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schestowitz> Good idea - I've attached a binary for 64-bit Linux (but haven't testedSep 04 09:54
schestowitz> it at all)Sep 04 09:54
schestowitz> The code compiles on Matlab 2009b and gcc 4.4.1, but requires a slightSep 04 09:54
schestowitz> modificationSep 04 09:54
schestowitz> to the flags mex uses (obviously, forgot about this - I'll add itSep 04 09:54
schestowitz> sometime to the SVN server).Sep 04 09:54
schestowitz> The error message indicates GCC cannot find an intrinsic function for anSep 04 09:54
schestowitz> SSE instruction,Sep 04 09:54
schestowitz> which happens because GCC isn't told to allow SSE; modify the followingSep 04 09:54
schestowitz> flag in ~/.matlab/<version>/ :Sep 04 09:54
schestowitz> Sep 04 09:54
schestowitz>       CXXOPTIMFLAGS = -O3 -DNDEBUG -march=core2 -mfpmath=sse -msseSep 04 09:54
schestowitz> -msse2 -msse3 -msse4.1 -msse4.2 -msse4Sep 04 09:54
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schestowitzIt has been most helpful. Everything works a lot more quickly now.Sep 04 10:47
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schestowitzHere is some info about our troll who floods our site and has no life:Sep 04 12:41
schestowitz> Regarding his posting from a California ISP, Snit has been known to use TOR. It would not surprise me that he also uses open proxies. His Joel Crump sock was posting from flatty's time zone, US Eastern (-0400). Similar to flatfish, Micheal Glasser is a common US name. Do a search and many come up. He claims to be a professor at Yavapai College, Prescott, Arizona. Search nets:Sep 04 12:41
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:41
schestowitz> 04 12:41
TechrightsSocialTitle: Yavapai College: Employee Details .::. Size~: 7.23 KBSep 04 12:41
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:41
schestowitz> He is an adjunct professor (if in fact he is that person) and teaches two on-line courses, Microsoft Office and Adobe Dreamweaver, which may explain he has much time to troll the Internet. This Fall 2011 semester, he is only teaching one on-line course:Sep 04 12:41
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:41
schestowitz> WEB 144. Creating Web Pages Using DreamweaverSep 04 12:41
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:41
schestowitz> 04 12:41
TechrightsSocialTitle: Yavapai College: Course Details .::. Size~: 11.09 KBSep 04 12:41
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:41
schestowitz> Here, his Yavapai College is shown to be in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is not true:Sep 04 12:41
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:41
schestowitz> 04 12:41
TechrightsSocialTitle: Mike Glasser profiles | LinkedIn .::. Size~: 68.73 KBSep 04 12:41
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:41
schestowitz> Yavapai is a 2 year college and ranks 2287th overall in US and 25th in Arizona:Sep 04 12:41
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:41
schestowitz> 04 12:41
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:41
TechrightsSocialTitle: Yavapai College Information, Alumni, Academics, History, Campus, and Students .::. Size~: 87.88 KBSep 04 12:41
schestowitz> Here is an example of Mr. Glasser's website composition:Sep 04 12:41
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:41
schestowitz> 04 12:41
TechrightsSocialTitle: Critter Services .::. Size~: 6.74 KBSep 04 12:41
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:41
schestowitz> I don't know why this semester he is not on-line teaching Microsoft Office. I noticed several other instructors are teaching it, and they are providing more than just 2 on-line courses. Also, he does not teach more sophisticated courses such as programming languages or IT administration.Sep 04 12:42
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:42
schestowitz> If his only occupation is as an on-line adjunct professor for only 2 courses, one of which the college has decided he no on-line teach this semester (why only 2 and not say a half dozen to a dozen, let alone why not a regular professor?), then as Peter Kohlmann has concluded, he must be a very lazy fellow. Thus, it is not to hard to see why he is such a shallow fellow in character.Sep 04 12:42
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:42
