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IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: September 26th, 2011

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schestowitz> Roy...Congratulations on the launch of your new company!!!!  I'm sure it will be a terrific success because it has you!!!!Sep 26 03:11
schestowitzThanks for the kind wishes. Sep 26 03:11
schestowitz> I wish I met you before I went down this path of bumping into all the wrong people. :---(Sep 26 03:11
schestowitzThey think they are good because they make money, usually by supporting fellow exploitative socipaths.Sep 26 03:11
schestowitz> I know you aren't fond of patents because of the harm they do... versus the good. But a benevolent king, though he hates  war and doesn't like the philosophicalSep 26 03:11
schestowitz> Sep 26 03:11
schestowitz notion of maintaining a standing army, is still faced with the reality of enemies on all sides who want nothing more than to destroy him.Sep 26 03:11
schestowitz>Sep 26 03:11
schestowitzSo if he is to survive long enough to do good upon his Sep 26 03:11
schestowitz>Sep 26 03:11
schestowitzcitizens, sometimes he still needs that military machine he loathes. And so it can be too, sadly, with patents. Sep 26 03:11
schestowitzA good king would also work towards disarmament through negotiation. It is best for nobody to have any weapons or armies. Mutually assured peace and all...Sep 26 03:11
schestowitz> How I wish we knew each other before the iPhone nightmare happened. We could have done it instead of Apple & all those dirty thieves,Sep 26 03:11
schestowitz> Sep 26 03:11
schestowitzand you would have been able to enforce my patents to buy enough time to do the good you are so capable of, and made billions which would Sep 26 03:11
schestowitz> Sep 26 03:11
schestowitzhave empowered even greater acts of good.  I would rather be on your side than the generic so called open source linux side.Sep 26 03:11
schestowitzApple is based on taking other people's hardware innovation (nano-technology) and packaging those under a brand that stands for arrogance.Sep 26 03:11
schestowitz> Speaking of which...your fabulous article about patent lawyers and their parallel universe was very disturbing.Sep 26 03:11
schestowitz> Sep 26 03:11
schestowitz Not because I disagree with you even a bit...I agree totally!...but because I don't know whether the open source people are Sep 26 03:11
schestowitz> Sep 26 03:11
schestowitzsecretly out to "game the system" on me ...just like msft and apple and therefore are no better than the companies they whine about. Sep 26 03:11
schestowitz> Sep 26 03:11
schestowitzMaybe I've been kicked too many times and for too long...but with each passing day my trust in them evaporates a little.  Sep 26 03:12
schestowitzThe problem is not a particular company but a rotten system which rewards disgusting people like Edison (ripoff artist) and Gates (borderline criminal as deposition videos from the USPTO show) and throws smart people to the pit.Sep 26 03:12
schestowitz> It makes no sense for them to stall any longer.  the time to strike enemies of linux is now...and perhaps there has never been a better moment. Sep 26 03:12
schestowitz> Sep 26 03:12
schestowitzThey should let me join the community, acquire formal patent rights from me, expose apple and cite me as prior art,Sep 26 03:12
schestowitz> Sep 26 03:12
schestowitzand even seek out ways to enforce my IP...with the damages recovered divided into at least 8 places: amongst theSep 26 03:12
schestowitz> Sep 26 03:12
schestowitz5 of us (you, mark, keith, raffi & me), plus towards funding OIN, Linux, & your new company. That makes sense. BecauseSep 26 03:12
schestowitz> Sep 26 03:12
schestowitzyou have Oracle, Google, MSFT, Apple, etc. talking daily about the billions they are owed...when behind it was my Sep 26 03:12
schestowitz> Sep 26 03:12
schestowitzIP that is behind the iPhone/iPad and not anything that came from any of them...and they know it...and that is also whySep 26 03:12
qu1j0t3BORDERLINE criminal? no. convicted by own words and deeds. Sep 26 03:12
schestowitz> Sep 26 03:12
schestowitzeverybody is trying so hard to bury knowledge of me.  The best Samsung could do was cite a Stanley Kubrick stage prop...whenSep 26 03:12
schestowitz> Sep 26 03:12
schestowitzall the work is there (not even factoring in the damning story behind it) as verifiable, undeniable prior artSep 26 03:12
schestowitz> Sep 26 03:12
schestowitz The absence of prior art for samsung's use says loads. But the fact that I am being kept out of sight says a mouthful too. Sep 26 03:12
schestowitz> Sep 26 03:12
schestowitzThe Linux/Open Source community need to do the right thing, without further delay...unless they are all just tricky lawyersSep 26 03:12
schestowitz> Sep 26 03:12
schestowitzlike you wrote about in your article. Sep 26 03:12
schestowitzIBM and Microsoft have patent peace, so for OIN (IBM-backed) to attack would be undiplomatic. We are still reliant on independent sites like Techrights and Groklaw to do the fight, but we wee people can only use words; we have no legal departments, no patents to strike with as trolls, and we have nothing even close to the lobbying power (and budget) of top tech company. Which takes me back to the remark about this system Sep 26 03:12
