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schestowitz"It's true that Jobs was never a great developer or engineer. "Sep 01 01:02
schestowitz 01 01:02
TechrightsSocialTitle: Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: Life on Jobs-less Earth - Computerworld .::. Size~: 132.89 KBSep 01 01:02
schestowitzwhy put his name in the headline?Sep 01 01:02
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schestowitz____/ Rex Ballard on Thursday 01 Sep 2011 06:13 : \____Sep 01 09:54
schestowitz> Microsoft has been trying to lure Linux Luminaries, and even just LinuxSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> supporters and programmers away for years.Sep 01 09:54
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:54
schestowitz> I worked with a guy at Dow Jones who was doing very well with Linux and hadSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> also been supporting the new-to-be-released NT 3.x back in 1993.  WhenSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> Microsoft found out that he was supporting Linux, they invited him to a localSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> event, then a trip to Bellview for a "sneak peak" at NT features (Exchange). Sep 01 09:54
schestowitz> While there, they give him "the tour", showing him the recreationalSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> facilities, the great dining at the cafeteria, and the numerous cornerSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> offices.  After about 2 hours, he finally said "This is great, it would beSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> great to work here", the next thing he knew, he was being offered a job.Sep 01 09:54
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:54
schestowitz> His first assignment - consulting for Dow Jones, and lobbying to kill LinuxSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> and UNIX offerings.Sep 01 09:54
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:54
schestowitz> I remember when I got the call from Redmond, and had the visit.  I couldn'tSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> figure out why they wanted to talk to me, since I obviously didn't have theSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> "Microsoft Religion", but since they did insist, I went.  Nice company, but ISep 01 09:54
schestowitz> would have had to take a huge cut and the stock option prices were at theSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> highest price of Microsoft Stock ever.Sep 01 09:54
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:54
schestowitz> I also remember being at a Linux Expo where the Microsoft guys were trying toSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> give away Unix for Windows - essentially a UNIX API and tools that let you runSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> Linux or UNIX applications on Windows.  I told the guy I'd be willing toSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> compare it to cygwin, which I had been using for about 2 years by then.Sep 01 09:54
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:54
schestowitz> I read the license agreement and almost decided to shatter the disk right thenSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> and there.  I finally ran it and realized it was such a crippled version ofSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> UNIX that it was obviously designed to peretrate the "UNIX is only for Geeks"Sep 01 09:54
schestowitz> myth - they didn't even have support for X11 based applications.  I thoughtSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> about writing an article comparing the two systems, but realized that ISep 01 09:54
schestowitz> couldn't, because I would have had to get written approval from Microsoft toSep 01 09:54
schestowitz> send it to a publisher such as Ziff-Davis.Sep 01 09:54
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> Of course, the grandest play of all was Microsoft's "Shared Source" offering. Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> The trick here was that most people normally don't read the license agreementSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> before clicking "I agree" and downloading the source.  I read the license, andSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> realized that it pretty much meant that if you clicked the button, you couldSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> never write any applications for anything but Windows ever again.Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> Ironically, some of the patents Microsoft is claiming Linux has violated, wereSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> patches and enhancements written by people who had been Linux supporters forSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> quite a while, but clicked the button, and then went on to write more of theirSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> own original code.  But since they clicked the button, Microsoft thinks theySep 01 09:55