schestowitzHmmm... the one I work for is ranked 15th in the world. It's interesting that the troll is in fact promoting Microsoft stuff. Shilling for his own interests.Sep 04 12:42
schestowitz> Roy, I just wanted to add, viewing the page source to:Sep 04 12:43
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:43
schestowitz> 04 12:43
TechrightsSocialTitle: Critter Services .::. Size~: 4.43 KBSep 04 12:43
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:43
schestowitz> has this bit of text:Sep 04 12:43
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:43
schestowitz> <td class="content"><p class="by">Training site by <aSep 04 12:43
schestowitz> href="">Michael Glasser: Prescott ComputerSep 04 12:43
TechrightsSocialError processing the URLSep 04 12:43
schestowitz> Guy</a></p></td>Sep 04 12:43
schestowitz> Sep 04 12:43
schestowitz> So, apparently he is employed by Yavapai College.Sep 04 12:43
schestowitzIt's a bit spooky that a college would employ an Internet trollSep 04 12:43
schestowitzNot that I would do something about itSep 04 12:43
schestowitzI remember when some Microsoft trolls tried doing this to meSep 04 12:44
schestowitzIn the US, the naming of academic job is oddSep 04 12:45
schestowitzSome lackey without a degree can be called "<something> professor"Sep 04 12:45
schestowitzIn germany there's "Dr. professor"Sep 04 12:45
schestowitzIn the UK it's RASep 04 12:45
schestowitzResearch Associate and AssisantSep 04 12:45
schestowitzAnd in Spain anyone who teaches in a college is a "professor"Sep 04 12:46
schestowitzThere's no uniformity in those thingsSep 04 12:46
schestowitzAnd sometimes just working for a crap college would give people that title, which dilutes its whole pointSep 04 12:46
schestowitzEsp. for Brits it's a shameful practice... as they have to work a lot harder to earn that titleSep 04 12:47
schestowitz 04 13:10
TechrightsSocialTitle: Anonymous claims DNS attacks against Symantec, Apple, Microsoft | Security - CNET News .::. Size~: 72.29 KBSep 04 13:10
schestowitzMicrosoft's pro-patents spin 04 14:07
TechrightsSocialTitle: Microsoft, Google and the Game of Patents -- Redmond Channel Partner .::. Size~: 73.47 KBSep 04 14:07
schestowitz "Ray Ozzie had an impressive tech resume as the creator of Lotus Notes when he took over for Bill Gates as Microsoft's chief software architect in 2005. But he had trouble developing the sort of following within the company that Gates enjoyed. And when Ozzie announced his retirement last year, Microsoft Sep 04 14:12
TechrightsSocialTitle: Can Tim Cook Fill Steve Jobs' Shoes? Other Heirs to Superstar CEOs  | PCWorld Business Center .::. Size~: 79.34 KBSep 04 14:12
schestowitzemployees told the Wall Street Journal that he had failed to live up to Gates' reputation as a strong public ambassador."Sep 04 14:12
schestowitz 04 14:14
TechrightsSocial@FOSSpatents: Updated post on Galaxy Tab 7.7 removal from IFA booth Düsseldorf court took new decision on Friday.Sep 04 14:14
TechrightsSocial@: Sep 04 14:14
schestowitzMS FLorianSep 04 14:14
schestowitz 04 14:16
TechrightsSocialTitle: "Mass layoffs" in U.S. up 3 percent - CBS News .::. Size~: 112.99 KBSep 04 14:17
schestowitzRecovery, eh?Sep 04 14:17
schestowitz 04 14:19
schestowitz"On lessons learned from working at Sun and Novell: “What happens when you’re in a successful company is you develop a certain kind of arrogance.” There’s always someone who can undercut you with a cheaper machine that works just as well. At Google, they understand this, because most of their price lists start at “Free.”"Sep 04 14:19
TechrightsSocialTitle: Google's Eric Schmidt pulls no punches at Dreamforce | ZDNet .::. Size~: 108.56 KBSep 04 14:19
schestowitz!/sebjames/status/104130110340341761Sep 04 14:29
TechrightsSocial@sebjames: Any Linux/C++/Javascript/jQuery techies in and around Sheffield thinking about new job? We're looking at hiring over next couple of monthsSep 04 14:29
schestowitzMore about the resident troll:Sep 04 15:27
schestowitz> Well, there we have it, Roy. You were schooled in one of the top schools worldwide. If you were in instructor for say, a software programming class, I would have expected to learn much.Sep 04 15:27
schestowitz> Sep 04 15:27
schestowitz> A school ranked as 25th in Arizona and 2,287th US wide is nothing to boast of. Apparently they are lacking instructors to the point they are willing to hire Snit.Sep 04 15:27
schestowitzThey just don't happen to know he's an Internet troll.Sep 04 15:27