schestowitzbeing very rotten.Sep 26 03:12
qu1j0t3Gates the Ultimate SociopathSep 26 03:12
qu1j0t3schestowitz: pastebin or wordwrap sheeshSep 26 03:12
qu1j0t3schestowitz: I see nothing in my mailSep 26 03:12
schestowitzqu1j0t3: he's going to reply soon, with the design of choiceSep 26 03:13
schestowitzabout Gates, I was being politeSep 26 03:14
schestowitzIt's from someone in MITSep 26 03:14
schestowitzWe're fighting back against Apple's attacksSep 26 03:14
schestowitzUsing his many patentsSep 26 03:14
schestowitzIt's a bit hush-hush right nowSep 26 03:14
schestowitzalthough I posed some info in this channel about itSep 26 03:14
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schestowitzI have just been offered an appointment as Research Team member (a promotion from temporary position), working remotely from home in Manchester. It's an ERC-funded project that I have been part of for almost a year so far. I just need to provide recommendation letters now and it's all done...Sep 26 11:25
schestowitzI've contacted relevant people.Sep 26 11:39
schestowitz 26 12:01
TechrightsSocialTitle: Potholer infringes copyright law!       - YouTube .::. Size~: 98.04 KBSep 26 12:01
schestowitzCensorship riskSep 26 12:01
schestowitzusign 'copyright'Sep 26 12:01
schestowitzWHat a troll this former MSFTer is.. 26 12:08
TechrightsSocial@keithccurtis: @schestowitz Your understanding of Medicare is so flawed. Read this: 26 12:08
TechrightsSocial@: Sep 26 12:08
schestowitz 26 12:09
TechrightsSocial@Răzvan Sandu (rsandu)'s status on Monday, 26-Sep-11 10:04:44 UTC - It's still alpha, but, IMHO, great and promising. I may send an invit, if you wish. I'm "rsandu".Sep 26 12:09
schestowitzWhen it goes stable probablySep 26 12:09
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qu1j0t3google ad... What is Cloud Computing? - - Straight Talk about Cloud Computing from the Industry Leader. Get Info.Sep 26 18:56
schestowitzindustry leaderSep 26 19:01
schestowitzluv it!Sep 26 19:01
schestowitzthey play with semantics thereSep 26 19:01
schestowitzTo insinuate they lead in "cloud computing"Sep 26 19:01
schestowitzI don't think they lead in anything except OEM lockinSep 26 19:02
qu1j0t3:)Sep 26 19:03
qu1j0t3schestowitz , 26 19:04
TechrightsSocialTitle: IBM Model M keyboard repair tip .::. Size~: 3 KBSep 26 19:04
TechrightsSocialTitle: IBM Model M keyboard repair tip .::. Size~: 4.4 KBSep 26 19:04
*schestowitz checks 26 19:21
TechrightsSocialError processing the URLSep 26 19:21
schestowitzI think that since the merger the university I did my undergrad degree at declined just a little bitSep 26 19:22
schestowitz– The Victoria University of Manchester is not the same as today's University of Manchester, which is the result of merger with UMIST. The Victoria University of Manchester's Computer Science department was one among the 5 top-ranked departments in the UK.Sep 26 19:22
schestowitzThis department is rated 5* for research.Sep 26 19:22
schestowitzqu1j0t3: 60 keyboards?Sep 26 19:23
schestowitzhow come?Sep 26 19:23
schestowitzI have just 4Sep 26 19:23
schestowitz+laptop oneSep 26 19:23
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schestowitzok... done redoijng the cv (first major change since 2003)... Got some feedback too...Sep 26 23:13
schestowitz> Your CV bowled me over. It not only shines it is ultra luminescent.Sep 26 23:13
schestowitz> Sep 26 23:13
schestowitz> Great job in putting it all together to impress even someone who is halfSep 26 23:13
schestowitz> dead.Sep 26 23:13
schestowitz> Sep 26 23:13
schestowitz> I have only 3 change/revision suggestions.Sep 26 23:13
schestowitz> Sep 26 23:13
schestowitz> 1. "on the side" sound too colloquial and not needed. Everyone knows thatSep 26 23:13
schestowitz> working part time is "on the side." If you care to embellish "part time" aSep 26 23:13
schestowitz> bit you might say to earn some extra money...but I doubt that you will likeSep 26 23:13
schestowitz> that.Sep 26 23:13
schestowitz> 2. The sentence that contains... I was invited to give talks since age 22 isSep 26 23:13
schestowitz> a bit unwieldy. Revise to something a little different like... Since the ageSep 26 23:13
schestowitz> of 22 I was invited to give talks. Nit-picking, I know but your overall CVSep 26 23:13
schestowitz> accomplishments deserve only the best wordingSep 26 23:13
schestowitz> Sep 26 23:13
schestowitz> 3. I don't think you really need to pay any attention to this oneSep 26 23:13
schestowitz> but...under the "job description" is there a possibility to say (briefly)Sep 26 23:13
schestowitz> what great result or what was accomplished from your work e.g. companySep 26 23:13
schestowitz> earned 20% higher earnings or the institution received a 20 million dollarSep 26 23:13
schestowitz> grant etc.Sep 26 23:13
schestowitzDidn't realise it would take so much time to update it (about 3 hours)Sep 26 23:13
schestowitz..Sep 26 23:13
schestowitzFor most things there it is not relevant as it's motsly academic :-)Sep 26 23:14

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