schestowitz> own the code of anyone who even just looked at the BSD code Microsoft wasSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> publishing.Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> Since 1992, Microsoft has been acutely aware that Linux or UNIX represent theSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> biggest threat to Windows.  This included offerings such as SunOS, Solaris,Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> HP_UX, AIX, SCO, UnixWare, Interactive Unix, Ultrix, and of course the leadingSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> Linux distributions.  Almost forgot Mac OS/X.Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> Microsoft is also acutely aware that code written to the Linux API can be runSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> on most other platforms, including Windows.  This threatens to wipe out theSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> "Applications Barrier to Entry" - the vast array of high-priced commercialSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> applications which ONLY run on Windows.Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> Microsoft is also keenly aware that the role of Windows in conducting mostSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> business functions has been rapidly deminishing since the release of WindowsSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> 95.  Today, most corporate web-sites support browsers that run on Linux,Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> Windows, and OS/X as well as other versions of UNIX such as QNX and embeddedSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> UNIX.Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> Microsoft may still own the PC market, but these days, the PC is flanked by aSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> number of appliances, servers, gateways, routers, and firewalls that all runSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> Linux or UNIX.Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> The PC might be running Windows, but the Monitor is running Linux, the HDTV,Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> the Cable Box, the Phone, the DVR, the WiFi hub, the router, the Cable-Modem,Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> the cell phone, and the tablet are all running Linux.  A family might have 2-3Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> PCs, but they might have 10-12 of these "appliances".Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:55
schestowitz> And even Microsoft is feeling pressure.  When ASUS and Acer produced LinuxSep 01 09:55
schestowitz> powered NetBooks, retailers and makers alike reaped nice profit margins onSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> inexpensive devices.  When Microsoft forced these companies to install WindowsSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> 7 on every device, the costs soared, the prices went up but not enough toSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> cover the shortfall, and since the devices were barely functional, the NetBookSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> became a money loser very quickly.  Even worse, it helped pull the price ofSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> Laptops lower as well.  In some cases, the prices difference between a 15 inchSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> laptop and a Netbook was less than 10%, but the profits on both wereSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> completely gone.Sep 01 09:56
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:56
schestowitz> Microsoft is looking for ways to either lock Linux out of the market, or atSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> least get the lion's share of the software license revenue, by luring LinuxSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> luminaries and other developers into accepting agreements which make theirSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> ideas, software, and devices property of Microsoft.  The victim could publishSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> software as GPL and Microsoft could file for patents on the code based on theSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> license agreements the author clicked years earlier without reading.Sep 01 09:56
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:56
schestowitz> Microsoft isn't alone though.  I remember back in 1992, being asked to clickSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> an agreement for Novell's TCP/IP extension to NetWare, and they wanted me toSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> agree that ALL of the documentation and code I saw in the documentation orSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> digital copy would now be controlled by Novell.  I talked to the company'sSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> lawyers and they agreed that this was what the contract required.  Since I hadSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> been programming TCP/IP applications since 1984, and had been using theSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> Internet and TCP/IP since 1983, I wasn't going to give Novell all rights to mySep 01 09:56