schestowitz> Deleting "our_story.html" in the link still defaults to the same web page. I would have expected a much more sophisticated, professional looking website to illustrate what Dreamweaver was fully capable of. Snit should be the expert and show its full potential. The example he used would have been appropriate for a 4th grade class. (I firmly believe the brighter students at that age would have done a decent job with html.)Sep 04 15:27
schestowitzAs I pointed out to him, his site actually runs Linux with WordPress, which is FOSS with PHP and not WYSIWYG or anythign like Dreamweaver. He does not even do as he preaches or teaches.Sep 04 15:27
schestowitz> Bill Weisgerber (amicus_curious) was a professor (now retired). He was shilling for Microsoft. Snit has dropped a class and has ramped up his FUD for Microsoft. It would not surprise me that Snit is now receiving a token amount from either Microsoft or Apple that he no longer needs to on-line administer another class, which is about as low of an overhead one would exert.Sep 04 15:27
schestowitzI doubt they pay him. But Microsoft did write checks to low-life professors who mentioned Microsoft products. It got caught. I mirrored the article which had later been deleted (Web rot). I also received this one recentlySep 04 15:27
schestowitz"If you want an interesting story, find someone who was in Åbo / TurkuSep 04 15:27
schestowitzwhen M$ shutdown a move to Linux about 10 years ago.   The governmentsSep 04 15:27
schestowitzofficial hardware supplier REFUSED to sell a machine to be used in aSep 04 15:27
schestowitzLinux evaluation.  That dragged on for weeks or months and allowed M$Sep 04 15:27
schestowitztime to get involved around the time it was settled.  Eventually M$Sep 04 15:27
schestowitz"contributed" 4 or 6 (can't recall) full time equivalents to "help"Sep 04 15:27
schestowitzthe governments 1.5 in the evaluation.  At frequent intervals, the M$Sep 04 15:27
schestowitzyacht would pull in.  At frequent intervals many government staffSep 04 15:27
schestowitz(except the pro-Linux group) would get wined and dined.Sep 04 15:27
schestowitz"Vaasa was a similar case and the person involved could not figure outSep 04 15:27
schestowitzwhy the M$ prices kept dropping."Sep 04 15:27
schestowitz> How hard is it to teach on-line instruction? Review student homework assignments? Do final grading? (Computers are capable of doing on-line grading.)Sep 04 15:27
schestowitzPeople I know fake such processes too, taking only a cursory look before marking. They oughtn't be doing this. People in my field say they *hate* teaching. It's like a necessary evil they must accept in between research. It's a lot of work, not very rewarding, and it is repetitive and unchallenging. I know this from occasions where I had to prepare talk for a crowd. Right now I try to dodge teaching and publishing papers (I Sep 04 15:27
schestowitzhave not submitted any for 5 years). I just want to write code (FOSS) and run experiments. In academia, papers/publications are an ageing currency. They also look for people with status that can attract good students who would pay for a degree. Publications are only one means of acquiring a status, dating back to when publicity was synonymous with library and the likes of it.Sep 04 15:27
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sebsebsebhiSep 04 18:42
schestowitzhelloSep 04 19:01
sebsebsebschestowitz: hiSep 04 19:18
schestowitzAre you joining us today?Sep 04 20:03
schestowitzqu1j0t3: 04 20:47
TechrightsSocialTitle: Obama Administration Delays Life-Saving Smog Standards | Frances Beinecke's Blog | Switchboard, from NRDC .::. Size~: 40.55 KBSep 04 20:47
schestowitz"Sep 04 23:26
schestowitz> I love your twitter ...what is the correct word for it?....twitter feeds?Sep 04 23:26
schestowitzThanks for the compliment. Yes, most people refer to it as "twitter feeds". I actually post it all in where I am the second most prolific user. It is Twitter's biggest competitor of the same kind. Twitter only gets copies of my dents in 04 23:26
schestowitz Sep 04 23:27
schestowitz> I think you are the Julian Assange of twitter with the info you put out across a broad spectrum of areas. :---)Sep 04 23:27
schestowitzAssange retweeted me last month, so I hope he's at least aware of what we do. There's some cablegate coming to 04 23:27
schestowitz"Sep 04 23:27
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