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qu1j0t3schestowitz: yeah no surprises thereSep 05 01:15
schestowitzqu1j0t3: I've just posted 3 cablesSep 05 01:17
schestowitzit's nice and easySep 05 01:17
schestowitzWatch 05 01:17
qu1j0t3i cSep 05 01:17
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TechrightsSocialHello World! I'm TechrightsSocial running phIRCe v0.53Sep 05 01:18
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schestowitz>>> A school ranked as 25th in Arizona and 2,287th US wide is nothingSep 05 08:41
schestowitz>>> to boast of. Apparently they are lacking instructors to the pointSep 05 08:41
schestowitz>>> they are willing to hire Snit.Sep 05 08:41
schestowitz>>Sep 05 08:41
schestowitz>> They just don't happen to know he's an Internet troll.Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz> Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz> Given that a search on Michael Glasser brings up little, I think you are right.Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz> Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz>>> Deleting "our_story.html" in the link still defaults to the sameSep 05 08:42
schestowitz>>> web page. I would have expected a much more sophisticated,Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz>>> professional looking website to illustrate what Dreamweaver wasSep 05 08:42
schestowitz>>> fully capable of. Snit should be the expert and show its fullSep 05 08:42
schestowitz>>> potential. The example he used would have been appropriate for aSep 05 08:42
schestowitz>>> 4th grade class. (I firmly believe the brighter students at thatSep 05 08:42
schestowitz>>> age would have done a decent job with html.)Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz>>Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz>> As I pointed out to him, his site actually runs Linux with Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz>> WordPress, which is FOSS with PHP and not WYSIWYG or anything like Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz>> Dreamweaver. He does not even do as he preaches or teaches.Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz> Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz> Interesting. I didn't take a close examination of HTML headers. I don'tSep 05 08:42
schestowitz> make an effort to visit his personal website. I might later under TOR soSep 05 08:42
schestowitz> that he doesn't suspect I'm taking a peak. Don't want to give away my IPSep 05 08:42
schestowitz> being the trouble maker he is.Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz> Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz> But then again, I would expect a very professional looking web page befit for an instructor teaching html or html applications. That would be a professional selling point. Your websites Roy, are very well done in comparison.Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz> Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz[...]Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz> AFAIK, Microsoft likes to use 3rd parties, consultants to subcontractSep 05 08:42
schestowitz> troll work (reference LA Times article on letter writing campaign to USSep 05 08:42
schestowitz> State Attorney Generals using dead people names). So, to pay people likeSep 05 08:42
schestowitz> flatfish, Snit, amicus_curious, etc. to shill for Microsoft withoutSep 05 08:42
schestowitz> Microsoft's direct involvement could be plausible. Greed makes people do strange and otherwise unexplainable things.Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz> Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz>> "If you want an interesting story, find someone who was in Åbo /Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz>> Turku when M$ shutdown a move to Linux about 10 years ago.   TheSep 05 08:42
schestowitz>> governments official hardware supplier REFUSED to sell a machine toSep 05 08:42
schestowitz>> be used in a Linux evaluation.  That dragged on for weeks or months Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz>> and allowed M$ time to get involved around the time it was settled. Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz>> Eventually M$ "contributed" 4 or 6 (can't recall) full timeSep 05 08:42
schestowitz>> equivalents to "help" the governments 1.5 in the evaluation.  AtSep 05 08:42
schestowitz>> frequent intervals, the M$ yacht would pull in.  At frequentSep 05 08:42
schestowitz>> intervals many government staff (except the pro-Linux group) wouldSep 05 08:42
schestowitz>> get wined and dined.Sep 05 08:42
schestowitz>>Sep 05 08:43
schestowitz>> "Vaasa was a similar case and the person involved could not figureSep 05 08:43
schestowitz>> out why the M$ prices kept dropping."Sep 05 08:43
schestowitz> Sep 05 08:43
schestowitz> That is akin to 3rd world political corruption, pure and simple.Sep 05 08:43
schestowitz> Sep 05 08:43
schestowitz>>> How hard is it to teach on-line instruction? Review studentSep 05 08:43
schestowitz>>> homework assignments? Do final grading? (Computers are capable ofSep 05 08:43
schestowitz>>> doing on-line grading.)Sep 05 08:43
schestowitz>>Sep 05 08:43
schestowitz>> People I know fake such processes too, taking only a cursory lookSep 05 08:43
schestowitz>> before marking. They oughtn't be doing this. People in my field saySep 05 08:43
schestowitz>> they *hate* teaching.Sep 05 08:43
schestowitz> Sep 05 08:43
schestowitz> I gather that Snit uses the time to troll Usenet and Internet forums.Sep 05 08:43
schestowitz> Sep 05 08:43
schestowitz>> It's like a necessary evil they must accept in between research.Sep 05 08:43
schestowitz>> It's a lot of work, not very rewarding, and it is repetitive andSep 05 08:43
schestowitz>> unchallenging. I know this from occasions where I had to prepareSep 05 08:43
schestowitz>> talk for a crowd. Right now I try to dodge teaching and publishingSep 05 08:43
schestowitz>> papers (I have not submitted any for 5 years).Sep 05 08:43
schestowitz> Sep 05 08:43
schestowitz> I wonder if it may have something to do with University management having to justify receiving research grants, expectations from those funding.Sep 05 08:43
MinceR 05 13:40
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schestowitzOld one..Sep 05 15:42
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schestowitz"Šestajovice (deutsch Schestowitz) ist eine Gemeinde in Tschechien. Sie liegt sieben Kilometer östlich von Jaroměř und gehört zum Okres Náchod."Šestajovice_u_JaroměřeSep 05 21:03
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schestowitz 05 21:05
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sebsebseb Sep 05 21:15

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