schestowitz> 9 years of prior experience.Sep 01 09:56
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:56
schestowitz> Eventually, Novell sent the company a new contract, specifically written forSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> me, and they even pointed out that I was CNE #5 (I had started working withSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> Novell back in 1981, gave them some code, then moved on to another job andSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> lots of UNIX).  Even more ironic is that I had talked to them about a job whenSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> I was laid off, and they declined.  So they wanted to reap the benefits of NOTSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> hiring me as if they had been paying my salary for the 9 years I had NOT beenSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> working for them.Sep 01 09:56
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:56
schestowitz> One of my frustrations with Linux is that I could not contribute code to theSep 01 09:56
schestowitz> kernel or libraries, because I had seen the SOURCE CODE to AT&T and BSD UNIX. Sep 01 09:56
schestowitz> When I read the requirements and exclusions, to contribute to HURD and Linux,Sep 01 09:56
schestowitz> I realized that I was on the excluded list, and had to honor that.Sep 01 09:56
schestowitz> Sep 01 09:56
schestowitz> Even at IBM, I have to clear any code I write for, or using, Open Source code,Sep 01 09:56
schestowitz> and get it approved and reviewed by corporate legal.Sep 01 09:56
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schestowitz 01 15:41
TechrightsSocial@Schestowitz (schestowitz)'s status on Thursday, 01-Sep-11 14:26:19 UTC - !GNU wget 1.13.3 released !fsfSep 01 15:41
TechrightsSocial-> Title: GNU Wget - News: GNU wget 1.13.3 released [Savannah] .::. Size~: 16.42 KBSep 01 15:41
schestowitz 01 16:39
TechrightsSocial@Joel Adamson (trashbird1240)'s status on Thursday, 01-Sep-11 14:41:05 UTC - @schestowitz You quoted a Washington Post article that quoted himSep 01 16:39
schestowitzThe Washington Post had Melinda Gates in the board and it still serves its fellow tenant MicrosoftSep 01 16:39
schestowitz 01 17:15
TechrightsSocial@trashbird1240: @schestowitz I see; Graham's suggestion is still ridiculousSep 01 17:15
schestowitzThe problem is not business sizeSep 01 17:16
schestowitzhe suggested making it not legal to sue a small businessSep 01 17:16
schestowitzAs though that's the real issue..Sep 01 17:16
ender_2600entanglementos: test 2 - kde bootSep 01 17:57
schestowitzLOL 01 19:29
TechrightsSocialTitle: Ebook prank fun (NSFW words) : funny .::. Size~: 456.42 KBSep 01 19:29
schestowitz> Yikes!  There's a seriously determined troll making comments onSep 01 20:17
schestowitz> Techrights lately (I know, I'm stating the obvious here, I'm sure you'reSep 01 20:17
schestowitz> already quite aware of the creep).Sep 01 20:17
schestowitzHe's one of the weird psychopaths, on par with a couple more who launched attack sites dedicated to defaming TR and its contributors. He also tries to piggyback the site, so the best thing to do is ignore him. He feeds on attention.Sep 01 20:17
schestowitz Sep 01 20:17
schestowitz> But, in regards to his (the creepy troll's) comment on your "More SexSep 01 20:17
schestowitz> Scandals at Microsoft" post, Richard Stallman never actually said suchSep 01 20:17
schestowitz> things, right? The RMS quotes the troll posted must, surely, be terribleSep 01 20:17
schestowitz> lies...Sep 01 20:17
schestowitzHe took them out of context completely. He got nailed for it in IRC where he first did this a few weeks ago.Sep 01 20:17
schestowitz> I always knew RMS was a little eccentric, and most certainly has neverSep 01 20:17
schestowitz> raised children, but he couldn't possibly be stupid enough to make suchSep 01 20:17
schestowitz> statements. Sep 01 20:17
schestowitzThe context and links were removed.Sep 01 20:17
schestowitz> I know...I can do my own research into those quotes, but if RMS reallySep 01 20:17
schestowitz> did say those things, I will lose respect for him, entirely.Sep 01 20:18
schestowitzThat's what the trolls are hoping to do.Sep 01 20:18
schestowitz Sep 01 20:18
schestowitz> Argh...I hate trolls.Sep 01 20:18
schestowitzWe only ban them if they threaten. The steep cliff of censorship is not worth approaching because of one lunatic who writes to me over 20 times a day even though I never respond.Sep 01 20:18
schestowitz> Is Michael Glasser (the current trollish commenter on Techrights) theSep 01 20:18
schestowitz> same guy you and Tim interviewed on Techbytes a while back?Sep 01 20:18
schestowitz> I'd give him a piece of my mind, but I only have one small pieceSep 01 20:18
