. They want to destroy Israel. See the point? Aug 27 18:52
schestowitzgnufreex: aren't religions in general like that a lot of the time?Aug 27 18:54
schestowitzThe solution is, IMHO, more careful selectionAug 27 18:54
schestowitzBad decisions can multiply the damage over timeAug 27 18:54
schestowitzand people unhappy with themselves are likely to multiply more to make up for itAug 27 18:55
schestowitzIn  general, birth rates afcorss the world need to drop cause we cannot provide (water, food, energy) for good life of so many peopleAug 27 18:55
gnufreexschestowitz: depends on religion. Islam is worst, and there is no silver lining. Their God commands them to kill non-muslims. Any peaceful verse you find in kuran, it is either only meant for muslims, not for non-muslims, or it is abrogated verse. Aug 27 18:55
gnufreexI am not against multi-kulti, but only if muslims are not involved. If muslims are involved, it all goes to hell. Aug 27 18:57
schestowitzactually, other bibles too command killing of 'infidels'Aug 27 19:02
schestowitzI think ti's down to how many people still obey such rulesAug 27 19:02
schestowitzLike killing homosexuals, among other thingsAug 27 19:03
gnufreexold testament does. New doesn'tAug 27 19:03
schestowitzToday there was a gay parade in townAug 27 19:03
schestowitzI didn't know so when I cycles to town I got stuck in their 'traffic'Aug 27 19:03
schestowitzHad to wait 10 minutes to get around thatAug 27 19:03
gnufreexThere is a big differenceAug 27 19:03
gnufreexYou really can't compare bible with kuranAug 27 19:03
schestowitzI think it's good we've come to respect those people and welcome them so openly. 10 years ago many people inc. myself were less tolerant towards gayAug 27 19:03
schestowitzMaybe the world learned to be more civiliseAug 27 19:04
schestowitz*civilisedAug 27 19:04
gnufreexFrankly, in Serbia we don't like them. Aug 27 19:04
schestowitzgnufreex: both both are monotheistic and similar at their rootsAug 27 19:04
schestowitzCommonality in stories and allAug 27 19:04
gnufreexI mean gaysAug 27 19:04
gnufreexNot because of religionAug 27 19:04
gnufreexBut because of parade mostlyAug 27 19:05
gnufreexThere is no straight paradeAug 27 19:05
schestowitzheheAug 27 19:05
schestowitzCause it's not a minorityAug 27 19:05
gnufreexThey should do what they do Aug 27 19:05
gnufreexIt is a free countryAug 27 19:05
schestowitzIt's like complaininh about discrimination against white European maleAug 27 19:05
gnufreexbut it is sick to paradeAug 27 19:05
schestowitzit's the "in your face" attitudeAug 27 19:06
schestowitzTo normalise itAug 27 19:06
schestowitzI think here too some people think it's unnecessaryAug 27 19:06
schestowitzI don't think they try to spread it like a religionAug 27 19:06
schestowitzBut rather to just show they're not shy about itAug 27 19:07
gnufreexAlso, there are few people that think gay parade is satanistic. Aug 27 19:08
gnufreexSo they want to create gatherings in front of churchAug 27 19:09
gnufreexTo make satan go awayAug 27 19:09
gnufreexPolice thinks they are extremists and want to beat up gaysAug 27 19:09
gnufreexso they arested fewAug 27 19:09
gnufreexlast yearAug 27 19:09
gnufreexlolAug 27 19:09
schestowitzheheAug 27 19:11
schestowitzpolice likes actionAug 27 19:11
schestowitzmany males in uniformsAug 27 19:11
schestowitzVillage PeopleAug 27 19:11
schestowitzMaybe the folks will attack the policemen thinking they're satanic tooAug 27 19:11
schestowitzAnd remember that being a priest is a job that requires a penisAug 27 19:12
schestowitzAre there religions other than Amazonian that elevate women?Aug 27 19:12
gnufreexHm... noAug 27 19:13
gnufreexAmazonian religion... i didn't know about that one schestowitzAug 27 19:14
schestowitzI think there's this myth about women in the AmazonAug 27 19:19
gnufreexYeah, but "Amazonia" was originaly in UkraineAug 27 19:19
gnufreexAnd in RomaniaAug 27 19:20
gnufreexThen they moved it AmericaAug 27 19:20
gnufreexafter ColumboAug 27 19:20
gnufreexI mean the mythic amazoniaAug 27 19:20
gnufreexSame as Atlantis.Aug 27 19:20
gnufreexIt was first in Agean sea when greeks invented that mythAug 27 19:21
gnufreexAnd later in atlanticAug 27 19:21
gnufreex*atlantic oceanAug 27 19:21
schestowitzyou mean the pyramid findings?Aug 27 19:24
gnufreexwhat findings? Aug 27 19:24
gnufreexI meant about legends.Aug 27 19:24
gnufreexThere is roman legend about AtlantisAug 27 19:24
gnufreexAnd GreekAug 27 19:24
gnufreexAnd other peoples had it tooAug 27 19:25
gnufreexit is always on other placeAug 27 19:25
gnufreexSame as amazonia.Aug 27 19:25
gnufreexI don't remember which one is where.Aug 27 19:25
schestowitzI thought some satellite footage is said to have unearthed signs of an early civilisation around Bosnia (?)Aug 27 19:27
gnufreexAh...Aug 27 19:27
gnufreexThat is nonsenseAug 27 19:27
schestowitzLike, in last year's newAug 27 19:27
schestowitzah, so k0ky stuffAug 27 19:28
schestowitzI think it reached some fairly reputable sourcesAug 27 19:28
schestowitzthere's some k00k who wrote books on lost civilisationAug 27 19:28
gnufreexIt's that so called "bosniaks" (bosnian muslims) have identity crysis.Aug 27 19:28
schestowitzAnd he uses copyrights to bully around his exposers and criticsAug 27 19:28
gnufreexThey don't want to admit they are turkized SerbsAug 27 19:28
gnufreexThey want to think they are ArabsAug 27 19:29
gnufreexOr whatnotAug 27 19:29
gnufreexSick people. Lead by Islamic fundamentalists. Aug 27 19:29
schestowitz:/Aug 27 19:30
gnufreexschestowitz: If I remember correctly, at the end it turned out that it is just strange hill.Aug 27 19:47
gnufreexschestowitz: there is also a legen that mountain of Rtanj in Serbia is in fact a alien stronghold and that little green men come out of the mountain at night. Same kind of nonsense. Aug 27 19:48
schestowitzLOLAug 27 19:54
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