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IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: September 18th, 2011

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schestowitz> Hi Roy, I was going to leave this as a comment on your "On the web,Sep 18 07:46
schestowitz> Microsoft is dying..." post, but I simply cannot log in on TechrightsSep 18 07:46
schestowitz> anymore.  So, I thought I'd just send it to you.Sep 18 07:46
schestowitz> Sep 18 07:46
schestowitz> TorrentFreak recently had a post titled "Fresh data on the market shareSep 18 07:46
schestowitz> of BitTorrent clients..." and it wasn't particularly interesting, exceptSep 18 07:46
schestowitz> for this small part:Sep 18 07:46
schestowitz> "[...] Another client that gained popularity is Transmission, whichSep 18 07:47
schestowitz> doubled its market share in recent months and is now at 7 percent. ASep 18 07:47
schestowitz> respectable figure, especially because Transmission doesn’t have aSep 18 07:47
schestowitz> native Windows client."Sep 18 07:47
schestowitz> Sep 18 07:47
schestowitz> What was even more interesting (to me) was the number of Linux usersSep 18 07:47
schestowitz> making comments. Even just a year ago such comments were rare. But ofSep 18 07:47
schestowitz> course, we all know that Linux STILL only has 1% of the "desktop market"Sep 18 07:47
schestowitz> right?  hahaSep 18 07:47
schestowitz> Sep 18 07:47
schestowitz> Anyway, it made me chuckle.Sep 18 07:47
schestowitzThat's an excellent find :)Sep 18 07:47
schestowitzRe: Techrights page Mono Applications has been changed by anonymous user 18 09:02
schestowitz> I've undone similar vandalism again.Sep 18 09:02
schestowitz> It might be done to other pages, too, but this is the only page that ISep 18 09:03
schestowitz> know I watch automatically.Sep 18 09:03
schestowitzThe spammers seem to have adopted a new strategy where they edit existed pages using anonymous identities/IP addresses. If they see no incentive, hopefully they'll just leave :-)Sep 18 09:03
schestowitz> Well, at least we know we're on the right track.Sep 18 09:11
schestowitz> :)Sep 18 09:11
schestowitzit was getting pretty bad when subs/regs were open... fatiguing.Sep 18 09:11
schestowitz> This one came back after a few minutes.  I've had to undo theSep 18 09:13
schestowitz> vandalism again:Sep 18 09:13
schestowitz> Sep 18 09:13
schestowitz> 18 09:13
schestowitzUnless it's scripted to pick a page randomly, it could be some mono troll.Sep 18 09:13
TechrightsSocialTitle: Revision history of "Mono Applications" - Techrights .::. Size~: 72.29 KBSep 18 09:13
schestowitz> This one seems to be parking on the page.  I think we need to getSep 18 09:18
schestowitz> everyone who is active to start watching pages automatically.Sep 18 09:18
schestowitz> Sep 18 09:18
schestowitz> Is there a way to ban the IP from connecting or editing?  i.e. add aSep 18 09:18
schestowitz> line to IPTables or something?Sep 18 09:18
schestowitzyes, I've just made you Sysop and Bureaucrat in the site.Sep 18 09:18
schestowitz> Unless it's scripted to pick a page randomly, it could be some mono troll.Sep 18 09:19
schestowitz>> Sep 18 09:19
schestowitz> I think it is a mono troll.  However, whois is not working on mySep 18 09:19
schestowitz> network, not that the troll might be hiding behind a proxy or something.Sep 18 09:19
schestowitzQuite possible. They aim at the pages which troubled them the most, with 25k /non-cached/ views.Sep 18 09:19
schestowitzqu1j0t3: hi buddy, I got a job for you (paid)Sep 18 15:21
schestowitzpreferably to be done quicklySep 18 15:21
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qu1j0t3schestowitz: olaSep 18 15:44
*Snit ( has joined #boycottnovell-socialSep 18 15:45
schestowitzHeySep 18 15:58
schestowitzI have a cliebnt who needs a logoSep 18 15:58
schestowitzand I told him you're the expertSep 18 15:58
schestowitzIt's for a shirt design and for the client's siteSep 18 15:58
