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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: September 3rd, 2011

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schestowitz 03 18:32
TechrightsBot@flameeyes: Lovely, did somebody post a link to my "Buildsystem quirks" article at Boycott Novell? 'cause the last commenter sure looks like theirs..Sep 03 18:32
schestowitzHe means thisSep 03 18:32
schestowitz Sep 03 18:32
TechrightsBotTitle: Flameeyes's Weblog : Buildsystem quirks: now you know why you don't rely on uname .::. Size~: 22.86 KBSep 03 18:32
schestowitzNo, we didn't link to itSep 03 18:32
schestowitzSounds like he's trying to accuse us of dissent we could not POSSIBLY causeSep 03 18:32
schestowitzWe never mentioned that postSep 03 18:32
schestowitz 03 18:34
TechrightsBot@epicxtreme7: That's The Way To Go 03 18:34
TechrightsBotNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeSep 03 18:34
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MinceR Sep 03 18:38
sebsebsebMinceR:  Sep 03 18:39
sebsebseb Sep 03 18:39
schestowitz Sep 03 18:56
schestowitz"I was happy to learn that you are spending time at Google as I generally like what the company does. Over the years (the past 5 years) Google's recruiters have tried to hire me, but I don't know to what extent it's a research company. For image search they still mostly rely on extracting captions/alt tags/other SGML/proximity/anchor text, but they are missing the boat when it comes to exploiting actual image contents (Facebook now Sep 03 19:01
schestowitzgets a lot of flak for using it to index identities of people)."Sep 03 19:01
schestowitzA colleague of mine got snatched by Goog ^ Sep 03 19:01
MinceRthe body snatchersSep 03 19:02
schestowitzbrain drainersSep 03 19:05
schestowitz"Do you happen to have a binary of your program in server:/home/*/ built for Ubuntu x86 64-bit? That would save a lot of work hacking on the code again to make it compliable."Sep 03 20:45
schestowitzHe's too busy now with GoogleSep 03 20:45
schestowitzSo I need to try and make sense of someone else's program, debugging/hackingSep 03 20:45
schestowitz> Here are a couple of banners to play with.  Have fun.Sep 03 20:47
schestowitzJust got some new graphicsSep 03 20:47
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