schestowitz> left...I need to use it wisely.Sep 01 20:18
schestowitzI never wanted him on the show. Tim was more receptive cause he believes in confronting opposition, even Internet trolls.Sep 01 20:18
schestowitzAfter the show he glued himself to me like a leech, stalking the IRC channels 24/7 and writing nonstop to provoke, then starting a site and pasting the entire site in mine. He's some sick puppy.Sep 01 20:19
schestowitzEven the Mac people cannot stand him.Sep 01 20:19
ender_260016:09 < schestowitz> He took them out of context completely. He got nailed for it in IRC where he first did this a few weeks ago.Sep 01 20:35
ender_2600nopeSep 01 20:35
ender_2600you got nailedSep 01 20:35
ender_2600I could quote the entire thing and the context would remainSep 01 20:41
schestowitz 01 20:49
TechrightsSocial@Schestowitz (schestowitz)'s status on Thursday, 01-Sep-11 19:39:05 UTC - !GNU Emacs 101 for Beginners !fsfSep 01 20:49
TechrightsSocial@: Sep 01 20:49
schestowitzender_2600: It needs the links toSep 01 20:51
schestowitz*tooSep 01 20:51
schestowitzto what he was referring toSep 01 20:51
schestowitz> Here is an email from Bob "I exposed Nixon's Watergate" Woodward to me dated June 2004. I tried to tell him about Bill Gates efforts to steal the designs to a tablet (now the iPad) with the help of my lawyers (then Weil Gotshal & Manges).  I did give him the info he asked for...then he went silent...refusing to talk to me...and a few weeks later as the link below reported (and you stated earlier today) Bill Gates' wife Sep 01 20:54
schestowitzMelinda joined the Board of Directors of the Washington Post. Sep 01 20:54
schestowitz> Sep 01 20:54
schestowitz> Sep 01 20:54
schestowitz> --- On Wed, 6/16/04, Bob Woodward <xxxredactedxxxx> wrote:Sep 01 20:54
schestowitz> Sep 01 20:54
schestowitz>> From: Bob Woodward <xxxredactedxxx>Sep 01 20:54
schestowitz>> Subject: RE: Desparately seeking to tell Bob WoodwardSep 01 20:54
schestowitz>> To: ...Sep 01 20:54
schestowitz>> Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2004, 8:42 AMSep 01 20:54
schestowitz> Sep 01 20:54
schestowitz>> Well, you need to tell me what andSep 01 20:54
schestowitz>> who you are talking about.  PleaseSep 01 20:54
schestowitz>> outline it in some detailed form and e-mail back toSep 01 20:54
schestowitz>> me.  Or send bySep 01 20:54
schestowitz>> regular mail:  3027 Q St. NW, Washington, D.C.Sep 01 20:54
schestowitz>> 20007.  Thanks, BobSep 01 20:54
schestowitz>> WoodwardSep 01 20:54
schestowitz>>Sep 01 20:54
schestowitz> Sep 01 20:54
schestowitz> 01 20:54
TechrightsSocialTitle: Melinda Gates joins Washington Post board - CNET News .::. Size~: 55.95 KBSep 01 20:54
ender_260016:42 < schestowitz> ender_2600: It needs the links toSep 01 20:57
ender_2600I was going to redo it with full quotes and linksSep 01 20:57
schestowitzok, that would helpSep 01 21:02
schestowitzI think we had this discussion though in IRCSep 01 21:02
schestowitzAnd so it's not worth having againSep 01 21:02
schestowitzThe trolls tries to attribute RMS' opinion to meSep 01 21:02
schestowitzDisgusting trollSep 01 21:03
ender_2600thats not what I seeSep 01 21:10
ender_2600he doesnt do anything different from what techrights doesSep 01 21:11
ender_2600thats the point i think he is trying to makeSep 01 21:11
ender_2600if bill gates made the same comments, you'd be riled upSep 01 21:11
ender_2600but it was RMSSep 01 21:12
ender_2600GodSep 01 21:12
schestowitzI defend neither based on the standardsSep 01 21:14
schestowitzGates makes remarks thsat show his agendaSep 01 21:15
schestowitzThat's what he's being nailed forSep 01 21:15
schestowitzlike the death panel remarkSep 01 21:15
schestowitzhe doesn't care about lifeSep 01 21:15
ender_2600if he made the same statements as RMS it would be front page newsSep 01 21:27
ender_2600we did discuss this on irc but you never provided anything real to defend him withSep 01 21:28
schestowitzhmmm... Sep 01 21:30
schestowitzNasyta said I use the latest code, but I am told:Sep 01 21:30
schestowitz"??? Error using ==> init_surface at 107Sep 01 21:30
schestowitzCurrent version of TOSCA can only work with meshes having less than 9000 vertices.Sep 01 21:30
schestowitzUse remesh to reduce the vertex count."Sep 01 21:30
schestowitzWill investigate further...Sep 01 21:30
schestowitzender_2600: I looked at the context, not defendingSep 01 21:30
schestowitzIIRC, in some cases he referred to someone's death or exileSep 01 21:30
schestowitzAnd then for the point of comparison he made some analogySep 01 21:31
schestowitzTaken out of context it just seems like a remark he spontaneously madeSep 01 21:31
schestowitzLet me give you a hypothetical exampleSep 01 21:31
schestowitzI say: "My puppy has just died. God, I wish I was dead so I could meet all puppies."Sep 01 21:32
schestowitzif you remove the first part it looks a little rogueSep 01 21:32
schestowitzAnyway, the context was quiet readers who are bothered by this trollSep 01 21:38
ender_2600its not the same dudeSep 01 21:38
ender_2600you're adding contextSep 01 21:38
schestowitzWho now uses techrights for off-topic smearing of RMSSep 01 21:38
