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IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: October 14th, 2011

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schestowitz"Oct 14 00:24
schestowitz> Your statement could be called conventional wisdom. That is to say, it isOct 14 00:24
schestowitz> what we are taught to believe by people with a Pollyanna nature.Oct 14 00:24
schestowitzI don't consider this to be conventional wisdom, but maybe it once was conventional wisdom. These days the young people are taught consumerism, materialism, etc. and I don't have a distance past point of reference to see if it was equally extreme a few decades ago.Oct 14 00:24
schestowitz Oct 14 00:24
schestowitz>  But deep in our hearts and in the back of our brain we know that failureOct 14 00:24
schestowitz> was of our own doing...either through lack of knowledge, blind enthusiasm,Oct 14 00:24
schestowitz> unwarranted trust, overlooking the obvious, ignoring good advice, acceptingOct 14 00:24
schestowitz> bad advice or 1000 other reasons, and we do not necessarily learn anythingOct 14 00:24
schestowitz> from our mistakes.Oct 14 00:24
schestowitzI am thinking mostly of career choices in this context. To some, losses of a spouse might seem more relevant.Oct 14 00:24
schestowitz>  Also, a false premise is... that someone with 50 years of experience is soOct 14 00:24
schestowitz> much smarter that a newbie. It could very well be that the guy with all theOct 14 00:24
schestowitz> experience stayed at the same level after the first year and continued toOct 14 00:24
schestowitz> function at that level for the next 49 years.Oct 14 00:24
schestowitzIt usually depends on what they achieve and by achievements I mean not wealth but maturity and inellect, which in few ways only correlate with money-making (usually more closely tied to ruthlessness, jealousy and competitiveness).Oct 14 00:24
schestowitz"Oct 14 00:24
schestowitz 14 00:27
TechrightsSocial@sudhanwa: RT: @schestowitz: Dennis Ritchie was far more imp than Steve Jobs achievements, not wealth #marathi #punetech #fossOct 14 00:27
TechrightsSocial@: Oct 14 00:27
schestowitz 14 00:27
TechrightsSocial@faither's status on Thursday, 13-Oct-11 15:15:26 UTC - @schestowitz #Jobs is portrait a hero for putting people in jail and make them want to commit suicide. Something's so wrong in this world.Oct 14 00:27
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schestowitzMinceR: RMS responded to me just now...Oct 14 16:33
schestowitz> The people I mourne are those I had a close personal relationshipOct 14 16:33
schestowitz> with.  I didn't know Ritchie.  I greatly admire freedom fighters, butOct 14 16:33
schestowitz> Ritchie wasn't one.Oct 14 16:33
schestowitz> Oct 14 16:33
schestowitz> Any person's death is a tragedy, but this one doesn't cause me moreOct 14 16:33
schestowitz> feelings than all the other deaths.Oct 14 16:33
schestowitz> Oct 14 16:33
schestowitz> My feelings regarding Jobs are about his work, not about himOct 14 16:33
schestowitz> personally.  What I said about Jobs was about his work.  I could postOct 14 16:33
schestowitz> what I think of Ritchie's work, but it is a mixed bag, and I have noOct 14 16:33
schestowitz> particular reason to talk about it.  It might be better if I don't.Oct 14 16:33
schestowitzthat's fair enough, I guessOct 14 16:33
MinceRindeedOct 14 16:33
schestowitzTh price of fresh commodities here seems to have just gone up. In Aldi, for instance, price of bread and eggs rose about 30% this month.Oct 14 16:35
qu1j0t3i'm not even sure 'any person's death is a tragedy'Oct 14 16:36
qu1j0t3it's an inevitability, that's for sureOct 14 16:36
qu1j0t3death at 70 is hardly tragicOct 14 16:36
qu1j0t3this plays into the north american insane fear of death, over-intervention, etcOct 14 16:36
qu1j0t3death at 70 being hit by a bus is tragicOct 14 16:36
qu1j0t3and yes we should mourn those who we have close relationships with, not fabricating mourning for strangersOct 14 16:37
schestowitz 14 20:03
TechrightsSocialTitle: BBC News - Syria: Government forces capture weapons after fighting .::. Size~: 64.38 KBOct 14 20:03
schestowitzIf US authorities confiscated one gun every second, it would still take decades to disarm the populationOct 14 20:04
qu1j0t3more guns than peopleOct 14 20:07
qu1j0t3the effects are clearOct 14 20:07
qu1j0t3another 8 dead in a shooting in Calif this weekOct 14 20:08
qu1j0t3one shooterOct 14 20:08
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