schestowitzCan I mail you a mockup?Sep 18 15:58
schestowitzI'll pay you by paypal if you likeSep 18 15:59
qu1j0t3by mockup you mean they already have a design and they need artwork?Sep 18 15:59
schestowitzjust on paperSep 18 16:02
schestowitzagreed on during a meeting with the clientSep 18 16:02
schestowitzand coloursSep 18 16:02
schestowitzI'm no photoshop guru like youSep 18 16:02
qu1j0t3send me the mockup but i can't guarantee i can do it Sep 18 16:04
qu1j0t3i'll take a look thoSep 18 16:04
schestowitzI've just paid the host for 2 years domain and hosting. It's a good deal. Can upgrade any time.Sep 18 16:11
schestowitzJust need to sort some stuff outSep 18 16:11
schestowitzqu1j0t3: OKSep 18 16:11
schestowitzWill mail thisSep 18 16:11
qu1j0t3npSep 18 16:16
schestowitzsent :-)Sep 18 16:50
qu1j0t3okSep 18 16:53
schestowitzIt's very bland as I saw no reason to make anything that's a mockup polishedSep 18 16:56
schestowitzjust the conceptSep 18 16:56
qu1j0t3okSep 18 16:59
schestowitzYes, and then it rots in the brainSep 18 17:00
schestowitzHaving to relearn it the following yearSep 18 17:00
schestowitzor semesterSep 18 17:00
schestowitzoops Sep 18 17:00
schestowitzwrong channelSep 18 17:00
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schestowitz> FYI Deleted:Sep 18 19:53
schestowitz> Sep 18 19:53
schestowitz> 18 19:53
TechrightsSocialTitle: Revision history of "What Specifically Are Nipple Covers" - Techrights .::. Size~: 11.95 KBSep 18 19:53
schestowitz> Sep 18 19:53
schestowitz> I've already blocked the user -- permanently.Sep 18 19:53
schestowitzExcellent. The deluge of spammers seems to have mostly stopped, but they try another strategy. :-)Sep 18 19:53
schestowitzI'm currently checking out promotion to 18 20:00
schestowitz"The title of research fellow is used to denote a research position at a university or similar institution, usually for academic staff or faculty members. A research fellow may act either as an independent investigator or under the supervision of a principal investigator. In contrast to a research assistant or research officer, the position of research fellow normally requires a doctoral degree, or equivalent work for Sep 18 20:00
TechrightsSocialTitle: Research fellow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .::. Size~: 34.29 KBSep 18 20:00
schestowitzinstance in industry. Some research fellows undertake postdoctoral research or have some moderate teaching responsibilities. Research fellow positions vary in different countries and academic institutions. In some cases, they are permanent with the possibility of promotion, while in other instances they are temporary."Sep 18 20:00
schestowitz"Although similar to the position of a research fellow, these two positions are research only posts, with the rise of the career grade there will normally be a formal requirement of a moderate amount of teaching and/or supervision (often at postgraduate level)."Sep 18 20:03
schestowitzyaySep 18 21:23
schestowitzAlex set up a repoSep 18 21:23
schestowitzsvnSep 18 21:23
schestowitzMost of the changes are at ./FMM and ./cache. I'm reading through the code now. I'll also write a short report shortly.Sep 18 21:23
schestowitzOh dear 18 21:56
TechrightsSocialTitle: error: windows.h: No such file or directory - C++ .::. Size~: 42.62 KBSep 18 21:56
schestowitzIt's windows-ladenSep 18 21:56
qu1j0t3:<Sep 18 21:57
schestowitzIt's usually the Linux developer who has to apologise for not paying for some Microsoft crap rather than the VS apologising for developing with Microsoft devs-hostile wares... like opening OOXMLSep 18 22:05
SnitComing into the conversation late - but if you need some quick Photoshop stuff done I know the program fairly well.  I am not much of an artist, though.Sep 18 22:39
qu1j0t3i wouldn't do this project in Photoshop. it's a vector project.Sep 18 22:40
schestowitzJoking..Sep 18 23:30

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