schestowitzHe's tryingt to hijack our platform to promote his own (which attacks techrights)Sep 01 21:38
schestowitzThe ACCESS troll tried doing the same thingSep 01 21:38
schestowitz> Wow, it's terrible that he's causing you (and apparently everyone else)Sep 01 21:38
schestowitz> so much grief!  He's seriously creepy. Sep 01 21:38
ender_2600that sounds like a smear itselfSep 01 21:38
schestowitzMy attitude towards this is, spend the least amount of time possible getting distracted by trolls. The threatening troll is the one who caused the most grief and cost the most time (when we were doing important Comes stuff).Sep 01 21:39
schestowitz Sep 01 21:39
schestowitz> By the way, speaking of trolls (heh) does your invitation (to me) to beSep 01 21:39
schestowitz> on Techbytes still stand?  If so, please let me know what things I need.Sep 01 21:39
schestowitz> I'd like to start planning for it.  I've never used skype (and likelySep 01 21:39
schestowitz> never will unless that's the only possible choice), and I don't have aSep 01 21:39
schestowitz> microphone and have no clue what to buy.  Any advice on what type ISep 01 21:39
schestowitz> should look for?  It generally takes me a month or so to...Sep 01 21:39
schestowitzMy microphone is pretty lousy, but it's the only one among 3 that I tried last year and was OK with. So I stick with it now. Since my microphone is of low quality (Tim's is a high standard), any microphone that's not worse than mine would be fine for the sampling rate we record at.Sep 01 21:39
schestowitz> Also, because the time difference is pretty big between the TechbytesSep 01 21:39
schestowitz> crew and me, I'd be happy to accommodate you guys and stay up late, orSep 01 21:39
schestowitz> get up early, to do the show when it's convenient to both of you.  I'mSep 01 21:39
schestowitz> pretty much a night owl anyway and have a flexible schedule. Sep 01 21:39
schestowitzThe trolls keeps trying to phone us both. It's funny really. The best way to know when we record is to hang around in IRC. We typically record when both of us are available, so nothing is strictly scheduled. :-)Sep 01 21:39
schestowitz> I also have a topic or two in mind that might be interesting, as well asSep 01 21:39
schestowitz> the cartoons I've been working on, but I'll send the ideas to youSep 01 21:39
schestowitz> beforehand and see what you think.  No hurry, I'm just planning ahead.  :)Sep 01 21:39
schestowitzExcellent. I should probably cc Tim on it (if that's OK).Sep 01 21:39
ender_2600regarding the dude in exile, RMS was defending the reasons they put the guy in exileSep 01 21:40
ender_2600its obviousSep 01 21:40
ender_2600 01 22:03
TechrightsSocialTitle: 2011: March - June Political Notes - Richard Stallman .::. Size~: 779.37 KBSep 01 22:03
ender_2600The article falls into a common kind of error when it says that "possession of child pornography is a heinous offense". It is the error of rhetorically legitimizing the previous attack against our rights in arguing against the next one.Sep 01 22:04
ender_2600This "child pornography" might be a photo of yourself or your lover that the two of you shared. It might be an image of a sexually mature teenager that any normal adult would find attractive. What's heinous about having such a photo?Sep 01 22:04
ender_2600But even when it is uncontroversial to call the subject depicted a "child", that is no excuse for censorship. Having a photo or drawing does not hurt anyone, so and if you or I think it is disgusting, that is no excuse for censorship.Sep 01 22:04
ender_2600The government will invent an unlimited number of opportunities to censor us and search us if we grant the legitimacy of its all-purpose excuses for doing so.Sep 01 22:04
ender_2600 01 22:22
TechrightsSocialTitle: "Extreme Pornography" .::. Size~: 5.05 KBSep 01 22:22
ender_2600 01 22:24
ender_2600lolSep 01 22:24
TechrightsSocialNot a web page! Aborting image/jpeg typeSep 01 22:24
ender_2600what happens when I quote in full, will you still say im quoting out of context?Sep 01 22:33
schestowitzRMS and parrot... so?Sep 01 23:13
schestowitzThe flower thing was satire, like macs virginsSep 01 23:13
schestowitzThe anti-RMSer took it out of contextSep 01 23:13
schestowitzlike LyonsSep 01 23:13
schestowitz!google perens technocrat flower lyonsSep 01 23:14
TechrightsSocial[1] - Clearing up ... - Taking technology into our own hands | 01 23:14
TechrightsSocial[2] - Debian User Forums • View topic - Clearing up anti-GPL3 FUD | 01 23:14
schestowitzhmm... Sep 01 23:19
schestowitzI've reviewed older and newer version of the code, having failed to determine whether a more versatile version that handles more polygons/triangles exists. Sep 01 23:19
schestowitz3d stuff..Sep 01 23:19
schestowitzThis means that, to this date, all experiments were run with the limitation I assumed to be innate and unavoidable, effectively making the data a lot coarser than it really is. Provided that down-sampling is not required, the results can improve a lot. I shall ask my colleague Dan... this has been a waste of time..Sep 01 23:20

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